Thank you for being patient, you all are kind souls.

There is language in this chapter.


A wondrous thing where you get whatever comes to you

Karma is waking up where the sun is shining and everyone is smiling and you walk outside to see someone took a shit on your porch.

Yeah someone definitely took a shit on Judy's front porch…..and his name rhymes with Mick.

Nick, the dub ass that he is, decides at the most convent time to take his pain killer pill for his wrist right before Judy was supposed to meet with the Chief….and how HE knows that they totally BANGED

Her arm hurts

Her body hurts

She wants to hurt Nick…..actually she is hurting Nick….she is dragging him by the ear all the way down to station.

After he took the pill, he received every swear word in the handbook and Judy gave him a nice long tug on his tie, nearly choking him to death.

"Your going down with me" she hissed

Judy had exactly 15 minutes before the medicine took full effect…

She made it through the entrance of the ZPD, unfortunately for her, Nick began to stumble a little and laughing like a little school girl. He whined a little that Judy nearly ripped his ear off and that he doesn't care how much trouble they are going to get because having sex with her was like a happy rainbow unicorn dream.

..oh boy….

Clawhauser looked upon the screwed up pair.


Judy seems pissed & did she break her arm?

And….is Nick high?

Clawhauser shook those thoughts and gave them a quick welcome.

"Quick give me your sunglasses" Judy whispered


"Clawhauser give me your sunglasses please!" she begged

Clawhauser flinched as he threw the sunglasses towards Judy as she quickly fumbled with them in her paws and put them on Nick.

Nick's little girl laugh came into play, "Juddddesss my future is so bright! I need shades" he giggled, stumbling over her right shoulder.

"Is he okay?" Clawhauser looked worried as he took another bite of his sprinkled doughnut.

"HOPPS, WILDE! OFFICE NOW!" Bogo's yell echoed off the walls of the pretinct but shortly followed by another very annoying scream.

"NO BOGO…. MY OFFICE NOW!" Nick screamed

For all that the was good and holy, Nick's yell was actually louder than Bogo's.

The lobby was dead silent as everyone realized what Nick had done.

Judy dug her hands into Nick's arms, "Nick! Be quiet!"

Bogo was at the top of the staircase as he made daggers at the ZPD's first fox officer. He slowly made his way to them as Judy wanted to curl herself into a ball and die. Bogo also took a giant shit on Judy's front porch this morning….


Nick stood confidently behind Judy, holding onto her shoulder for balance. His shades laid skewed on his face as he had a huge smirk on his face. Judy's ear pinned down, her heart racing, fearing who else was going to take a dump on her front porch today. She would run and hide but unfortunately her body was the only thing keeping Nick balanced….or even standing.

Bogo was planted right in front of them as their fellow colleagues pulled out their phones to snap some good ones as they were about to get their asses kicked.

"What did you say to me…WILDE" Bogo seethed

"Sir, let me explain" said Judy

"Yes, enlighten me, enlighten where you two were this morning and how you ended up with broken arms…." Bogo crossed his arms waiting for an answer.

"Does someone need a hug?" Nick giggled

If Bogo's eyes could shoot laser beams, Nick's head would be clean off.

"Watch it Wilde, or your looking at a suspension….A month without pay!"

"Chief your too cute"

"Excuse me!?"

"I'll tell you how we broke our arms…..but shhhhhh it's a secret" Nick wobbled forward a bit as Judy tried to drag his arm back.

"Nick, don't you dare!" she whispered

"Because she fell in the shower…..and I had to help her in the shower…if you know what I'm saying Chief" Nick laughed out loud with laughter until tears streamed down his eyes.

Judy let go of him now as he fell flat on his back.

Nick was knocked out cold, letting out a peaceful snore.

Judy could feel her heart in her fingertips as her skin turned red hot. Quiet fell over the room and then a bust of laughter and cheers soon followed.

"Dude they totally did it!"

"I called it man, I called it!"

"Yo Mchorn! You owe me 50 bucks"

"I knew they were a couple!"

Well it seems everyone in the whole police force had taken a dump on Judy's front porch.

Judy kept her eyes to the floor, waiting for the misery to end.


Sorry for the short chapter! I needed this one to flow into my other ideas.

Enjoy !