There's a Soul in there Somewhere...

Why do you not laugh?

Laughter heals the soul

If you have one

But I'm not sure you do

Maybe that's why

But you do

I'm sure of it

I can see it

In the way your shoulders hunch

When I say your name

The way you watch

When you don't think I see

(I want to show you)

You're alone

Or you think you are

(Look at me love)

Too good for us

So much better you are

I'd hate you for it

But I can't

And I don't want to.

(Don't you see?)

Hello, here I am

Be here for once

Be with me

Be human


Well fuck you too.

(It's beautiful)

You're so thin

And stretched

over your bones

Like oil over water

You glisten

(So many colours)

You don't love yourself

How can I love you

If you don't

And how can you love me

Please love me

(So many sounds)

I hate you

Hate you


(It sparkles, Heero)

I need you

Need you


(This is life, Heero)

There's air in your lungs

And blood in your heart

And sparks in your mind

There's life in you yet

(It's so beautiful)

Leave me be

You pull me down

Don't want to fall

Even with you

Where's that parachute?

(Come with me)

(You're beautiful)