A/N I'm in a silly mood tonight recalling a really great view of ASH"s but at my last con! Tweedisgood I know you'll never read this but what makes you think Granddad and sexy are mutually exclusive? Also I know Anya's dead but not in my fluffyverse.

Anya's POV I've decide to be grateful instead of jealous. She makes him smile and he looks years younger {not that he look old before}. He holds her so gently in those big hands of his. I watch as he hums a tune, swaying a little as she nuzzles his bare shoulder and runs her fingers over his chest hair. She spit up on his shirt before and nothing in this house will fit him so I have this wonderful view of his bare chest. I wonder would Buffy and Spike mind if I bought her a pony? Maybe just a little contribution to her collage fund?