A/N: This is a plot bunny. Recently I have been on a "West Wing" kick – watching the show again, reading the fanfiction, etc. etc. One story which I recently re-read (read in the past but saw again) was "Gemini" by Kanon Anderson, ff ID 2365194, written about 11 years ago.

As someone who has watched the episodes a few times and read a lot of the fanfiction from that time period, including a few challenges, the Gemini story caused me to think: What if Zoey had been a little more mature? And then I thought about a minor NCIS crossover.

So, I am going to steal … er, borrow … from Kanon Anderson, re-write some West Wing Canon, and have a little fun. Like many stories, I might run out of juice before I'm done, but I really plan to eventually finish all my stories. There are just sooooo many.

In Gemini's story, this happened sometime in the Fall 2001. Gemini was more faithful to real life (president's term is 2000 – 2004). My attempt is to make it closer to West Wing canon – which fits real life not at all. So if I seem wildly different than Kanon's story … that's why.

This story fits somewhere around Mid-March 2002, which, according to the AU aspect of West Wing is the first year of the second Bartlett term (elections are 2 years offset from reality). According to the Gemini story, Zoey's twin was finally identified when she took the place of Zoey during her kidnapping. The kidnapping occurred right after Commencement at Georgetown in 2002. Commencement usually happens Mid-May.

This is about a year before NCIS started.

My alteration to the West Wing canon is: Special Agent Simon Donovan didn't get killed at the end of Season 3. Instead, he was wounded. (He saw the proprietor look at the second shooter and dodged out of the way.) He DID get clipped. CJ and Donovan tried to have a relationship but it fizzled (CJ still loves Danny). They are still good friends.

Donovan is working at the Treasury Department since his recovery.

I'd like to point out in the West Wing AU there are problems with Terrorism, but 9-11 didn't happen as such.

The following is taken from "Gemini"

Rain poured down outside of the Haven homeless shelter, located just outside of Georgetown, Virgina.

Zoey Bartlet wiped her cheek with the back of her hand, smiling at the next person. She forced a smile, even though it tore at her heart to see the older woman, who had tattered clothes and ratted hair. The woman smiled, showing three missing teeth, the rest rotting in her gums. Zoey smiled back, then spooned a bowl full of soup for the next person.

"Half an hour more, then we go," Gina Toscano, Zoey's Secret Service agent said.

"Okay," Zoey said, looking up at her. She had chosen to volunteer at the local shelter for a project for her social welfare class she was taking at Georgetown. This was the fourth week she had been at the shelter, helping serve food to the poor.

Alex Edwards waited patiently in line, her hair still wet from the cold shower she managed to take. She hugged the sweater that was two sizes to big for her closer for warmth. The line was long today and she let out a loud grown as her stomach growled. She figured she could be grateful though; normally, the shelters were packed on a day like this. The line inched forward and she stood on tip toe to look over those in front of her. Ten more people, then she received her food.

At age two, Alex had been orphaned by the death of her parents. She had been left to an orphanage, where she had lived until she was thirteen, then ran away. Now, at age seventeen, she maintained a low paying job, which supplied her with decent clothes for school, so she wouldn't have to be embarrassed. Another year, and she'd qualify for financial aid. She slept at local shelters, because she didn't make enough to pay rent each month. School kept her busy most of the time. She was determined to make good grades; living on the streets wasn't her idea of how she wanted to spend the rest of her life.

She stepped up in the line, taking a piece of the bread and tearing off the end. She accepted a plate full of food and held her bowl out for soup. She looked up and felt the breath catch her throat. Staring back at her was her own face.

Zoey froze as she met the startled eyes of the girl across from her. The girl was thinner than herself, with longer hair, but the basic features were the same. She quickly placed the soup in the girl's bowl, then turned away, removing her gloves. "Let's go," she said, walking up to Gina.

"You okay," Gina asked. She saw that Zoey was visibly shaken by something- her face was white and her brown eyes were wide.

"I'm fine," Zoey said, "Just forgot some homework I need to do." She forced a smile, looking over her shoulder to the girl whose face she shared.

(The rest is my original)