There it was. Just sitting there in front of him, it would be so simple. Nick honestly couldn't believe that he found that little slip of paper, tucked inside of the manual he received at the academy. He didn't remember sliding the number in there, but yet there it was, ironically on the front page, the page that Judy had left a message on when he first started.

"I know you can do it! Just keep pushing yourself, and you can be anything you want to be! -Judy"

Nick traced over the message with his paw, sighing happily. That was both the hardest and happiest time of his life. He never had pushed himself that hard before, but he worked so hard then, he was determined to prove Judy right, and prove everybody else wrong. And he had, he was an officer, he had made it. And now, he also knew that he wanted to be with Judy. So, shakily, Nick picked up his phone.

He had to retype the number several times, his shaky paws missing numbers a good three or four times before he had it. Nick now had his second contact "Carrots". Taking a deep sigh, he opened up the messenger.

The text was typed out. Word for word it was sitting there, all ready to be sent straight to Judy. Sweating a little, Nick checked the time. 9:40 PM, Judy would be on her way home about now, unless she decided to just wait until morning to leave. But, last time they talked, Judy said tonight. This left Nick with two options.

He could send his text like planned, probably confuse Judy in the process. Then she'd either text him back, or they'd see each other at work the next day and discuss it. It would be quick and easy, like ripping off a bandage, with one quick tap of his phone he'd have laid his feelings out in front of her. The ball would be in her court. Yet, even though this was his original plan, it felt like he might not want to do that anymore.

His second option was to get up right now, put on something a little more presentable, and go. Go straight to the train station and meet her right as she got off. He'd run up, greet her, and then give her a big hug. He'd forget acting cool and collected, and just enjoy being with her. She'd probably start stammering and blushing, maybe even wriggling out of the hug. But Nick wouldn't care, he'd just hug her, embarrassing both of them in the process.

If he was going to make a decision, he'd have to do it now. So he sat there, never feeling more indecisive in his life. For a split second, he almost thought of just calling it all off, not doing anything at all. But that felt wrong. Nick couldn't just bottle something like this, something he had just come to terms with. He loved Judy, and he needed to let her know. The possibility of her not caring, or getting uncomfortable was there, it was weighing on him, but yet he couldn't let that dictate his life.

His whole life had been dictated by things like that. His doubts about how people would accept him led him down the path of being a con artist, he was giving the world what he was afraid they wanted from him. But Judy had shown him otherwise. She taught him to not let doubts and others chain you down, and now it only seemed fitting he put that to practice once again. But how?

Taking a deep breath, mustering all his courage and strength, Nick decided to go with both. He hit send on the text, and without even checking to see if she saw it yet, put the phone down. He shot up from his seat, changing out of his current outfit to something a bit nicer. His shirt didn't have a stain on it anymore and he actually was wearing pants now. He grabbed the phone, not noticing the one new notification on it, and rushed out the door.

Nick was terrified. So many things could go wrong right now it wasn't even funny. His entire state of being hinged on this night, these next several minutes held everything. It was going to end in either disaster, or with something great. But, Nick didn't have time to dwell on such things, not right now. He could dwell on this later, right now, he needed to get to the train station before that train pulled in, he need to get to Judy. So with that, Nick made his way across town, a terrified yet excited fox with only one thing on his mind.