I'm so sorry for not having been online for more than a year. Stuff happened but life has calmed down a bit so I am back and shall try to pick up this story once again, for all my readers, thank you very much! You're amazing. (Ah, I reread my story to know what I wrote and try to refresh my memory and I'm so embarrassed of my grammar and all that, I apologize to you all!)

"Sebastian! Faustus!" Both Sebastian and Claude sat up when they heard Ciel yell, it appeared he had read the letter and had written his response.

It had been an hour since Claude had given the letter to Ciel and since it was one of the only times they could be together without attracting attention, Sebastian and Claude decided to have a little fun.

Sebastian stood up and redressed himself: "I think we should go upstairs before my master comes looking for us down here"

Claude groaned in disappointment but he also redressed himself.

When they arrived at the hall, they could already see Ciel at the top of the stairs. He glared at Claude before handing him the letter.

"This is my response, but tell him that the moment that he tries something, we're leaving."

"My lord, could I ask what was in the letter?"

"Alois is organizing a big ball and wants us to come as guests of honor"

"I see …" This was both good and bad, good since now the two demons could spend some time together, but bad since Alois could have some wicked plan and Sebastian did not want to endanger his master.

"I have no more business here so I'll be going"

"I'll show you out" Sebastian politely said while he walked with Claude to the door, when he heard the footsteps indicating that Ciel had retreated into his study he quickly turned around and gave Claude a kiss.

Claude's eyes widened in surprise before smirking and wrapping his arms around Sebastian, deepening the kiss.

When they released so they both could breath, both their faces were red.

"I guess I'll see you at the ball" Sebastian said when his breathing had calmed down.

"Please do dress up" Claude said smirking, kissing Sebastian on the cheek before leaving to go do the chores Alois had given him.

"Not a word about this to anyone" Sebastian said with an icy voice.

Finny shook in fear before quickly nodding and running away towards the gardens so he could escape Sebastian's wrath.