This is my first fanfiction so go a little easy on me, though I do appreciate constructive criticism. This will be a Fleur/Harr fanfic if you want to know the pairing. It will also be a long one, expect at least 400k+ words. If you recognize some similarities between His Angel by Durararnaaa that's because there will be some in the beginning chapters. Don't worry, it will change drastically as the story moves on and become a whole other story in its own right. Harry will be powerful in this fic, more so than any other character other than Dumbledore and Voldemort. His power however won't come over night but instead through much training. Certain Weasleys will be bashed, sorry if you like them. Dumbledore will be manipulative but not necessarily evil. He just has a different viewpoint of how the magical world should look like.

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Quick Summary: Harry's horcrux is removed at an earlier time disrupting carefully laid plans. Watch as Harry evolves into an ever growing dangerous world, battling those much more knowledgeable in ancient magics. Many powerful enemies see England as weak and will come out of the woodwork to claim it as their own.

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"Harry! It's time to wake up!" Hermione shook him awake. He groaned as his eyes fluttered open, revealing a blurry, bushy haired girl standing over him. She didn't wait around and went to wake up his other best friend, Ron. Another groan alerted him that Hermione had successfully drawn him from his sleep as well.

Harry slipped on his glasses after struggling to locate them on the bedside table. "Come on you two! We leave in an hour and you're still not even dressed!" She scolded them. He watched her leave the room allowing them to get ready for the day.

Thirty minutes later, both Harry and Ron made their way down to the Burrow kitchen where the rest of the family were waiting on them patiently. This summer Harry had undergone a growth spurt, and it wasn't just his height that had changed. Harry was finding that his muscles had inexplicably grown. Where he was normally scrawny and underweight, it was now like his magic was beginning to shape his body, molding it into something more suitable.

He couldn't complain, the changes were good and though he was still on the skinny side, he liked the changes he was undergoing. A six pack had formed and his arms were well defined. Ron and him were the same height now and Hermione was just a few inches shorter than him. His hair had inexplicably shrunk to the point it almost looked like he was a soldier he had seen in some movies the Dursleys allowed him to oversee from his cupboard.

This was the one change he didn't like since it revealed his scar to all, but magic herself seemed determined to not allow him to grow his hair. This summer also brought along the growth of facial hair. He had grown some stubble and Mr. Weasley was kind enough to teach him a hair removal charm.

Despite the growing up his body was doing, he still had some tell-tale signs of malnutrition and abuse from his time with the Durselys. A multitude of scars from years of beatings showed along his upper body and his skin was pale. His eyes sagged like he hadn't been getting nearly enough sleep and in total he looked sickly despite feeling just fine.

He and the Weasleys ate an early breakfast until it was time to go. Everyone besides Molly, Bill, and Charlie were going to the portkey that had been set up. Bill and Charlie instead were going to be apparating to the campsite since they were old enough while Molly was the only one staying behind.

"Is everyone set?" Molly asked the group as they began heading out the door.

"Yes!" They all called.

"Have fun. Be safe!" She called as they disappeared into the forest, following Arthurs lead.

The walk was peaceful and Harry just listened to Ron and the twins talk about Viktor Krum, the star Bulgarian seeker. Hermione and Ginny trailed behind them talking but he noticed a few quick glances towards him which alerted him as to what they were talking about. Ginny had a crush on him and he figured that's the reason they were talking about him. Hermione had spent the summer trying to talk Ginny away from her crush on him, something he was thankful for.

They came to a clearing in the forest where two people were waiting for them. Harry recognized one to be the seventh year Hufflepuff seeker. "Harry! Good to see you mate!" Cedric shook his hand and clasped him on the shoulder. Though they never had hung around each other at Hogwarts, they were friends, sharing the camaraderie of being seekers on a House team.

"How are you doing?" Harry responded in kind.

"I'm good. Excited to watch the match."

"Me too. From what I've heard, Krum will be very interesting to watch."

"I'm sure you're anxious to see how to really play seeker." Cedric teased.

Before Harry could respond, Arthur gathered everyone around an old boot that sat in the center of the field. He instructed everyone on how portkey travel worked and had them all grasp firmly onto the boot. Once Arthurs countdown reached one, Harry felt a lurch behind his navel and then began spinning through the air.

Suddenly the ground came rushing back at him and he hit the grass field, briefly knocking the wind out of him. He groaned and pushed himself back to his feet. Luckily he hadn't made a fool of himself as he noticed that the twins, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny also had a rough landing.

The Diggorys bid them farewell so that they could find their own campsite. Arthur led them through the bustling city of tents and Harry found himself completely entranced by the sheer amount of magical people he saw.

All kinds of magicals were walking around wearing various robes in all the colors of the rainbow. He was blown away by just how many people there were. There had to be thousands of witches, wizards, and magical creatures moving here and there. Stands, filled with items and food also littered the campsites with lines stretching behind them, waiting to buy their goods.

As they walked further into the masses of people, curiously, Harry found himself under the gazes of many witches who watched him carefully. At first he thought it was because of his scar, but he soon realized that none of the males were looking at him and some of the looks from the witches were something he hadn't ever seen before. If he could describe it, they looked hungry as if he was a piece of meat waiting to be devoured. It was odd to have that effect on women, but he would be lying if it didn't boost his ego and confidence a little.

Even odder was Hermione and Ginny's reaction to the leering women. They had taken up position on either side of him and Hermione had even looped her arm through his. This just made him feel even more awkward and he tried to slip out of her grasp but she held on firm. So lost in the sights, he didn't notice Ron's continuous scowl at him as they walked.

"Here we are!" Arthur bellowed and soon they had set up the tent. Harry's doubts about said tent were wiped away once he stepped inside. Of course he should have known that it would have some magical enchantments on it. They all picked out their bunks and settled in for a few hours. He spent his time reading over the fourth year defense textbook, something Hermione was proud to see him do.

Soon enough, it was nearing time for the match to begin and so they began heading towards the stadium amongst the mass of other spectators.

"Harry m'boy!" A booming voice shouted through the crowd. Harry turned to where the voice came from and saw the familiar green bowler hat worn by the Minister of Magic. Harry approached with a questioning look, not sure why he was being called out of the crowd by the British Minister.

"Am I in trouble Minister?" Harry asked cautiously. The Weasleys and Hermione had also stopped behind him to listen in on his conversation.

"Of course not m'boy!" Fudge slapped him on the shoulder like he was a favorite nephew. "I'm glad I found you! Will you be in the minister's box?"

"Errr, I don't think I can Minister Fudge. We have seats near the top level."

"That won't do m'boy. Sit with me!" Fudge looked passed Harry to Arthur. "Do you mind if I take Harry with me?"

Harry began to feel very self-conscious. It was embarrassing to have the Minister ask to sit with you in prime seats while your friends and people you considered family were cast aside like nothing.

"Of course, Minister." Arthur responded uneasily. Harry knew that everyone was forced into a tough spot. He couldn't ask the Weasleys to join him and Arthur couldn't say no to his boss. Harry noticed the jealous scowl marring Ron's face and did his best to ignore it. Ron had always been jealous of the things he never asked for or wanted and he knew full well that it was up to Ron to get over it.

"Good! Very good. C'mon m'boy." Without waiting for a reply, Minister Fudge led Harry up a flight of stairs that had been charmed to ascend someone a hundred feet into the air. It was a peculiar feeling to be on the ground one moment and then after only a short flight of stairs, be staring at a pitch a hundred feet below.

Minister Fudge dragged Harry by the arm further into the Ministers box. Harry noticed the Malfoy family sitting down not too far away and his eyes locked on Draco for a moment. Both sneered at each other but didn't say anything.

"I would like you to meet the Bulgarian Minister, Aleric Strumyav." Fudge introduced him to a tall, well-built older gentleman. He had greying black hair with a full black goatee. Harry shook his hand and had to fight back a wince from the strong grip.

"And Irish Minister Ryan O'Connell." This minister was more like Fudge. Round and red haired, wearing a fedora with a raven feather running along the side of the cap.

"Ministers, I present Harry Potter." Fudge proclaimed like he was some Roman Emperor. Miraculously, Harry successfully kept himself from face palming at how over the top his introduction was.

The two foreign ministers greeted him and made small talk about current events. Harry found it refreshing to talk about politics and world events with the three men and fit in nicely. His nervousness quickly left him when the three ministers included him into their conversation like he was an old friend.

He was then asked to elaborate on the rumors about him at Hogwarts. At first he was hesitant to say anything about them. He hadn't told anyone or discussed any of his adventures with anyone besides Professor Dumbledore. Also Sirius was still fresh on his mind and how Fudge had tried to have him kissed. But, how often do you have the opportunity to talk to three ministers and he surely couldn't lie to them. So, he proceeded to explain the events involving the Philosopher's Stone in first year and the basilisk in the second. He left out Ginny's name, not sure how she would like it if the minister knew it was her that had been possessed.

"A basilisk?" The Irish Minister asked in disbelief, looking from Harry to Minister Fudge. By this time, Fudge was completely pale and it was apparent that he had never been told of the events of his second year. Perhaps that's why Fudge didn't believe him about Sirius Black?

"Yes, sir. I killed it with a sword, didn't have my wand at the time." Harry refrained from mentioning that a visage of Voldemort had taken his wand.

The Bulgarian minister started barking out in laughter quickly followed by the Irish minister. Slowly Fudge joined in as well, though he was still completely pale. "You can't be serious?" Minister Strumyav asked, seeing that Harry wasn't laughing.

"It should still be under the school. It's around seventy feet long." Harry shrugged. All amusement died between the ministers when they noticed just how serious Harry was about the story.

"How have we not heard of this?" Minister O'Connell asked Minister Fudge.

"Dumbledore has kept most of my exploits under wraps. My fame was already large enough and I saw no reason to add to it."

"Is it possible to see the memories of such events?" Minister Sturmyav asked.

"Err, how would you see my memory?"

"A pensieve Harry. It's a device that allows others to see a person's memory. I could have one sent up here during the match." Fudge said. "That is if you have no desire to actually watch the match."

"Honestly, this boy's exploits sound much more interesting." Minister O'Connell said and the Bulgarian minister nodded in agreement.

"Very well, I will have one sent up." Harry then began to describe his third year adventures involving Sirius Black. This time Fudge was looking at him more curiously than skeptically. Now that he had heard his previous years' exploits, he was more open to believing that Sirius was innocent, which was something that excited him greatly. Of course he failed to mention that he was the one, with the help of Hermione, who had broken his godfather out.

A man dressed in black robes and a top hat stepped in behind Minister Fudge and whispered something into his ear. Fudge nodded to the man, stood up, and approached a microphone that had been set up in the center of the box.

"Welcome to the 1994 Quidditch World Cup!" The audience cheered as Fudge's words echoed through the packed stadium. "The British Ministry welcomes its guests and are pleased to be hosting this great event!" Another loud cheer erupted throughout the stadium. "I am pleased to introduce Ludo Bagman, Director of Magical Games and Sports!"

The man dressed in black with a top hat stepped forward, shaking Fudges hand before stepping in front of the microphone to introduce the teams. Fudge jovially came back and sat down.

"Now, m'boy. You truly have had quite the adventurous life back at Hogwarts and I feel a reward would be proper. Had I been told two years ago for your deeds involving the opening of the Chamber of Secrets, I would have given you the Order of Merlin First Class then!" Fudge proclaimed, more to the other two ministers who looked approvingly at Fudges action, than to Harry.

Harry didn't have much experience with politics, but he knew Fudge wanted to use Harry in some manner. Also, he had no clue what an Order of Merlin was but it sounded something like a medal given to soldiers or citizens who did something good for the country.

"Would you mind sitting down with a reporter and telling your story about the basilisk? Once everyone knows of your harrowing year, I would gladly give you our countries highest award!" Fudge continued with glee. A grin spread across Harry's face, this was an actual chance to possibly free Sirius and he would be a fool to not take it, even if he had to play up his fame.

"Of course minister. I do have something to ask of you first though."

"Of course m'boy! Anything."

"I want you to give Sirius Black a proper trial." All of Fudges enthusiasm dropped off his face and he went to speak but Harry cut him off. "One thing many do not know is that Sirius Black is my godfather." All three minister's eyes bulged. He had left that detail out of his story but now it was needed to get Sirius a fair trial. "I know him to be innocent. I also know he was never given a trial. The last minister did not have the sense to give him one for some reason."

Harry could see Fudge's mind piecing together the puzzle. The minister may be easily swayed by gold or voter polls, but he isn't stupid. "If you were to give him a trial, and he proved to be innocent, it could only boost your popularity. You would be seen as fixing the faults of the last administration." Harry knew he had him when Fudges face broke out in glee.

"I will see what I can do." Fudge took a sip of his firewhiskey and then clapped Harry on the shoulder. "Now, I shall go and retrieve that penseive." He stood up and walked over to a tall, dark skinned man with a gold earring and began whispering in his ear.

"You have a promising career in politics Harry." Minister O'Connell said with a wry grin.

"I have very little interest in it, in truth." Harry shrugged. "But I'll do any amount of politicking and bargaining if it means freeing an innocent man."

The two nodded and Minister Fudge came back with a pensieve. After some instructions on how to remove a memory and place it into the bowl, all three ministers dove into his memories. Harry used their absence to watch the game that was already fully under way.

Each time the ministers came up from a memory, Harry had to keep himself from laughing at their faces. They were always mixed with horror and awe and after the basilisk, respect. The memory of Harry talking with Sirius in the shrieking shack got the minister fully on board to give Sirius a trial.

Soon the match was over with Ireland winning, and Harry was already back inside the Weasley's tent. Minister Fudge had promised that he would immediately begin working on getting Sirius a fair trial and afterwards, Harry would begin a series of interviews with various magazines and papers, finishing with an awards ceremony sometime this holiday break.

Spending time with a few reporters was hardly a bad thing when he was getting his godfather freed. This also meant that he should never have to see the Dursleys again and be able to live with Sirius. The thought of being free from his abusive relatives couldn't make him any happier.

So, he walked into the Weasley's tent with a huge smile on his face, ready to break the happy news with his friends, only for his smile to quickly fall off. Ron looked completely livid at him. Even Hermione looked a little upset. Only Fred and George seemed unchanged by Harry's appearance as they continued boasting about the Ireland chasers.

"How was the minister's box, Potter." Ron spat, stopping only a foot in front of him. Harry was taken back by the venom in his voice.

"Ron, there wasn't anything he could do." Hermione pleaded though she didn't sound like she herself was convinced.

"Always have to have everything don't you. How was it having your arse pampered by the minister." He snarled.

"You know I didn't ask to go to the minister's box." Harry responded coldly. Ron's jealous attitude the last couple of days had been grating on his nerves and now it was coming to a boiling point. "I've never asked for anything! Yet you always seem to find a way to make me feel bad for having something."

"Make you feel bad?" Ron scoffed. "How could I ever make you feel bad! I'm the one always stuck in your shadow!"

"That is not my problem! Why don't you go find someone else to whine to about how your life is so terrible because I am sick of hearing about it!" Harry turned and walked back out of the tent, ignoring the calls from Hermione and Arthur. All he knew was that he had to get as far away from them as possible.

He walked around the camp, watching as people celebrated, finding some peace in seeing others having such a good time. It felt like he had been walking for hours when suddenly he heard some people up ahead begin to scream. Curious, Harry walked closer to the screams until he saw fire and smoke.

The campsite was on fire, and worse, there were people in dark robes with white bone masks covering their faces, setting fire to everything. Floating above them were four people Harry recognized to be muggles that owned a nearby farm. They were already dead, having been hanged by rope suspended in air.

There were around twenty of these attackers, way too many for him to attack with no help. Plus, he didn't know many spells he could use in a situation like this thanks to the lack of good Defense teachers.

Harry crept behind a large wooden crate nearby, watching the attackers shoot random spells off at the running crowd. They didn't appear to actually be trying to hit anything, more instill panic.

That changed when Harry noticed a smaller group break off and run into the woods. They were chasing after two girls, making his blood run cold. He had heard enough stories about what men could do to a woman that was considered worse than death. They were also a smaller group, no more than five and so Harry gave chase thinking he could make a difference.

The forest was dark and quiet, but he was able to hear the faint sounds of footsteps ahead of him, letting him know he was on the right track. Then the forest echoed from a scream up ahead that he knew came from one of the girls. He picked up his pace, almost hitting his head on a low branch.

Soon he came to a small clearing where the moonlight was able to poke through. It had the effect of showing all five of the attackers and illuminated their bone white masks, making them even more intimidating. Harry could see two girls with long silver hair, laying on the ground. One was older and was doing her best to protect the youngest who didn't look older than eight.

Harry didn't waste any time since he knew these girls were in grave danger, "Reducto!" He shouted the first spell that came to mind. There were very few spells he knew that could be useful in a fight, and though this one was slow and easy to block by a suspecting enemy, it could cause damage.

The red ball of energy shot from Harrys wand and struck one attacker who had just begun to drop his pants. The spell took a chunk out of the man's back, breaking his spine and spraying blood on his fellow attackers. The man slumped to the ground with a blood curdling scream.

Harry stared wide-eyed at the lifeless body. He hadn't thought it would kill the man, after all he had seen the spell be used on humans before and it usually just resulted in breaking a few bones. Now though, he had just appeared to kill someone with it and so he froze, his mind unable to process.

That was a grave mistake as the four attackers turned to face Harry. One of them stepped forward quickly, sending three iron spikes at Harry. One embedded into his upper thigh, the other into his right side, and the last into his right shoulder, shattering the bones. Harry dropped to his knees and his wand fell from his grasp, as unimaginable pain shot through him.

A split second later another spell slammed into his face, sending him onto his back and breaking his jaw and nose. The pain was unbearable and Harry was quickly beginning to lose consciousness. He couldn't see or even move from the amount of pain he was feeling as he lay on his back. All he could do was hear as he fought to stay awake and for the girls he had come to try and save.

The sound of one of the girls screaming again brought about another breath of life. He still couldn't move his wand arm, or even get up. The pain was too blinding to think clearly and in an act of desperation, he raised his left hand, hoping to perform some kind of miracle. With the single thought of saving the girls, he channeled as much magic as he could muster. He felt his magic surge through his arm as consciousness became too hard to fight.

"How the lord will reward me for killing the Great Harry Potter!" One of the men sneered. Harry was already lost to darkness by the time a flash of green connected with his chest.

Fleur Delacour cursed her Veela heritage. Some men in black cloaks and white masks had attacked her campsite causing her and her sister to flee. Their mother was back in France while her father, the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement of France had rushed off to confront the attackers. Her panic had caused her to forget to control her Veela allure and so she had unintentionally attracted several of the attackers.

She fled with her younger sister into the forest, but Gabrielle was just a young girl and could never outrun these men. She was hit in the back by a tripping jinx, quickly followed up by a cutting curse that caused parts of her clothes to fall off, revealing much more than she would have liked.

Gabrielle let out a scream and Fleur moved in front of her, hoping to protect her from whatever vile actions these men would do. She was well aware of how vile men could be around her and that's why she had shied away from all male contact except her fathers over the last couple of years.

She could see in their eyes the lust and hunger that she so often saw by some of the boys at her school. The difference here was that she was without a way to defend herself. She had lost her wand early on from a random disarming charm, sending it flying off into the crowd of people. In a hurry to get Gabrielle to safety she decided to not go looking for it.

"I'm sure the master won't mind us taking a-" The attacker who had hungrily approached her while starting to unzip his pants, stopped midsentence and his eyes widened in shock. He let out a bloodcurdling screaming and dropped to the ground and Fleur saw the life leave his eyes.

That's when her eyes laid on a boy, not much younger than her with the most vibrant green eyes she had ever seen. A sense of hope swelled within her that someone had come to possibly save her. He though, looked shocked at the damage his spell had caused and forgot about the other attackers.

She watched as three iron spikes drove into the boy, causing him to cry out in pain and drop onto his knees. All sense of hope disappeared as she watched another spell hit the boy in the face, sending him onto his back. Fleur let out a scream this time, unable to tear her eyes away from her last hope as he fell to the ground.

The man who had sent the deadly spikes stepped forward and said, "How the lord will reward me for killing the Great Harry Potter!" The dull green light from the killing curse illuminated the night briefly and headed straight towards the boy. She didn't recognize the name the man spoke until much later.

At the same time, the boy had some fight in him no matter how futile as he raised his hand in defense. Surprisingly, just as the killing curse struck the boy in the chest, he performed a miraculous feat of wandless magic, sending the four attackers back in a powerful shockwave of magic. Fleur and Gabrielle were thrown as well, but not nearly as violently as the four robed me.

She heard the sickening crunches as they struck trees and their bones shattered from the force. All four of them slumped to the ground unconscious, two of them bleeding from the mouth and ear, not breathing.

A bloodcurdling scream echoed through the forest. Her eyes widened in fear once again when she saw a black mist pour from the boy's forehead, shrieking and wailing as if it was being destroyed. With one last shriek that forced her to cover her ears, the black mist floated into the night sky where she lost it amongst the darkness.

"Fleur! Gabby!" Her heart soared when she heard her father's voice break through the sudden silence that had followed whatever just happened.

"Papa! Papa we're here!" Fleur called out, allowing a sob to escape her lips. Gabrielle was already bawling at this point as Fleur held her close. She was still too shocked to move from her position on the ground. Her eyes rested on the boy, no the man, who had saved her life.

She cursed whatever god existed that such a noble man would die at the hands of animals. He had given his life for two strangers and she would never get the chance to thank him.

Her father, a tall man, with short brown hair and grey eyes ran into the clearing after hearing Fleur's call. Behind him were several aurors wearing the white and blue robes signaling their place as Hit Wizards in the French DMLE.

"Fleur! Are you alright! Gabby?" Sebastien Delacour asked, hurrying over to his two crying daughters. He noticed the ripped clothes of his eldest and surveyed the surroundings. His other aurors were looking over the fallen bodies at the moment. He noticed that a young boy had several iron spikes embedded in him with a puddle of blood surrounding him. Another had half his back ripped open with his spine hanging out. The rest that wore black robes were laying next to several trees.

"Sir! This boy is still alive!" One of his Hit Wizards proclaimed. He was standing over the body of Harry Potter.