Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! belongs to Kazuki Takahashi.

Ryou thinks about his new-found freedom.

Wergild means "man-price."  It's an old Germanic concept that basically states how much you would have to pay to a man's relatives if you killed him, whether accidentally or deliberately.  Perhaps it doesn't fit, but it's a cool word.

It's strange that it took me so long to understand
that it would never work out.
Because, after all,
you never wanted it to, did you?
I tried, I really did;
but there was only so much I could give,
because that line between you and me was already so blurred
that to go any further would have been mental suicide.

And despite what everyone thinks,
I'm not ready to quit living yet.

And I can't say that I like the silence,
and I'm not sure I'm used to living alone inside my head yet;
but it has to start somewhere, right?
I needed to get away from you.
I'm glad you understood,
and let me have my own life back and all.

And to think, I only had to give you my friends to do it.

Like you said, a small price to pay
for this peace and quiet inside my head.