The day was pretty average for Judy and Nick. They just simply ran a beat, and no major crimes really happened. The only actual excitement they had was a wolf graffiting a wall, and even that ended without much struggle. Their day mostly consisted of the two driving around the city in their cruiser, stopping to get lunch, and just chatting. Even though Judy loved the days full of action where she got to show her worth, she also loved days like these. Just her and Nick, enjoying what they have. Those days where she could just relax and idly chat with Nick felt like paid days off to her, and the fact that she had a friend so close with her on the job she loved filled her with constant glee. Towards the end of the day, their shift ended, and as the pair was finishing up the paperwork from their one arrest today, not much, but still enough for it to be annoying, especially to Nick who out of the blue the silence. "Think the chief's gonna stick me with some temporary partner?"

"Oh, most definitely" Judy grinned, signing the paperwork "You're still a rookie, the baby of the ZPD"

"If I'm not mistaken, you've only got a few months on me yourself Carro-"

"And already have a stellar track record, in fact, it's been said I've become the face of the ZPD" she instantly shot back. Judy tried to hold a straight face, but soon busted out in laughter. Nick grinned patting her on the shoulder.

"Oh definitely the face of a perfect cop, strained with laughter." The pair soon gained their composure, and got ready to head of their respective ways. They chatted for a while, walking down the sidewalk side by side. The sun was just beginning to set over the city, and the rush hour traffic had died into a more mellowed crawl, with the occasional car zooming by. The pair soon came to the part of town where their ways home took different paths, they faced each other, smiling softly. Saying their goodbyes for a week, they parted ways, Nick heading for his small apartment, and Judy to her's if only for a short time. Once there, she quickly packed herself a bag with clothes and other assorted things she'd need for her little excursion home. After fixing herself a small dinner, the rabbit soon made her way to the train station, hopping on taking her seat.

Judy instantly thought back to her first time riding this train, on her way to Zootopia for the very first time. She was so excited then, and also very naive. So much happened in so little time, she hardly felt like the same bunny, but in the best way possible. She slid her earbuds in, and decided to listen to some music to pass the time while riding home. However, the excitement she had on that first ride was absent, so soon sleep overtook her, leaving her balled up in her seat, softly snoring as the train flew by.

With near perfect timing, Judy awoke just as they pulled into Bunny Burrow, it was rather late, almost midnight, and Judy was still quite tired. Letting out a petite yawn, she made her way off the train. Everything here was so much quieter than in the bustling metropolis that was Zootopia, instead of constant bustling and rushing, there was a laid back aura to the town. Judy could have walked the small town blindfolded, so she swiftly made it back to her parent's home despite her tiredness and the dark. Almost instantly she was greeted by tight hugs from her parents, something she had become used to over the years, and even more so during these visits home. Of course, her parents started asking her about how things had been going. She couldn't blame them, her visits were few and far between, and you can only get so much from a video or phone call. After a short bout of questions from her worry wart parents, Judy trudged back to her old room, dropping her bag and flopping onto her bed with a satisfied sigh.

However, sleep did not instantly take her, and she lied there, alone with her thoughts. Strangely enough, the first thing they went to were Nick. She wondered how her partner was doing, was he awake? Was he asleep? Would Bogo give him a temporary partner? Does he miss her? Judy had no idea why she was so fixated on this, he seemed fine all day, and she knew that she was fine all day, so it shouldn't have been a problem. Yet here she was, her mind abuzz with thoughts about Nick, while her body begged for her to sleep. "Come on Judy... you only just got here and you're already stressing out, relax, you're on vacation!" she thought to herself. It seemed as if her internal pleading worked, as the bunny soon drifted back to sleep, a deep, dreamless sleep. Deep down inside of her, she knew that something was different about how she felt. She was depressed, or angry, or anything like that, the feeling she felt was something different, something that she couldn't quite come close to defining yet.