Title: The Blood of Roses

By: Satine16

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story. They all belong to Marvel! Please do
not sue me!

Her lips met his in a soft kiss. It was midnight in the mansion and she had wandered into his
room. Silver light and shadow danced across the room as the black clouds spotted the pale
moonlight pouring from the open window. He pulled her body close to him and ran his hands
over her baby blue satin nightgown. He began to kiss her soft neck as she ran her long, red finger
nails through his hair. He gazed deep into her vivid green eyes and ran his hands through her
auburn hair, lingering for awhile on the ivory strands that fell over her face and into her eyes.
Their lips met again and he began to lie her down, pressing her into the bed below him.

Remy's eyes snapped open. He rolled over, only to see that the woman asleep next to him was
not the woman he wanted. Her dark hair fell in waves down her back and her slender figure was
lacking something. Lacking the same thing as the rest. He slowly slipped out from under the
covers and slid into his jeans. Grabbing his t-shirt and jacket off the ground, he left soundlessly.

The dreams kept coming. He was miles away now, in San Diego, yet he could never get his
mind off New York. He could never forget her. She haunted his dreams and his thoughts;
despite his desperate attempts, he couldn't let go. He had tried and tried, and with many different
women, but nothing worked.

He saw the sun begin to rise as he lay on the sand smoking a cigarette. She had caused his
mental paralysis. He sat for hours, pondering a return to Westchester. But that was in vain, he
couldn't return. Frustrated and dismayed, Remy LeBeau hopped on his bike and drove off into
the streets of California.

Dawn was just peeking into the window as Rogue opened her eyes. The yellow cotton
sheets were wrapped snugly around her torso and draped over the body of the man lying
next to her. The room was lit with the hazy blue of the brand new morning.

She softly kissed his bare, sleek chest and whispered "Good Mornin', Sugah."

"Morning, Love."

Joseph sat up and pulled her into his arms. His long silvery hair ran sleekly down his back
and his sinewy arms grasped her slender waist. Her head rested heavily against his chest and her
eyes fluttered form open to closed every so often.

He had been the one to finally free her from her cage. He had worked for a year to create
the treatments that finally allowed her to experience human touch. They had been officially
together for six months.

They listened as the birds began to chirp outside the window and he kissed her forehead

"What would you like for breakfast, my dear?"


His stormy grey eyes looked down into her vivacious green ones and their lips gently met
in a slow and mellifluous kiss.

Rogue climbed into the shower and let the luke warm water trickle down her smooth skin.
She shut her eyes tight as the spray ran down her face and she thought about the man in the other
room. She loved him dearly. Joseph was the perfect boyfriend. Never once had he forgotten an
anniversary, birthday or even Valentine's Day. He opened doors for her, held her before they fell
asleep and made sure she was always safe and comfortable.

She got out of the shower and grabbed a burgundy towel out of the linen closet. A dark t-shirt
fell onto the cold tile and she picked it up. The scent quickly brought back graphic memories. It
was a thick musky scent. Cigarettes and cologne. Sweat and attraction. Gambit.

Almost immediately she forced herself to snap back to reality. Panicked, she tossed the shirt
to the back of the closet and slammed the door.

"Are you alright in there?"

"Jus' fine, Sugah. A little soggy, but fine."

She heard him chuckle and listened as the heavy footsteps padded away.

She used some gel to sleek back her hair into a tight pony tail and threw on a pair of old,
faded jeans and a low cut, red t-shirt. As she zipped up her pair of shiny, brown boots she
glanced at her freshly manicured, pale pink finger nails. They weren't covered anymore.

Before taking off she made sure that the locket Joseph had given her for their anniversary
was around her neck. It was platinum and had delicate engravings of her initials. It had become
the most precious item Rogue possessed and she made sure never to even leave her room without

The two got downstairs only to see that Hank, Scott, Jean, Ororo, Logan, and the
Professor had congregated in the kitchen, and seemed to be having a political debate. Rogue
could see the intrigue in Joseph's eyes and grasped his large hand as she led him into the room.
The conversation was extremely involved and intense; and to Rogue, rather boring.

Her eyes had wandered over to the group in the room across the hall. Bobby and John were
playing pool and arguing over wether or not freezing the eight ball was fair. Jubilee was perched
on the couch watching MTV, playing Gameboy and blowing extremely large pink bubbles.
Kitty sat opposite her, in the bean bag chair, attempting to focus all her energy on the copy of
Sula she held in her hands.

"Ah'm gonna go talk ta the girls, hon."

"Yeah, go ahead.....Impossible! His policies on the issue are non-existent. The man is a
parrot." Joseph was paying no attention to her and remained engrossed in his argument with
Scott and Hank.

Rogue sauntered into the other room and collapsed down next to Jubilee. They were all a few
years younger than she was, but she got along better with them than any of the elder residents.
And unlike Joseph, Remy had too at one point.

"Hey, Rogue," Bobby called from the pool table, " You ok?"

"Yeah. Bored ta tears, but ok," she lied.

"Cool. Guess what?" Jubilee interrupted. "I have a date Friday."

"With?" Rogue's eyes widened and she smirked a little.

"Please, Please, Please, do not get her started on this again! I just got her to shut up!" Kitty

Just then the doorbell pierced the overwhelming chaos.

"I'll get it!" Bobby hollered and ran for the door.

John screamed after him, "You only wanna answer it cause you're losing, asshole!"

The large maple door creaked open and Rogue heard Bobby yell out, "Dude, didn't you
leave?" She couldn't make out the person's response but she saw the people across the hall get up
and approach the door.

She saw Ororo's face light up as she ran for the door, thanking the Goddess, that whoever
it was had returned. Her stomach lurched and she hopped off the couch. She stood, wrestling
with her emotions and fidgeting, as each of them greeted the person behind the door. As it began
to swing closed on it's large brass hinges, Joseph snaked behind her and soon she was in his arms
as he planted a soft kiss on her cheek. It had distracted her enough to glance away from the
doorway and when she looked back her opalescent eyes lost their glimmer. Her eyes had found
Remy LeBeau's blazing red orbs burning a hole into her perfect little scene.