Author's Note: ...things'll start adding up soon, I promise.  I know, so far it's super boring but I promise to get to the good part.  And I promise that it'll get much more exciting from herein on.  Oh, and Micah, I'm sorry if I don't have this part exactly right; I couldn't remember which part came first.  Anyway, at long last, here it is!


            Amai stumbled into the room, her blue-purple eyes half-closed and tired.  She yawned, covering her mouth, and hastily poured herself a cup of sugar.  She sank onto her bed and began shoveling sugar into her system.  As she gradually became more awake, the questions that had plagued her since the day's earlier fight came to the forefront of her mind.  Who was the mysterious elf?  And what in the name of Elbereth did Lilith do while she was gone?

            As if to answer her question, the door creaked open and Lilith herself walked in dejectedly.  Her boots scuffed along the floor as she walked into their shared bedroom.

            "Where have you been this whole time?" Amai asked after finishing her current mouthful of sugar.

            Lilith threw herself onto the bed with a sigh.  "I was looking for him.  You know; the elf I saw at the battle yesterday?"

            Amai twirled her sugar around with her spoon thoughtfully.  "I think I saw him today."

            "What?!  You saw him?"  Lilith sat bolt upright, her eyes suddenly alert and eager.

            Amai nodded, not looking up.  "Yes.  He was at the battle, but he left after a little while.  I think he was looking for someone."

            "Are you sure it was him?"

           Amai looked up and said "Would any other have eyes like that?" her own eyes meeting Lilith's ice-blue.

            Lilith toyed with one of her twin braids.  Well, he came again today, but I missed him, she thought ruefully.  "I'm going to go freshen up.  Make sure no one comes in on inspection."  She walked off to the washroom.

            "I will," was the sing-song reply.

            As the sound of the shower reached Amai's ears, the phone rang.  She groaned and put down her beloved sugar.  "Hello?"

            "Hello.  Were you at the battle at Mirkwood today?"  The speaker was unknown to Amai, and even more worrisome, it was male.

            Amai scowled.  "Yes.  What's it to you?"

            The man on the other line paused, apparently taken aback by Amai's audacity.  " you have a roommate?"

            "Well, isn't that a personal question!  Who are you, anyway?" she yelled back.  The sugar had definitely woken her up.

            "Amai, could you keep it down, please?  There are people in the other barracks, you know, and some of them are probably trying to sleep," Lilith said, walking out of the bathroom in a fresh outfit, her long blonde hair dripping wet.

            Amai covered the receiver with her hand.  "But, Lilith, there's a guy on the phone!  And he's asking personal questions!"

            Lilith picked up the phone.  "Hello, this is Lilith.  Please excuse my roommate; she's...young."

            "And just what is that supposed to mean?" Amai muttered under her breath, returning to her sugar.  She savored it thoughtfully, watching as Lilith blushed and went white by turns.  She couldn't piece together much out of the one-sided conversation, just "Oh" and "I'll be right there."

            Lilith put down the phone with a shaking hand.  "Amai, I'm going out for a while.  You stay here."  She walked out the door in a half-daze, twirling her staff idly in her hands.  Maybe she could figure out who the mysterious elf was, and why she was so attracted to him.

            Amai licked the last remnants of sugar from her fingers.  "I better follow her and make sure she doesn't do something stupid," she said as she made sure her dagger was secure in her boot.  She pulled on a grey elf-cloak that would hide her in the shadows and stepped out the door.  Things were starting to get interesting.


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