This was far more complicated than Nick thought it would be at first. It seemed so simple at first, everything was laid out to him in a way that seemingly couldn't be misinterpreted. Yet here he was, everything in front of him was a muddled mess. Nick underestimated the complexity of it, he hated the fact that this was getting the best of him. He'd gotten over so much in his life, he'd gotten through his childhood, he survived the streets as a con artist, nearly died a few time on the Night Howler case, and so much more. But now?

How could a phone be so hard to grasp?

Nick decided that even if it'd be a few more days before he could get Judy's number, getting the phone would be the best course of action. After shelling out the cash for a half decent phone, he assumed he'd have it ready to go in no time at all. But that thought quickly was brought crashing down by several setup phases he couldn't grasp for the life of him. Judy would probably be laughing at his dysfunction at this point, taking the phone and setting it up herself. But, it was just Nick and his newest adversary, one he was determined to conquer.

A few hours later Nick was programming his one contact into the cell phone. A sense of meager pride sputtered outward once Nick saw "ZPD Precinct" programmed into the small phone. His only regret was that his only contact was work related, he wanted to chat with someone, that someone being his partner. Mild interest soon devolved into panicked desperation, as Nick got up and began trying to look for that little piece of paper he haphazardly misplaced not so long ago.

So what if Judy was busy having fun at home? She surely could take a moment to text back, to tell him how great of a time she was having. It was desperate, sure, Nick recognized that, but at this point, he wasn't going to bolster pride over something so trivial. He wanted to say hi to Judy. While lifting up the couch cushions, he chuckled at the state he was in. His self pride evaporating into a single, base impulse, an impulse to...

What did Nick want to do? Text Judy was the obvious answer, but was that really what he was looking to do in the end? He played the scenario out in his head, he'd miraculously find that phone number, and then he'd text her. He assumed that he would open up with some obscure phrase, considering Judy would have no idea who was texting her. She'd respond in a confused manner, and he'd keep the act up just long enough to the point she got annoyed and then he'd drop the act.

But, what if she didn't just get confused? What if he upset her? Nick hadn't really put much thought into that whenever he messed with her before. Why was he so concerned about this? Calling her names or teasing her for her size were fine, but the idea of messing with her via that first text felt dirty and low. Putting the couch cushion down, he quietly pondered why a harmless joke felt so weird, when any other joke any other time was fine. It was in interesting situation to say the least. His comedy had always been instinct, a defense mechanism and a way to start a conversation when he didn't have much else to say. But, now it felt off. Searching for his answer, Nick soon came to it, one he wasn't sure was possible before now.

He wanted that first text to be special.

Nick blushed weakly upon realizing this strange thought. But, it was definitely true, no matter how dopey or sappy it sounded. Something about this whole phone situation taught Nick something. Taught him something about how he felt about this whole situation, her absence, his mood, Judy herself even. It's funny how something so simple like getting a phone would open a new possibility for him. And, for the first time since Judy left, Nick laughed. It wasn't just a small short chuckle, but a hearty, gut busting laugh. It felt good knowing that he wasn't loosing it, that he wasn't really depressed, that it was all confusion. Not everything was clear yet, and he didn't even know if they would be ever. But Nick was okay with that. He wasn't even remotely ready to look to the future, not that far at least. But the now was all starting to sort itself out, not entirely, but it was definitely starting too.

With this newfound confidence, Nick went to putting the cushions back on his couch, he could wait for the phone number, it wasn't absolutely necessary anymore to have it. He could hold himself up, or at least he thought so, until she got back. But he did know he was going to get that phone number. He'd probably sneak it, weasel it out from her in some way or other. And one night, probably around the time she's just heading to bed, he'd text her. And Nick Wilde new exactly what he was going to text her.

"Hey Carrots, I think I love you"