I woke to the sound of someone banging on my bedroom door. "Eli time to get up!" my brother's voice boomed. I groaned glancing at the clock beside my bed I cursed.

"Seriously?! It's 7 in the damn morning!" I yelled throwing my pillow at the door all I heard was a chuckled. With an annoyed growl I climbed out of bed, gathered my clothes then jumped into the shower.

Im sorry I should probably introduce myself to all of you. My name is Elizabeth Toretto, youngest sister of Dom and Mia Toretto. I am 19 years old. I stand at 5'5 with wavy honey colored hair which stopped just below my shoulders. I looked a lot like Mia some would say, except for the eyes for some reason unknown I had light green eyes.

Today I was getting my brand new car.

Once I was showered and dressed I walked downstairs, rolling my eyes at the sight of Vince ransacking our refrigerator…again. Walking into the living room I joined the rest of Dom's crew.

"Fatass is eating all our food again." I told Dom, taking a seat next to Jesse.

Dom gave me a look. "Be nice."

"Why did you wake me up so early and on a Saturday?" I asked, Jesse handed me a piece of his Hershey which earned him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks jess."

"Consider yourself lucky, I was going to wake you up at 5. Letty here came to your aid." Dom snapped at me. Maybe I should tell you that Dom and I don't have a relationship like him and Mia. We are more of the sibling that always fight, im talking 24/7 long. "Listen I don't want you out to late tonight, I won't be here all day." Dom ordered.

"Whatever, hey Leon are we going to the dealers or what." I asked hiding my disappointment from him; I knew mia saw it as did Letty.

Leo jumped to his feet pretending it was something planned all along, tossing his keys in the air he gave me a grin. "Ready when you are." Smiling I gave Mia a kiss on the cheek telling her I will be back for dinner, before I followed Leo out.

Dom glanced at Mia. "Where is she going?"

"You forgot?" Mia scowled.

"Forgot what?"

Mia scoffed. "You promised her last week, you would take her to buy her first car Dom."

Dom threw his head back with a groan. "Fuck! I completely forgot." Mia shook her head disappearing into the kitchen, Vince was pushed out.

"What's her problem?" he grumbled.

"Why didn't you remind Dom about today?" Leo asked me.

I shrugged. "He made it clear he would be busy, plus I know he had only promised me because Mia told him to."

Leon reached for my hand. "Hey, Dom loves you. He's just not that expressive."

I rolled my eyes. "Says who? You? Come on look I know he loves me, but I am way at the bottom of his list." Leon gave me a small smile, I hated when they looked at me like some weak thing. "Let's not talk about that."

"Alright, do you know what car you want?" he asked.

"Ughh I don't know." Here is another secret, I am not into cars to the level my family is. Yes I can appreciate a good machine, but I don't race unless absolutely necessary. I don't spend hours on end working on a car like they do, but I will spend hours on a motorcycle. "I wanted a bike, but Dom said the one I have is enough."

Leo laughed. "That my little angel is because every time he sees you on it, Dom is close to having a heart attack." I glanced at Leo sharing a look with him before breaking out into loud laughter. Sobering up he wiped his eyes. "You like mustang's right?" I nodded. "I know someone that sells the best ones in the city, want to check them out?"

"Hell yeah!" Chuckling Leon made a sharp left turn, pissing off a couple of drivers. Shaking my head I just smirked, boys and their toys. We pulled up at what looked like any other house. "This is the place?" I asked a bit skeptical.

"Trust me chicka." Wrapping his arm around my waist we walked up to the house. I tried removing myself from his grip, but either he didn't notice my discomfort or he just didn't care. I liked Leon, but as a brother no more. Knocking on the door a Hispanic male no older than 25 opened the door, giving me a once over he let us in.

"Well, if it isn't Toretto's little sister." a man's voice said, I scanned the room until my eyes fell on a rather handsome Latino siting on the couch. "I hear you are looking for a mustang."

Freeing myself from Leon's grip I took a step forward. "Yes, a gt500 to be exact." I held his cold blue eyes; if I learned anything from my brother it was to never show fear.

The man smirked walking up to me he circled around me; I shivered in disgust knowing fully well he was checking me out. "Lucky for you, we just had a shipment of some mustangs come in yesterday." He said stopping in front of me. "I know I saw a gt500 in with the lot, want to check her out?"

I glanced back a Leon, who gave me a small nod. I knew no one would be stupid enough to harm a member of Dom's family, but you could never be too safe. Following the man out back, he took me into a barn. Opening the door we walked in, each stall held at least two cars all mustangs. "Damn their beautiful."

"Thank you; they are the best of the best." We stopped in front of two mustangs, both the ones I wanted. "These are the only two left that I have, but I guarantee they are good." I walked in between them checking both cars. One was a royal blue with two red bands running across It, the other was completely black with a silver cobra wrapped around with its head on the hood of the car. "So which one do you like?"

I stood beside him once more. "The black one, I'll just have the decal removed. How much are you asking for him?"


I raised an eyebrow that was 10 grad more than I wanted to spend. "35 grad."

He gave me 'you serious' look. "40 or nothing."

I sighed. "Fine I'll take my money somewhere else." I turned to leave, just as I reached for the handle…

"Wait! Wait." I paused for a moment wiping the smirk of my face, before turning to him. "35 grad is fine by me. You are driving it out?" I nodded handing him the money at the same time he handed me the keys. "Take good care of it that is a fine machine."

I smirked running a finger along the hood. "Believe me I know." With a huge grin on my face I jumped into the car, smiling at the way he purred to life. Waving at the man who I totally forgot to ask his name, goodbye I drove out of the barn and onto the road. Pulling over to the curb I called Leon.

"I take it you left?" he asked amusement was evident in his voice.

I laughed. "Yeah, sorry Leo. You want me to wait for you?"

"Nah, go drive the shit out of that beast. I'll meet you back at the fort."

"Okay, see ya." I clicked the phone off, turning the stereo on I drove out. It felt amazing being behind the wheel, feeling the power and force run thru you. It was freedom…like you were unstoppable. I drove around for about three hours before I arrived back at the house. I spotted Dom, Letty, Mia and some new blond guy on the drive way, Dom was on the grill with the guy as the girls placed everything on the table. I climbed out of the car yelling to mia. "Mia check out my new baby!"

Mia looked up grinning as both her Letty rushed down. "Nice Eli."

"She's a beauty." Letty said approving of it. "What's with the cobra?"

"He came like that, im going to have it removed." I explained handing the keys to her. "Listen to her; you know I don't have your gift for cars."

Laughing she jumped in bring the car to life. "She sounds beautiful, although if you don't mind I'd like to take a look at her fully, just to make sure she's good." I nodded looking behind me as the sound of footsteps.

Dom walked pass me circling the car. "She's nice, but doesn't stand a chance at a race with the others."

I took a deep breath, as Mia scowled at him. "I don't want her to race Dom, for that I have my motorcycle. She is for my enjoyment only."

Dom stared at me for a bit before looking away with a nod. "In that case she's perfect."

"You don't race?" the blond man asked.

"You are?" I eyed him with caution, I was good with reading people it was a gift of mine and he screamed bad news.

"Brian O'Conner." He held his hand out to me.

Shaking his hand I glanced towards mia, she gave me an 'it's okay' nod. "Elizabeth Toretto, but everyone calls me Eli. To answer your question no I don't race, at least not to the extreme of my dear brother."

"Im not following." Brian said.

"I only race to save my life." I explained following Mia and Letty back to the grill. Just then the sound of motor was heard turning around I smiled the rest of the crew was here. I hugged Leon then Jesse as they walked up to us, just as Vince was about to hug me he stopped glaring up at Brian. He handed the case of beer to Leon and turned to leave.

"Vince come one!" Leon yelled.

I turned to Dom who just watched Vince walk away. "You're just going to let him leave?"

"He'll come back, he always does." Dom said handing Brian a beer.

I stood from my chair knocking it down as I jogged, catching up with Vince. "Hey." I grabbed him by the arm. "Vince don't leave."

"I can't stand him Eli." He snarled.

I sighed. "I don't trust him either Vince, but you are family." Vince looked back up at the rest of the crew. "Please, if you leave im following."

He smirked pulling me into a tight hug. "I never could say no to you."

Laughing I grabbed his hand pulling him with me. Leon and Jesse patted him on the back as we both took a seat. Brian was staring at me with intensity as if trying to figure something out, ignoring him I lowered my head as we prayed and finally ate.

"Who's mustang?" Jesse asked pointing to my new baby.

"Yours truly." I said pointing to myself.

"She's a beauty, gonna race her?" Vince asked.

I shook my head. "You know I only race my bike, besides she doesn't stand a chance against the others." I said repeating Dom's words. The boys nodded I knew it was true and I really could care less whether she could race or not. We continued eating, talking and laughing I even cracked a few jokes with my brother, that was until Vince had to open his big mouth.

"I bumped into Tran earlier today." Vince suddenly said.

I froze at the name of the man I haven't seen in two years. Johnny Tran #1 enemy of Dom and his crew, last thing time I heard from him was the day he said his goodbye after a night of slow love making. You see Johnny and I were together for a year in a secret relationship that was until his father took him and the rest of his family back to Tokyo. He left his cousin lance to run things, but Johnny was still calling the shots. I couldn't believe he was back, I wonder what he'd say if I see him again.

"He's back?" Dom asked the tension was heard in his voice.

Vince nodded. "Word is he's going to be at the races tonight."

Letty smirked. "So are we."

I looked up from my plate to dom. "mind if I tag along?"

Dom looked at me weird. "Why the sudden interest?"

I shrugged. "Just had the urge to go." And see Johnny I added mentally.

Dom just stared at me for what seemed liked hours. "Alright, but you stay close to one of us at all times."

I squealed, jumping up I wrapped my arms around him, Dom never allowed me to go before. "Thank you!" he chuckled as his arms went around my waist. "Have I told you how much I love you?"

Dom was taken back by that. "No I don't think so."

"Well I do." Giving him a kiss on the cheek I rushed inside prepping everything for when it was time to leave. I stayed home my mind not being able to pull away from Johnny. What if he doesn't like me anymore? What if he got married? I groaned as the doubts and questions filled up my head. The worst part was I had nobody to talk this over with, Letty and Mia were a no-no they hated Johnny just as the rest. I never knew as to why, when he was with me Johnny was sweet, protective, romantic, and loving man. He never let me get mixed up in his business, when I asked him why he answered 'I don't want your innocence to be tainted by my doings, I love you too much to see you get hurt, let alone it being my fault' and he kept his word not once did I get involved. Not that I would want to, based on what I heard from Dom and other crew's Johnny was a cold hearted bastard. I did wonder thou is that was true.

A knock on the door brought me back to the present.

"Come in." I yelled falling back onto my bed.

Mia walked in. "hey I was wondering if you would like to go shopping with me and Letty before we leave for tonight?"

I nodded jumping of the bed. "Sure, let me just grab my phone."

Following her out we climbed into Letty's car. We spent the entire day at the mall, Letty headed to the men's clothes seeing what she'd grab my brother. Mia had wondered off to the baby section, she has longed for a child. I on the other hand started picking clothes for myself, ones I knew Johnny would like.

'That is if he even still likes you.' my subcautions snapped.

I pushed her back, locking her into her cage and tossing the key far, far away. As I paid for the clothes I noticed a dragon chain, it was a golden chain holding a circle with two dragons a golden one and a silver one. Both dragons were making the yin-yang symbol, I wonder if Johnny would like it.

"Would that be all miss?" the clerk asked.

"No, may I see this chain?" I asked my eyes never wavering from it, the girl handed it over to me as I examined it. "What is the price?"

"This is actually on sale, with a solid price of 250.00 dollars."

I nodded. "I'll take it."

Once I paid for everything and met up with the others, we all headed back to the fort with 30 minutes to spare. Rushing up to my room I undressed quickly, throwing on a tank top that was sure to show my belly and tight jeans which hugged her body smoothly. Putting my hair into a ponytail I grabbed my phone and jacket. Once we arrived at the street racing I rolled my eyes at all the showing off everyone did with their cars. Getting out I watched as Letty went from easy going mode to bitch mode as she stalked over to Dom. Two blonds had moved in on him and Dom being Dom stopped to talk with them. Well now he had to deal with a pissed off Letty. Looking around I noticed everyone was doing something, so no wanting to disturb them a decided to take a walk around. Ignoring everything, but the bike that came into my view I was currently admiring one when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist. Before I could react I was pulled into the back of a car with tinted windows.