Author's Note: Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't updated recently, I've been having trouble writing. I know this idea is kinda weird, but it's been stuck in my head, and I figured I might as well give you all something instead of making you wait longer while I struggled to write something for my other stories. Thanks for your patience!

Chapter 1

Bella was abandoned by the Cullens. It hurt, it had seriously hurt. The people she had thought of as family had all left her, because one boy had decided that she was better off alone, out of danger, and human. It took weeks for Bella to get over it all. After Sam found her in the forest, she had started hanging out at La Push more, trying to get over the betrayal. The boys there had gotten her through the pain, Jacob especially so. But the Cullens were always there, in the back of her mind, always ready to add a nice dose of pain to an otherwise pleasant day.

In the end, Bella had to get away from it all. It wasn't like she could just lock her memories in a box of something; and she couldn't go back to her mom and Phil. Most of all, she just couldn't stay in Forks. Bella would come back later, of course, to finish high school. It wasn't like she was just giving up on everything. But summer vacation was the perfect time to take a break, maybe explore something or somewhere, and just live in the moment. No Cullens, no Forks, just Bella and...something.

It didn't take long to convince Charlie that she needed to go on vacation. Bella had saved up a lot of money, she was responsible, and Charlie knew how desperately Bella had to get away. However, Bella was still Charlie's little girl, so he gave her his own money, and told her she was going to a place where an old friend of his could keep an eye on her, just in case. Apparently, the guy ran some program that had little expeditions into the Amazon.

That's how Bella ended up on a plane, heading for the Amazon Rainforest. Well, the plane headed for Manaus. Then she had to meet up with some guy named Chip at the airport, where she would then take a long, bumpy car ride to the campsite, and everyone would decide where to go from there.

What kind of name was Chip, anyways?

Bella's plane arrived a little late, but collecting her suitcase was quick and easy. Then she walked towards the exit, looking for a sign with her name on it.

It took Bella seconds to find it. A grumpy, irritable looking guy in his early twenties was holding up a sign that said "Isabella Swan" in large, blocky letters. He was blonde and incredibly tanned, and maybe a little cute, if he stopped looking so annoyed about the entire situation.

"Hey, Chip?" Bella asked, stepping up to him. A part of her hoped she was wrong, and that this was just some random guy, no matter how stupid that hope was. What could she say? She just really didn't like the guy, and did not, under any circumstances, want to spend even a ten minute car ride with him. And this car ride was going to be a lot longer.

The man turned to Bella, and immediately, he lit up at the sight of her. Putting on his most charming grin, he held out his hand and said, "Yeah, that's me. Isabella Swan?"

"Bella," Bella corrected, gingerly taking his hand. As she did, his eyes ran up and down her body in a pretty disgusting manner, openly leering at her.

Bella dropped her hand and resisted the urge to wipe it on her jeans. She just felt so disgusting after all of it.

"Right," Chip said, his gaze glued to her breasts. His eyes had never made it to her face. "If you'll come with me, I'll take you to the car." He then pulled the luggage right out of her hand and carried it away.

Okay, it was official; she really didn't like the guy. But hey, the trip could only go up from here, right? Wrong. It was a four hour drive to the campsite, and Chip spent every moment of it trying to "sex" Bella up, talk his way into her pants, and even attempted to put his hand on her leg a few times. He grew increasingly irritated as Bella made it clear, through words and actions, that she wasn't interested, and after what felt like an eternity later, Bella was all too willing to just throw herself out of the car and walk the rest of the way.

However, they arrived at the campsite just in time. Bella threw open the door and jumped out before the car even came to a full stop, and she had her luggage in hand and was hurrying towards the grey haired man Charlie had shown her a picture of within minutes. It was around this time that Chip was getting out of the car, and he had no idea where Bella had gone off to.

"Hello, I'm Bella Swan," Bella said, a little breathless from her bit of exercise. "Charlie Swan's daughter. I'm here for a tour or expedition…?" The last was said as a question, as Charlie had never gotten around to giving her the details about what exactly she would be doing in the Amazon.

"Ah, of course!" the man said excitedly, wrapping Bella in a very large, tight hug and all but squeezing the breath out of her. "You've gotten so big!"

Bella hadn't even known that this man had met her before, but she just went with it, nodding and smiling throughout the hug. Apparently, the hug caused a huge commotion, because she saw Chip notice her and start walking towards them before Bella was even set back on her feet. "So, when can we get this show on the road, Dr. Harris?" she asked a little too eagerly, wanting to get away from Chip sooner rather than later.

"Please, Bella, call me Greg. And we can have you on a boat on the Amazon River within two hours when you decide to go. But surely, you'd want to rest first? The plane ride was very long, was it not? We have places you can sleep."

"No! No, not at all. I'm wide awake. The sooner I can start taking pictures or whatever, the better." Not to mention, she already didn't trust Chip to try something.

"Oh, well aren't you eager?" Greg said with a chuckle. "Then we'll start working on preparing you. Ah, and here's one of your tour guides. I take it you got to know each other well on the trip over here? Chip is one of our best guides."

"Huh?" Bella felt her heart drop as Chip grinned down at her, looking more than a little triumphant. "Is that so…" No way. No way was she going to be spending this entire trip with this dickwad.

"Oh, we didn't get to know each other that well," Chip said, never taking his eyes off of Bella. "But I'm sure we'll get to know each other much better soon. Isn't that right, Isabella?"

"Bella," Bella spat, glaring up at him.

Greg, who seemed oblivious to it all, clapped his hands excitedly. "Excellent! Well, Bella wants to get going as soon as possible. Why don't you and Harriet get everything set up? I'll take care of preparing Bella, and then the three of you can start walking over to the boat."

"Great," Chip said, flashing another grin. Bella echoed the word, not nearly as excited. She felt bad, but she was happy that another woman would be coming along. Not just because she wouldn't be alone with Chip, but because maybe Chip would turn or even focus his attention on Harriet instead of her.

Even though Bella knew it was inevitable, she tried to slow down the whole preparation thing. It was stupid; the only way she could actually get away from Chip permanently is if she just backed out of the whole trip, demanded to be driven back to the airport, and then waited for an airplane home. In other words, she would have to chicken out and go back to Forks.

That was so not going to happen.

Eventually, Bella was considered prepped in the very best way, and felt like she was being weighed down by fifty pounds of bricks, while sitting in an oven. Yes, bugs were no longer trying to suck every last drop of blood out of her, and she was now thoroughly protected from the sun, but still. She was covered in such thick, heavy clothing that all but suffocated her, to the point she was feeling a little too willing to offer herself up for the bugs' next meal.

On the bright side of things, Chip looked quite unhappy to have nothing to properly drool over.

Before the group set off, Bella was properly introduced to Harriet. Well, not quite properly, as Harriet wasn't exactly the talkative sort. Here's what happened. Bella was all but dragged over to where a brown haired woman, who was even shorter than Bella, stood. Her hair was cut much shorter than Bella's, but it was shaggier, covering most of her features, and she didn't look up when Greg stopped a good foot away.

"Bella, this is Harriet. Harriet, Bella. Harriet is also quite knowledgeable about the Amazon, and I'm sure you two will get along greatly. You'll have a great time," Greg said, his voice booming despite his low volume.

"Hey," Bella said, sticking out her hand for the other brunette to shake. "It's nice to meet you."

"Hi," Harriet replied, so softly Bella wasn't even sure if she heard it or not. She never looked up at Bella, and certainly never took Bella's hand. Eventually, Bella let her hand drop, and the two women fell into an uneasy silence.

"Now!" Greg continued cheerfully, unaffected by the less than spectacular meeting. "Why don't I just hand you two off to Chip. Since you're new to all this, Bella, he'll tell you the rules."

"Right," Bella agreed, trying not to sound like too much of a killjoy. She thought she caught Harriet mouth the words, but she didn't think any sound actually came out of the other woman's mouth.

Greg left, and Chip took over. "Now, the most important rule is that you do anything I say. And I mean anything," as he said this, he leered openly at Bella, making it clear he wasn't just going to tell her things that would affect her safety.

"We'll see about that," Bella muttered, glaring openly at Chip. Harriet, of course, didn't say a word.

Chip scowled, then turned around and stormed off; apparently he was done with the safety lecture. It was only when Harriet followed, and the two went off into the trees, that Bella realized she was supposed to follow.

"Great. Isn't this going to be fun," Bella grumbled to herself as she hurriedly followed after them. Of course, roots, trees, and ground was never a good thing for Bella, and she found herself tripping. A lot. She was always quite a few paces behind the other two, and despite all the noise she was making, they never looked back to check on her.

On plenty of occasions, she considered going back to the campsite, maybe complaining to Greg and switching tour guides. Of course, by the first time she considered that, they were already deep in the forest and Bella knew if she tried to go back to the campsite, she'd just get lost, and probably eaten.

So, she had a problem. She couldn't go back, but because of her clumsiness, she couldn't go after them at a very fast pace either. The harder she tried, the more often she fell, and while she wasn't sure about Harriet, Chip was apparently too butthurt to actually look out for the seventeen year old he was put in charge of. Actually, now that Bella thought about it, Chip reminded her a lot of Mike. The two men were probably brothers, separated at birth or something; they were so alike.

Great. Like the thought of Mike was supposed to get Bella's mind off of Forks and the Cull-

Whoa, no. Not going there. Not going there, Bella. Stop it.

Still, somehow, despite her difficulties, she managed to keep track of Chip and Harriet. No thanks to them, and since Bella refused to call out or ask for help from the woman or the dickwad, she didn't help herself much either.

The sound of animal calls and rushing water found its way to Bella's ears as she followed them into a clearing and got her first sight of the Amazon River. She would have thought everything was beautiful, if she wasn't so pissed off at what had happened so far. So she picked up the camera that was around her neck with bloody palms-she did not come out of her falls unscathed-and took a few pictures of the surrounding area so she could appreciate it later.

"It took you long enough," Chip said, barely glancing back at her from where he and Harriet were already sitting in the boat. "You need to keep up if you want us to get anywhere and keep you safe. Now come on."

Bella opened her mouth to say something, but then decided it would be better to bite her tongue. So she climbed into the boat, nearly falling into the water in the process, before she fell right into Chip. He took advantage of the moment to grope her tits, so Bella punched him right in the face. She got her own blood on him too, both on his face and in his hair, which pleased her to no end.

Chip looked ready to hit her back, but then took a deep breath and took hold of the boat's steering wheel. Harriet handed him a napkin so he could wipe his face, earning her a smile. But the woman didn't give anything to Bella, who was actually fucking bleeding.

Okay, it was official; Harriet was a bitch.

Thankfully, Bella came prepared, and pulled a gauze and some bandages from her humongous backpack to wrap around her hands, staunching the blood flow. She sat as far away from the two as she could, and started taking pictures in silence as Chip started the boat and got going.

Sure, she was stuck with the worst possible company that she'd ever had in her entire life, but Bella would be damned if she let that ruin everything. Hell, maybe she'd get lucky and get to go on another trip into the Amazon, without Bastard and Bitch.

One could only hope. But after all Bella had been through, she wasn't about to give that hope up anytime soon.