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Chapter 16- Epilogue

"Stop touching it or it will fall." Clary scolded her golden husband. Jace frowned giving the crown one last nudge before bringing his hands back down to his sides. "I can't help it mouse, I am not used to wearing it and it feels weird." He argued. The petite redhead smiled placing a soft kiss on his cheek. "Well you will just have to get used to it, you're the king now and kings need to look regal." She smiled softly. Jace's arms wrapped around her body drawing her into a warm embrace. "Are you saying I do not look regal enough? Surely you jest. I'll blame it on the baby, there is no other excuse for you to question your husband's dashing good looks and charm." He teased. Clary rolled her eyes shaking her head.

It had been a year since the wedding and a few months after the war that had followed. Jace and Clary had been coronated as king and queen a week after the wedding. In an act of diplomacy, they had invited neighboring kings and queens. It had been a gallant affair with flowers, food, and celebrations. The people adored their new queen and were coming to love their new king. The Verlac kingdom united with them in their struggle against the North. Jonathan had gone to rule over his mother's homeland Edom. It was a poor desert country where the people were starving and there were little resources. Clary had given her brother as much support as possible. They wouldn't see any return on their investment for many years but the animosity between the two countries seemed to dissipate. Many of the people of Edom fought alongside them during the war and the people now saw each other as allies instead of enemies.

Jace, Jonathan, Alec, and Magnus had rushed off to battle while Luke lead a silent raid through the mountains. Alec, now Jace's king's guard slew down many of the shoulders before they got close to beheading the blonde. Clary had become pregnant before his departure. It had given him additional motivation to win. He refused to leave his wife pregnant and alone. Simon had stayed behind unwillingly to protect her in case things went wrong. It had been a good thing because the king of the north had sent an assassin to the palace. The man was no match to a former jin. The war was swift and over within a month. They had lost many men but it was worth it. They had claimed the Northern palace and beheaded the king in front of his people. It was to teach a lesson that the South was a force to be reckoned with.

Jace had spared the King's children but begrudgingly was forced to marry the princess off. It was the price of peace and the young women had agreed as long as her brother would be spared. Her mother, the queen had died in childbirth and her brother had been the only family she had left. Jem Carstairs, king of the neighboring kingdom and Emma's uncle agreed. The two had apparently met when they were young and they had some chemistry between them. They had been married in a rushed ceremony and seemed to be happily married. Tessa's brother had gone mad with rage and tried to start another rebellion. The poor girl had to execute him or face another up rise from her people. It was a sad choice but she had bared it was class. Emma and Jules lived in the North with them and were dating. Clary expected to get a wedding invitation in a year or so. Part of the Northern land had been given to Jonathan after the war. It was a set of mountains that had turned out to contain diamonds. Jem and Jonathan were working on agreements to harvest the mountains on both sides of the kingdom.

"What do you think it will be?" Clary asked jeering Jace from his thoughts. He smiled placing a hand on her stomach. She really had swelled up like a balloon. "A boy I hope. I don't want to have to deal with a girl when she becomes interested in boys." He replied. Clary rose an eyebrow in surprise. "Afraid he will end up following in your footsteps?" she teased. Alec laughed entering the room with Magnus beside him. "Another Jace is something I don't know if the daughters of the court can handle." Alec jested. Jace shot him a pointed glare. "Do you want to know?" Magnus asked. Clary sighed. "Of course but it's not like I can just look into a crystal ball." She huffed. The warlock laughed. "I can." He smiled. Clary's jaw dropped. "Are you telling me that you can, you can…" she stuttered looking down at her swollen stomach. "Yes, I am telling you that I can tell you what the baby is going to be. Why didn't you ask before?" he asked pouring some water into a chalice. "So, do you want to know or not?" Magnus asked after a few moments of silence. Clary hesitated and looked at Jace. They both turned to the warlock and nodded.

******* 5 Years Later **********

"That's not fair!" the blonde little boy stomped his foot down glaring at the older man before him. "All is fair in love and war William." The tall man spoke lowering his wooden sword down to the floor. "But uncle Jonathan! You are too fast!" the young prince whined. Jonathan smiled scooping his nephew up into his arms. "You will get fast too if you train every day." He smiled. "Come, let's find your mother. It is almost time for lunch." He grinned watching the young boy squirm and position himself on the king's broad shoulders. "Onward!" the little boy commanded. Jonathan chuckled but went forward as the little boy giggled away. Clary was in the nursery and had just finished breastfeeding when Jace came in. "How is our little princess?" he asked. Clary smiled nestling the sleeping baby down into the crib. "Fast asleep after eating. Irene is so easy compared to Will." She sighed. Jace chuckled. "I guess he takes after his great grandfather then." He replied. Clary gave him a stern glare before exiting the room and closing the door quietly.

"Where is our energetic little boy?" Clary asked taking her husband's arm. "Driving his favorite uncle crazy. You know how he loves Jonathan." Jace chuckled. Clary smiled. "I told you he was good. Aren't you glad you gave my brother a chance." She grinned happily. Jace sighed. "He still has his moments." Jace teased. "You're not always a ray of sunshine to be around either goldilocks." Jonathan's deep voice called out from around the corner. "Daddy! Daddy look at me! I'm so tall!" William called out from atop Jonathan's shoulders. Jace turned and looked at his smiling son. "You are taller than me now little man," Jace smiled. "Better watch your head coming in and out of rooms." Clary cautioned. "Oh come now Clary, let the little man be," Jonathan argued. Clary gave her brother the look making him frown in defeat. "Mom's right Will, it's time for lunch anyway." Jonathan sighed grabbing the little prince off of his shoulders.

"Awww mom, you never let me have any fun." Will pouted. Clary smiled placing her hand on her son's shoulder. "Oh really? I seem to remember letting you begin sparring lessons but if I am so mean…" she trailed off. "No mom! You are the nicest most beautiful mommy in the entire world!" William begged tugging at her dress. Jace smiled nudged Jonathan in the shoulder. "One of these days we will learn her ways." He whispered. Jonathan nodded giving his sister a wide grin. The group headed into the dining room for lunch. "I was wondering where you went off to," Isabelle said holding the sleeping baby to her chest. "All of these babies are really starting to make me feel old." Jonathan snorted taking his seat. "When are you and auntie Kaelie going to have a baby?" William asked curiously. Clary gave William a firm look but Jonathan just looked down nervously. "Actually, she is expecting." He replied calm taking a drink out of his orange juice.

The gang looked at him in surprise. "When did this happen? When is she due?" Clary asked eagerly. Jonathan's face remained blank as he began buttering his toast. "In about a month or so." He replied. Clary gasped. "A month! When were you planning on telling me I was going to be an aunt?" Clary huffed. Jonathan looked up and met her gaze. Her green eyes bore into his heatedly as his shoulders slumped over in defeat. "I'm scared okay, there I said it." Jonathan hissed pushing his plate forward. William was looking at him earnestly placing his small hand on his arm. "Uncle Jonathan is scared just like daddy." The little boy smiled. "William, why don't you go get Simon and Alec from the library." She commanded in a tone that didn't leave room to be questioned. The small prince got up and promptly left the room.

Once gone Clary placed her hand lightly on her brother's arm. "It is okay to be scared. William was right, Jace was scared out of his mind when Irene was born." She explained. Jace released a breath. "As much as I hate to admit it I was and still am. It's normal to be scared Jonathan, you can't be the diamond king forever. Kids make you soft and that isn't a bad thing." Jace explained. Jonathan snorted. "It just is easier dealing with your kids than thinking about having two of my own." He huffed. "Two?" Izzy asked. Jonathan peered at her and nodded. "Yes, twins. Just my luck. Twins make you bigger than a whale, in Kaelie's own words." He replied. "Everything is going to be fine. I see how you are with Irene and William. They adore you. You will be a great father." Clary smiled. Jonathan looked at her pleadingly.

"I'm just worried that…" he trailed off. Clary understood what he meant instantly. "Jonathan, you are not and will never be Valentine. I made you a promise a long time ago that I would tell you if you were becoming our father. You may look like him but you are nothing like him." She explained getting up and wrapping her arms around him. The other's looked on quietly as Jonathan leaned into his sister's touch. The doors flew open and in came a smiling William with Simon, Magnus, Alec and Jocelyn behind him. "I hear that I am going to be a grandmother, again!" she smiled. "That you are," Jonathan replied meekly. Clary released her brother and gave her mother a nod. Jocelyn came around and took William's seat next to her son.

"I'm so proud of you. You have grown up into such a wonderful and handsome man. Lilith would be so proud of you. You have brought her dying land out of depression and made it one of the wealthiest kingdoms in the world. You have been a wonderful uncle and husband. There is not a doubt in my mind that you will succeed in this step in your journey as well." She whispered wrapping her arms around him. Jonathan smiled a real guanine smile and hugged her back. 'Thanks, mom." He whispered. Jocelyn nodded and released him. "I have decided to come back to Edom with you and help Kaelie get things in order. I know with her mother dead she could use an older women's touch." She announced. Jonathan looked back at her in amazement. "You would really do that for me?" he asked. His stepmother grinned. "I would move mountains for you my son." She replied.

******Line Break*****

Later that night Jace placed a soft kiss on his wife's neck as they tucked their son into bed. Jonathan had left that afternoon with Jocelyn in tow back to Edom. He and Clary promised to come at the end of the next month to welcome the new babies. The King and Queen left the room and headed to the royal bedroom. "I can't believe how well things have turned out. I would have never imagined my life would have turned out this way when I jumped on the back of that cart to raid it." He smiled kissing Clary's lips softly. "I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I left the palace that night with Isabelle and Alec. I keep hoping that I won't wake up and find that it all has been a dream." She replied. "If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up from it." He smiled unwrapping the ties of the bodice of her dress. "I love you, my handsome bandit." She whispered. "And I you, my beautiful mouse."

The End

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