In this chapter, the italics towards the end will represent old memories. Enjoy. This is for the day one fans.

PREVIOUSLY ON GOING THE DISTANCE: Ruby and Sapphire make some decisions for their relationship.

Going the Distance

Chapter 12: I'll Meet You on the Other Side

Life is a test

The front door opened in Ruby's house as the senior held the heavy oak open for her girlfriend to breeze through easily. Sapphire mumbled a soft, thank you, before she slipped through and made a beeline for the kitchen.

She had a feeling she would need a drink for this.

Sapphire didn't start drinking regularly until she went to college. It seemed necessary, just like getting coffee to help her through her exams, drinking helped take the pressure off. She didn't party or get shit faced. Just a sip of red wine with Bubblegum and Ronaldo during those all-nighters. It left her feeling numb and tingly, and it helped her forget about the stress at school and back home.

"Does your mom still have that wine drawer she thinks Jasper doesn't go through when she's away?" Sapphire asked, without waiting for the reply as she plucked it open. "…hello," She said with a sigh, snatching the first dense bottle before bumping the drawer closed with her hip.

Ruby scratched her head, dropping the bags, as she watched Sapphire take a clean glass. "Since when do you drink?" She had only seen Sapphire choke on a sip of beer, get wasted at Jasper's party, and cough on an inhale of something Jasper was smoking near the pool one summer.

They had all gotten off from work and took a trip in Ruby's car to the local pool Amethyst worked at as a lifeguard. It wasn't the best idea to sneak into private property but it would be their last summer before Sapphire's senior year and then college and…ugh, becoming an adult.

So, Ruby helped Sapphire over the fence and followed her friends to sit on the chairs. Jasper pulled out four cans of beer, Ruby refused because she had to drive home, while everyone else took theirs and sipped. Sapphire choked on the taste, her body recognizing the threat and evacuating her trachea of the liquor.

Jasper and Amethyst had a field day, almost slipping into the pool with how intense their laughter was. Ruby took the time to pat her wheezing girlfriend on the back, making the effort to snatch the can from her.

"Not everyone likes the taste," Jasper said after calming down, she held her hand out to the warry ballerina beside her. "…try this, it'll take the edge off." She left Sapphire to examine the rolled white paper.

Ruby leaned back and watched amused as Sapphire took a puff before letting out a series of coughs. "Take that from her before she kills herself, Jasper," She said, shaking her head as Sapphire leaned back to look at the stares. "She's already fried."

Amethyst howled. "I thought you'd try to stop her," She confessed.

"She does what she wants, I can't stop her," Ruby smiled.

The rest of the night was filled with them looking up at the stares, the summer heat keeping them awake and immobile. They left when Jasper and Amethyst ran out of alcohol and the tingling was fading away. Ruby drove them back to her place where she let her friends raid her kitchen for cold pizza and soda. They sat in the living room at three in the morning, knowing they each had to be up early for work.

They talked about nothing, they talked about anything, everything. Around four, knowing they were cutting it close, Ruby dumped some blankets on her slumbering friends on the couch while she and Sapphire opted for the bedroom.

Ruby smiled softly at the memory. Sapphire seemed so different now, she wasn't that teenager who could barely take a sip of beer without getting green in the face. She didn't sneak into local pools in the dead of the night or sit around listening to Jasper talk about how much of a prick her gym teacher was.

College had changed her. It gave her an aroma of maturity, confidence, and intelligence.

"You have to in college," Sapphire shook her head, swallowing the wine with a satisfying sigh. "That's not true. You can make it without liquor but you'll have to find another way to ease your tension. Like sports, parties, Oreos," She snickered, thinking of Ronaldo.

Ruby sat down beside her on the couch, kicking her shoes off. "How was your first semester by the way?"

"Fine," Sapphire shrugged. "…it wasn't hard but it wasn't easy either. It's something you won't know about until you experience it for yourself. The professors work with you if you need help, and oh," She paused. "Don't raise your hand to ask for the bathroom, just walk out, it'll save you the embarrassment."

Ruby snickered. "Jasper will love that."

Sapphire smirked. "Seriously, this one guy had his hand up for ten minutes. Professors tend to talk for hours non-stop, but coffee helps."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Ruby said honestly. "College is where it all comes together, I've heard. You discover what you want to do or what you don't want to do with your life. Opens the door for a lot of job opportunities." When Sapphire gave her a strange look Ruby chuckled nervously. "Senior year and all, our English teacher is making us do a research paper on college."

The ballerina hummed. "…what about you, how is school going so far? Any word back from any colleges,"

"Not yet. I've been applying though and I have a good chance for an athletic scholarship." Ruby explained. "I should be hearing back from other schools soon but I'll let you know what happens."

Sapphire nodded, placing her glass on the coaster covering the table. "Anything else going on?"

Ruby leaned back, preparing for the bumpy road ahead of her with this conversation. "…it's seriously not even as bad as it sounds. Rose and the others are overcomplicating this,"

"If it isn't what it looks like then why didn't you tell me about her? What's her name again?" Sapphire asked coldly, Ruby could tell she didn't really care about the name of the girl latching onto her girlfriend like a leech.

Ruby sighed. "Her name is Cynthia but her friends call her Centi,"

"Okay," Sapphire nodded, crossing her legs daintily. "So, where did you meet Cynthia?"

Ruby swallowed, thinking back to it all. "…we played her team in basketball, she was on the team we had to beat to qualify for states. We shared a short talk after the game, being good sports, and then I left because I had to get home to call you before your next lecture."

Sapphire nodded. "Okay. Is that all that happened the first day you met her?"

"Of course!" Ruby huffed out exasperated, leaving out when Cynthia followed her on Instagram in hopes to keep Sapphire calm. "I didn't see her again until the restaurant." She slipped, biting her tongue at the arched brow Sapphire surely had hidden behind lengthy bangs.

She pursed her lips. "There were more encounters besides the party and pictures then?" She grabbed her glass of wine and took a much-needed sip. "I want to hear all of it. Don't leave out any details."

Ruby resisted the urge to scream, this was not necessary. "…I had study hall so I left school early with Jasper and Amethyst. We went to a new restaurant and Cynthia greeted us as our waiter."

"She recognized you, didn't she?"

Ruby nodded, not understanding the tone Sapphire was using. "She told us her name and took our order. Jasper mentioned I had a girlfriend and then she smiled and walked away to process the order."

"When was the next time you saw her?" Sapphire asked, resisting the urge to ask how Cynthia reacted when she found out Ruby was dating someone.

She could learn a lot about a woman when still chased after someone who is spoken for.

"Jasper, Amethyst and I went to the mall and saw Centi there. She said she was picking up some basketball socks for the game the next day, we made a few comments on the game and I said we were headed to get some food. I…" Ruby frowned, looking back at that day in the mall. "I uhm…I asked if she wanted to join us."

Thinking back to the mall, to Cynthia's flushed face and her friends accusing looks, Ruby felt like she could be guilty of something. Maybe not cheating, but leading a girl on without knowing. But Centi knew she had a girlfriend. So why would she think anything besides friendship could be possible between them.

As if reading her thoughts; Sapphire remained mute.

Ruby took that as a hint to keep going. "So, we had some food, all four of us, and talked about the game. Then we stopped by footlocker, after she said she had to tutor some kid so we went our separate ways. The last time I saw her was at our finals game,"

"That's the one where you scored your thousand points and asked me to prom." Sapphire stated. "…she was there? Did you speak to her at all that night?"

Ruby swallowed, she felt like she was on trial. "Yes." She sighed. "Jasper and Amethyst said she had crush on me but I brushed it off because I had, have, you and I wasn't interested. And I didn't think they were serious, if I knew I wo—"

"Then what happened," Sapphire cut her off swiftly.

Ruby felt her shoulders drop. "I didn't talk to her, I was too busy proposing to you in front of the whole school." She snipped, very passive aggressive despite trying to hold back. "…you were in town, so I didn't see her for a couple of weeks."


Ruby licked her lips nervously. "I wanted some space so I went to my old neighborhood I grew up in, before I moved to Beach City. I wanted to shoot around for a while, and she was there visiting her family so she joined me." She ran a finger through her hair. "I was stressed out about the game so she took me to a brick wall where we spray painted to take the edge off,"

"It helped me feel lighter and I just wanted to remember the moment, so we took a picture. That's the one you saw on my snapchat story." Ruby admitted. "We talked about what the painting meant then she saw my screen with your picture and asked me about you and how long we've been together."

"…then she said she plays videogames so I gave her my number so I could invite her over to play with Jasper, Amethyst, and I." Ruby fiddled with her fingers, it felt like she was digging a deeper hole for herself. "…what?" She asked, watching Sapphire take a full swing of wine.

Sapphire refilled her glass with a hard chuckle. "Nothing. It's just, you've never told me anything about the area you grew up, let alone take me there. And whenever I bring it up you get upset, it's just interesting how you'd share it with her."

Ruby sucked her teeth. "I get why you're upset but it's not like I planned for it to happen!"

"The concert." Sapphire cut her off. "I assume that's the last time you spoke with her? How'd it go?"

Ruby nodded. "Fine. She was over playing videogames and I invited her to come with us to the concert." She left out how upset her friends were about it. "We got there and I wanted to see Marceline so I ditched them and went backstage where I met Finn and Jake." She sighed. "I was going to tell you about the concert but Marceline had texted me about it hours before the show and I was just so caught up with everything; Jasper being upset over Lapis, Amethyst worrying over Pearl and Centi was wasted."

Sapphire paused, taking in all the information. "Finn. He was the one who took the video?"

"Yeah, he and his brother Jake were performing and we hit it off pretty well." Ruby smiled at the memory of the funny brothers on the dance floor. "They dragged me to the dance floor but I was ready to go so I left to find Jasper. Cynthia was leaning all over Amethyst, drunk, so she shoved her to me. Finn took the picture and it was just a misunderstanding."

Ruby went on. "I drove us back and Amethyst kept Cynthia for the night because by now Rose was spreading rumors about the green haired home-wrecker and I didn't want it to be awkward when she woke up in my house the next morning."

"That was the last time I spoke to her," Ruby ended.

Sapphire placed her glass down. "Are you sure that's all that happened? Anything you're forgetting?"

"No, I'm telling you everything and I really don't appreciate the way you're ganging up on me right now," Ruby jumped up from the couch, glaring down at the older woman. "We've been together for over a year, you could at least give me the benefit of the doubt!"

Sapphire got up to meet her head on, frowning. "The last time I gave you the benefit of the doubt I had my friends sending me messages of how I should come out here and find out what my girlfriend's doing. I was in the middle of finals, Ruby! I don't have time for this shit!"

"Sorry I'm such an inconvenience for you," Ruby scoffed.

Sapphire shook her head. "I…I don't know what to think right now,"

"You should believe me! Take my word for it!" Ruby shouted. "I've told you everything and you still don't…"

Ruby sucked in a deep breath before heaving. "It just hurts that you can't trust me and I…I can't believe I'm saying this but," Ruby let out a heavy sigh, glaring at the floor beneath her feet as if it were to blame for everything that was wrong in the world. "…I think we should take a break, Sapph," She confessed.

The taller girl felt as if her whole world was crumbling before her, everything she put into this relationship; crushed.

Sapphire scoffed, voice breaking as she moved closer. "A break? Are you serious right now, Ruby? I'm the one who should be threatening to end things, you are in no position to demand anything!" She shouted, glaring angrily at the gulping senior. "Of course, I know you didn't cheat on me, I know you're not like that, but you should have told me what was going on instead of letting me find out from everyone else."

"I'm hours away from you studying at school where I'm stressed enough with classes, I come home to you so I can relax; not come back to this childish bullshit!" Sapphire spat viciously, causing Ruby to flinch. "I'm not your high school girlfriend anymore, Ruby, I'm not going to tiptoe around this relationship."

Sapphire stepped closer, watching Ruby look away in frustration or shame. "I don't want to have to worry about you making me look like a fool while I'm at school trying to get my life together. Having me find out by Bubblegum? Are you kidding me? You've made a fool of me and you have the nerve to ask me for a break."

"…we've been through a lot," Ruby whispered, eyes burning with the onslaught of unshed tears.

Sapphire nodded. "Yeah, and we'll go through a whole lot more. But this is a relationship, things will be tough but you don't quit when they do. You stick it out and you find a way to make it work." She crossed her arms, looking at the taller girl angrily. "…we've been together for over a year and you just—you want to throw all of this away because of a misunderstanding?"

"I don't want to split up," Ruby confessed without missing a beat; she continued as Sapphire gave her a confused look. "I'm sorry I'm being complicated but come on, a few minutes ago you were badgering me about Cynthia instead of trusting what I told you—"

Sapphire frowned. "You didn't tell me anything while it was going on! I get that we're both busy and we have a lot going on but you could have at least given me a heads up. When we stop communicating, that's when things get messy."

Ruby heaved out a long breath. "I love you, so much."

"That sounds like the start of a crappy break up," Sapphire half teased.

"It's not," Ruby promised. "But the way you were asking for a play by play of my time with Cynthia…I thought you were sick of the games but didn't have the strength to break it off so I was going to do it for you. But I don't want to break up," She carefully took Sapphire's hands into hers with a soft sigh. "I want us to stay together for a long time…maybe even forever." She chanced.

Sapphire bit her lower lip. "Forever?" She teased, bumping her forehead with her girlfriends softly.

Ruby nodded. "Yeah, we'll go to college together, if I get into your school. You can cheer me on at my games and I'll go to your recitals. The league will try to draft me but I'll finish school first because my mother would kill me if I don't." She grinned. "Then when I graduate I'll play professionally and you will have a dance career as well."

"We can buy a big house with a big yard for snowflake to run around in," Sapphire quipped. "Invite Rose and the others over to hang out."

Ruby licked her lips nervously. "…we'll get married in spring, have a small ceremony with our close friends. Then we can adopt a girl, or one of us could carry. I'd teach her how to play basketball," She paused, listening to the calming sound of her lovers breathing.

She prayed Sapphire wouldn't freak out.

"…we…" Sapphire swallowed; she was still wary about kids but she would try for Ruby when the time came. "We could name her Garnet."

Ruby felt her stomach flutter as she raised her head to consider long bangs, she smiled. "Garnet? I like that, yes," She sighed. "Garnet will be our little queen; she'll get everything she wants but she won't be spoiled because you'll raise her not to be. We'll both keep her grounded."

"I like the sound of it all,"

Ruby straightened up, a wide grin reaching across her lips. "Let's make it official then."

Sapphire raised an eyebrow. "Y-you want to get married, now?"

"Not now, but in the future. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else," Ruby continued when Sapphire let out a shy laugh. "I'm serious." Ruby, with an impressive amount of grace, dropped down to one knee.

Sapphire gasped as Ruby took her hands. "W-what, you're serious?" She squeaked out.

Ruby looked up at the one and only love of her life, she was sure. "That's what a proposal is, a promise. And I promise you, I will love and cherish you for the rest of my life. I've been fighting for you since the moment we've met, against all odds, and I can't see myself with anyone else." She smiled despite the tears welling up in her eyes. "You are my first, and my only, and I want to spend the rest of my life arguing, talking, and being with you."

Sapphire swallowed thickly. "…Ruby,"

"I don't have a ring, but we don't need one because our engagement will be made final as long as we keep our promise to always come back to each other." Ruby's voice was full of emotion, lips trembling. "Sapphire Fields, can you promise to do the same?"

"Yes," Sapphire choked out, pulling Ruby back to her feet in a swift pull. "Of course," She exclaimed before pushing their lips together in a tender kiss, completing their proposal.

Ruby pulled away with a smile. "We're engaged."

"Rose is going to flip," Sapphire laughed through fresh happy tears.

Ruby shook her head, running her fingers through Sapphire's thick locks. "This is between us, until we've graduated college. Once we can provide for ourselves and…future Garnet, then we can make our way to the church." She pecked Sapphire's lips one more time. "Until then, they can wonder for all I care; this is ours."

"We're engaged," Sapphire squealed. "We don't have to get rings or anything right now, do we?"

Ruby shook her head, pulling Sapphire back to her once more. "No, all we need is each other."

Two weeks later

Amethyst cheered, pushing her curly-haired friend with a bright grin. "I can't believe you got a full scholarship to Sapphire's school! This is great, now you two can be together and stop this long-distance crap," She said, nodding over to Sapphire who was speaking with Ronaldo and Rose in the living room. "Have you told her the good news yet?"

"No," Ruby shrugged when Amethyst glared at her. "We've just been enjoying spending time together and I don't want my letter to smother her. College is where she gets space, I want her to have that for as long as possible. But I'll tell her soon,"

Jasper shook her head. "You better. Take it from me, keeping secrets will get you nowhere,"

"…how's Lapis doing? Have you gone to visit her?" Ruby asked softly.

Over the past week Jasper had finally taken her friends advice and told Lapis the truth about her father. She didn't take it well at first but Jasper explained how unhealthy their relationship was and how she couldn't let him keep hurting her. They wanted to stay together but they agreed to a much-needed break.

During the break, Lapis took Jasper's advice and began seeing a therapist to go over her problems with her father. Jasper was giving her the space she need so she could find herself again. Maybe they could get together in the future, but right now their timing just wasn't right.

"No, she only talks to Rose," Jasper sighed heavily. "But it's for the best. Our relationship really was unstable, I'm just glad I had the strength to stop it," She shook her head. "Enough about me, how are you and Pearl doing?"

Amethyst smiled softly. "We talk regularly but she's busy with rehab and getting ready to work with Peridot and the dancers, but we're good." She grinned. "Basketball is over, can you believe baseball season is creeping back up on us?"

"I can't wait," Ruby exclaimed. "It's going to be just like old times. But this time you two aren't sleeping around and half our friends are gone," She smiled sadly. "Time flies,"

Jasper nodded. "Yeah, but Rose will probably make it out to see us,"

"This is serious guys, we're seniors and this will be the last time we every play together again," Amethyst began, uncharacteristically sentimental. "Ruby is going off to make her dreams come true in college, I'll be in some lame community college playing with a bad team and Jasper…who knows where this loser is going!"

Jasper shoved her, frowning. "I have plans! You guys can't even imagine what I'll become,"

"No," Ruby interrupted her. "You can't imagine what we all will become. Even if we're separated, we'll still be sisters to the end. And summer is long, we can all get a job close by and hang out like before,"

"It's not the end," Ruby reassured them.

Amethyst nodded. "Then let's go to states and make our last season together count," She pointed at the curly haired teen. "And you, go tell Sapphire the good news while life is looking great. Hurry,"

"Alright," Ruby grinned, snatching her acceptance letter that was protected in a white envelope. "Sapphire," She called out, exiting the kitchen to approach her love.

Sapphire pulled away from Rose and Ronaldo to reach her fiancé. "Hey, what's up?" She giggled as a wet kiss wat placed on her right cheek. "Gross," She playfully shoved her away.

"I have some news," Ruby began, keeping the letter behind her back for suspense.

Before Sapphire could ask, the front door to Ruby's house was pushed open. It revealed an on-edge Bubblegum with a handsy Marceline hovering behind her.

"Marcy, stop! You've already distracted me so much that we might be late getting back," She screeched, shoving her girlfriend aside. "Come on guys, Marceline is going to drive back with us; she has a show at the campus," She grinned.

Ronaldo cheered. "Awesome! It was nice meeting you Rose, and everyone else." He pulled Ruby aside, one arm wrapped around her strong frame. "Hey, I'm glad you two made up but if you ever hurt her again then you'll have to answer to me. Got it?"

"Y-yeah," Ruby swallowed, moving away from the conspiracy theorist maniac.

At least he refrained from bringing up rock people this time.

Sapphire turned around as her friends walked out to the car, Rose following behind to say her goodbyes. "Hey, what was your news?" She asked with a frown.

"Nothing," Ruby pulled her in for a kiss, placing the letter into Sapphire's hands blindly. "…open it when you get back to school and call me when you have the time. I love you," She whispered into one more kiss.

Sapphire pulled away, their lips smacking. "Love you too," She eyed Ruby strangely, then the letter, before grabbing her bag and heading out the door with a final wave.

Ruby leaned against the door, chuckling as Ronaldo bawled into Rose's shoulder. He'd miss her the most.

"You'll see her again," Jasper said, watching them pack into the car from behind her.

Ruby smiled softly. "I know, but it doesn't make it any easier."

Rose met them on the steps as they all waved to the fleeting car. They didn't stop looking until the car was out of sight.

"I'm glad you two worked it out," Rose turned to face her. "No one will ever be hurt by that homewrecker again,"

Ruby couldn't help but laugh along with Amethyst, some things never change. "…you're a good friend Rose, I'm glad I met you."

"Don't get all soft on me now, Harris," Rose laughed, a sparkle in her eyes as she pushed them all back inside. "Come on, let's play some videogames before Greg calls and I have to leave to watch Steven."

Amethyst was the first to grab the remote, kicking her feet up on the table; for once Ruby didn't argue. "We can watch Steven for you. That way you can have a break,"

"Really?" Rose raised an eyebrow, sitting beside Amethyst as she grabbed the other remote.

Jasper nodded, plopping down on the floor. "Yeah, we'll all help out while you rest up."

Rose smiled happily. "I love you guys,"

"Now whose getting soft," Ruby teased, grabbing snacks from the kitchen.

She picked up some pop tarts, heating them up first of course, and some drinks. Ruby took the time to lean against the kitchen wall, looking at her friends laugh and joke around in the living room.

It was crazy how much things had changed over the past few years. It feels like it was only yesterday when they were getting ready to go to The Hop and play baseball until dark.

"Yo," Amethyst broke her out of her trance. "Stop staring at us like a freak and pass the snacks."

Ruby complied, tossing the food to her friends before taking a seat on the couch to Rose's right. She kicked her feet up and watched them play. Her mind drifting off to how everything started. How things had gotten to be this way.

How far they had come.

"Losers," Ruby slammed her Algebra two text book in front of two other girls. "We're going to the hop today!"

Amethyst cheered loudly from her wooden school desk. "Finally; I've been waiting all week for this,"

"You're not the only one Amethyst," Jasper spoke from beside her in another desk. "Ruby and I have been practicing every day after school."

Life is a test
It will break you or
drive you, to the ground

Sapphire gratefully followed her outside the hall; she crossed her arms and leaned on the wall. "Is there a problem?" She asked softly.

"We were running some tests on Pearl to make sure that she was okay; basic things like concussion test, checking for internal bleeding and a few x-rays," She pulled out an x-ray sheet and turned it to face Sapphire who frowned. "This is an x-ray of her Tibia or her shinbone,"

Sapphire watched as the nurse pointed to the slimmer bone with her finger. "Somehow during the crash, she fractured it. She doesn't feel it now because she is under a lot of pain killers but she will soon and she will not be able to walk on it anytime soon,"

"But she's a ballerina," Sapphire got out, sighing heavily as she observed the image. "She has a show next week—"

In the game of survival
Take a look around in my town
All the kings, the crowns
The tools will provide you

"That's what I'm talking about!" A loud, husky, cheer erupted from Jasper as the timer ran out and officially announced them as the winners.

Ruby had no time to react as her sweaty form was snatched into her best friend Jasper's equally soaked uniform, resulting in some sort of hug. It took little to no time for Amethyst to jump in between the hug, grinning, from where she had been standing on the court.

"Man, we are so going to States!" The purple girl declared, joy oozing from her. "And you," She playfully shoved Ruby. "Are twenty points away from reaching a thousand, you're name is going to be up on that wall with all the other great players soon,"

Find yourself in a strange place
Where it's too late to about face
When you're going through emotions

"Rose," Ruby smiled softly. "Jasper is throwing a party on Tuesday since we don't have school; you guys are invited of course...We'll see you then,"

"...Fine," Rose pouted. "Text me the address...Wait my phone is upstairs; Sapphire give Ruby your number for me,"

Ruby didn't know why but suddenly her hands were shaking when she handed Sapphire her phone. The blue girl typed it in quickly before handing it back to Ruby. Their hands grazed each other's briefly.

"I'll text you," Ruby gulped.

Sapphire just nodded.

When you're going through it
With the ones you were close with

"...confession time," Amethyst said; not allowing her to go back on her word.

"Confession time," Ruby sighed, looking them straight in the eyes. "I guess I should start at the was during the party yesterday when I saw Sapphire, drunk, with Sour Cream who was about to take advantage of her so I stepped in and pushed him to the floor. He passed out on the stairs and I took Sapphire to the second floor to get her away from the loud noise,"

She went on; avoiding her friend's curious gaze. "I tried to find an empty room but I walked in on Amethyst and Pearl," Ruby shuddered at the disturbing memory.

Amethyst chuckled; stopping when she saw Jasper glaring at her. She whispered an apology and focused back on Ruby.

"So, I found another room and gave her some water. We started talking about why we can't be together when I started leaning in for a kiss; but then I started to realize that it would be wrong to take advantage of her and leaned away but she kissed me anyway,"

We was street brothers
Riding the trains
And the subway tunnels are the veins
in the body of the city

Sapphire nodded, smiling softly. "I'm ready, but how are we going to—"

"We're riding with Ruby!" Amethyst interrupted, wrapping an arm around her aggravated red friend. "We have much to confess; like, more details about—"

Ruby quickly pulled her purple friend into an aggressive head lock, glaring at her. "Will you shut up about that! I have nothing to tell you, perverts!"

Sapphire blushed, having a good idea about what they were referring to. "…well, I guess I'll ride with Rose and Pearl. You can follow us, I know where to go, and then I can drive with you the next time we stop; deal?"

Ruby, not releasing Amethyst, nodded. "Sure, but Amethyst is sitting in the back!"

Despite the situation, the purple girl cheered. "Road trip!"

Underground I remain
Me and my brothers, we reign

Once she noticed an opening, she passed it to Lars who immediately tossed it to Sadie. Ruby checked the clock as it counted down slowly, watching Sadie stand still and wait for the other team to approach her.

"Ruby!" Sadie shouted as a girl ran towards her.

Ruby ran over and caught the ball with ease, placing it under her armpit. Hands on her hips, she stood still as her man approached her; three seconds left.

Ruby bounced the ball and easily crossed the approaching player just as the buzzer sounded, announcing the end of the game and their victory.

The crowd exploded with shouts and exclamations. "Let's go!" Jasper cheered running up to Ruby with a grin. "State champions baby!" She barely resisted the urge to scope her friend up.

Ruby couldn't help but grin, ball clutched tightly in her hands. "I knew we'd do it,"

"This is crazy," Amethyst wrapped her arms around both of them. "I knew it was possible but this is insane! Party at my house!" She said, whistling at the large trophy being brought over to them. "Let's get a picture,"

Who woulda knew our cold fate?

"What's wrong?" Sapphire asked worriedly, watching her girlfriend struggle to pull her sneakers back on.

"It's Pearl," Ruby licked her lips. "She got into a car crash."

Who woulda knew my soulmate
would have wings to fly,
leaving me with heartache?

Sapphire bit her lip, twisting the end of the acceptance letter in her hand. "..."

"Sapphire, you got into the school of your dreams!" Pearl exclaimed, barely containing her joy for her friend. "Why aren't you jumping up and down, this is amazing! They offered you a full ride and it's the best place for ballet!"

Rose nodded, looking at her shorter friend wearily. "What's wrong? Sometimes you're impassive but this is just crazy, what are you thinking?"

Sapphire slid the envelope into her school bag before she began to gather her ballet clothes, avoiding her friends gaze. "...I think that it is a great opportunity and I shouldn't take it for granted,"

"But I should at least talk to Ruby about it," Sapphire whispered softly.

And now she's the queen of the party
And I knew one day I'd see her

Ruby nodded. "Alright, I'll look for you once Sapphire is finished,"

Her friend moved down the bleachers and ran out the doors and into the hall. Ruby looked back to the stage to see that she had already missed Sapphire's entrance and that she was already into her dance.

She cursed under her breath and kept her eyes glued to the older girl. The spot light was on her, making her makeup shine and glisten. Ruby could tell that she had been working hard these last few days; her leaps were graceful and her twirls were well practiced.

Her dance complemented the song well; the upbeat music connecting to her almost reckless moves. Ruby could see the judges smiling to themselves although they were supposed to remain biased.

"Man," She smiled. "I have to make her my girlfriend," Ruby averred.

In the flesh or next life, I'll meet her

A shoulder slamming into her left one made the red girl come to a halt. Red eyes glared at the blue girl who had bumped into her.

"Watch where the hell you're going," Ruby spat out viciously.

The short blue girl, unfazed, smiled apologetically. "Sorry,"

"…" Ruby was about to yell when she saw Rose, Lapis and Pearl standing behind the girl.

She was friends with Rose; that meant she would have to go easy on the girl.

"You better be sorry," Ruby mumbled softly; turning around to catch up with her friends.

Soft blue eyes watched the girl run through the halls. Shaking her head; Sapphire turned around to talk to her friends.

Till then, my sweetheart, I swear
Nothing shall make me stop

"Kissed?" Ruby finished; looking amused at the girl's rambling. "Yeah we did…"

Sapphire groaned; tugging her hair in annoyance. "I'm sorry; I shouldn't have done that,"

"Oh," Ruby pulled her hand away.

The blue girl grabbed it quickly. "N-no that's not what I mean," She tried to rephrase it. "I wanted to, I really did, but Lapis likes you a-"

Ruby scoffed. "I told you I don't care about her," Ruby leaned over her food so that they were inches apart. "I like you," She closed the gap, proving her point, and pressed their lips together.

What happens when you was just laughing?

"Come back~" Ruby drawled, red eyes opening just in time to see Sapphire pulling her shirt over her bra. "Take your clothes off and come back," She whined.

Sapphire giggled, leaning over to plant a kiss to her nose once her pants were on. "I would but I'm going to spend some time with Emerald, but I promise that I'm all yours once we get back to your place," She winked.

Ruby huffed, a blush rising to her face as she turned around from Sapphire. "…it's too early for loose promises,"

Sapphire snickered, slipping her flipflops on quickly. "Don't sleep in too late," Was her final reply as she slipped out of the room, slowly closing the door behind her.

What happens when a struggling artist
turns to a rich has-been?

Ruby swallowed as the referee gestured where she could stand to take the ball out. Unfortunately, the ball had gotten knocked out right in front of Sapphire and the others.

"Hey," Amethyst said softly, hand on her friend's shoulder to get her attention. "Ten seconds left, don't let it get to you just focus on this. You've done a great job so far,"

Ruby nodded her head, glancing at the red ten glaring at her. "…thanks, but, don't worry," She walked forward, letting Amethysts hand fall.

What did I miss?

Amethyst wrapped an arm around Pearl, sniffing. "…I want one,"

Pearl nearly choked on her own breath, eyeing the girl; not sure if she was joking or being serious.

Ruby chuckled, offering her finger to the baby who reached for it blindly. "Hey Steven, I'm Ruby, one of your godmothers and I promise to protect you from people like Amethyst,"

She ignored the purple girls 'hey'.

Peridot frowned, motioning to the couple. "Get closer so I can take a good one of all of you,"

Ruby rolled her eyes. "Peridot give the camera to the nurse and get in the stupid picture, you're part of our family too nerd,"

Connie snatched the camera when the green girl's eyes widened, handing it to the nurse before standing beside her cousin. "Everyone say, Steven!" Connie said.

"Steven!" They all exclaimed.

My brothers used to cut up and mix, Shaolin

Sapphire looked up when the car stopped in front of Jasper's house; the smell of booze and sweat touched their nostrils. She opened the door and the musk grew stronger; she resisted the urge to cough as they walked towards the open door. Strobe lights and loud music greeted them; along with over a hundred teens their age dancing around in the small space wildly. In the heat of it all she recognized Greg's voice through the microphone as he sang on the stage.

"Some, say I have no direction. That I'm a light speed distraction; that's a knee-jerk reaction," Greg sang softly, emotions pouring out of each verse.

It's funny
The money, the glamor, the glitz
In the horizon, envious guys watchin'

Ruby took a deep breath, a bright flush on her cheeks. "…Will you do me the honor of being my prom date, Sapph? There isn't anyone else who I'd rather go with," She confessed.

Rose squealed, pushing her blushing friend out of her seat while Pearl smiled softly and also nudged her friend.

"About time," Pearl mumbled, leaning her face on the palm of her hand with a soft smile.

Cynthia watched from the other side of the court as a short girl, probably her height, with breath taking long blue hair run into Ruby for an embrace. The older girl was wearing a white sweatshirt, light brown skinny jeans and white sneakers.

Centi looked away when Ruby pulled the attractive girl into a kiss, causing the crowd to cheer louder.

Suddenly my brothers and me, are divided

The picture had Ruby and Sapphire holding baby Steven close to them with Rose and Greg holding hands in her bed and the others gathered around with smiles on their faces.

It was the last time the group would be together like this until they all went their separate ways.

Where am I headed to?

"So, baseball is the sport, huh?" Sapphire asked, staring admirably at the girl driving.

Ruby nodded, grinning softly. "Yeah, my dad and I would always be at the field until dark, sometimes we'd miss dinner. We'd come home covered in dirt, trailing it through the house, mom would get so mad," She chuckled, Sapphire laughed as well. "He told me that he always knew I would be a baseball player from the time when I was a baby,"

"I was in my crib, the first night they brought me home. Mom was knocked out in bed while my dad stayed in my room, just watching me," Ruby smiled. "He said I was so small in his hands. He held up three small toy balls; a basketball, soccer ball and a baseball,"

Sapphire watched her girlfriend as she went on. "I didn't think twice when I grabbed the baseball and he said when I smiled so bright, he just knew,"

It's about to be the '80s
The master of ceremony
Will miss his golden lady

Ruby shrugged and only said. "They're still together and they seem happy,"

"I guess you're right," Sapphire confirmed before turning the radio on, she smiled. "Sadie's song is still on the top charts,"

Ruby cheered. "This is my song! I've got a pair of eyes that they're getting lost in~" Ruby sung with her pitchy voice that still sounded perfect to Sapphire and succeeded in making her join in.

"They're hypnotized by my way of walking," Sapphire sang softly, nodding along with the melody. "I've got them dazzled like a stage magician,"

Ruby nodded when it all came together, singing the next verse a little softer. "When I point, they look and when I talk, they listen—"

Hope she don't betray me

Sapphire frowned, whispering to herself. "…I didn't even know she was at the concert."

They had spoken the other night about the picture on Ruby's story, but it seemed harmless to Sapphire so she told her girlfriend it wasn't a big deal; she could have other friends besides Jasper and Amethyst.

She just wished Ruby would have mentioned going to a concert. Come to think of it, she hadn't received a single message from Ruby all day.

"That's cute," Bubblegum smiled at the picture of Ruby, Jake, and Finn; they were all smiling into the camera. "We should all get together sometime and—oh," Her face flushed and her mouth hung open, she exited out of the video as quick as possible; hoping Sapphire hadn't seen it.

Ronaldo looked up, chewing his candy as he frowned at the silent women. "What's wrong?"

Sapphire shook her head, lips set into a straight line. "…I just saw my supposed girlfriend dancing up against said girl who was just on her story yesterday, nothing serious." She chuckled darkly. "She didn't even call, text, me about her going to a concert either. Instead I find out like this,"

We both started off with a wish

In the back of her mind Sapphire realizes that she shouldn't be here; feeling these things with her. Ruby was Lapis's crush and Lapis was her best friend; yet here she was kissing Ruby at Jasper's house party. And no matter how wrong she knew it was; Sapphire couldn't seem to stop.

And she didn't want to.

Suddenly it turned into this

Alice's face turned a pale white color, her body shook as if she was shivering and her pupils sharpened. "You're only a child, Sapphire. You don't know what is best for you—"

"I do." Sapphire ground out.

Her mother stood her ground, the too much alike women were stuck in a stalemate; Alice sneered. "You do not. This is just some silly faze that wi—"

"It's not a faze; I love her!"

Ruby's eyes widened, her mouth dropped in surprise. Her girlfriend's outburst seemed to slip right over her head as Sapphire continued.

"I love her and there is nothing you can say or do that will ever change that," Sapphire stated, glaring viciously at her startled mother. "…I just hope you can learn to except that this is who I am and this—" She pointed to Ruby blindly.

"This, this amazing person, is who I want to spend the rest of my life with," Sapphire tightened her grip on Ruby's hand and smiled brighter when Ruby squeezed back.

Yeah, stardom is seductive

Ruby tugged her cap so that it was blocking the light from her eyes. Her vision fixed on the pitcher who prepared to throw the ball.


Everyone stood up when the ball hit the bat. They all watched it fly over the players and past the gate; the crowd went wild. Ruby sprang into a slow jog along with her other teammates who were on the bases. Sapphire watched the Hawks sulk and throw their hats to the ground in anger.

"Yeah Ruby!" Rose cheered; clapping loudly along with Lapis.

Sapphire felt a smile twitch at her lips; they had thrown Ruby into the air and were carrying her around the field. Her hands clapped together softly.

Temporarily broken-hearted

Ruby nodded into her chest, her rough curls tickling her chin. "We all have to go our separate ways sometimes, Sapph. Just focus on your career and then let everything else fall into place later,"

Sapphire bit her lower lip. "…and then there's you, I'd have to worry about girls flirting with you and not being able to do anything about it,"

"What about you?" Ruby asked, fingers stopping in their tracing. "Tons of people are going to faint at the sight of you and with all those college parties, I bet you'll meet someone—someone who actually understands you when you speak smart,"

"And you'll meet someone who actually understands basketball and baseball," Sapphire snickered.

"…" Ruby bit her lip. "…I really want this to work, no matter how far we are from each other. It'll only be for a year, right? Then I can aim for a college by yours and we can get an apartment or something,"

Sapphire nodded, smiling softly. "We can bring Snowflake with us,"

"Of course," Ruby chuckled. "She wouldn't let us leave without her,"

This was going to work, it had to.


But regardless
I am stuck, with hope

Ruby stopped to slowly close the door, she turned around to face her girlfriend. "That went well,"

"I know," Sapphire grinned. "My parents are sort of okay with this, you're taking me on a college tour next month and we have a Christmas party next week,"

Ruby smiled. "And a New Year's party with our closest friends," She pointed out. "It's going to be a great weekend,"

"I know," Sapphire agreed, wrapping her arms around the younger girl's neck.

"I can't wait,"

That I will see you in the future

Ruby cleared her throat, sitting up straighter as she recollected her memory. "Well, we go to the same school but last year we never really talked to each other. The first time I saw Sapphire was during a pep-rally, I was being called down the aisle with the rest of the football players when Rose screamed my name over the crowd."

"I looked up and smiled at her and briefly noticed her sitting with Pearl, Lapis and Sapphire," Ruby chuckled, scratching the back of her neck. "It wasn't love at first sight or anything like that, I don't believe in that crap. But I remember saying that she was pretty before looking away and talking to my friends again,"

Aero nodded, smiling softly before nodding to his daughter. "…what about you?"

Sapphire hummed. "I've always known about Ruby, when Lapis had a crush on her that's all she'd talk about. So, since eighth grade, when Lapis first pointed her out in our gym class," She giggled softly. "Ruby was getting yelled at for tying Amethyst's shoe laces together,"

I know, that we will be on top
So here we go

"Hey," Ruby's soft soothing voice made her look up, her girlfriend frowned. "Why are you outside in the cold when everyone else is inside?"

Sapphire made up her mind.

"…just needed to get you alone and I knew you'd follow me if I left," Sapphire smiled, blindly hitting ignore and sliding it into her back pocket. "Today was crazy,"

Ruby bit her lip, resting her strong hands on her girlfriend's hips. "It was," She pressed closer to Sapphire until their fronts were touching, a delicious heat forming. "Now, I recall you saying that you'd be all mine once we got home,"

Sapphire shivered, leaning into the hot breath on her ear. "I am a women of my words," She licked her slightly chapped lips, moistening them, before she leaned in to plant a kiss on Ruby's waiting lips.

She tried her hardest to ignore the constant buzzing in the back of her pocket. It was probably her mom, or dad, trying to get in contact with her. They must be worried. Sapphire knew that tomorrow she would have to face them and the real battle would begin. But—

Tomorrow could wait, Sapphire just wanted to have this moment.

No matter if I live or die

Ruby was broken from her trance when her phone started buzzing in her pocket, Sapphire. "Hold on guys, I have to take this," She said, getting up from the couch and leaving her friends to their videogame. "Hey, what's up, you guys left like twenty minutes ago—" Ruby began, only to be cut off.

"You got accepted into my school and you tell me to wait until I'm miles away so I can't kiss you in person!" Sapphire exclaimed on the other side of the line, causing Ruby to smile. "I know you told me to wait but Marceline kept bugging me—yes, bugging me!" Ruby heard her shout at Marceline in the background.

Ruby leaned against her front door, smirking. "I knew I'd keep you longer if I showed it to you here. But yeah, we're going to be leaving together I guess…if you're fine with that,"

"I'm more than fine with it," Sapphire sighed softly. "I'm so happy and proud of you, I wish I could kiss you,"

Ruby smiled wider, turning to the side when she caught her friends giving her soft smiles and teasing glances from the couch. "You can kiss me all you want when we're in school together,"

Sapphire let out a long sigh, a smile in her voice. "…I have to go, we're heading for a tunnel, but I just wanted you to know that I love you so much," She whispered longingly.

"I love you too," Ruby said without missing a beat. "I'll see you,"

I Promise, Imma meet you on the other side

This is the end of Going the Distance. I always envisioned Jasper and Lapis taking a break from their relationship because it wasn't healthy, but this story was so stretched and I didn't want to go into another chapter explaining how it came about so I decided to do the time skip and briefly mention it.

With Ruby and Sapphire; I didn't want them to take a break. They belong together and they will fight for their relationship. The only way for them to keep going, with the loss of trust/communication due to Cynthia, would be for Ruby to make the ultimate promise; a proposal.

There won't be a prom scene, sorry but I feel like I've summed everything up with their high school years.

Rose and Greg are in a healthy relationship and raising Steven. Pearl may struggle with her new trainer S (she is meant to be that mystery girl who was on the show) and that will bring up her old feelings for Rose.

Peridot continues with her photography and the trio (Ruby, Jasper, and Amethyst) move in different directions but they will always find each other.

The poem is brought to you from a Netflix show called The Get Down and it's about music and hip hop being introduced in the 70's. Great storyline, but if you begin to watch it be mindful that they will not be moving forward with another season.

I hope the flashbacks weren't too hard to follow; I just wanted to show everyone how far the gang has come and where they will be going.

I'm not sure if I'll do a college series or not, but I will finish A Glimpse. That reveals who they all turn out to be when they become adults.

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