Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Titanic, Kate Winslet or Leonardo DiCaprio (except in my dreams).

Hello and welcome to my very first Kate and Leo fanfic! The Kleo Titanic Reunion this past awards season brought out a crazy amount of feels. And so here we are.

Just a quick word about the story. A lot of it is inspired by actual events with my own special twist and improvised details. Maybe you hardcore Kleo fans can tease it apart ;-).

Happy reading!

Chapter 1: Just a Bet

Walking down the Red Carpet can often be an assault to the senses, especially for those new to the Hollywood scene. Kate experiences this firsthand when she and Leo arrive for the Golden Globe Awards. They find themselves amid an overwhelming flurry of camera flashes and screaming fans chanting their names. The whole place is electrified with enthusiasm and anticipation. Tonight is particularly special for the young actors as it comes at the heels of their megahit movie Titanic. Neither Kate nor Leo expected the movie to garner popularity as quickly and as fervently as it did. These days it seemed as if the whole world's eyes were on them.

Kate feels Leo tug on her hand as he guides her over to a pair of news correspondents, a tall man in a tux and a woman in a long satin gown. The news correspondents greet Kate and Leo with eager smiles and then sandwich the young actors between them. After an exchange of pleasantries and compliments, they open the interview with an unexpected question.

"Well now you didn't come as a couple tonight, did you?" the male correspondent asks.

Kate purses her lips at the laughable question and is about to respond when Leo jumps in.

In smooth DiCaprio fashion, he squarely replies, "Yeah, we came together."

"Did you really?"

"Absolutely," says Kate, following Leo's lead.

"Cool, great," says the male correspondent as he scrutinizes the two actors. "Is there something we ought to know?"

Without batting an eye, Leo shakes his head and explains, "No, absolutely not. We're good buddies."

He turns to Kate as he says this, his eyes gleaming with amusement. Kate smiles back at him, though she knows that he's blatantly gloating in her face. Men and women should be able to hang out as friends without the world expecting them to be something more, she had tenaciously insisted on the car ride over. Now she wishes she had never made that misguided bet with Leo.

"Absolutely," Kate adds, albeit begrudgingly. "Just friends."

The news correspondents seem unsatisfied with this answer though they decide to drop the matter and switch topics. They begin to fire off questions about the recent success of Titanic. The questions are fairly familiar, many of them similar to questions Kate and Leo have answered on their promotional tour. After the interview, Leo places his hand on Kate's back and leans in close.

"I believe you owe me ten bucks," he says as Kate rolls her eyes.

"Fine, you win," Kate concedes. "Happy now?"

Leo simply extends his arm out and glances pointedly at Kate. She hesitates for a moment before finally linking her arm with his. To hell with the rumors, Kate thinks as they continue through the sea of flashing lights and exuberant fans. She knows that tomorrow will bring a media frenzy of gossip and concocted stories about her evening with Leonardo DiCaprio but she doesn't care. All that mattered to her was enjoying the night out with her best friend. As far as she's concerned, no amount of speculation in the world is going to change that fact.

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