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:::Downtown Reefside:::
Gasket/Mesogog's newest creation starts rampaging downtown with a army of both Tyranodrones as well as cogs.

Gasket/Mesogog is there as well with Zeltrax, Elsa and Archirina watching the attack when Archirina looks over to Gasket/Mesogog.

"Well my dear do you think they will come?" Archirina asked.

"Of course they will they cannot ignore people in danger and then once they are here the trap will be sprung and decades of planning will come to fruitation." He stated back at her.

"You are aware my lord that they have back up in Tommy Oliver's friends." Zeltrax stated.

Gasket/Mesogog looked right at Zeltrax and smiled. "Of course I do and I will destroy them all but remember I want the original pink ranger to remain alive I want to watch her despair as that accursed Tommy finally dies then and only then will I kill her." He ordered.

There was a small explosion as that caught their attention as the rangers had arrived on the scene, The Morphin rangers and Zeo rangers immediately engaged the cogs and Justin and the Dino Thunder team faced off against the Tyranodrones.

"Remember cogs have to take massive damage to fall they are stronger than putties guys." Jason called out to the originals that did not become Zeo rangers.

"I got it Jase." Zach called out as he used his power axe to cleave at least 4 cogs down into pieces.

"These things will be nothing but junk piles by the time we are through with them." Adam stated as he took out 5 more.

The Tyranodrones were being taken care of by the Dino Thunder team but were starting to overwhelm Justin when all of a sudden there is a flash of white going in several directions as the drones fall to the ground, when they all do Trent appears next to Justin.

"I thought you Turbo rangers were supposed to be fast?" Trent said half joking.

"Ha ha kid i had them." Justin replied before engaging more drones.

After a little bit the foot soldiers were down but the mutation/ robot was making his way towards the rangers.

"now we just need to deal with this thing." Kim said as it came closer and eyed Jason personally.

"Now this will be bitter sweet once they realize what we have done my love." Gasket/Mesogog stated.

The creation lifted his sword and swung it towards Jason releasing a energy wave that just missed him.

"That was for what you did to me on the moon ranger." It stated in a voice Jason had not heard in 2 years.

Jason stepping forward pulling his sword out. "No way you were destroyed with Serpentera on the moon." Jason said.

"Jase you know this thing?" Billy asked.

"Yeah Billy it is General Venjix or at least part of him he lead the forces that me and the other red rangers faced on the moon I thought the red wild force ranger took him out when he destroyed Serpentera." Jason stated.

At this time all the rangers regrouped up as Venjix glared at Jason. "That pitiful attack could not finish me and now I will repay you for the ruining my plans." Venjix stated as he engaged the rangers.

He started to parry the attacks from the Dino Thunder team as they attacked using their Thundermax sabers, he made easy work of Justin and the Zeo team, he was hit from behind by both Aisha and Zach with their power weapons.

He spun around hitting them across the chest with his own sword knocking them to the ground as Billy came at him with his lance only to be deflected back.

Kim fired energy arrows at him with her power bow only for him to knock them to the ground, Jason came running up behind him with his power sword drawn only to have Venjix turn around and nail him across the chest so hard it cause Jason to demorph.

Jason falls to the ground as Venjix walks over him. "Kinda anti-climatic finishing you this easily ranger seeing the trouble you gave me on the moon." Venjix said as he raised his sword above his head.

The other rangers were trying to get back on their feet as Venjix raised his sword above his head to deliver the killing blow on Jason.

Venjix is about to bring his sword down when he is all of a sudden blasted several times from a unknown location.

He reels back and looks. "Who dares!?" He snarls.

"We dare mutant." Comes a voice as two men wearing Military like uniforms and red berets hold laser pistols, one looks like a simple blaster but the other one looks like a dinosaur head.

"You two again." Venjix snarls as it is revealed that two men are Wes Collins and Eric Myers.

"Oh we did not come alone freak." Eric states as all of a sudden there is a blast that rains down on him from above from the Astro megaship.

As the megaship fly's by 6 rangers land on the ground one with long blonde/brown hair turns towards Justin.

"We came as fast as we could guys had to pick up some extras in Silver Hills on the way." Andros stated as he turned towards Gasket/Mesogog's forces.

"It matters not how many rangers you bring humans because you just made my job a lot easier in eliminating you all." Gasket snarled.

"We seem to outnumber you freak so please do tell how you plan on winning." Wes stated.

"With this." Was all that Gasket stated as the sky darkened and there was a eerie roar heard in the distance that Jason Kim Billy and the others knew all too well.

"No way." Was all Rocky said as the large machine descended from the clouds and landed in the middle of the city was a green dragon like zord that was at least 4 times as large as any of the Zords the rangers had.

"What the hell is that thing?" Ethan asked.

"Serpentera." Was the only thing Jason could say as he stared at the massive Zord that used to belong to Lord Zedd and Jason thought was destroyed.

Gasket/Mesogog started laughing. "Did you really think that I would not rebuild the most powerful machine in the universe pitiful humans, now witness your world's end." He exclaimed as Serpentera blasted a small area downtown that destroyed 5 tall skyscrapers.

"Um Hayley any idea how we defeat this thing?" Conner asked into his communicator.

"Working on it Conner this things power levels are off the scales." Hayley stated back.

"Hayley look in my personal files from the power chamber there should be everything you need to formulate a plan of action in the mean time send whatever zords we have." Billy stated.

Jason the Astro rangers and the Time force rangers now having been joined by the rest of their team morphed as the Zeo Zords and Super Zeo Zords start arriving on the scene as well as the Bio zords and the Q-rex.

Andros and his team form the Astro Megazord while Zhane has the mega winger go into mega zord mode.

Meanwhile Gasket/Mesogog and his generals have boarded Serpentera and started to take pot shots at different buildings as the Megazords tried there hardest to cause any damage to the massive Dragon.

"Jason how did you guys ever defeat this thing before?" Conner asked over the com system.

"That's the thing Conner we never did it usually ran out of power it seems that it has been upgraded." Jason replied as he controls the Zeo Megazord to dodge a laser blast from Serpentera.

"This is great what do we do now." Ethan stated.

"Listen guys you got to focus right now we keep it firing at us so as to draw fire away from the civilians just remember Tommy would never falter we can't either." Kim came over the system stating.

Everyone agreed and did their best to make themselves targets till the civilians were evacuated while also not getting destroyed either.

:::Inside Tommy's Mind:::

Tommy is seeing some of his most pivotal battles that he was ever in, when he all of a sudden hears what sounds like a bird crying in his head.

"What was that?" Tommy asked Dulcea and Zordon.

Dulcea looked at Tommy. "It appears that your crane is calling out for your aid, but I am sorry that you cannot go in your present condition." Dulcea says.

Tommy looks over at Zordon. "What is happening and is there anything I can do to help, I will do anything even if it means I die as long as she and all my friends live." Tommy pleads to Zordon.

Zordon turns towards Dulcea they both nod and then Zordon turns back to Tommy.

"it appears that all the rangers you have ever worked with are fighting Gasket in Mesogog's body while he is using a upgraded Serpentera, as far as helping them Tommy Kimberly right now is carrying your Dragonzord coin." Zordon explained.

"But Tommy you must understand that if you do what we are about to say there is a great chance you will die from the strain, so please choose carefully." Dulcea explained.

They then showed the battle as it was happening with a blast from Serpentera separating the Zeo Megazord, the view then shifts to Kim piloting Tommy's old Zeo zord.

Kim has the zord roll to avoid a blast only to have another one come at her, in the cockpit she wraps her hand around the dragonzord coin and lowers her head.

"I am sorry Tommy I was not strong enough to defeat him for you but if you can hear me I am so sorry I ever sent that letter I want you to know I love you I wanted to you to know that just in case I don't make it out of here alive." She said in the cockpit as the zord was struck by a blast from Serpentera.

The hit was on the wing and the zord starting to spiral out of control Tommy seeing this turns to both Zordon and Dulcea.

"I don't care if I die as long as they live what do I do." Tommy stated.

"Young Falcon you must focus all of your energies toward the crane it will give her the power necessary to win." Dulcea explained.

Tommy turned closed his eye and focused on Kim and his coin in her hand, after a few seconds he started to glow green then there was a burst of energy that flew from him as he collapsed on the ground.

:::The battle Scene:::

The red Zeo zord was spiraling towards the ground Kim was trying to regain control when all of a sudden the dragonzord coin started to glow a very bright green the pink.

"What the hell?" Kim asked as she grabbed the coin she felt a rush of power that surged through her she was confused but then she relieved what was happening when the dragon shield appeared on her chest.

The zord was about to hit the ground when all of a sudden the damage on the wing was gone and Kim was able to pull up at the last second.

She activated the com. "Guys listen I don't know how I know this but I do we need to focus a huge amount of power into a blast at one point on Serpentera that will weaken its shields to where we can board it and take out both Gasket and Venjix once and for all." Kim called over the com.

Every replied that they understood and all the zords pumped all their energy into one massive blast and fired it at Serpentera.

After a couple of Minutes the blast broke through its shield and nailed it in its chest area there was a surge of power all along the Zord then it's eye went dark.

Hayley contacted them. "Guys my reading show you have overloaded its core you need to get in there and take him down fast my readings state we got 5 minutes till it's back to full power." Hayley stated.

Jason was the next to speak. "Ok then me Kim, Kira, Andros, and Eric will go in the rest of you will stay out here and do your best to stop this thing in case we fail." Jason stated.

Everyone acknowledge on the Thundermax Megazord Conner turned to Kira as she got ready to head out and join the others.

She looked right at him thankful that her helmet covered her face to hide her tears.

"Conner if I don't make it back I want you to know how I truly feel about you ,you mean a lot to me Conner and you have been the greatest friend a girl could ask for, and finally I love you." She said as Conner just pulled her into a hug.

"I love you to Rock star just promise me you will come back." He said with a few tears running down his eyes.

"I can't promise that but if I don't I want you to tell Dr. O he was the best father I have had since my real one died." She said.

"No you will tell him Kira now go show this fucker what happens when he attacks our family." Conner stated.

With that Kira jumped out of the Megazord and landed on top of the Red Zeo Zord with the others as it flew them up to head of Serpentera.

They jumped off as Wes now piloting Tommy's Zord flew off wishing them luck.

The rangers got inside and started heading for the cockpit of the Zord as they were intercepted by cogs.

"Knew Gasket was not gonna make this easy." Jason said.

The rangers battled the cogs quite easily and got to just below the cockpit and they noticed it was the engine room.

"Guys that s the core f this Zord we take that out we win." Andros stated.

Eric pulled out his Quantum defender and went to fire when he was knocked over by Venjix.

"Not this time ranger you will not win this time." Venjix stated as he then threw Eric into Andros, Jason then engaged him with his power sword hitting him across his chest with it sending sparks flying.

He hit the ground then yelled out for aid from Gasket and the others but before he could finish all you saw was Andros powering up his spiral saber hitting with all his power knocked him down and out.

"Ok guys we need to hit that with a lot of power get your blasters out and fire here." Andros stated.

Jason and Kim pulled out there blade blasters, while Kira got her Thundermax saber into blaster mode both Andros and Eric had their guns at the ready.

"On three we fir FIRE!" Jason commanded they all did, after a few seconds the beams started to break through the shielding around the core and was about to break through when the rangers were attacked from behind the fell to the ground all except Eric who continued to fire at the core.

Kira, Kim and Jason looked up to see Mesogog/Gasket and Zeltrax standing there.

Kim got up and aimed her blaster at Mesogog only to get hit with Zeltrax's sword knocking her to the ground the Dragon shield still protecting her.

Jason charged at them both with his power sword getting parried by Zeltrax only to recover and kick him in the chest knocking him back while taking a swing at Mesogog/Gasket with his sword just barely making contact.

Kim was still laying on the ground as Andros started firing at the Core again with Eric her chest hurt even though her armor and the dragon shield protected her from the brunt of the hit it still was enough to knock the wind out of her.

"We need to hit it with something powerful and fast." Eric yelled as Kim looked up at Kira who was holding her helmet after getting kicked in the head.

"Kira take my power bow." Kim said tossing it to her as Kira grabbed it and pulled the string back forming a energy arrow and firing it at the core but it did nothing when hit.

"It needs more power me and Eric cannot hold this hole open much longer." Andros stated as Jason kept fighting the other 2 to keep them away from the others.

Kim did not know what to do when she noticed she also had the dragon dagger she handed it to Kira.

"Kira take the dagger and fire it like a arrow it should do enough damage to take out that core." Kim explained as Kira nodded and took the Dagger.

She drew the dagger back as if it were a arrow. "Please let this be enough to stop this please Dr. O no dad please grant me the power to save them."Kira thought to herself finally calling Tommy dad in her mind as she did this the Dragon Dagger glowed a bright green.

She released it as Mesogog screamed no, the dagger hit its mark and there was a explosion as the core gave way, Andros and Eric grabbed Kim and Kira and ran for it while Jason swung his word releasing a red energy beam knocking Mesogog and Zeltrax down as he ran for it behind the others.

Outside the other rangers started to see explosions coming from Serpentera as the core started to give way, after a few minutes the whole Zord exploded in a gigantic fireball that the rangers kept contained using their zords.

"Does anyone see them did they make it out in time?" Conner asked frantically over the com.

"We are not sure but how did they do that is a better question." Billy asked.

"Hey I see them they are on the ground." Aisha yelled over the com.

The rangers exited there zords getting over to them they all had demorphed as they were rushed by everyone.

Billy looking over everyone noticed Kim seemed hurt the most. "Kim let us get you to the hospital." Billy said.

"No Billy I will be fine." Kim said.

Jason went to say something when they were interrupted.

"How dare you destroy my zord my love and my generals you will pay for this rangers." Said a figure behind the rangers they all spun around to see Mesogog still standing there slightly injured, while piece of Venjix, Archirina, and Zeltrax litter the ground.

Kim now seething with anger glares right at him and pulls away from Billy drawing out the Dragon dagger that had landed on the ground just as they did.

The others were surprised to see the dagger as Kim's armor formed around her with the Dragon shield.

"You son of a bitch have ruined my life now I will make you pay for every wrong you have ever done to my friends my one true love and to every innocent on this planet!" Kim snarled at him as she charged at him.

"My dear Kim you are no match for me I will kill you like I have the great Thomas Oliver." Mesogog stated as he fired a blast at Kim.

Kim blocked the blast with the dagger as she kept pushing though it getting closer to Mesogog till she was face to face with him.

"Better men than you have tried and failed Gasket now you do to." Kim said as the dagger still blocking the blast starts to glow green like before.

She pushes forward knocking Gasket/Mesogog off balance and shoved the dagger into his chest, as she does she pours all her energy into it causing a massive explosion.

The others look over to where Kim was only to see a crater they run over to see Kim standing up her armor torn her helmet no longer on and the dragon dagger in her hand, she turns and sees everyone and gives the thumbs up before collapsing on the ground.

"Kimmy!" Jason, Zach and Billy yell as they run over to her she demorphs but as soon as she does she is awash with energy and her cuts and bruises heal up.

She wakes up and looks in Jason's eyes. "I finally killed that fucker." She said this caused everyone to laugh.

When all of a sudden there communicators went off. "Yea Hayley we did it." Jason said.

"Guys the hospital just called Tommy went into cardiac arrest." Hayley said as Kira and Kim went white everyone was scared for what might happen to their friend.

"Hayley time to test the teleporter we have been working on have it port us to the Hospital asap." Billy said to Hayley.

"Prepare for teleportation." Was all Hayley said as they were ported to the hospital.

They all ran in they got to just outside the ICU when they are stopped by a nurse. "I am sorry you cannot go in there." The nurse said.

"no let me through that's my dad in there." Kira yelled the nurse would not budge.

Adam walked up to Kira and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Hey Kira lets go into the waiting room and hope for the best ok." He said.

Kira distraught that she might lose another father just turned around and cried into Adams chest.

He carried her over to the waiting area as they all joined her Kat and Hayley as well as Trini and Aisha here comforting Kim at that moment.

After about 30 minutes the doctor came out to see everyone he had a look of sadness on his face.

"We got his heart started again but I do not know for how long I think maybe it is time you all went in and said your goodbyes I am so sorry there is not more I could do for him." The doctor stated as they all made their way in.

All the other rangers that had worked with him in the past went first followed by the Zeo team and the original team.

Jason was third to last to say his goodbye he walked over to the bed and placed his hand on Tommy's

"Bro I am so sorry I was not here for you man all those times we saved each other's ass this time I can't and it kills me, but I promise I will take care of your legacy man I will watch over Kira for you and Kim you have my word." Jason stated as he started to cry.

Goodbye Bro I loved you man you were my brother and now I'm saying goodbye for good." Jason said before finally breaking down and heading out to have Kira go before Kim at her suggestion.

Kira walked up to the Bed and stared at him. "I don't even know where to begin I was finally getting comfortable with you being my guardian, Dr. O bit then I found the adoption papers you were filling out you had left them on your desk, and my heart started racing you really wanted me to become your daughter." Kira said as tears flowed down her face.

"And now I will never have that chance to even call you dad because I am losing you just as I lost my real parents the only difference is I get a chance to say goodbye to you, you may not have been able to file the papers but to me you became my dad and I am proud to have become your daughter." Kira said before placing a kiss on his forehead.

"Goodbye dad I will always remember you." Kira said before heading out to the waiting room crying her eyes out.

Conner wrapped her up in a hug to comfort her.

The last one to go in was Kim as she approached the bed her tears already flowing.

She kneeled down next to him and placed her hand on his. "Oh my god I don't know what to say Tommy I am so sorry I ever gave into Gasket and wrote you that letter I am so sorry that I broke your heart, I was so scared to say anything after that afraid he would come back after my family, afraid I would hurt you again you had looked so happy with Kat." Kim said sadly.

"Then even with everyone Billy, Trini, Jason, and Hayley pressuring me to tell you I had finally decided I was going to do it this weekend then me and Jason got the call that you were hurt badly, but the worst part of it Tommy is I didn't just hurt you and break your heart I also broke that little girls heart out there she was finally happy to have a parent that actually cared about her I know it was not official yet but I feel that if I was here or if I fought back more or if just said something then Gasket would not be here to have done what he has done." She said.

She pulled the dragon coin out of her packet and placed it in his hand closing his fingers around it.

"Even like this you have ways of helping me though you have ways of making sure I know that I am strong enough to do what I do, but handsome I don't know if I'm strong enough to go on without you I love you so much I just wish you could come back to me." Kim said.

Her tears started flowing worse than before. "But I know you can't now but I want to say if you can hear me once again I love you and tell Zordon when you get there that I miss him and that I loved him like a daughter loves her father please rest in peace Tommy I love you, Goodbye handsome." She said crying her eyes out as she left the room.

As she walked out the door there was a surge of pink followed by green energy coming from his coin.

:::Inside Tommy's mind:::

Tommy weakly sitting on the ground surrounded by Dulcea and Zordon started crying himself as he stared at the scene before him, he then looked at Zordon.

"What happens now?" Was all Tommy could ask with fear in his voice at the prospect of actually dying.

Dulcea walked over to Zordon and whispered back and forth with him.

Zordon looked down at Tommy. "My young green ranger you will go back to the world of the living and you will have the chance to hold them all together." Zordon boomed down to him.

Tommy looking surprised. "How Zordon the energy I sent to help them you said was fatal." Tommy asked.

"Yes Tommy it was but Kim sent some of her energy back when she placed that coin back in your hand her love for you is holding you to the Earth as for sending you back for good I will send you back my friend with the energy I have left here it is not your time to join with the power." Zordon said.

Tommy was looking more confused when Dulcea approached her. "Tommy this was more of a test to see what your will to live and your love of your friends was you were willing to die for them you just proved what me and Zordon have known since the first day you became a ranger that you are the most purest heart we have encountered on the Earth, now go my falcon go be with your crane." Dulcea said as Tommy started to fade out.

Zordon looked as Tommy was disappearing. "May the power protect you my friend."Zordon said.

:::Hospital waiting room:::

Kim was crying her eyes out being comforted by everyone alongside Kira.

"First my parents leave me behind, then gasket forces me to break Tommy's heart, then I lose Zordon now I'm losing Tommy." Kim said.

"Kim" Rocky started to say only to be interrupted by her yelling at him.

"NO ROCKY WHY ALWAYS US WE DO SO MUCH TO PROTECT THE EARTH WHEN DO WE GET TO BE HAPPY WHAT DID WE EVER DO TO DESERVE ANY OF THIS!" Kim yelled as she buried her face in Rocky's chest beating it with her fists as she yells.

"That's ok Kim it's not right what we go through just let it all out just remember we are here for you." Rocky says to her.

They are all about to leave when they see the doctors and nurses running into Tommy's room they all freeze for a few minutes till Tommy's doctor comes out with a large smile on his face.

'I don't know how or have any explanation but he is awake alert and asking for all of you." The doctor said as Kim and Kira's head popped up and they took off into the room together.

Jason just laughed at what he just saw. "I don't think I ever saw anyone move so fast unless you count that one time Ernie announced a all you can eat buffet at the youth center and rocky took off for it." Jason said as everyone started laughing.

The doctor walked over to Jason and extended his hand. "I want to thank you and your friends for everything you have ever done for us." He said which confused Jason.

"I am sorry Doctor I don't know what you mean?" Jason said.

"I know what all of you do my niece was one once and do not worry your secret is safe with me but know that there is someone looking out for you guys bringing your friend back like that." The doctor said and that is when Jason actually noticed his name Dr. Curtis Mitchell.

" Thank you Doctor." Was all Jason said.

:::Inside Tommy's room:::

Tommy was sitting up as Kira and Kim raced into the room Kira basically tackled him with a hug.

"Oh my god your ok promise me you will never do that to me again dad." Kira said without thinking which caught Tommy by surprised he then smiled back and embraced her in a hug.

"Don't worry kiddo I am not going anywhere anytime soon I take it you found the paperwork I was filling out?" he asked.

She nodded yes. "Good because they are all filled out I need you and Hayley to drop those off for me." He said which caused Kira's smile to get even bigger.

He then looked up at Kim. "Hey beautiful I'm glad you came and before you say anything I know all about the letter and why you did what you did, let's just say I was watching over you guys during this whole ordeal." Tommy said as Kim started to smile.

"Does that mean you forgive me?" Kim asked sleeplessly.

Tommy looked right at her. "No I don't forgive you Kim." He said as she started to cry a little.

"I don't forgive you because you did nothing wrong for me to have to forgive you for and before you ask the next question I never stopped loving you." He said as she ran over and wrapped her arms around him.

"And Kim I would like it if you came to live with me and Kira please." He asked.

She looked at him then over at Kira who was nodding yes very franticly. "Yes Handsome I will move in with you." She said as the others walked in.

Tommy looked up at everyone. "Thanks all of you for helping out that means a lot." Tommy said.

Wes and Andros walked up and smiled at him. "Hey once a ranger always a ranger man we are all family, you know what they say mess with one of us you mess with all of us." Wes said which got a laugh from everyone.

They all wished him well before they headed out till only Justin the Zeo and originals remained with the Dino Thunder team remained, Tommy looked over at Jason and Trini.

"Hey listen the doc says its gonna be a few days till I get out of here and I'm gonna need some help around the house till I'm 100 percent." Tommy started to explain.

Jason held his hands up in the air stopping him. "Say no more bro me and Trini were gonna be moving here anyway I bought a house not far from yours about 6 months ago for the new baby on the way anything you need we are here for you man." Jason said which made Tommy smile.

He then motioned for Kira to come over to him and he whispered something into her hear, when then looked at him and nodded her head yes.

She stood next to him as Tommy spoke up to everyone. "As you all know I had Taken Kira in before she was transferred to another foster home what you all did not know except for a select few is I was going to adopt her , to which she has happily agreed, so please allow me to introduce Kira Ford Oliver." He said as Kira was smiling.

Conner walked over to her and wrapped her in a hug and looked her in the eyes. "Listen I meant every word I said to you before you went and kicked ass and I still do I Love you Kira." Conner said as Kira just stared at him.

She then pulled him into a kiss as everyone was staring at them till Tommy interrupted. "While I am glad Conner you finally came out of your shell with Kira can you not make out with her in front of me please." Tommy said sounding all fatherly which caused everyone to laugh loudly

"Conner Thank you for everything I love you too." She said after she finished giggling.

Everyone sat there talking and laughing till it was time to go they all said that they would always be together and that they would look out for one another.

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