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She rolls on her stomach, shamelessly lifting her hips off the sheet.

"Please, John.. please…" The mindlessness of stage one is full scale already, and all she wants it to feel him inside. "Please…" This is the Omega position, her cheek pressed to the bed, her hips open, neck vulnerable. She can only just remember they are not doing the life bond bite tonight.

She feels him move closer, and she squeezes her eyes tightly, not to scare what's happening away. She needs him to take her, to fuck her, to knot her.

His hands slide under her, cupping her tits, and she cries out in excruciating pleasure from the palms brushing at the nipples. The muscles in her buttocks and between her legs start to shake in anticipation. And suddenly he flips her on her back. Her eyes are still closed, so she can't understand what's happening, and then she feels his hot, immense weight between her legs.

"Wrennie, look… look at me..." He's whispering, and her eyes fly open. She's an Omega, there's no ability to say 'no' left in her. "We need… to do it… to shag before knotting..."

She's studying his face, without understanding a word he's saying.

"Wren, I'm worried… Just don't panic..."

She purposefully blinks several times, and then she susses out that he wants to have sex with her... but he doesn't. No knotting. Some sort of icy feeling spreads in her lower stomach. He doesn't want her. She doesn't deserve… She's just a shag…

"Wren, Wren, listen to me." It's the Alpha tone, commanding, leaving no room for doubt. "I want you, I will knot you. You're mine. But I want to have sex first, no knot. Because we both need to take it slow. And because I want you… just you..."

She's watching his face, somehow keeping the panic at bay. Maybe, because he told her to. Maybe, because there are tears in his eyes.

"I want you... just you..." he whispers, and she shifts her pelvis, opening her knees, letting him in.

His tip presses into her, and she moans, her mouth falls half-open, and if she wasn't an Omega, she'd lift her arse and catch the tip and push herself to get him in. As she sometimes does when not in heat.

"My Wrennie..." he murmurs, and slowly pushes in, his eyes closing, his face glowing with some soft and warm expression. He's savouring, he's savouring her, and Wren exhales, calming down.

He's large, and hot, and his cock stretches her walls, entering deeper and deeper, and she arches, with a coarse moan, opening her legs more and more, taking in more and more, and then he pushes his arms underneath her, and her shoulder blades are on his forearms, and he bends his back, and in one last slow thrust he's inside her.

They both groan loudly, and she comes, her body convulsing, again and again, in a sweet scorching wave, and wraps her arms and legs around him, feeling his body shaking.

He starts kissing her neck, and she drops her head back, half-conscious from how big the crisis was, and then his hand lies on her hip and he hikes up her leg. The angle changes, his hard cock shifts inside her, and she whines.

He starts fucking her, first in soft rocking movements, then deeper and rougher, quicker with each second, and she's losing grasp on what's happening. She's all raw emotion, and the physical sensations, of him taking what's his, making her body his, and she whines; it's exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

And then he moves again, changes the position, breaking the rhythm, and she softly moans, as if asking what he wants now.

"Wren..." His voice is raspy, and she opens her eyes.

He's rolled on his back, and she's on top of him. And she didn't notice.

"What..?" She feels lost and almost scared. She is an Omega. She can't be on top!

"Take it..." he whispers, and she looks at him confused. "Take what you want... " She vaguely remembers she likes this position. She feels awkward and incompetent right now, plastered on top of him, like fish on a sushi.

"John..." Her voice is small and uncertain. "I can't... I'm sorry… Please..."

"I'm your Alpha, Wren. You will listen to me," he states firmly, and she presses her head into her shoulders. "Sit up."

Her body jolts, and she slowly and clumsily moves, his cock still in her. She straddles him, and her arms defensively wrap around her chest, covering the tits.

"Wren, you like it on top. You like control. You're ballsy and cheeky and you're my Wren. I don't own you, but you're mine. That's my Wren. I want my Wren." His eyes are burning.

Her lips start shaking. She can't give it to him! He's very dominant right now, his eyebrows drawn together, face tense, frowning, and she wants to curl into a ball.

"I can't… I'm sorry..." She's pathetic. Weak, pitiful, useless Omega.

"It's not a test, Wren. It's not a game. I'm asking," he purposefully intonates. "I'm asking you to try. Please?"

Alphas don't say 'please.' Alphas don't ask. She frowns as well, scrutinising his face. Maybe, he's lying, Maybe, it is a test. And a thought of a game isn't that bad. She wants to play games. They've talked about trying some role playing couple times. Maybe, she can pretend? But his eyes are attentive, and earnest, and intent, and she's his Omega, she's attuned to him. He doesn't want a pretense. He wants her to try.

She exhales and slowly unfolds her arms. She gingerly puts her palms on his chest and shifts her hips trying to find her footing. His lips twitch, and he closes his eyes. His face is open, though. Nothing hidden.

She squeezes the muscles inside her, and he gasps softly, and she sees the soft bottom lip move, and something wakes up in her. She starts rising and lowering herself onto him, and she can feel breathing speed up underneath her.

That's it! That's the strange balance between giving pleasure and taking it. And the pleasure of taking while giving. A vague thought that she knows it, that that's what it's like when it's not heat, flashes through her mind, but the sensations are acute, and her body is burning already, and she starts moving sharper, rougher, riding him, and he starts making low noises, deep in his throat. His body arches on the sheets, and she straightens up, her hands fly to her hair, and her hips are snapping, swallowing his cock, and she twists her pelvis at the lowest point, making him grit his teeth, and snarl.

And then he grabs her thighs, sinking his curled fingers into her muscles, painfully, and he arches on the bed, growling loudly, and she feels his hot cum hit her insides, in spurts, again and again, filling her; and she arches as well, something like an orgasm, but not exactly rushing through her body. And then he jolts, and turns clumsily, rolling her underneath him, mashing her, her arm awkwardly pressed into the bed under his weight, and he thrusts his hips into her couple times, his cock still jerking in her, and that's enough for her to come again, screaming, and pulling his head to her, probably choking him around the neck, her sweaty forehead pressed to his temple.

After a few seconds, he hisses, and start uncoiling, shifting off her, and she notices that her arm hurts, and her legs cramped. He falls on his back, with a seemingly displeased groan, and she feels cold and somehow empty, although she feels his cum on the insides of her thighs.

She wants to touch him, to press into him, he's warm, and she isn't sure if he enjoyed it, and despite all these orgasms Omega obedience is still there, and she needs to know he's satisfied, but she can't ask.

He turns and picks her up and pulls her onto him again. SHe isn't sure she can do it right away, but she pulls herself together, and looks into his face searching guidance.

He smiles to her widely and opens his mouth, with a familiar expression. That's the 'John is going to make an innuendo joke' face. But then he sees her eyes, and his expression changes.

"Are you OK?" he asks, and she immediately nods. "Wren..."

"Are you... OK?" She decides she's allowed to return a question.

"Oh, shit. I forgot about the reassuring part. It was in the book. About how Omegas need reassurance after..." He softly smiles to her. "Do you need reassurance, Wren? Because usually you just run to a shower, and then demand another round, so you see, I'm sort of not used to this..." His eyes are warm and twinkling, and it's a bit easier to breathe.

"I don't… demand another time. I just… point out an opportunity..." Her tone is tentatively flirty, and he grins wider. "I do need reassurance. Maybe, just the first time…" Her strokes the back of her head, softly tangling his fingers into her hair. She shifts, and settles pressed into his side, her hand on his chest. They have a bit of time before the arousal is back. Maybe, she does want a bit of that 'aftercare' that all books on Alpha/Omega sexuality are talking about.

"Reassurance is a drug, did you know?" he says, and kisses her temple. "There were four chapters on the psychological health of an Omega. And only one on knotting. Somehow that just didn't fit..."

"Didn't fit?" She isn't sure what he's talking about.

"Well, it just talks about telling you how ace the fuck was, and so on, and so on, but it just doesn't feel like… you." He gives her a calm affectionate smile. "I sort of think you know it."

"I don't..." Wren pushes herself to speak. It's interesting. A small part of her can now look at what's happening - the smart part, the one that is normally asleep while hormones are in charge, but the one that makes her good at what she does, like making decisions in OR, the one that doesn't let her simply accept the role society gives her, the part that made the decision to stay with him, and mate with him. "I do know, but I don't fully feel it."

He is looking down at her, and then stretches his long arm, picks up the comforter, and pulls it over both of them.

"Feeling is what you do best, Wrennie. It's your O genes that don't let you believe what you know." He taps his finger to the tip of her nose. "You felt how good it was. You know how it's always good for us..."

"But they did write four chapters in the book about it." She knows she sounds whiny, but she does want to be reassured.

"They did." He laughs softly. "It just feels weird to tell you you did a good job, and that I'm satisfied." He looks at her from the corner of his eye, cheeky glimmer in the blue irises.

"I did do a good job!" She tentatively pokes him with her finger under his ribs. He croaks and moves closer to her, locking her hand between their bodies. "And you were satisfied. Medically speaking… But..."

"That was the best sex of my life," he suddenly deadpans, and she closes her mouth sharply. She's looking at him, he's smiling blissfully. "And now you're thinking that it wasn't that great for me before then, aren't you?"

She has to admit that it was indeed her first thought.

"See? Reassurance never works." He leans in and pecks her lips. "And it was the best sex in my life. They all are. The latest one is always smashing. Because men, and Alphas especially, don't really catalogue it. It's sort of one big..."

"Big what?" Funnily enough, she's starting to feel bored with this pillow talk. It must be the heat rising again.

"Feeling, Wren. It's a feeling." He's joking, making a funny sad face. "We do have them."

Wren giggles and pressed her nose into his shoulder.

"And what is this big feeling?" she asks, and then carefully moves her leg up, bending it, rubbing her inner thigh to his hip. Because of this light amused atmosphere in the room, she's being daring.

"That it's ace how fucking good our shag is. And are you hinting on something, love?" he rumbles in a fake womaniser tone, and Wren giggles again.

"I can't be hinting on anything. I'm an Omega, we don't make the first step." She isn't. It's really just a small gesture. But she's very proud of it.

"Cheeky, cheeky, disobedient Omega," he murmurs, sounding very pleased, and the muscles inside her clench from how sexy his voice is.

He rolls her under him again, and his bright eyes are right in front of her.

"But seriously, that was good." He gives her an earnest look. "You're really good for me. With you, I still remember who I am."

That's a slip. He's warm and comfortable under the comforter, and he's just had a very big orgasm, and he's so relaxed that he's just... slipped. And not even because of her O genes, and all those fluids they've exchanged, but because she loves him, and knows him so well, she knows that was a big slip just now. And even him kissing her, down her neck and onto the collarbones, isn't distracting enough for her to ignore it.

"And who are you?" she asks softly, hoping that he would answer, that he would let her in, that he would trust her.

He pauses, his lips hovering over her sternum, and then he exhales, his warm breath brushing at the insides of her tits.

"I'm not just just an Alpha..."

He isn't. And it's a fucking revelation - her ears are ringing from it - that he's scared to lose himself in it too. Because that is what they should be writing in those books, and not some bloody daft four chapters on reassuring your Omega.

Wren cups his jaw and gently lifts his face, making him look into her eyes.

"You are not. You are John. And I love John."

He smiles to her, and then he presses his forehead to her stomach, and exhales again, wet hot breath caressing her skin.

"It's so fucking scary sometimes..." he whispers almost inaudibly, and she tenderly strokes his head.

"What is?" She's whispering as well.

"How much power you have over me. You can't even imagine… They always talk about it like it's a one way link, but it isn't. They should write a book on caring for your Alpha instead." His tone is now sardonic. She knows he's hiding behind it, just as he's hiding his face. She runs her fingers through his hair.

"Even if we do, we are too confused and too scared to use it. So you're safe." She's keeping up with his fake light tone, but they both know how fucking important what they are saying is.

He's quiet for a bit, and then he exhales again.

"You aren't… Confused or scared… You can arse me up, if you ever want to… We will mate, and I'll have no power left. The fuck, I don't have any anyroad..."

"You are safe with me."

"Am I?" He finally lifts his burning, dark blue eyes, and she smiled to him and nods.

"You are. Because I love John. And I would never hurt him."

To be continued...

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