I saw a 'Hug Me' shirt… and behold the idea of 'Just one touch' and that that could have changed the outcome of these particular guys if they had someone to actually care for them.

I own this poem.

Chapter 1: Just One Touch


-You look at them,

And the first thing you see

Are little boys with no family.

-They have been alone

In their own eyes…

Never once turning to see those beside.

-They are all loners;

They are all unique;

They are all connected by something really deep.

-They lost their family

In very horrid ways,

So this is why they've become this way.

-Gaara will be first,

Second is Sasuke, the Uchiha man,

While lastly will be Neji of the Hyuga clan…

-These boys only needed

Something simple and sweet:

Just one touch would have been enough to have them end their disastrous feats…


A/N: This was a short poem that I came up with on the fly about the three different one-shots that I am making for them. It is also titled Just One Touch…