I know, quite some time has passed since the last update.

I'm sorry; I truly am. I've had so much going on.

I'm in eighth grade at the moment; only one semester is left until summer, and I'm off to high school. So of course school work and midterms and all that built up, and I just - I couldn't find the time to write.

But that's only a small fraction of the actual reason why I stopped updating.

I... Just lost interest.

A long time before I even started this story, I had lost interest in Fairy Tail.

Don't get me wrong, I still love it, after all it's my first anime. But I've unfortunately lost... inspiration. Motivation.

And while I certainly will NOT delete this story, I'm not certain on when I'll update again.

This, Life of a Fake Princess, is my baby. I started with a small idea until it grew into something unimaginable and breathtaking.

However, until I get this motivation back...

This story is now on official HIATUS.

No, not discontinued.

A pause.

A break.

If you've been eyeing my account, you'll realize I actually publish and update quite frequently.

This story will not be one of those.

I apologize, and I give my best regards to all of you.

If you want to read something that is guaranteed to be updated, Words Spill Over and Never Once are your best chance. Everything else other than those two and this will be deleted. Permanently.

Thank you.


And I promise... I will not let myself have this hiatus run for more than three months.

Until next time, my dear readers.