Nick had just reached Judy's apartment, he got a text earlier from her that day that she wanted to go grocery shopping, he promised he would tag along so she wouldn't be lonely, plus she loves having him around, at least that is what he hopes.

Her apartment complex was not luxurious, he hated that she had to live there, it was to small and smelled of bad cheese. Nick headed up the stairs to her apartment, suite 302. His ears perked up as he heard a voice.

"Help, is anyone out there? Help!"

He ran down the hallway, the sound matched suite 302…302! Judy's apartment.

Nick banged on the door, "Judy! Judy are you alright?!" he pressed his ear to the door.

"Nick? Nick! Help me I have fallen in the shower!"

Nick tried to door knob, it was locked. He took a step back staring at the door in front of him. He cracked his shoulders and stretched out his hands. He started jumping up and down… I CAN DO THIS

He ran with all of his might with his right shoulder pinned up and ram into Judy's front door. The door framed cracked in half, the door hinges flew at Nick's sides. The momentum took him all the waY into the kitchen table, his head banged into the side as his hands caught his body on the hard wood floor. He cursed under his breathe, rubbing his hand. Damn that's going to hurt in the morning…

"Nick? Is that you? Nick I'm in the bathroom!."

Nick headed to the bathroom door, he was about to knock….

"Don't you dare knock Nick!"

Nick froze, unsure what to do, Judy fell in the shower… so that means… she was ummm…. *not clothed* Come on Nick! This is Judy we are talking about ! she is hurt, I need to help her! He hit his face with his paw. SNAP OUT OF IT. The problem was… he couldn't… he had feelings for her brewing inside of him for the past couple months now, and seeing her… in her birthday suit would be icing on the cake. Nick took a deep breath, closed his eyes and walked in the bathroom. He could still hear the showering running, the steam made his red fur become moist.

"Judy! What happened". He stood still with his eyes closed.

Judy was gasping, she was in pain. "I slipped in the shower and fell, I think I broke my arm or my shoulder, I'm not sure, I need to go to the hospital".

Nick extended his arms, "Where are you ?"

"On the shower floor you… where else would I be?"

"Dumb bunny" Nick snickered.

"Shut up Wilde! Get me a towel or something, help me up".

Nick searched for the towel rack on the wall, he got ahold of something soft, and yanked it from the rack.

"Follow my voice Nick". Nick walked until he hit the edge of the tub, he threw the towel down. Judy tried wrapping herself in it. She winced. "Yup, something is definitely broken" she whispered.

"Here Carrots, let me carry you".

Nick leaned down by the tub, his shoulder hitting the shower curtains as he pushed them aside, he lowered himself more. One of Judy's arms latched around his neck, with Nicks eyes still closed, he felt for legs so he could hoist her up. Her fur was still soaking wet, and the shower was still going, water staining his green Hawaiian shirt. He found the indent of her knees and lifted her up. She hissed.

"Ok, Nick, go right, now left, now right". Judy was leading him out of the bathroom. Nick could feel the hard wood floor.

"Ok, now what Carrots?"

"Head to the right, lay me on the bed, I need to get dressed".

Nick walked until he could feel her soft bed, he laid her down. Wiping his wet paws on his pants.

"Nick, head the dresser, can you find me some clothes to wear?"

Nick turned around and opened his eyes, he went to her dresser and opened it up. He searched for pants and a shirt. He pulled out some leggings and a long gray sweatshirt, he threw them at her with his eyes closed.


"Hey, I'm not the one who fell in the shower"

"Um…. Nick?

"Yes, Carrots?"

"I'm gonna need help"

WHAT!? HELP HER GET DRESSED! This bunny will be the death of him, if he already hadn't had feelings for her already. Nick turned around with his eyes closed, following Judy's voice.

"I got my pants" said Judy "I need help with my shirt".

Judy had the sweatshirt around her head. "I need help getting my arm through".

Nick reached for her arm, feeling around trying to find it. He grabbed something soft and round, This has to be it! Nick squeezed it, something didn't feel right.

"Um….Nick… that my arm?"

Nick's ears pinned back, his throat went dry. He was…..grabbing her…ummm.. oh god!

"UM…. No".

"Then let it go".

Nick dropped his hands to his sides, his eyes squeeze shut. OH GOD, I JUST TOUCHED HER ! HER ! OH GOD!

"I'm sorry Carrots! I didn't mean… it was accident!"

"Nick, it's okay, just helped me get my arm through".

Nick found her "real" arm this time, and she was able to get the sweatshirt on,

"Okay Nick, you can open your eyes"

Nick opened his eyes, finding Judy in her grey sweatshirt and leggings, still somewhat soaked from the shower clenching her right arm close to her chest. Her ears were pinned back. She was in pain.

"Okay carrots" Nick picked her up holding her close to his chest, "Let's get you to the hospital"