Author's Note: So a couple notes before you begin reading (just for clarity). This is all from Luna's POV because...well it just happened for chapter 1 and the beginning of 2, so I decided to keep it that way. It was a fun challenge not being able to change POVs and Luna needs more love in terms of fanfiction anyway. So why not I say!

This is also a more lighthearted Hex Girls fanfic. And boy do the girls need one. There are a few great Hex Girls fanfics out there, yet they're all so damn dark and depressing. Hell even many of the short and/or unfinished Hex Girls fanfics are dark. Not that there's anything wrong with dark and depressing, I just thought it was time to have a more lighthearted fanfic about them.

And two brief minor notes before you beginning reading. One this is before Dusk and Luna adopt those alias names, thus they're Jane St. James and Kimberly Moss for now. They get their 'rockstar' names before the Witch's Ghost starts at chapter six. And no, despite what this chapter may make you think, little of this fanfic takes place in their school.
Two chapter's where the titles are parts of songs either sung by the Hex Girls or from movies/episodes they appeared in indicate that the chapter occurs during an actual Scooby movie or episode. The specific song lines being indicating the movie or episode that chapter is set during.

Anyway thanks for reading that lump of text. I hope you enjoy It's a Hex Life!

The office's walls were painted a bright shade of white which stood in stark contrast to the dark grey carpet of the room. Light was streaming in from a window behind a large oak desk, making its polished surface shine brightly. There were two filling cabinets on the wall space on the left side of the window while a large oak bookcase took up the wall space on the right side. Directly opposite the book case was an undecorated wooden door with a window around head height, allowing the occupant of the office to see whom was outside of it. Directly opposite the filing cabinets was a coffee table with a small money plant sitting in the middle of it. In between the door and the money plant were three simple plastic chairs. Sitting in two of them were two seventeen year old girls.

One of the girls had bright orange hair styled in a spherical fashion, light brown skin and brown eyes. Her only make-up was a light purple shade of lipstick on her lips. She was wearing a purple t-shirt and a black skirt which went down to around her knees whilst her feet were clad in a pair of black boots.

The other girl had short blonde hair styled in pigtails, pale white skin and dark brown eyes. She had a thin line black eyeliner round her eyes and complete green lipstick, framing her almost constant frown. The blonde was wearing a dark green hoodie, black trousers and black combat boots.

"When do you think he's coming back?" asked the orange haired girl as she turned to look at the girl seated next to her.

"No idea." muttered the blonde in annoyance. "It shouldn't take this long to get some damn papers."

A few minutes of silence passed between the two girls before the orange haired girl spoke again.

"Hey I'm Kimberly." said the purple clad girl. "What's your name?"

"Jane." said the blonde hair girl, just before the office door opened. In walked a slightly nerdy looking man wearing a suit and tortoise eyeglasses and a blonde hair girl wearing a blue and yellow cheer leading outfit carrying two blue pieces of paper and two locks.

"Sorry about the wait, the locker locks had been misplaced at the main office and it took a while to find them." apologized the man, with the distinct accent of an Englishman from the Surrey county, as the cheerleader passed Kimberly and Jane a lock and a blue sheet of paper. "This is Cindy the…..what was it again?"

"Cheer captain." said the cheerleader in annoyance.

"Ah yes this is Cindy, the schools cheer captain." said the man, ignoring Cindy's annoyance. "She'll be showing you around the school, thus you'll miss the remained of what would be the first class of the day." He then smiled kindly at the two girls as they stood up from their chairs. "Welcome to Oakhaven High School Jane and Kimberly."

The two girls were then lead out of the office by Cindy, Kimberly shutting the door behind them as they exited. Shortly after they stopped in a long hallway which appeared to be the main corridor of the school, on one side was rows of lockers with door placed in between every ten to thirty lockers while on the other side were several windows with wrought iron edges. The roof was arched ornately and the floor appeared to be marble, dirtied by time and the thousands of shoes which had walked over it. Kimberly wasn't surprised by the ornateness, during the brief time she'd lived in Oakhaven she had read up on the High School. She'd found out that the school had been built in 1892 and had been in use since then, thus some of its original ornate designs were still visible despite the upgrades it had received over the years.

"So this is the main hallway." said Cindy in a rather peppy voice which irritated Kimberly as soon as she heard it. Judging by Jane's expression it also irritated her aswell. "Most of your classes will take place in one of the classrooms here, like English, Math and Geography."

"These blue sheets are our schedules, right?" asked Jane nervously as she glanced down at the sheet of paper in her hand.

"Yeah they are Jane. They have your lock combination on them too." confirmed Cindy, the peppiness never leaving her voice. "So we'll go to your lockers next. What locker number do they have?" Kimberly glanced down at her lock in confusion, as did Jane. "Oh I forgot to mention it, the locker you've been given has its number on the back of your lock."

The orange haired girl turned her lock around to find out that the cheer captain was right; there was a number on the back of her lock. 1064.

"It's 1064." answered Kimberly.

"1063." muttered Jane.

"Oh they're next to each other, great!" said Cindy enthusiastically before she led them down the hallway, stopping once they reached lockers 1063 and 1064. "Oh." said Cindy with displeasure in her voice. "They're next to theirs."

"Theirs?" asked Kimberly as she put her lock on her locker, whilst Jane did the same.

"Oh nobody important." said Cindy quickly. "I'll show you the Cafeteria next." As the cheerleader led them down the hallway Luna noticed something different about two lockers after her's, 1065 and 1066. 1065 had musical notes and bats graffitied on it in black marker whilst 1066 had a union jack graffitied on it, each of them near and around the locker's handle. No other locker in the hallway had any graffiti or anything to make it stand out.

Maybe that was what Cindy had meant when she said theirs?

"And so that's all of the school you need to know." said Cindy as she led them back into the school's main hallway.

"Thanks Cindy." said Kimberly. Sure the cheer leader had been annoying but she had shown them around the school, it was just good manners to thank her.

"Yeah thanks." muttered Jane, known Kimberly noticed had been quiet throughout most of the tour.

"You're welcome." said Cindy enthusiastically before a ringing sound filled the hallway, announcing the end of the first class of the day. Almost immediately students began to exit the classrooms, heading towards their lockers. It was then that Kimberly caught site of the two people who had the lockers next to her's, 1065 and 1066.

A guy who looked about her age had locker 1066. He had long pitch black hair which ran down past the back of his neck and gave him an almost regal look. His skin was quite pale and he had black eyeliner around his eyes, their colour not visible from how far away she was. The guy was wearing a black t-shirt, black baggy trousers, studded black fingerless gloves and black boots.

The other person was a very thin girl, who was smaller than the guy, with long black hair with red highlights which flowed down her back and over her shoulders. Her skin was pure white and contrasted perfectly with the lightly pure black dress she was wearing that hugged her slender form fittingly. She had black and red lipstick on and black eyeliner round her eyes, which helped to bring focus on her bright green eyes.

The girl was laughing at something the guy had said whilst male passers-by starred at her, before they were scared off by a glare from the guy.

"Hey Cindy, who are those two?" asked Kimberly as she pointed towards the two goths who had lockers next to her's and Jane's. An expression of displeasure crossed the cheerleader's face when she saw where the orange haired girl was pointing.

"Oh there just Alastair and Sally, or Thorn as she now calls herself." answered Cindy with some hostility. "They're not important." Despite the cheerleader's dismissal Kimberly noticed that she blushed when Alastair briefly glanced over at them, a neutral look on his face. He then nudged Thorn who looked over at them aswell, she briefly waved at them before the two goths left their lockers and headed down the hallway.

Kimberly's first class, or at least the first class she would be attending that day, was English. Jane also had English in the same room so they headed to class together early. Once there the teacher, a bald Englishman who appeared to be in his forties named Mr. Milner, assigned them the only two empty seats in the class, which happened to be in the back row of the class room. The two of them sat down in their seats, Jane taking the one on the right side of the classroom whilst Luna took the seat to the left of her.

While the rest of the class arrived she took in her surroundings. It was a fairly normal classroom, blackboard at the front and four desks per row. Covering the walls were a couple posters about nouns verbs and other English related things.

None of the students in the class caught Kimberly's notice; expect Cindy who waved at her, until Thorn and Alastair entered the room together. Neither of the goths took notice of her or Jane as they headed two their seats, Thorn sitting down at the desk next to Kimberly's whilst Alastair sat down at the desk to the left of Thorn's. The two of them then began speaking to each other, during which Kimberly took note of two interesting things.

One Alastair had a rather refined British accent, standing out in stark contrast to his appearance. Two his eyes were different colours, his right eye was bright blue whilst his left eye was a pale green. However before Kimberly could ponder his peculiar appearance further the bell rang and Mr. Milner began the class.

Nothing much happened in the class. Mr. Milner was giving an introduction to a case study they would be doing on Shakespeare's Richard III play, occasionally asking answers which only Alastair knew the answers to. He apparently knew a lot about Shakespeare and Richard III, being the only member of the class to share Mr. Milner's passion for the subject.

Near the end of the class Thorn let out a rather loud yawn, drawing a very quick response from Mr. Milner.

"Am I boring you Mrs McKnight?" asked Mr Milner sarcastically.

"No sir." answered Thorn, scowling after doing so.

"Good." said Mr. Milner as he turned back to writing on the chalkboard. "You should follow Alastair's lead and take more interest in Shakespeare and his works."

Kimberly noticed Alastair turn and smirk at Thorn after Mr. Milner spoke. Thorn merely raised her middle finger back at him, a somewhat playful smile on her face.

After English class had ended Kimberly exited the classroom and headed to her locker, Jane following close behind her. While the two of them put their books away she noticed that Alastair and Thorn were not at their lockers. The dark skinned girl was pondering her observation when Jane spoke to the left of her.

"Hey Kimberly do you remember where the Cafeteria is?" asked Jane, her voice tiny and quiet compared the background noise of students talking and joking with one another.

"Yeah I do." answered Kimberly.

"Great cause I don't." the two girls then headed off towards the cafeteria, each thankful that they weren't the only new person at the high school.

The two new students had found the cafeteria and gone through the process of getting a tray of food. Now they were standing at the edge of the hall, trying to find somewhere to sit. There were no empty tables and she didn't feel like sitting with people she didn't know. Eventually she noticed Thorn sitting by herself at a table, she'd seemed nice enough during English class…even though she never spoken to the black haired girl.

"C'mon Jane, I found somewhere to sit." said Kimberly as she began to head towards Thorn's table.

"Finally." she heard the blonde mutter as she followed her through the crowded tables.

When they reached Thorn's table the black haired girl looked up at them, a puzzled expression on her face.

"Do you mind if we sit here?" asked Kimberly quickly, hesitation setting in. Thorn's face then broke into a smile.

"No, of course not." answered Thorn, seemingly made happy by her question. "You two are the new girls right?"

"Yeah that's us. I'm Kimberly." said the orange haired girl.

"Jane." said the pigtailed blonde before she began to eat her food from the tray.

"It's nice to meet you two." said Thorn happily, her piercing green eyes examining them from across the table. It was then that Kimberly noticed Thorn's lack of a tray of food.

"Aren't you eating anything?" asked Kimberly curiously.

"Yeah I am. My boyfriend Alastair is getting it for me, since I was kept behind at the end of class." explained Thorn as she ran her hand through the parts of her hair which ran over her right shoulder.

"So that's why he was glaring at every guy who looked at you when your locker this morning." said Kimberly out loud in realization.

"He was?" asked Thorn, Kimberly merely nodded in reply. "Aww he's sweet like that. Anyway what do you think of the school so far?"

"It's nice." answered Jane quietly before she took a sip of her cup of water.

"It's been good so far. A cheerleader gave us a tour of it earlier." answered Kimberly, noticing Thorn's expression darken at the word cheerleader.

"Which cheerleader?" asked Thorn with slight hostility in her voice.

"Cindy." said Kimberly, regretting her remark when she saw the scowl on Thorn's face.

"I hate that bitch, she's always trying to get…" said Thorn before she noticed Alastair approaching, her expression immediately shifting back to a happy one. Which Kimberly was thankful for, she didn't want to anger the one person other than a cheerleader who was being friendly towards her and Jane.

"Here's your food Thorn." said Alastair as he put a tray of food down in front of Thorn before sitting down next to her.

"Thanks for getting food for me Alastair." said Thorn before she leant over and planted a kiss on her boyfriend's cheek, a small smile briefly gracing his lips as she did so.

"You're welcome." said Alastair, his odd coloured eyes looking down at her. "I wouldn't have to do this so often if you paid attention in English and Math, that's the second detention you've gotten today."

"Don't talk to me about it Alastair." said Thorn in annoyance. "Cindy was being a prick in Math and English was boring as hell. And who are you to talk to me about getting detentions? You got four last week for beating up those guys!" Alastair merely shrugged at the comment aimed at him and looked over at Kimberly, who felt slightly nervous in his gaze after the comment about him beating some guys up.

"So you're the new girls we saw earlier." stated Alastair bluntly before turning his gaze to Jane briefly before turning back to look at Kimberly.

"Yeah they are. She's Kimberly and she's Jane." said Thorn as she motioned to the orange and blonde haired girls as she said their names.

"Good to meet you two." said Alastair neutrally before picking up and biting into a chicken sandwich.

"So what classes do you two have after lunch?" asked Thorn after she bit into an apple she picked up off her tray.

"Music." said Jane quietly, with a hint more confidence in her voice than when they had first sat down at the table.

"Same here." said Kimberly.

"Great that's what I have. Finally I'll have someone to talk to there!" said Thorn with a happy smile on her face. Kimberly couldn't help but smile along with Thorn, the black haired girl's happy mood was contagious.

"And you'll finally be able to stop bugging me into switching into music." mutter Alastair, earning a brief glare from Thorn.

The rest of lunch was spent getting to know Thorn. Although other than her love of music the only notable thing Kimberly learnt was that her father was the town's pharmacist. Jane talked a little more as the conversation continued, but still not as much as the other two girls. Kimberly put it down to her being nervous around people she'd only recently met. Alastair didn't say much throughout lunch other than the occasional comment, apparently happy to let Thorn do all the talking.

Once lunch was finished the four of them had headed back to their lockers, where Thorn had displayed joy at the fact they had lockers next to one another's. Once they had grabbed their binders out of their lockers Alastair kissed Thorn on the cheek before heading off to his Biology class, then Thorn had lead them to their Music class.

Music class was very uneventful. The teacher, Mrs. Cheal, told them about a project she would be assigning them for most of the class. Partway through the class Thorn had started calling Kimberly Kim, which annoyed her slightly. However she let it slide, she didn't want to lose the one friend other than Jane she had made that day.

After music the three of them had Art class, during which they spent all of it hearing a lecture about Picasso. The teacher was a man named Mr. Wilson who appeared to be in his sixties, a long grey beard flowing down his front as he pointed at the bored with his walking stick. Kimberly had noticed partway through the class that his beard had paint stains in it, which brought amusement to the otherwise boring lecture. She also swore that Thorn had been sleeping at one point in the lecture.

The four of them were now back at their lockers, packing stuff away into their bags whilst they talked about miscellaneous things.

"Do you to want to walk home with us?" asked Thorn once she had finished telling them about how Mr. Wilson's beard always got in student's paint palettes when he was examining students work.

"Sure." answered Kimberly as she finished putting things in her bag.

"Yeah." said Jane, more at ease among them now than she had been when she first met them. Alastair then put his arm wound Thorn's waist, briefly startling her before he pulled her backwards until she was leaning right up against him.

"I can't walk home with you three today Thorn." said Alastair as a blush appeared on the black haired girls face due to the position she was in.

"Why?" asked Thorn, a frown planted on her face.

"Because I'm going to pick my parents up from the airport with Igor." answered her black haired boyfriend bluntly. "They're coming back from their trip around Europe today." Kimberly couldn't help but be puzzled at his words, whose parents would leave their child behind to go on a trip to Europe in March? Who had been watching Alastair? Who was Igor?

"Oh." said Thorn as he released her and put his lock on his locker. "I forgot about that."

"I'll walk back with you three tomorrow though." said Alastair as he leant over a placed a kiss on Thorn's forehead whilst she smiled back up at him.

"Good." said Thorn, a light blush still on her face. Alastair then turned to face Kimberly and Jane, the latter of which had finished packing her bag during all the talking.

"It was nice meeting you two, Kimberly and Jane." said Alastair with a neutral expression on his face before he headed off down the hallway with his bag, leaving a blushing Thorn behind him.

Shortly after Alastair had departed the three girls had left the school and were now walking down one of Oakhaven's backstreets, themselves being the only humans present.

"Hey Thorn, when'd you put the highlights in your hair?" asked Jane curiously.

"I dyed it last summer, so about eight months ago." answered Thorn as she ran her hand through the parts of her hair which hung down over her left shoulder. "Although I was considering putting highlights in for about a year before that."

"Oh." said Jane, before somewhat timidly saying. "They look nice."

"Thanks Jane." replied Thorn as she smiled back at the blonde haired girl. "I remember my father was a bit shocked when I dyed it, but he soon got used to it." The black haired girl then giggled briefly.

"What?" asked Kimberly, confused as to why Thorn had giggled.

"Alastair stared at me for ages when he first saw my hair like this." said Thorn with another giggle. "I'm pretty sure he drooled at one point."

"How long have you two been dating?" asked Kimberly with both curiosity and a desire to move on from the mental image of Alastair drooling.

"About a year and a half Kim, although we've known each other for way longer than that." said Thorn after a moment's thought. "I've been friends with him since he immigrated here, which means we've been friends for about eleven years."

"That's a long time." muttered Jane quietly. Kimberly silently agreed with her, she was slightly envious of Thorn. She hadn't had many friends, the few she had had didn't last very long though as her father had been moving round the country taking temporary-dentist jobs where he could find them, thankfully though he had recently found a secure job as a dentist in Oakhaven.

"Yeah it is, although I was quite surprised when he asked me out on a date." said Thorn, smiling at the thought.

"You didn't expect him to?" asked Jane in a slight tone of surprise.

"No I didn't Jane, guys were asking me out left and right at the time but I never expected him to." said Thorn as she turned to look at Jane. "We were just hanging out by the creek one day when he asked me out, stuttering all over the place as he did so."

"And you obviously said yes." stated Kimberly.

"Of course I did Kim, he was the only guy I could picture being with at the time. Hell he's still the only guy I can picture being with." replied Thorn as she turned to look at Kimberly. "He's the only guy my age I've met at school who cares about more than how I look anyway." The black haired girl then smirked at her. "Besides it stopped me getting annoyed by guys trying to get me to go on a date with them. Although the occasional jerk still asks me out and promptly gets beat up by Alastair."

"And you're perfectly ok with that?" asked Kimberly.

"Yeah I am, you don't ask someone's girlfriend out on a date. Besides they're all jerks anyway." said Thorn as she briefly examined her nails, a brief scowl coming over her face. "Although I wish he'd ditch his morals for a day and beat the crap out of Cindy."

"I take it you don't get along with her." said Kimberly, bracing herself for a backlash at her which never came.

"Of course I don't, we've never got along. She always used to pick on me when we we're younger." said Thorn with hostility. "And now she always attempts to flirt with Alastair and get him to dump me!"

"Of course he never flirts back…right?" asked Jane somewhat cautiously.

"No he never does, he rejects her all the time." said Thorn, her mood shifting back to a happier one. "So have you two ever had a boyfriend?"

"Nope." said Jane uncaringly.

"Same here." said Kimberly.

"Oh." said Thorn quickly, slight surprise in her voice. "Well I guess you'd prefer to talk about something else then."

"No we don't mind, right Kim?" said Jane, irritating Kimberly slightly by how she too was now shortening her name aswell.

"Yeah I don't mind." said Kimberly quickly. It was true, she didn't mind hearing about Thorn's love life. The black haired girl was just being friendly and telling them about what was presumably a big part of her life. Although she couldn't deny that she was jealous of Thorn, she'd never been asked out by even one guy. Yet the green eyed girl had been asked out by what seemed like most of Oakhaven. Sure Thorn had said they were jerks but at least people asked her out. Plus she was slightly envious of Thorn's looks, what girl wouldn't be? She had the attention of every guy at school, even the ones who had girlfriends. Thorn could date any guy she wanted in that school, even if they did only like her for her looks.

Kimberly pushed her jealous and envious thoughts aside as Thorn spoke again.

"Yeah but Alastair's only so interesting." said Thorn before she smirked at them. "So what music do you two like?"

Author's Note: So hopefully you enjoyed this chapter. I plan for this fanfic to cover pre-Witch's Ghost (these first six chapters), the Witch's Ghost (chapter six literally ends as the Hex Girls first appear in the Witch's Ghost), Legend of the Vampire and The Vampire Strikes Back. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

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