Hey guys this one is based on a video i had made a few years ago and i have finally decided to write this out this will be a few chapters and has a lot of sadness but it is what i believe would have been a logical reason for the letter and why things happened they way they did in my pwn point and story telling ways i do hope you all enjoy this.

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::: Machine Empire Palace:::

King Mondo was pacing around his throne room due to the Zeo rangers beating another one of his creations.

"What is it gonna take to destroy these accursed rangers?" Mondo yelled at Klank.

"My King it might be wise to distract one or all of the rangers using their personal lives." Klank said to Mondo just before ducking to avoid getting hit by his staff.

"Foolish Klank do you think I have not thought of that the question is how." King Mondo bellowed.

Off in the distance hiding in the shadows so as not to be caught was another robot he looked like sprocket only thinner and taller.

He listened to the whole conversation before disappearing out of the palace and to his hidden lair on Earth where there was another robot a female one mostly pink.

"Well my dear Gasket did you learn anything at all?" She asked him.

Prince Gasket the exiled first son of King Mondo looked at his lover and smiled. "Yes my dear Archirina I have found a way we might be able to get on my father's good side and then usurp his rule." Gasket stated.

"Oh do tell my darling." She gleefully said to him.

"It is so simple we distract the leader of the power rangers giving my father such a hassle the one called Tommy." He said.

"How my darling do we do that they will see through most plans." Archirina stated.

"I have been watching them for some time the red ranger has a lover that lives elsewhere on the planet that cares for him deeply as he does for her, the easiest way to demoralize him will be remover her in the worst way possible." Gasket states.

His lover giggles as she hears him say this to her. "Oh do we kill her and send the body to him." She asked getting out her bow and arrow.

"no my dear that would only anger him to the point he might destroy everything we go to where she is and make her leave him make her convince him that she does not love him anymore his heart will be broken and so will his spirit and that my dear is when the rangers will fall apart." Gasket explained.

Archirina giggled with her lover to the plan and disappeared with him into a small portal.

:::Gunthers Gymnastics training facility Miami Florida:::

Kim was sitting with the doctor and her coach as they were going over a few things from a accident the other day.

The Dr. looked at Kim with a dejected look on his face. "I am so sorry Kimberly but the injury to your ankle means you will not be able to compete in the games I am very sorry." He explained to Kim.

Kim was sitting there her crutches off to her side after having broke her ankle in a vaulting accident.

Coach Gunther looked at her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Kimberly while you cannot compete does not mean that you cannot help this team win the pan global games I would like to offer you asst coach for the upcoming games, that also means you will be able to travel home to Angel Grove California for a couple of weeks before returning here to help us get ready, what do you say to that." He said to her.

Kim still looked sad and dejected looked at her coach. "Coach I need to think about it if that is ok?" She asked him.

"Of course Kim take as much time as you need I know this is hard on you but I will need a answer no later than one month from today." He said to her.

"Thank you coach but if it is ok I'm gonna go back to my apartment and lay down for a bit." Kim said as they both agreed.

Kim had made her way out to the outside of the Gym to grab a cab back to her apartment she was staying in while training.

She saw a taxi coming and hailed it down it pulled over and picked her up, she got in and gave her address to the driver and the cab pulled off.

After a few minutes the driver looked up in his mirror and smiled. "Why so sad former pink ranger?" He asked.

Kim in the mood she was in did not realize at first that he called her a pink ranger went to answer him till it caught her that he said something he should not know.

"How do you know that?" She demand as the doors locked and the windows went up.

"I know who you are I also know of your connection to the red Zeo ranger Thomas Oliver."Gasket stated.

Kim tried to escape but the car was locked and her injury made it hard as the cab drove to a secluded area and parked.

Gasket got out and opened her door and dragged Kim out of the car, Kim looked around only to see another robot that was white and pink and had an arrow aimed at her.

Gasket tossed her on the ground and pulled his sword out and pointed it at her.

"So miss Hart I am going to give you once choice here you will convince in any way you can that you do not love the red ranger or my lover will hit you with a spell arrow that is so strong not even the great Zordon of Eltar could not break it." He demanded.

Kim just glared at him. "You would not be the first evil crazy to try this spell stunt on me it does not frighten me I will do no such thing to Tommy." She spat at him.

Gasket acting angry as to call her bluff grabs her by the neck and brings her eye to eye with him.

"Very well former ranger either do as I tell you or your family dies end of story they are being secretly targeted by my own elite soldiers and if you think that is a bluff test me." He says to her as fear starts to wash over her face.

"Really I doubt that, the rangers would know of it." Kim said once again trying to call his bluff.

Gasket gave a signal and a laser blast hit Kim straight in the back knocking her out.

15 Minutes later Kim awoke feeling groggy Gasket looked over at her and once again demanded her to break Tommy's heart.

Kim now realizing that this guy means business gave in to him to protect her family and had a idea how to do it and try and leave hints for Tommy to grasp.

"You must find a way to break his heart so much that he cannot lead the power rangers." Gasket said as Kim was handed Paper and pen as she asked for.

She started writing crying as she did leaving some clues not many as she could not risk him reading it and noticing she is putting in code words.

After a half hour Kim finished writing the worst thing she has ever had to write and handed it to Gasket.

"Very good and for good measure you will not remember me forcing you to do this you will truly believe you do not want to be with him ever again." Gasket said which surprised Kim who tried to protest as she was hit with a spell from his sword and she fell asleep.

:::Youth Center Angel Grove:::

It is 3 days after Kim's encounter with Gasket Tommy is working out on a bench while Adam, Rocky, Billy, Tanya, and Kat are sitting with him, Ernie walks over to Tommy with a letter from Kim for him.

Tommy had asked Adam to read it to him.

"Dear Tommy Coach Smidt has me as ready as I will ever be for the games things are going good down here, Tommy this is the hardest letter I ever had to write, you are a very good friend a brother I am sorry Tommy I have met someone else." Adam stops there and tells Tommy he should read it himself elsewhere.

Tommy just grabs the letter and finishes reading it. "He is kind caring and smart you would really like him please understand I would never hurt you but I feel I have truly met the one, love Kimberly." Tommy finish reading it confused beyond belief at this letter.

He gets up and heads off on his own to try and figure this whole thing out as he walks by the lakeside in the park to the point they first asked each other out, he tosses rocks into the water not noticing that Prince Gasket is watching from a distance gleefully enjoying their work.

"The seeds of doubt and the pain of love lost has been sowed just a matter of time before he starts to fall apart my dear." Gasket says to his mate.

A few weeks have come and gone and the rangers so far have stood up against anything Mondo as thrown at them but Tommy's resolve is not what it used to be.

Gasket thought that with the latest creation his father sent after the rangers would actually win as the rangers were being defeated by this creation until a 6th ranger appeared to aid the rangers.

Gasket grew frustrated with this new development but King Mondo nearly destroyed the gold ranger when he was sent back to Earth and unable to use the powers after a bounty hunter that Mondo sent after him actually destabilized the gold rangers power.

However Tommy was able to get someone to take over the powers the original red ranger Jason and the rangers were given the super Zeo crystals however King Mondo decided to attack the rangers himself and was taken out.

Gasket thought he finally had the chance to take power if not for Rita and Zedd sending Louie Kaboom to take over though he only lasted a few days before he was destroyed and with that Gasket made his move.

"Gasket what are you doing here father had you exiled." Sprocket stated as he saw his older brother.

Gasket looked right down at him and then over to his mother. "A lot of patience little brother I helped sow the seeds of doubt and heart break into the red ranger and now it has finally paid off it made father foolishly think he could take the rangers out himself only to fall in battle, I have now come to claim my throne and I will succeed in destroying the rangers by using what I have started with the red ranger to take him." Gasket boasted as he started to explain his plan to his mother and brother to kidnap Tommy.

Meanwhile at the youth center Jason, Tommy and Billy are sitting talking to each other about Kim's letter that is still slightly bothering Tommy.

"Wait she broke up with you in a letter I talked to her a week and a half before this was even mailed she was going on about how she could not wait for the games so that she could see you again, and even come home this makes no sense." Jason said.

"I don't know bro she won't answer my calls and will not return any more letters to be honest I have kinda moved on though this still bothers me." Tommy said.

"This does not seem like something Kim would do to be honest guys." Billy said having known Kim one year longer than Jason did with them being neighbors as kids.

"Listen Tommy if you want I will try and contact her she might talk to me she does not even know I'm back in Angel grove yet I could use that try at least get some answers for you if you want." Jason asked.

This had got Tommy thinking of her again and starting to feel heartbreak all over again. "No bro its cool I am just gonna let her contact me in her own time and way I'm gonna head to the park for a bit to get over this." Tommy says as Jason nods.

Tommy while in the park gets Kidnapped by Gasket who uses a machine on him using Kim's break up with him to aid in his master plan to make Tommy think he leads the good Machine Empire against the Evil rangers.

This plan however fails as the rangers break him out of it, and Gasket tries other ways to take out the rangers till his father's return Mondo angry with Gasket forces him and Archirina to battle the rangers themselves.

After the rangers take them out with the Super Zeo Zords the two fall to the ground back at normal size and severely weaken take off before Mondo can destroy them himself.

Meanwhile in Miami with the weaking of Gasket and Archirina causes the spell they had over Kim to lift and she begins to remember why she wrote the letter to Tommy.

She looks around her apartment and finds the letters Tommy had sent after that day and the messages he left on her machine.

"Oh my god what have I done to him?" She cries to herself she comes to the conclusion that she has to tell him in person and plans a trip to Angel Grove herself in a week and contacts Jason to let him know she is coming up.

She and Jason have a small argument and she explains herself and Jason says he will let Tommy know Kim begs him not to as it is her responsibility to tell him herself.

Jason agrees to this and they agree to meet at Angel Grove Airport, which they do after a week has passed Jason no longer having the gold ranger powers and the Machine Empire defeated.

However they are kidnapped and used in a very evil plan which turns them evil until a small wizard frees them and they attend a huge Charity Martial Arts tournament that the guys win with Jason's help since Rocky had gotten injured.

Kim thinking now was the time to let Tommy know sees him happy with Kat thinks to herself.

"No I can't ruin this he seems happy again I am not gonna hurt him again." Kim thinks to herself and heads out.

Jason notices it and chases after her. "Hey Shrimp I thought you were gonna let Tommy know." He said to her.

Kim looked back at him her eyes filled with tears. "I can't Jase he seems so happy again I am not gonna hurt him again and neither will you promise me Jason you will never tell him please no matter what." Kim pleads with him and he agrees to it.

After that the Turbo rangers end up retiring and Tommy and Kat break up Kat goes to England while Tommy goes off to college.

:::5 years later Angel Grove:::

It was a few days after the all red ranger mission to the moon and Tommy is at the wedding reception of his best friend and brother Jason and Trini, he came with Haley a friend from grad school.

Tommy was in his last year for his PhD and he notices Kim is at the wedding as well it cause him some hurt and he and Jason talk about something Jason claiming she never told him why.

This had gotten Hayley's interest as she had heard of the letter but never the reason why decides she will help her friend out and confront Kimberly herself.

While Jason and Tommy decide they are gonna have a drinking contest with all their guy friend's Kim is out on the balcony by herself Hayley approaches her.

"So you're the famous Kimberly Hart?" Hayley says.

This catches Kim by Surprise she spins around to see Hayley having noticed she came with Tommy.

"Oh hi you must be Tommy's girlfriend yes I am Kim Hart." She says.

Hayley a little angry at her from everything she has heard looks Kim right in the eyes.

"First I am not Tommy's girlfriend just really good friend second I think you owe him a explanation as to why you left him in a letter and yes I know all about it, it still bothers him even now." Hayley says.

"It is kinda hard to explain to be honest there are things we did as teenagers." Kim started to say only to be cut off by Hayley.

"Yeah you guys were power rangers I get it I know all about that and the powers and how they worked I am a rocket scientist basically." Hayley stated as this surprised Kim.

So Kim explained everything that Gasket did to her and why she kept it a secret she finished and looked Hayley ion the eyes the anger now long gone replaced by true sadness and pity.

"You should tell him Kim you really should." Hayley said this frightened Kim.

"I can't how do I explain why I kept it secret he is over me and I just please Don't tell him I am begging you not to I will when I am ready when he is done with school I promise." Kim rambled on erupting into tears.

Hayley seeing how hurt Kim was and that she still loved him embraced Kim in a hug telling her she would keep the secret and that she would be here if Kim needed a friend.

A few years later the incident on the island happened and Tommy survived it and ended up becoming the Black Dino thunder ranger, while Hayley kept this secret while still informing Kim on how Tommy was doing in their talks as she had become a good friend to Kim as well.

:::Earths Moon:::

In a small craft sitting not far from Zedd and Rita's old palace sits none other than Gasket and Archirina watching Tommy and his battle with Mesogog.

"My dear this thing you secretly helped create do you believe it is strong enough to kill Tommy so that we may have our vengeance." She asked him.

Gasket looked her right in the eyes. "Between the power I used to help create this Mesogog and the parts used to rebuild the human friend of his to Zeltrax will help assure our vengeance will be met my dear." Gasket said as he laughed while watching the Dino Thunder Rangers battle one of Mesogog's creations.

"Though my dear I do believe we should join them to ensure that he is destroyed once and for all." Gasket says to Archirina as it is revealed that Gasket is Barley complete anymore being carried around by Archirina.

With that they teleport to Mesogog's Lair as they arrive they Surprise Him as well as Elsa but not so much Zeltrax.

"Who are you and what do you think you are doing here." Mesogog demands.

Archirina turns around carrying what remains of Gasket. "We are here to make sure our creations you and Zeltrax destroy the black ranger no matter what." Gasket says as energy leaves him and fuses with Mesogog causing it to separate from Anton Mercer.

When the transfer is complete Gaskets eyes go dark as Mesogog in hales sharply. "Finally to be free of that Human crutch and with this power I can kill the rangers starting with the black ranger." Mesogog states as Zeltrax raises his sword in celebration.

Wow this one is a long one but i do hope you all enjoy i decided to end here and there will be more explained in the next chapter including how Gasket and his mate are still around post Z-wave anyway let me know what you think and until next chapter

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