Going the Distance

Chapter 1: Senior's and College Freshman

A boastful noise erupted from the crowd within the packed gymnasium as the girls basketball team took a two point lead with only five seconds left due to a fast break layup by a certain curly haired teen.

Ruby Harris tugged on her scarlet headband so it fell loosely around her head as she quickly ran back on defense, not leaving her back towards her opponent. Sweat caused her somewhat frizzy hair to stick to the side of her face, the salty sheen giving her hair a nice shine and natural curl affect.

The seventeen year old senior moved her feet, matching the point guard who tried to sneak past her to head to the basket. Her bright red sneakers, which contrasted nicely against her all white home uniform, squeaked on the court with her effort.

"That's what I'm talking about!" A loud, husky, cheer erupted from Jasper as the timer ran out and officially announced them as the winners.

Ruby had no time to react as her sweaty form was snatched into her bestfriend Jasper's equally soaked uniform, resulting in some sort of hug. It took little to no time for Amethyst to jump in between the hug, grinning, from where she had been standing on the court.

"Man, we are so going to States!" The purple girl declared, joy oozing from her. "And you," She playfully shoved Ruby. "Are twenty points away from reaching a thousand, you're name is going to be up on that wall with all the other great players soon,"

Ruby chuckled softly as she dispatched herself from the friendly embrace, fully removing her headgear and letting loose curls fall freely from their prison. "Let's talk about this later, right now we have to shake the other teams hands; good sportsmanship, remember?" She asked, raising an eyebrow as she led her teammates to the line.

Jasper and Amethyst nodded in agreement as they stood behind the JV players who were benched for the whole game, shaking their opponent's hands.

"You played good number seven," One of the players announced as they gave Ruby a high five, the short haired girl grinned. "No one has ever been able to beat me on offence, I'm impressed. With great talent like yours I can't even be upset that we lost."

Ruby nodded softly, smiling. "Thanks, but you didn't make it easy for me. You're killer on defense and you have a great three point shot," The curly haired girl remarked to her opponent.

The slightly taller athlete let out a cute snort, her bright green eyes shining in the gymnasium lights. "Thanks, but next time when you guys come to us we won't make it so easy for you." She held her hand out, a soft grin on her lips.

Ruby took her hand, grinning softly. "Yeah, can't wait,"

"…" The green haired girl nodded, flushing softly, before she turned around to catch up with her team.

A heavy hand fell atop Ruby's head, Jasper raised an eyebrow. "Who's that girl you were talking to? She's kind of hot,"

"I hadn't noticed," Ruby muttered, frowning as she shoved Jasper's hand off her head. "You have been dating Lapis for a year now, you'd think you'd stop checking out other girls,"

Jasper shrugged, following the shorter girl to the bleachers. "I'm not checking them out, I'm just stating facts. She was hot,"

"She's got nothing on Sapphire though," Amethyst said, grinning.

Ruby groaned, taking out her phone as she gathered her belongings from the bleacher; looking up to see the crowd slowly exiting. "…I'm going to head out, it's almost time,"

"Oh yeah," Amethyst nodded, patting her friend on the back once more. "Tell Sapphire we all said hi. Jasper, am I driving your ass home again?"

Jasper nodded, following her purple friend out of the building. "Yeah, my car is busted again. I would have Lapis pick me up but I think she's busy,"

Amethyst didn't question the orange girl any further as she silently led them to her black Jeep that was parked out back.

"Great game Ruby," An unfamiliar voice announced, causing the shorter girl to turn around; the tall man held his hand out. "I'm a college scout for Beach City University, the name is Coach Dewey,"

Ruby nodded, shaking the coach's hand quickly; her red eyes flashing to the clock above.

She was running late.

"Look, Coach Dewey," Ruby muttered, her right foot tapping anxiously. "I would love to hear about your school and all but I'm running late, can I give you my number and then you can contact me sometime tomorrow morning?"

The slightly bald man chuckled. "Do you know who I am? I'm the Coach of a division one basketball team; we're ranked third in the state,"

Ruby frowned, not liking his pretentious aurora. "There're other teams that want me, I don't need anything from you. So what, you're a division one school, how does that make you any different from all the others?" He opened his mouth to speak but Ruby let out a groan.

"I don't have time for this!" Ruby shoved passed the man and jogged to her vehicle.

She was running out of time.

"Thanks for letting me borrow your notes again Sapphire," A blonde haired man said, handing the much shorter girl her notebook back; he smiled. "I would have failed that quiz if you hadn't have reviewed the stuff with me before class, thanks again,"

Sapphire offered a small grin, placing her notes back into her bag. "Ronaldo, stop thanking me already, it's fine." She mumbled, gathering her things from the lesson hall as quickly as she could.

Her blue eyes peered at her watch, she was running late. "…look Ronaldo I—"

"I know, I know," The blonde held his hand up, smiling softly once more as he adjusted his glasses; he let them fall slightly against his nose. "Tell Ruby that I'm still looking after you and that she has nothing to worry about, I'm gay anyway. But if I wasn't—" He paused, looking the medical major up and down.

He shook his head. "Nah, it would never work. I like men with a little meat on their bones. I love cuddle buddies,"

Sapphire snickered, pushing her friend playfully. "You know, I can still hook you up with that guy in our English class, I bet he's single."

Ronaldo made a face, disgusted at the suggestion. "Kevin? He's a total pedophile, and he's a stick!" He crossed his arms. "I have some taste you know,"

The long haired girl nodded. "Draw a profile of your type and I'll let you know if I find anyone who fits the description," Sapphire tossed her bag over her shoulder, snatching her phone before jogging towards the door. "I'll see you for dinner, yeah?"

The blonde nodded. "Yeah, I'll text you. See you later Sapphire,"

The college freshman hurried towards the door. She had barely made it out before her professor stopped her.

"Sapphire, can I have a word?"

Sapphire bit her lower lip, glancing at her watch. "Sort of, yes—"

"Good, this will only take a second." Professor Diamond held up her hand, gesturing her student to stop talking. "Your research paper on common illnesses that have found new cures was brilliant. Congratulations, you've managed to get the highest grade in the class," The older woman handed the neat seven paged paper over to her student, smiling.

Sapphire took it thankfully, a bright smile on her face. "Thank you,"

"Don't thank me, you're the one who worked hard for the grade," Her professor said, looking at the clock. "Now, I must hurry before I am late for my next lecture, keep up the good work."

Sapphire nodded gratefully, beginning her journey up the stairs leading to the dorms. "Will do Professor Diamond,"

The long haired girl was hit with multiple greetings from her classmates and ballet friends as she sped walked to her room. Sapphire simply gave a quick hello before continuing on her way, if she were in high school people would have found it rude; but this was college.

A large portion of the students were always in a rush and barely had time to do simple things like stop and have a conversation. So, when they saw the studious Sapphire making a break for her room they assumed it was to study.

That wasn't the case today.

"Shoot," Sapphire nearly cursed, hurrying with her key when she felt her phone begin to vibrate in her pocket. "…hello!" She shouted through the phone she had managed to fish from her pants pocket before shutting her door behind her, all but dropping her bookbag and A-plus research paper to the ground.

Ruby winced from where she was sitting on her couch, softly petting Snowflake whom had taken refuge on her lap. "Ow, why are you shouting Sapph? You hurt mine and Snowflakes ears," She gestured to the dog who had now awoken from her nap.

Sapphire, breathlessly, chuckled as she collapsed face first on her bed. "Sorry, I was rushing to get back here as it is," She took a calming breath, smiling at the much needed husky voice of her girlfriend. "…guess what,"

Ruby raised an eyebrow, grinning. "Another A I presume?"

"Yeah," Sapphire chuckled, flipping over to look up at the ceiling; her feet kicking on the edge of the bed. "My research paper this time, Professor Diamond says that I had the best one in the class,"

"Nice," Ruby whistled. "How's Ronaldo doing?"

"I'm trying to find someone to set him up with," Sapphire joked. "But seriously, he and I are supposed to be going for dinner in an hour or so. What's on your schedule?"

Ruby smiled softly. "I'm going to visit Steven again tomorrow, he's getting big. I might even bring Connie and Peridot with me, maybe just Connie. I think Peridot is out of State for some photography gig,"

Sapphire nearly squealed. "Steven! I miss him so much, summer went by too fast and I feel like I haven't seen him in years. Is he walking yet?"

"Nope, but he's crawling and then he does this weird thing where he rolls over on his back and just sits there," Ruby scratched the back of her neck. "He's a weird kid," She mumbled quickly before carrying on. "Anyway, as you know, I am twenty points away from reaching a thousand,"

Sapphire grinned. "Yeah…" She drawled out.

"And I average twenty five points a game, so I'm positive that I'm going to get it at our next home game Tuesday," Ruby concluded. "And I would really like for you to be there, if you could." She added, letting her girlfriend know that she could understand if she couldn't attend.

Sapphire bit her lower lip, holding back a smile. "What kind of girlfriend would I be if I missed something this big, right?"

"So you'll be there?" Ruby asked, trying to confirm once more.

Sapphire nodded. "I promise,"

Ruby pressed her hand to the phone before shouting. "Yes!" Her loud voice echoed off the living room walls, making Snowflake jump out of her lap and walk into the kitchen where her food was; Ruby cleared her throat. "Cool,"

Sapphire snickered. "You held the wrong side of the phone, Ruby,"

The curly haired girl flushed, grinning. "Worth it,"

Jasper frowned, arms crossed over her chest. "This isn't right Lapis and you know it isn't,"

"It's fine," The swimmer said, trying to reason with her girlfriend. "He just had a bad day at work and ever since mom died—"

Jasper snarled. "There is no excuse to why he should be hitting his daughter!"

Her voice boomed in the car that belonged to Lapis Lazuli. The couple of one year, and a few months, was currently parked outside of the school. The swimmer had gotten out of her classes a little late, which worked out fine because she managed to catch Jasper and Amethyst in the parking lot before they left.

Amethyst made a small joke about someone being whipped before she said goodbye and went to her own vehicle; most likely to visit Rose and the baby.

Lapis tried again, growing aggravated as the conversation drew on. "Jasper—"

"No," Jasper snapped. "You told me that all of this would stop once you graduated. That you would move out and dorm for college, somewhere he couldn't find you!"

Lapis glared at the orange girl, pushing her roughly against leather seats. "Well I apologize for not being smart enough to get into a good college and having to settle for community! Sorry swimming didn't work out for me! I'm sorry my shoulder gave out during one of the biggest meets of my life! I fucking apologize for failing at everything I do!"

Jasper's eyes widened before falling slowly, she cursed at herself for forgetting everything that Lapis had been through in the past few months. She should be more understanding.

"Get out." The swimmer said before the orange girl could apologize.

"Lapis—" Jasper begged, a look of sorrow on her face for the emotional distraught swimmer. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean—"

"Get the fuck out!" Lapis broke down, tears in her eyes, as she violently tried to shove Jasper out of the car. "Go ahead, leave! Leave like everyone else!" Her slaps and punches grew weaker as her emotions poured out.

"I don't blame my father for abusing me, I'm worthless." Lapis slumped over on Jasper's broad left shoulder, her short hair falling messily around her perfectly sculpted face that was covered in makeup; an attempt to hide her bruises. "I'm worthless,"

Jasper pulled the sobbing girl into her chest, placing comforting pats on her back. "No you're not," She softly shushed the crying girl, tears falling from her own eyes for seeing her lover in so much pain.

"It's okay, I'll never leave you,"

Amethyst knocked on the wood door before her, placing her hands in her pocket when a tough breeze came her way.

The front door opened, revealing a very tired looking Greg who was holding his son on his hip. "Oh, Amethyst, hey," His expression lightened, a soft smile forming on his face. "I forgot that you were coming to visit, how was the game? Sorry I missed it but—"

Amethyst shrugged, snatching Steven away from her exhausted friend. "It's cool dude, you're busy playing baby daddy; I understand. But we did win," She said over her shoulder as she let herself in, grinning at the child. "Hey Steven!"

Steven, the six month old, looked at the chubby girl who held him close. His dark brown eyes looked her over before he snatched a fist full of her long purple hair; trying to pull it into his awaiting mouth.

"That's not food, Steven," Rose announced as she walked into the living room slash dining room, dressed in a white tank top and black sweats. "Hey Amethyst, glad you could come over."

"No problem, this dude is getting bigger every day," Amethyst smiled, glancing at Greg who had plopped on the couch. "I bet you can't wait to teach this kid how to play the guitar, right G-man?"

Greg nodded, bags under her usually lively eyes. "Yeah, as soon as he learns to hold his bottle. I should probably get that—"

"You have work in a few hours, let me do it," Rose said, motioning her friend to follow her into the kitchen.

Amethyst placed Steven in his play pin before leaning against the wall, arms crossed. "How are things?"

"Rough," Rose said, not holding back when it came to Amethyst; if it were anyone else she would have braved a smile, but the purple girl would see through that. "I'm ready to work but I can't find a babysitter right now, let alone pay one. Greg has stopped playing music and has actually got a job as a waiter; he can barely keep his grades up in school,"

Rose shook the bottle vigorously. "My stupid parents won't give us a dime. They say, and I quote, you got into this situation so you're going to find a way out of it."

Amethyst whistled, taking everything in and coming to one conclusion. "So, I'm guessing your sex life isn't happening anymore?"

Rose snickered. "Of course not, we haven't even set a date for the wedding,"

The purple girl sighed, speaking seriously this time. "You can get us to babysit, you know. Not so you can get a job, but so you two can have a break once and a while." Amethyst mumbled, thinking aloud. "I can babysit—"

Rose shook her head. "You, Ruby and Jasper should focus on basketball. I don't want to ruin the chances of you guys getting scholarships,"

"Alright," Amethyst nodded, agreeing with her. "Pearl is out of the question, she goes to college around here but she's away on a ballet tournament this week. When she gets back she's probably going to drown herself in her school work," She huffed.

Rose raised an eyebrow at the sudden tension in the air. "You two doing okay?"

"Just dandy," Amethyst breezed over. "Peridot—"

"Is already babysitting Connie, I wouldn't want to put too much on her. Plus she's finally doing her photographer thing," The pink woman mentioned, smiling softly. "I'm so proud of her,"

Amethyst nodded, looking at the larger woman sheepishly. "Jasper and Lapis—"

"Are you crazy?" Rose stopped, glaring at the purple girl. "I'd rather let Steven be raised by wolves,"

Amethyst groaned. "Can't your parents just—"

"Again," Rose muttered. "Wolves,"

"Look, I'll figure something out. Maybe Ruby knows someone," Amethyst looked at the clock. "I have to get home before the snow hits, I heard there's going to be a crazy storm. I'll be back in a few days,"

Rose nodded, picking up Steven to feed him. "Bye Amethyst,"

"Later Rose," The purple girl waved, only to find the long haired man passed out on the couch; she smiled softly, closing the door behind her. "Night Gregory,"

A van pulled over at a gas station along the side of a dark road. Not too long after, several skinny girls jumped out; all dressed in comfortable sweat suits and blankets draped around their shoulders; protecting them from the cold.

"Ten minutes before we hit the road again girls," A large woman announced as she pumped gas into the blue van. "Make your bathroom breaks happen now because we aren't stopping until we reach Delaware, and for fuck's sake will someone buy me a snickers bar this time!"

Rainbow Quartz snickered, looking down at the skinny ballerina. "Are you going to get Coach Diamond's snickers bar for real this time?"

Pearl hummed, slowly walking towards the candy section. "She did give me a big role tonight, but yesterday she sat me out; I'm conflicted," The gears in her head came to a conclusion, she shrugged. "I'll get her a KitKat,"

"Nice," Rainy grinned, walking with the girl to the register; she nodded her head to the gift section. "Aren't you going to pick something out for Amethyst? Maybe a box of chocolate will make her realize that you've gotten over your Quartz crush," She joked.

Pearl, not even batting an eye or housing a single blush, rolled her eyes. "Asshole, that was so long ago,"

Once Pearl had moved out and started college her fixations on the Quartz family had come to an end. Sure her crush on Rose stopped when she and Amethyst became serious, but she couldn't lie and say that she didn't feel a hint of attraction for her ballet instructor that was Rainy.

Her attraction for the older girl fell short after the thrill of having her as a dance instructor drew down. Seeing her everyday made her realize that the tall girl wasn't an above average person, in fact she was the opposite. Sometimes she even reminded her of Amethyst. Amethyst!

The loud burps that she couldn't hold back to the silent farts that threatened their lives on road trips like these slowly put a stop to her crush. Still, Rainy wasn't a disgusting person; she was human and still very beautiful.

Pearl just saw her as an older sister now.

"But really," Rainy said once they purchased the snack. "How are things with you two?"

Pearl took a moment, since they still have three minutes left they stood near the van. "I called her yesterday after the recital and she seemed fine. Told me about basketball and stuff, same old; I miss her, that much I can agree on,"

"Is the spark gone or something?" Rainy tried to understand.

Pearl scoffed, saying nonchalantly. "I still want to rip her clothes off through the phone when we talk, if that's what you're asking,"

"I'm not," Quartz made a face; still not over how blunt Pearl had grown over the past couple of months, opposed to how much of a prude she was in high school.

"Let's get a move on ladies!" Their coach, Yellow Diamond, shouted at them from out the window.

Pearl sighed, walking on the van once more. "Look, if it worries you this much, I'll call her once we get to the hotel. She texted me about visiting Steven again and I know she's going to be tired from the game once she gets back so I can't do it tonight," She tossed the candy bar to her coach. "Heads up,"

Yellow Diamond groaned. "Not what I asked for but who cares what I want, I'm just the coach and I…" Her voice lowered as she ranted on to herself, angrily ripping the bar open.

"Hey Peri," Pearl said softly, walking past the smaller girl to the seat behind her where she and Rainy's stuff were. "I still can't believe you ditched school to be our photographer for this week, won't your absences add up later?"

Peridot, looking at the pictures she had taken on her camera, snorted. "I'm a senior; high school is a joke to me now. I just need to get my diploma so I can make this into a living,"

Pearl nodded, pulling out her phone. "Well, I'm glad you're with us," Her phone buzzed. "...hm,"

A text from Amethyst greeted her. The skinny ballerina grabbed her green tea and took a sip as she opened the message.

"Psh!" Pearl chocked silently at the picture of Amethyst, with way too much cleavage showing, winking popped up on her screen. "…I wish you were here to take care of—" She read the text softly to herself.

"What was that?" Rainy pulled her headphones out, looking over at the skinny girl.

"Nothing!" Pearl turned her screen off, a hot blush on her face. "I just can't wait to get to the hotel so I can get some real sleep,"

Rainy frowned, slowly putting her headphones back in. "Well, just make sure to show me whatever nudes you got tomorrow; it's been a long week for me too," She teased, admiring her flustered looking friend.

New blunt personality or not, Pearl still blushed like a prude.

"Fuck," Ruby groaned, pulling her vibrator away from her heated region and tossing it somewhere in her dark room. "…I wish you were here," She sighed tiredly as she looked up in the dark, her neon clock reading 12:45.

Her alarm was set for five.

"I think I'll use my senior pass and stay home tomorrow, I'm exhausted," Ruby rolled her eyes at Sapphire's soft chuckle. "Not from you, jerk. My game really wore me out and tomorrow's Friday anyway,"

Sapphire shrugged, pulling her blankets up to her chest. "I wish I could stay home too but I have class in the morning and then practice at four, but I'll be back by seven and I'll call you then,"

"Cool, I'll probably be at Rose's house by then and I can send you a picture of Steven," Ruby mumbled. "Connie might be with me so this, can't happen again," She gestured to her sweaty form.

Sapphire raised an eyebrow. "…you started it,"

"Sorry, your voice does things to me past a certain time," The curly haired girl teased, holding back a yawn. "Don't you have homework to do?"

"Finished it yesterday," Sapphire said, cursing under her breath when she realized something. "Shit, I was supposed to get dinner with Ronaldo. This is the second time I've cancelled on him,"

"Have dinner tomorrow and just text me when you're done, I'll be free," Ruby said, sighing when she heard a car door slam. "As much as I want to stay on the phone, my mom just drove up and she already yelled at me last time for talking to you too late. Love you Sapph, I'll call you later,"

"Love you too Rube."

Ruby hung up the phone hesitantly before plugging it to the charger and resting it on her table beside her bed. Just as she had gotten comfortable, her phone blinked with a notification. Instead of being Sapphire, like she expected, there was a follow request on her instagram from some girl named Centi_P_12.

Not thinking much of it, Ruby accepted her request before following the girl back.

A lot of stuff is going to happen in this series that will test how strong your ships really are. This beginning is pretty slow, sorry for that, just trying to set a foundation and let everyone's problems be known. This is the third and FINAL series of Love Baseball and Ballet so we're going out big here. Please tell me what you think so far.

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