Title: Crying Uncle 1/1

Author Melissa L

Rating PG maybe

Summary: this is AU fic that fits into almost any B/S happy family story

Disclaimer: Not mine

Please review this is my first story I need all the help I can get so next time there will be a plot.

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Giles POV It was Spike's fault he did it just to annoy me, Buffy and the others joined in once he began but Spike has pressed the issue relentlessly each time he would say grandfather I would say uncle. So that even before the child was born I was named "Granddad" regardless of the fact that I was at best a reluctant father figure.

With so many to fuss and coo over the child I was doing pretty well at avoiding her first few weeks. When the baby was three months old Buffy confronted me about my reluctance. She demanded to know if it was children in general I hated or just hers in particular. If they could all have just listened to me all along they would know I had no interest in being anyone's Grandfather.

Sometimes I think that Spike can read minds. Before I was able to find an answer that wouldn't break Buffy's heart or cause her to hit me. Spike hands me the baby telling the infant to "Say hello to Uncle Rupert". I looked down into the amazing blue eyes of the miracle in my arms and replied to Spike distractedly as I fell in love, " It's Granddad."

Spike POV

For once things have work out the way they should. It took a bit to wear him down but it worth it and more fun than putting together that bloody crib. See I had this plan, I needed to get everything ready. A place for everything and everyone in their place. Maybe it was the terror and joy I felt over gaining the impossible. Maybe the smell of all the hormones in the air around Buffy just made me loony again who the hell knows.

Some things I do know I know Giles is my daughter's Granddad. It's how it should be not only cause Buffy wants it that way but because there's no better man. Also know that I should have let Harris put together the crib. Sod it! Where did that last bit go?

Bloody hell do I need to start watching my language now? Could be harder to give up than the smokes. Never been good at keeping my mouth shut living or un-dead and the soul hasn't made a difference there.