A/N: So, I came up with this idea with inspiration from two other PJO fanfics: The Everlasting War by B3ng3eanc3 and The Hope of Olympus by chronos the cookie thief. Neither of them are complete, and there are some major differences between them, but they both have the basic concept of the Second Titan War beginning much earlier than in the books, and thus being fought for much longer and becoming more like an actual war. Without further ado, the prologue to Titanomachia!

Six years ago, the world was thrown into chaos when Kronos rose with the aid of a traitorous son of Zeus. In the initial attack, starting with Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter via the Labyrinth, and then moving to focus on assaulting Olympus and defending Othrys, lead to very few demigods escaping with their freedom and the Mist being shattered by the raw power used during the battle.

The Titans were repelled from Olympus and New York, and the Romans managed to get a cohort's worth across the country to the protection of Olympus, and the few surviving Amazons did so as well. Many mortals also fled to New York, and the gods set up a kingdom in the New York metropolitan area, named Propýrgio, the Greek word for bastion.

Those demigods and mortals that weren't killed or taken as personal slaves by the Titans were sent to slave camps, where they are used for heavy manual labour, experimentation, and entertainment such as gladiatorial combat. One of these slaves goes by the name Perseus Jackson, and he is a demigod. A son of Poseidon, to be exact.

When the Titan War began, he was but eight, and on a trip to Boston. When the army of monsters came, his mother died, but not before telling him to run for his life. His little legs weren't able to escape the forces tracking him down. The monsters wanted to eat him, but the commanders ordered he be taken as a slave, and so he was.

In his time at the slave camp, it was revealed that he was a demigod, but not his exact parentage. Additionally, he became part of a group of demigods that were planning to escape together. Their leader was Luke Castellan, son of Hermes. The other members were Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus with the rare gift of fire, Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite with the gift of charmspeak, Will Solace, son of Apollo with a penchant for healing, Katie Gardiner, daughter of Demeter who was skilled with controlling plants, and Malcolm Lawson, a son of Athena who had an interest in crossbows.

When Perseus, or Percy as he liked to be called, was fourteen, his group finally escaped. Some others escaped as well, and went with the group. As they trekked from the camp in Virginia up the Eastern Seaboard, they gathered quite a few refugees and weapons. However, about midway through the journey, Luke, having grown jealous of how people in the group were looking to Percy for leadership instead of him, first tried to convince them to join the Titans, and then stabbed Percy just below the ribcage with a poisoned dagger, before running off.

Shocked and saddened at this sudden betrayal, the group did their best to keep Percy alive and make it to Propýrgio. Despite various trial and tribulations, the group makes it to the wall defending the kingdom, and are ushered in by the soldiers. The group now awaits news on the status of their leader, Percy Jackson…

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