Terry and Davids relationship had rapidly deteriorated since David returned home, he refused to stay in the same room as him and spent much time away as possible. No one in the family knew that Terry had tried cocaine the day he got home and he was determined not to use it again but the temptation was always there. It didn't help that Sam was also back in Walford and was now seeing David. Terry had confronted her the day after she returned home,

"Do you like messing with people? Do you like hurting people? You made me believe we had something and then you destroyed it! " he shouted, Sam looked sheepishly at him.

"I tried to tell you before I went that I wanted us to just be friends but you wanted a relationship and that's something I can't give you. I have more things in common with David, I'm sorry that upsets you but I can't change that. "

Terry wanted to hit her but he was gentleman and knew any man who hit a woman was a bully and a coward, he sneered at her,

"You and David will not last, you mark my words. He's not into you, you know. He's only with you to prove a point. I don't need either of you, I'm happy with my life right now, I've got friends, got my course and soon I'm starting a job with Ian, so I am happy. "

By August, Terry was settling into his job as a filing clerk for Ian Beale, who happened to be his uncle. Ian was impressed by how quick Terry had learned the job and the two would often talk about their families and Ian told Terry about Pete whom Terry would have loved to have known. Terry got friendly with Ians wife Cindy and sometimes babysitted their children. Terry also knew that Cindy was getting friendly with David, something he needed to keep an eye on, given Davids track record.

After work one afternoon, Terry headed into the Vic with Johnny, Tiffany, who fancied Terry and made this known a few times, smiled at him as he sat at the bar. She walked over to him,

"Hi Terry, how are you? I did hear about Spain, that sam is a right tart! "

Terry smiled at her and put his arm round her,

"To hell with her. Can I get you a drink? "

"Yes please, I'll have a vodka and orange please. "

Terry and Tiffany sat next to each other with Terry trying desperately to ignore Sam and David, when David saw Terry, he wanted to go over to him and say he was sorry, that he never meant to hurt him but he knew it would fall on deaf ears.

Afterwards, a visibly drunk Terry staggered home with Tiffany and as soon as they walker inside, they started kissing. Tiffany tried to remove Terrys shirt but all of a sudden he stopped her,

"I'm sorry I can't. "

"What? "

"I can't do it, I'm sorry. "

Tiffany was shocked by Terrys rejection but decided not to argue all the same. Grabbing her leather jacket, she waved at him and left. Terry sank onto the sofa and threw off his tie just as Charlie came in,

"Oh there you are. Your mate Johnny is giving me grief. He keeps demanding to know where you are. "

"I'll go and speak with him in the morning, I'm tired. "

The next morning, Terry headed to work and was about to grab a coffee from the cafe when he saw Carol and David, Finley was sleeping in his pram and at first Terry thought nothing of it, they were co parenting after all. Then he saw the saucy smile in David and Carol trying not to smile back and he soon realized that David was flirting with her. Truth be told, Terry wasn't surprised. He knew that David still had a soft spot for Carol, it was evident. He walked on to work and decided to speak with Sam when he finished.

After apologising to Tiffany about leading her on, Terry asked if Sam was about. She pointed to a seat near the jukebox and Terry sat next to her,

"Hello Terry, sorry I'm waiting for David. Look I'm really sorry I've lead you on but I do hope you'll find happiness, I really do. " Sam said sincerely but Terry cut her off,

"There's something you need to need to know about David and I feel you have the right to know. "

"Oh yeah, what's that." Her voice was suddenly bored sounding, as if she was waiting for Terry to make up a lie. Terry swallowed hard but he blurted out,

"David doesn't want you, the reason is because he still loves Carol. "

"Biancas mum? No, you must be mistaken. She's with another man. "

"Yeah but this morning I saw her with David and he was flirting with her. I think their having an affair, he's two timing you with her and there's something else as well. He's the father of her baby. "

"Your wrong, David is not in love with Carol, he wouldn't chase after her... "

"Why do you think he always makes conversation with her? Why he's so close to her? It wasn't long ago that Alan was accusing David of trying to take Carol away. Think about it. He's stringing you along and you are allowing it. Go and ask him. "

Sam got up and stormed out of the vic, leaving Terry feeling slightly guilty however a few days later when he learned that David had dumped Sam, he couldn't help but smile proudly. Yet he still refused to talk to David.

Carol was heading out with Finley, on her way to drop him off with Pat while she went to work when Sam stopped her,

"Oi I want a word with you! "

"Sam? What's the matter? "

"I know about you and David, I know you and him have been seeing each other and I know that's his kid! " She yelled, pointing at the pram. Carol sighed heavily,

"Yes Finley is Davids son but there's nothing going on between us."

"Your just a tart, you know that! A whiny little slut who runs off her big gob and works in two rubbish jobs! "

"Oi Sam, leave her alone! " Terry yelled as he rushed to Carols aid, he led Carol away safely.

"Ignore her Carol, she's only speaking about herself. Mum is expecting you back at the house. "

Carol nodded and headed over to Pat's while Terry headed to the Car lot. When he arrived, David was already there, looking very angry.

"You know I had you down as stubborn but I never had you down as two faced. " he shouted, Terry looked at him with a puzzled expression.

"What you on about? I only came here to fetch a file that Ian left in here yesterday. " Terry spat as he reached for the blue folder, David grabbed his arm,

"Why did you say that I was having an affair with Carol? You know Alan nearly knocked me out today! "

"No more than what you deserve! You stole my girlfriend and made no attempt to apologize! "

"I've finished with Sam because I saw her for what she was! She's after Ricky, that's why she was with you and that is why she was with me!"

"She knows he's with Bianca, he ain't going to run back to her is he? He's already cheated on her once with Natalie, do you think he's stupid to do the same with Sam?! "

"Sam is not bothered about Bianca! Its plain to see she won't stop till she gets what she wants!

Terry sank to the floor, taking a deep breath. David came over and sat next to him, bringing with him a bottle of whiskey. He took two cups and poured them both a drink.

"Look what I did was unforgivable and I understand that but what you did was vindictive and that's not you. I also realized that I had been selfish to have let a woman come between us. I won't let no woman come between us again. "

Terry didn't speak for a moment as he drank his whiskey, feeling the liquor burn his throat. Then, he turned to David,

"I know I will trust you again but it will take time. I was a fool to think Sam and I could be together knowing her history with Ricky. "

David put his arm around Terry and held him close. He hoped to God that Terry didn't end up like him in the long run.