Disclaimer: I own nothing. Dreamworks owns the movie and Micheal Fry and T Lewis own the comic strips.

Takes place during the early summer after the movie.

Clink... Clink

Beep... Beep


"Wait... What?" RJ stared dumbfounded as the bag of potato chips actually fell to the door. It didn't usually get stuck on the glass or anything. It just... fell down... as if it wanted to be opened up and be eaten out of. The raccoon pulled the bag out and examined every possible angle on it.

"How?...What?" RJ didn't know to either growl in anger slash confusion or just walk away as if nothing ever happened. A fat rain drop hit the ground quickly followed by another that broke RJ's state of confusion and a flash of lightning sent the raccoon back to the hedge family as fast as he could run on all fours.

"I think the log might be a good place tonight ."

"Verne... My piano's gone and fallen in the lake to ride the train tracks over the mountains to get eaten by a fly." Hammy mumbled in his sleep as RJ entered the log soaked to the very bone. The raccoon shivered as he almost compared the log for a bear's cave.

"No. He's gone. He's never coming back." RJ thought just as thunder quietly roared over in the mildly angry skies. The raccoon gave a small groan as the weight of his fur reminded him of accidently falling into the Frankard's pool as the family came home earlier than usual while the hedge family had just barely gotten to the other side of the hedge with the loot just as the children cannonballed into the pool to have their parents find it and their kids smelling like wet raccoon.

"RJ. Since when did you go to sleep soakin' wet?"

RJ nearly lost his fur as Stella somehow appeared behind him almost unfazed as the raccoon jumped up and spun around to face the skunk who's eyes were halfway covered by white fur.

"I... I..."

Stella sighed as she watched the raccoon stutter and picked out a thick towel someone, either Hammy or Verne, snagged from someone's house and gave it to RJ.

"Sleep on it if ya have to." RJ simply nodded as he wrapped the towel around his shoulders and lied down as close to the side of the log as possible.


"Nothin' Tiger. Just helpin' Raccoon Boy over there." The Persian cat purred as his flower curled up beside him as the bucket sized rain drops continued to make a impossible beat to follow on the top of the log with only those unable to sleep or just starting to drift off to hear it's soothing beat.

... Uhh... Alrighty then. I have no idea where that last half came from.

Hey! I made some more cookies! *Offers plate* Hurry up and get 'em before Hammy get's another sugar rush from last time.

~Jak Cooper the Lombax