Hello, dear readers!

As you can see this isn't an update for any of my stories, but I felt it necessary to at least alert you all ahead of time so that you don't freak out and believe I am abandoning my lovely stories.

For the last month or so I have been preparing to go on an... extended service trip for my church, so to speak (won't say where specifically, but it's in the US). I am leaving this Wednesday, May 31 and won't be back until the beginning of December of next year (2018). (Which is why I posted a partial chapter for AgT if you've read that since I was scared I wouldn't be able to finish it in time).

Now normally, even when going on vacation I would usually try to find time to at least continue writing chapters so I can continue to update whenever I have access to a computer. The only problem here is that during my entire trip I will only be having access to any sort of internet to email and send messages to my family and friends once a week, and the rest of the time I will be too busy working to write anything anyway.

So I just want to reassure you, I'm not abandoning my stories, particularly AgT, SoF, or CG: PoV, or refusing to update until more reviews come along (I personally think authors that do that are really annoying), I simply will be going a forced Hiatus until around December 2018. So, I'm simply asking you to be a little patient and hold out until next December (Yes, I know that may be hard for some of you, but if diehard Attack on Titan fans (such as myself) can wait five years for season 2, I'm sure all of you will be willing to wait eighteen months for my return. ;)).

Also, on the plus side of things, by the time I get back, it's likely the Attack on Titan manga will have finished or be close to finished, Code Geass Season 3 will hopefully be out (SUNRISE STUDIOS, PLEASE DON'T DESTROY THIS WONDERFUL SERIES WITH THIS UNEXPECTED SEASON! MAKE IT GOOD!), and more seasons of Voltron will have been released on Netflix, so I will have a little more material to work with by the time I return as well.

Also, regarding my Cg: PoV series, I'm now officially closed the poll for it. And the winner is... All of them. Yes! You readers have spoken, so at some point within this fic, all the members of team Voltron (the Paladins at least) will be receiving a Geass power from C.C. I already have a good idea on who will get what. Funnily enough, the single person that got the most votes was Kallen, while Suzaku got the least.

So, for anyone who has a question on any of my stories or want to PM about something, do it BEFORE this Sunday please!

Thank you, everyone, who has reviewed and liked ALL of my stories, I will see all of you again in eighteen months!

Until then though please enjoy these trailers for what is to come in my stories.



"Megatron is still alive!"

"Ninja Art: Mind Transfer Jutsu!"

"Bumblebee! Stop!"

"We're not going to let this happen!"







"'And the weak shall perish, in the shadow of the rising darkness...'"


"How can they do this to people?"


"This world is nothing but a cruel place Tatsumi,"

"I am Imperial Guard Member Seryu Ubiquitous!"

"Extase is bonding with you!"

"If you think we're used to this carnage brat, you're dead wrong."

"Esdeath has returned to the capital,"


"Armin, now!"



"Now let's go punish these scumbags,"


"Look alive team!"

"I think we're getting this,"

"Lelouch is a what?!"

"Wait, you mean that you are...?!"

"Zarkon keeps finding us!"

"Here's our plan of attack,"

"Do you accept the terms of this contract?"

"Everyone, stay alert, this could be the fight of our lives!"

"Here goes nothing!"

"Move, move, move!"

"Get some of this!"

"All that's desired is results, I understand that now!"




"Kallen, if I don't make it out of here... please... take care of Nunnally."




"Lelouch... LELOUCH!"