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"Thanks for having lunch with me," Sam said as she handed the waiter her menu after he took their orders.

"Of course, I should be thanking you for giving me a reason to take my break earlier," Hayden smiled. "Also, getting to meet this little one is making my day."

"Isn't she precious?" Sam said with a smile as she looked over at Ally asleep in her carrier. "Can't believe she's six weeks old already."

"Alison Lila, right?"

"Yeah, Jason wanted to pick her middle name so I got to pick her first name," Sam nodded. "Lila was what we named our daughter but she was stillborn, and Jason's father's name was Alan and my mom is Alexis, so Ally comes from the two of them. And you know Spinelli, he started looking up the meanings and found out it means 'noble birth' or something like that. He rambled a lot."

"Kind of ironic since your kids were wanted because of their heritage."

"That's what I said! We just landed on Alison because Jason got tired of me looking at the baby book. Spinelli had told us that fun fact after," Sam said with a laugh. "That's the fun story behind Ally's name."

"It's a good one," Hayden smiled. "What's Jason up to today?"

"He's overseeing construction on a new coffee shop today, which is why he couldn't watch her."

"How's he like doing that?"

"It's different work for him, but he's staying busy and he's still barking orders at people so I think he's okay with it," Sam laughed. "He's not the type to stay home and do nothing."

"I'm glad things settled down enough for you guys to say you've been doing nothing," Hayden said. "Lucky had filled me in on what happened with Valentin."

"It was crazy," Sam shook her head. "Thank god for Jason and Robin being there. I don't know what I'd do if another child was taken from me."

"I couldn't imagine."

"So, Lucky, huh?" Sam said with a smirk as she took a sip from her drink and saw Hayden blush. "Spill! I haven't really been able to talk to anyone about anything other than the baby."

"I guess you could say we're dating," she said with a small shrug, unable to keep the smile off her face. "He's really great. It was weird at first because I didn't know what to do about Nikolas, but he said he was okay with it. I didn't want anything to be weird between any of us, you know? They're brothers and Nikolas and I are finally in a good place as friends. I didn't want to risk ruining that. Besides, he's been busy."

"Busy with who?"

"She didn't say anything?" Hayden said and laughed when she saw Sam's confusion. "Nikolas and Britt kissed on New Years and they were on their way to the room he rented when she got called in because your water broke."

"No," Sam said in shock, unable to stop laughing. "No way that happened."

"They were like shell-shocked when she got called in because I don't even think they realized what was happening, they were so caught up in the moment."

"They're still talking?"

"He doesn't say anything, but I can tell he's been happier lately. I stayed over one night because I was spending time with Spencer and he left and didn't come back until early in the morning."

"Good for them," Sam said with a small nod. "Anything else I missed at the Metro Court party?"

"I'm sure you know about Maxie and Spinelli," Hayden said and Sam nodded. "It was a sweet moment. They're cute together."

"I'm hoping Lucky made a move while you were watching everyone else."

"He did," Hayden smiled. "It was a good night for everyone."

"Do you guys have any Valentine's Day plans?"

"No, not at all," she shook her head. "He's been busy with the boys and I've been working a lot. Carly's been great so I don't want to let her down."

"She told me she loves having you here, so I wouldn't worry too much."

"Worry about what?" Lucky said, overhearing the end of the conversation when he walked in with Jason.

"Can't be good if the two of them are coming up with something," Jason said as he leaned down and kissed the top of Sam's head. "How are my girls doing?"

"Great," she smiled as she watched him take Ally out of her carrier. "She's been so good this whole time."

"She's beautiful," Lucky said as he sat down next to Hayden.

"What brings you two by?" Sam asked as she made room for Jason to sit.

"Sonny asked me to drop something off to Carly quick."

"I, uh, usually stop by," Lucky said awkwardly.

"We just ordered a little bit ago, if you guys are hungry," Hayden said.

"Max did eat all the pizza we ordered before," Jason rolled his eyes.

"Stay and hang out for a little," Sam smiled, kissing his cheek.

Ric decided to take Elizabeth to the Metro Court for lunch to celebrate how well she's progressed over the past few months. Her doctor decided to release her temporarily to see how she can handle adjusting back to her life in Port Charles. She was released into his care for the next few weeks and he was more than thrilled about that.

"You didn't have to do this, Ric," she said as he led her over to the table he reserved. "Staying home would have been just as nice."

"You'll be home for a while, so I thought coming out into the public for a few hours would be a good way to celebrate your first day of freedom," he said. "We can go home, if you really want."

"No, it's fine," she smiled. "I'm just anxious, you know? I've been doing well and I just don't want to ruin that."

"You won't, and the only way to make sure you don't is by not isolating yourself. I didn't let anyone know you were being released, I figured you'd want to get settled first."

"I just want to see my boys," she said. "Not like anyone wants to see me, anyway. During the last visit, Aiden told me about Lucky and Hayden dating. Jason never answered any of the letters I wrote to him. Nikolas still visits, but he feels conflicted, I can tell."

"It takes time for everyone, even you," Ric said sympathetically. "If you don't mind me asking, what did those letters to Jason say?"

"The first few were when I was still in a really bad place. I wanted him back, I blamed Sam for a lot. I thought we had this epic love story when in reality it was just my obsession over a one-night stand. Even now as I think about it, I'm embarrassed."

"What about the last one?"

"It was an apology. If I'm going to be honest, under different circumstances, I would still love to be with him. He's kind of the one that got away," she said sheepishly. "But I know now that it won't happen. He loves Sam, he never loved me that way. Not to mention I took steps that ruined any chance I would have had with him over the years in my desperate attempt to be with him. Toward the end of the letter I realized that just the idea of being with him brought out the worst in me, and that's not what I want for myself. Maybe if things had been different and our lives had gone down different paths, we could have been together. But right now, and forever for that matter, it will never happen. It shouldn't happen."

"That's rather insightful."

"I've had a lot of time to think things over," she laughed.

"So, if I may be so bold," Ric said with a smirk. "You think about anyone else while you were reflecting on past relationships?"

"You mean you?"


"I think there's a chance, in the future," she said, resting her hand on his. "I just think I need to focus on getting myself together until I jump into another relationship."

"Fair enough," he nodded. "Lucky for you, I'm a very patient man."

"Thank you for this," Elizabeth said when they finished up lunch. "I think I needed this."

"I'm glad," he said. "Anything to keep that smile on your face."

They stood up and began to walk out when the sound of a baby crying made Elizabeth turn her head and Ric let out a groan. Ally had gotten fussy and started crying, which prompted Jason to stand up and start rocking her.

"I just have to do something," Elizabeth said as she began to walk over to them.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Ric said, trying to coax her out of the restaurant to no avail.

"She's beautiful," she said once she reached the table. Jason glared at her as Sam stood up in front of him and Ally. "Congratulations."

"Why are you out?" Sam asked bluntly.

"Everyone gets released at one point or another," Ric said.

"It's only been three months. She had delusions that she was pregnant with my husband's child and that I swapped the babies. Excuse me if I'm a little concerned since my child is now born," Sam said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I was really sick at one point, that was the worst I got. I'm on a trial release to see how I can cope being back in society," she explained while looking down at her hands. "I just wanted to try to make amends for the things I said. I'm guessing you never read my letters, Jason."

"No, I either threw them out or burned them," Jason said and Elizabeth nodded, feeling her eyes well up. "I can't help you get better, Elizabeth. Not only that, but I don't want to. It's something you needed to do on your own. Seems like you've been doing that."

"Yeah, things have been better. Hopefully these next few weeks go well," she said, turning to Hayden. "My boys say you're great. I'm sorry for all the rude things I've said to you since you came to town."

"Thanks," Hayden said.

"If you want, I can stay home tomorrow so you can come see Cam, Jake, and Aiden," Lucky offered.

"Actually," Ric began, about to make a case for the boys staying overnight with Elizabeth but she shook her head.

"That would be wonderful," she said. "Sorry about interrupting, enjoy the rest of your day."

"How do you feel?" Ric asked once they stepped into the elevator.

"Better than expected," she smiled.

Sam, Jason, Lucky and Hayden looked at each other in confusion before shaking their head and going back to getting ready to leave. Jason carried Ally in her carrier as him and Sam headed toward the parking garage. He strapped her in for Sam and walked over to the driver's side where she was standing.

"Everything okay?"

"Just hoping now that Elizabeth's back things continue to get better for her," she sighed. "She seems okay. Heavily medicated, but okay."

"She lost everything, I think that needed to happen for her to finally get better."

"It's hard losing everything, I've been there," Sam said, thinking back to the dark times in their relationship. "At least she's had Ric stand by her, as crappy as a person as he is he cares about her."

"You'll never not have me again," he said, stepping closer and kissing her forehead. "You'll never be alone."

"I know," she nodded, kissing him quickly. "I'll see you later?"

"I have to go back to the coffee shop and check on a few things. I can pick Danny up from school so you don't have to come back out."

"You are the best husband ever," she smiled, kissing him again before getting into the car. "Love you."

"Love you too," he said as he shut the door.

It was Valentine's Day and Sam was trying not to rip her hair out as she listened to Maxie rant as she paced back and forth in the hallway. Emily and Nathan had decided to get married and have a giant wedding. Sam wasn't exactly thrilled about it, but she couldn't tell Emily 'no' when she asked her to be in her bridal party. She got stuck in a bright red gown that didn't exactly fit well.

"Maxie, I have to get inside," Sam said, trying to get a word in but Maxie didn't stop.

"Why am I at this wedding right now?!"

"Because you R.S.V.P-ed yes," Sam said simply. "Everyone is getting ready, I have to go in there. I don't understand this melt down, you're with Spinelli now."

"What if Spinelli starts getting wedding dreams again?" she said after a moment, finally sitting down next to Sam. "Things didn't go so well for us when that happened."

"You two are older now and have a child, things are different," Sam said. "Do you want to marry him?"

"Maybe," she said quietly. "It's obviously too new, but then again we do have Georgie."

"Don't rush anything. Don't worry about this mess that's going on in here. Personally, I think Emily's rushing it but I did date Jason on and off for years before getting married so I don't have much insight on this."

"You're right, it'll be okay. I'm over Nathan, he's happy with Emily and I really don't have any hard feelings against her. Not fully her fault he chose to cheat on me," Maxie said with a shrug. "Although, judging by these awful bridesmaids' dresses, I think she's a little insecure. They fit terribly."

"It's big in all the places it shouldn't be," Britt grumbled as she walked past them. "I look pregnant and I most certainly am not. Nikolas would probably die."

"How much time do I have?" Maxie asked, rummaging through her bag and pulling out pins. "Kate made sure I could make alterations on the fly. Least I can do for revenge is make sure my friends look hot so their significant others can't wait to rip these rags off of them."

"Maybe we shouldn't tempt Jason, or me for that matter," Sam joked.

"Actually, I forgot to tell you but I was surprised neither of you asked," Britt said with a smirk. "You're good, you hit the six-week mark. Just remember you might be more fertile than usual, so use some type of birth control if you don't want to risk having another kid."

"That is the best news," Sam said, hugging Britt. "Best doctor ever."

"I am the best person ever because you guys look smoking hot now," Maxie said, standing back to admire her handiwork. "I feel so much better about this wedding now."

"Oh look, I do have boobs," Britt said sarcastically as she checked herself out in the mirror. "Let's get this show on the road."

"This is a really shitty Valentine's Day, by the way," Maxie noted as she followed them to the reception hall where the ceremony was being held. "Like, how selfish are you to have your wedding on Valentine's Day when everyone else probably had plans to do something."

"I know Molly was prepping for another Valentine's date for me and Jason, so he was kind of relieved to get out of that," Sam laughed.

"Nikolas has been busy," Britt shrugged. "He's not entirely pleased about being here either since Emily is his ex, but he's happy for her."

"Let's get this started," Sam sighed. She spotted Jason talking with Dante and walked over to them. "Ready?"

"Why am I in a tie right now?" Jason complained as he pulled on the red tie that matched the dresses. "I didn't want to do this when Spinelli was getting married to Maxie, I don't even know Nathan."

"Emily asked, and she's your sister. Hence why I'm up here with you," Sam said.

"I'm very glad it's you," he said, leaning down to kiss her. "Did that dress get smaller?"

"Maxie worked her magic," Sam smiled. "How'd you notice?"

"I, uh," he stammered, not wanting to say in front of everyone he was checking out her chest. "I just know these things."

"Right," she said with a smirk as she leaned up to whisper in his ear. "My boobs look fantastic in this dress right now, don't they?"

"Sam," he groaned quietly. "We have an entire wedding to get through."

"I have a surprise for you after the wedding."

"What kind of surprise?"

"The kind you'll be very happy about. The kind I just got the all clear for from Britt."

"So can we skip the wedding?"

"No," she laughed, but quieted once the doors opened and the music began to play. "We can leave early."

"Deal," he said, linking arms with her and kissing her temple.

"Can I take the blindfold off now?" Sam said with a laugh as she felt Jason stop his bike. It was the day after the wedding and he insisted on spending the day with just her since Valentine's Day involved everyone else.

"Soon," he said, unclipping her helmet before picking her up and carrying her to the destination. He set her down in front of the door to open it before picking her up again.

"Jason!" she laughed.

"Okay, now you can," he said, untying the blindfold while holding her. They were in the cabin and she gasped when she saw the table set up with candles for a romantic dinner and champagne. "You like it?"

"You did this?" she asked and he nodded, putting her back down.

"I wanted to do something special," he said, taking her hands in his. "About a year ago today, give or take a week, I called you so you could help me with some of the things I was remembering about our life together. That day I realized I didn't have to pretend to be Jason Morgan to make everyone happy, that I didn't have to step back into a life I didn't fully remember. You accepted me in whatever capacity I came in and that meant the world to me. I know it couldn't have been easy."

"It was the easiest choice I could have made," she said, holding his arms as his hands cupped her face. "Being with you is as natural as breathing, it's not even a choice really. You are the first man I've truly trusted and felt safe with, and I just wanted you in my life in any way possible. Knowing you wanted to be with me again, I couldn't tell you how I felt."

"I can understand," he said, wiping the tears away from her eyes. "I thought after how I treated you, you wouldn't want to give me a second chance. Honestly, I probably didn't deserve it, but I'm so glad you did. We have a beautiful family, a family that you always wanted and I always dreamed of having. I never thought I could have any of this until I met you."

"Yeah," she said with a small laugh, at a loss for words. "I have to say, you are the most romantic man I know, Jason Morgan."

"Really? Molly wouldn't agree," he joked, taking her hand and bringing her over to the table. "I did bring poetry."

"Yes," Sam said excitedly when she took the firearms magazine from him. "Do you need any help with anything?"

"Food related, no," he smirked.

"You've done so much, I want to help," she said with a pout. "You didn't have to do so much to show that you love me. I see it every day when we wake up in bed together and I notice you staring at me in the morning, or when you play with Danny and calm Ally down when she's crying. I feel your love for me when you hold me, or just take my hand when we're out."

"I'm a better man because you love me," he said.

"And I'm a better woman because you love me," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck as she kissed him. "I'm so grateful you finally remember everything."

"Me too," he said as he brushed her hair away from her eyes. "Thanks for reminding me."

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