Magic and Chaos

Summary: Bella is not the only supernatural creature in the world, when she returns to La Push to lay Charlie to rest. Can she fall in love with a person whilst trying to keep her secret, but what happens when the person she is falling in love with has his own secret. Can they make it work and keep everyone they love safe, read more to find out?

Pairings: Bella/Paul

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, they belong to Stephanie Myer.

-Bella/Paul Bella/Paul Bella/Paul -

A/N: This first chapter with be from both Bella and Paul's POV and will give some background to the story.

Chapter 1 – Introductions

Bella's POV:

So here I am after 10 years of getting away from Forks, I am returning. I know what you are all wandering and that is why after so many years am I returning but trust me I wouldn't be returning if I had a choice, but the truth is that I am returning to lay my father Charlie to rest. Now don't go looking for self-pity as Charlie wasn't my real dad, that's right I am adopted. You see the truth is that I am a protector of wolves and when my real parents figured this out, they gave me to Charlie and Rene to look after. Charlie had decided to tell me the truth at 17 and when he did I just ran and never looked back not until I got that telephone call. Whilst I have been away I have learnt to keep my appearance human as much as possible to not give away my secret which is difficult when people speak so rudely about the creatures I am meant to be protecting. Another thing was that Charlie kept in touch with me and he understood why I couldn't come home until now. Also whilst I have been away Charlie had fallen in love with a native women called Sue Clearwater she was the one to phone me and tell my what had happened to Charlie, now I also knew that Sue had two children. One of her children is a girl called Leah and she is the same age as me whilst the other child is called Seth and he is younger and yes I have no idea what they look like. As I am traveling through Forks towards La Push I feel like I am coming home and can finally settle.

Pau's Pov:

So it has been a couple of years now since I have found out my true heritage. I Paul Lahote am a protector of La Push which means that I turn into a big sliver wolf to protect the town from vampires. Trust me when I say it's not all that bad, I was second to phase the first person to phase was Sam and he is the alpha of the pack. So now let's get through the rest of our pack; Sam Uley is alpha, me as beta, Jared Cameron, Embry Call, Jacob Black, Quil Altera, Seth Clearwater and last but not least the two twins and youngest of the pack Brady and Collin Fuller. So that's the pack there are also the elders and the imprints but that is not really important now.

Today is not a good day for any of us in La Push as we are burring a good friend of the tribe Charlie Swan. I suppose it's hitting Sue pretty hard to have lost two people that you love, I can't even begin to imagine what it feels like. Charlie and Sue began dating when Charlie's daughter ran away, that's the other bit of news. Everyone has to behave today as apparently Bella Sawn was coming as in Charlie's daughter that ran away. That's what we are all stood here doing and waiting is for Bella and Sue to turn up…