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Time goes on.

Little after the events of the 'great scream night'.. Yes people named that night, a voice screaming out the name of the Hokage was heard all across Konoha. Many people believe it to be Hinata, but of course no ever knows.

Naruto did still dive into Hyuuga business, and surprisingly.. It wasn't as dirty as he thought it would be. Hiashi still worked in the best interest of his clan however. They were, the Hyuuga, very forthcoming with information much to the Hokage's shock, they told him since he was family and the leader of the Village, he had every right to know how they ran business, they were damn right too!

And well, as stated before, their Business was rather clean.. Naruto didn't know what he thought he'd find... Maybe things like some drama inducing stuff as selling Konoha secrets, plans to coup, or desert the Village... things of that juicy nature. The dirtiest thing was the suitor stuff and they abandoned that plan after last events, speaking of, turns out it was a noble from a not too distant city and he got a little to handsy with Hanabi. The whole purpose was to secure that city's connection with Konoha/The Hyuuga, and since that failed due to that man being a pure asshole, that City sent it's sincerest apologies and wrote a treaty with Konoha anyways, forming a alliance.

And since we are still on the Hyuuga, month after all this. They, Naruto and Hinata and Hanabi decided it was time to tell Hiashi about their new relationship, of course the fact Hanabi didn't want to be a 'Secret' added majorly to the decision. Plus she also wanted to have her Father's blessing to marry Naruto, it's a big deal for her apparently, Hinata got her blessings but the man didn't even attend their wedding, Kakashi is the one that walked her down.

Hiashi's initial reaction shouldn't have surprised to anyone. He yelled out in rage then tried to attack Naruto, but with his two Daughters there, his outburst was very short-lived. Naruto remembers that fondly.

Hyuuga Clan Head Office

"Get. Out. Of. My. Way." Hiashi roared each word at his daughters as they stood defiantly between him and the Hokage, he sneered at remembering the stature of the boy behind his Daughters. Just because he's the Hokage doesn't give him any right to have BOTH his daughters, he didn't know what kind of mind trick this blonde was playing on them but he wouldn't fucking stand for it.

Hinata and Hanabi leveled him with furious glares. Hanabi was the first to speak. "I will not." She roared stepping up to her Father. he looked at her shocked, she has never acted this way towards him. "And trust me, it's for your own good that I don't." She added offhandedly. And that's a fact, Naruto would wipe the floor with Hiashi, he's Hokage for a reason for Kami sakes.

Following suite, Hinata stepped up beside her sister, Hiashi shocked expression went to her. "She right, I won't let you even attempt to harm our Husband." She spat, shocking the Head even more, he has never even seen Hinata talk in such a way.

Then he remembered she said 'Our'. He opened his mouth to speak defiantly, but was interrupted. "I don't want to hear anything from your right now, dad, other then giving your approval for me to marry Naruto." His youngest daughter said icily. She wasn't married to Naruto yet, but she still considered him as a husband, they were close enough, that's for sure. Hence why Hinata said 'our'.

He frowned deeply and looked to Naruto, they blonde has the nerve to smile at him. He openly his mouth again to say something, but was again interrupted. "Father, you have done enough." Hinata spoke getting his attention, he looked at her confused. "You pushed me away, basically disowned me when me and Naruto was wed, the very least you can do now is give Hanabi your blessings." She spoke softly, like the Hinata he knows, knew.

He pursed his lips. He has already admitted he handled Naruto and Hinata wrong, but this was a different case wasn't it? His eyes went to Hanabi then to Naruto then back to Hinata. Was fate giving him a chance to right his wrong? He does also want to properly be a part of his grand kids life... "Bu-

"No buts Old man." Hanabi interrupted immediately, she didn't want hear anything except ok right now from him. "You know I'm going to be Clan Head soon, so I'll be marrying him anyway without your blessings and approval but you're my Father." She stated the last part with a sigh, it was true, she'd be getting the head title in the future, it was confirmed. But she wanted his freaking blessings, and his approval cause despite all his flaws, she still loved him.

"You wronged me Father, but you can't change that and I'll never forgive you for that." Hinata spoke up, earning a hurt look from her Hiashi. "But this is your chance to do right by Hanabi and Naruto." She finished crossing her arms under he ample chest. She'll never forgive her Father, it's not like her to hold a grudge, that would be true... and she may be exaggerating even a bit by saying 'never forgive' but what he did hurt her massively and she's not ready to overlook that.

"I.." Their Father started, but went quiet as both of his Daughters leveled him with a stern look, so much like their mother. He sighed in defeat. "Fine, ok. I give my blessings and approval as Hyuuga clan head Hanabi for you to marry the Uzumaki." He said flatly, obviously not pleased with the thought. He turned to go to his seat, then sat down with another defeated sigh. When he gave Hanabi right to marry and or see whomever she wanted, he didn't think it would be the same man as her sister.

Hanabi squealed while jumping to hug Naruto, very pleased with what she just heard, her sister joined their hug. Letting go of them Hanabi looked back at her Father who is now scowling at his desk. "Oh and Father dear.." She started getting his attention, he looked at her, his face schooled with a blank expression. "You will be attending my wedding." She growled, leveling him with a glower.

"Fine.." He sighed, it's not like he was planning on missing this one anyway, he's learned his lesson.

And that's how much Naruto remembered of that little event, he couldn't remember if Hiashi said more or not, he just remembered how awesome his girls were standing up to him, and how he looked so.. taken back that both of them were giving him so much shit, it was glorious!

After that, Hanabi practically told anyone and everyone she was marrying the Hokage, she got the crazy eye of course from most. Their friends however, went to Naruto for answers, and when he confirmed it...

All he got was.

Hokage Office

"Naruto how could you do this to Hinata?" Ino yelled in his office, giving the Blonde one of the 'if looks could kill' stares.

"I knew something fishy was going with Hanabi.. but what about Hinata man?" Shikamaru said, he knew something was going on, never let it go his head though. He had thought Naruto would never cheat on Hinata... Looks like he was wrong. How could he do this to that poor girl?

"What about your kids Naruto?" Sakura screamed looking at Naruto the same way as Ino. They weren't even that old and he was one of those husbands who liked him young.. Fucking ass hole blonde shit, she outta kick his ass for doing this to Hinata... Hinata... She wonders how the poor girl is handling this news... does the poor girl even know?

"I never thought you had it in you man, I'm impressed." Kiba howled, wanting to walk up to the Blonde and fist bump him, and punch him at the same time, it's weird. On one hand, he's fucking Hanabi, who was one fine girl, don't get him wrong Hinata is cute and all but she has kids and probably ain't got a tight body anymore. On the other hand.. It's fucking Hinata, the girl tired to kill herself like two times for the blonde idiot and just for him to cheat on her? With her sister no less? That's fucked up!

"Silence, Kiba. Naruto, your actions are despicable." Shino reprimanded.

"I'm gonna agree with Shino there.." Choji mumbled.. Not sure if he still believed it or not, this just didn't sound like Naruto at all.

Sasuke merely stared at his old friend, he didn't know either of the Hyuuga sisters that well.. He had only been back a short while, but was surprised when Hanabi had come talking about a marriage to Naruto, wasn't he with Hinata? This confused Sasuke greatly.

"Guys." He sounded, they all looked at him intensely. He gave them all a sheepishly smile. "Hinata kinda knows.." He told them.

"OH GREAT, SO HINATA KNOWS YOU ARE CHEATING ON HER AND YOU ABOUT TO MARRY HER SISTER!" Sakura screeched, ready to pummel Naruto into the ground. How could he sit there so calmly and act like this.

"Well no.. I mean yes.. but not in the way you think.." He said with a nervous chuckle.

They all gave him a confused look.

"You see..." He started, looked at each of his friends.. one by one. "Hinata knows about me and Hanabi because we're all in a relationship together.." He stated... shit, even he felt confused from what he just said, so their even more confused stares didn't surprise him. "Dammit, look, Hinata and Hanabi are BOTH my wives, I'm not cheating on Hinata, in fact, she encouraged Hanabi to seduce to me in the first place.. Look guys, long story short, me, Hinata and Hanabi are in a relationship and both of them are gonna be my wives." He finished, hoping his friends understood that.

Sakura stared stupidly.. 'Hinata encouraged Hanabi to seduce Naruto... the fuck?' Her inner self bellowed.

Ino had the same look...

"Well damn man, good shit!" Kiba chirped while walking up and fist bumping his friend.. What? Guy getting two chicks to marry him willingly is worth a fist bump, hell, worth a damn award of some kind! Fucking both Hyuuga heiresses? That's a dream come true!

Choji just stared at the blonde, He's never heard of this type of relationship...

'Mmm that explains why I have seen the three happily together so much in recent memory..' Shikamaru thought with a sigh. He had seen Hinata yesterday and she looked fine, he's sure if Naruto ever left her or cheated on her, the girl would be broken. She's not exactly a pro at hiding her emotion, Naruto was just oblivious in his younger years.

Shino simply stared, processing the information. How was it possibly for three nest to be together at the same time in such a way? It would be a mass panic wouldn't it..?

"SO the dobe is going to have two wives?" Sasuke mumbled to himself, his eyes going to Sakura then Ino. 'Hn'

After that, he of course had to explain their relationship even further. Mostly to Sakura and Ino, those two were the most curious for some odd reason. Day later, Sasuke came inquiring, and that was very odd..

Week later, Sakura wanted to pummel Sasuke cause he wanted to have two wives too apparently, the other being a now single Ino[Her and Sai didn't work out for obvious reasons.]. Of course , sometime in the future, Sasuke did get what he want.

Months after all that goodness. Life sailed. Hanabi was still planning a wedding, Naruto was still a vacationing Hokage, yes he took on and off again vacations, it became routine for Shikamaru to sub in for any given number of days. And Hinata was still a full time Mother, not to mention by this time, was showing that she is pregnant. She had been avoiding sleeping Naruto cause she knew she couldn't explain away her baby bump hiding under her baggy clothes, not that he pressured her much with Hanabi around and very, very, willing. But when he did want his wife, or felt like he was neglecting her, she would avoid it. Until of course she couldn't hide it anymore. And then wondered why she was hiding it in the first place? Naruto celebrated when he found out, then did his own avoidance of sleeping with her like he did with her previous pregnancies, until her hormones became to much, and he caved.

He avoided because he thinks he harms the infants inside her by pounding her, Hinata and Hanabi had a good laugh at that.

Times move on.

Hanabi was elected Hyuuga Clan head and shortly after Married Naruto[Hiasi indeed attended, and walked her down.]. And then a month later, Hinata had twins! Two boys, one showed signs of having red hair, which surprised Hinata, but Naruto explained to her his family hair color, or rather, his mom's hair color, so he explained to her that it was a possibility. Their other child had blue hair,.

Naruto named the red haired one, 'Minato', looking at that red haired kid reminded him too much of his parents. Hinata named the their other newborn, 'Hisao'. Thinking of her and Naruto's life and how far they have came, and her also thought of her Father, he has changed a lot and was a active part of their kids life, she still wasn't ready to forgive him even so.

Naruto for the most part had to take more time off to spend with his kids, of course that put more stress on Shikamaru, but the guys marriage wasn't all roses anyway so that give him a good escape. Don't get the Nara wrong, him and Temari weren't splitting up or anything of the sort, but they just want different things right now, and it's putting a huge bump in their relationship, but it's a bump they can get over.

Time moves on..

Three Years Later, Naruto's Birthday

"Are you guys sure?" Naruto asked, looking to each of his wives. They had the mansion completely to themselves, yes mansion. Shortly after having Minato and Hisao, their little place felt too small and the vacant Hokage mansion suddenly looked all too appealing. They moved in it almost immediately. They even hired a house keeper/nanny, two of them to help Hinata with the kids on a daily basis. He knew Boruto was a hand full, Minato was getting their. Speaking of kids, they were at a sleep over, hosted by Choji, and they gave the nannies the night off. So they had the place completely to themselves for this special night.

Hanabi who looked older and more developed raised a eyebrow at him, her hair in a high smooth ponytail. As clan head, she's been busy so she rarely got busy with Naruto lately, this he should know, and judging by all the rug rats they had running around, she doubts he's gotten any with Hinata. Instead of responding to his question, she looked toward Hinata.

Feeling eyes on her, Hinata looked to Hanabi. Their eyes met. As if having a spiritual connection, Hanabi nodded followed suit by Hinata. They both discarded their robes, the items falling simultaneously on the floor leaving the Two sisters naked in front of their husband.

The Hokage's eyes widened, it's been a while since he's seen any of the two naked. His eyes raked over the younger wife first, her boobs grew to a respectable sizes. not Hinata's size mind you, but a size any woman would be content with. His eyes went lower, his mouth went dry, she grew that designed line of well kept pubic hair back, he did inform her he liked it, her pussy is also dripping, it seems she wants this more then he could ever know.

His eyes then went to the other wife. She returned her hair to the hime cut from her childhood, he liked it any way she did her hair. His eyes went down, he licked his lips, if there is one thing he had to admire about Hinata, it's that she stayed in shape despite having all his rugrats, he didn't know how she did that. Looking down further, he licked his lips, like Hanabi, she was dripping, but what really got his cock to twitch was the fact she had a neatly kept patch of pubic hair above her pussy.. What? He really liked his women with some hair on them, it's something he didn't know he liked until Hanabi came along.

All his thought processing stopped when he saw Hanabi step forward to Hinata then leaned up to press her lips to her sisters. The groan that followed was involuntary. He has never seen them kiss.. He has never asked them too, has he thought about? Of fucking course, he's a man goddammit!

As their kiss deepened, both women moaning, Naruto felt he had to much on. He quickly threw off the robe, and stepped to the women. When he stopped in front of them, they broke their kiss with a wet sound and saliva trail indicating there had been a lot of tongue, and he doubted that was their first time kissing each other. The sister's looked at him, both giving him cheeky grins. "Took you long enough." Hanabi growled, looking at him hungrily. Hinata looked down at his erection, oh how she has missed it.

Naruto smirked at them as he put his hands together. 'Puff' a clone of his appeared beside him, just as naked. "What? You didn't think I'd let you both work me to death huh?" His clone chirped, looking Hinata and Hanabi up just as the real Naruto had done moments earlier. The real Naruto smirked, he was planning on fucking the hell out of both his wives, his clone here was going to help with that.

The sisters exchanged glances. "I'll take the real one first." The younger wife said, Hinata gave her a understanding nod, this night was gonna be special for a reason, Hanabi looked at real Naruto and grabbed him. "No foreplay tonight, at least for the start." She whisper to him while turning them so his back was facing the very large bed then pushed him down on it. She was gonna ride him for all he was worth.

Hanabi straddled him, she then grabbed his rod at the center and rubbed him against her slit. She's sure her pussy knew his cock well by now but she hasn't had him a bit so she was sure this reintroduction would be somewhat painful. 'Here goes nothing.' She sighed inwardly then lowered herself on him. They both groaned.

Averting her eyes from them, Hinata looked at the clone Naruto. "You won't go puff with a little skin slapping would you?" She asked unashamed, she was talking to Naruto still. Even then, she's really horny, she doesn't care how she sounds right now.

He eyes up his first wife. "Of course not babe, I'm harder then I look.." He joked, his eyebrows wagging. His cock seemed to like the joke too as it twitched.

Not convinced, Hinata turned, facing the bed. "Even so.." She started, then got on all fours on the bed, she looked back at the Clone Naruto. "You should go at your own pace." She continued then reached back to spread her ass cheek giving the Clone a good view of her dripping cunt.

Naruto two didn't waste as he slammed into her, plus he wanted to prove he wasn't some fragile clone, he could do some skin slapping dammit! "Ah!" He heard her moan while he slammed back into her hard, their skin slapping together again, he could definitely handle some skin slapping.

Hanabi raised her self then went back down on the Naruto, she was setting her own pace, she heard him groan. His cock still hit everywhere in her, but she didn't see stars like the first ten to twenty times they had sex, which means she was well adjusted to his cock, her pussies memory is very good.

Moaning a little, she almost could tune out her sister and the other Naruto having loud sex next to them. She looked over their way out of curiosity, Hinata has her face buried in the mattress and barely could contain her moans as the other Naruto slammed into her relentlessly, his big fat cock burrowing into her effortlessly. Hanabi's insides clenched, a new wave of excitement ran through her.

Looking back down at Naruto, she saw he was looking at his clone fucking Hinata.. Then she realized.. that was his clone.. a clone of Naruto.. Meaning the clone was basically the real Naruto... just dispensable. All this means is.. The real Naruto wants to fuck her like his clone is doing to Hinata right now. Hanabi leaned down.. "Want to fuck me like that Na Kun?" She whispered huskily into his ear.

Real Naruto snapped back to attention, he got lost in watching a bit, he didn't forget his beautiful wife riding him.. How could he? She's fucking him, just not the way he would like at the moment. But her question? Did she want him too? "Very much so." He replied as she leaned back, their eyes meeting.

She smiled at him, she grabbed his hands then placed them on either side of her hips, he gripped her tight, tight enough that he would leave a hand print even. "Waiting for an invitation?" She mused as she placed her hands on his chest, she might need stability for this.

A growl was her response, Naruto lifted her, and just as he was about to bring her back down, he thrusted up into her without mercy, their sexes meeting in a loud slap that filled the room. "OH!" She moaned out as he repeated the process. She started to claw his chest as he did it again, seemingly picking up pace. Stars immediately blurred her vision, she blinked them back.

"Mm." Naruto grunted as he slammed into her again, his cock filling her up to the brim over and over and over again. Her and Hinata's moan were sweet singing to his ears, one of his hands left her hips to paw at her tits, it's been a while since he left a mark on them.

Clone Naruto grunted as he leaned forward, now grinding into her. "I'm sorry, I think I'm cumming soon.." He whispered into his wife's ear then leaned back, one hand on her hip as he pounded her, the other playing with her clit.

She barely heard him, she was well on her way to cumming as well. She death gripped the bed sheets. "YES!" She cried in ecstasy as she came, her legs gave out immediately and her lower body fell onto the bed, the Clone quickly followed her down, obviously close and started pounding her again, this time into the bed and harder. "Oh!" She moaned one last time, her body spasming once more. She then slumped completely on the bed, the Clones erratic thrusting revealed he was cumming.

As the clone came, he shot the real Naruto a apologetic glance. "Sorry boss." He mumbled as he filled Hinata with his cum, he squeezed his eyes shot... then 'puff'.. The clone dispersed and so did it's cum and sweat.

Naruto's eyes widened as he was assaulted with feelings images of his clone with Hinata.. "OH damn!" Naruto moaned as he sheated himself one last time in Hanabi then came deep in her.

Her eyes went wide too, she couldn't remember a time when he came before her while he was in her.. It felt good, his hot cum shooting in her. This new feeling, or the first time she actually felt this without climaxing herself tossed her over the edge and she came herself. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she spasmed on top of him, it felt like one of those guilty pleasure orgasms.

He let one last spurt into her before slumping, laying back on the bed his arm spread wide. He nearly jumped when he felt Hanabi slump, her hands pressing into his chest to hold herself up, then Hinata scoots her way into one of his arms, he wrapped it around her, pulling her close.

Still panting, Hanabi looked to Hinata. "Ready?" She asked.

"Yea.." She replied, Hanabi then eased her way off of her Naruto, she then grabbed his cock, she stroked it couple times till it was fully erect again.

"Wait lemme make a clone fo-

He was silenced when Hinata sheated him to hilt in her warm tunnels, instead he groaned loudly as she started riding him, his hands flew to her hips to help her a long. Did he mention he always loved how her tits bounced when she rode him?

He shivered when he felt Hanabi lick his ear lobe, were they trying to make him cum again so soon? "Naruto." Her hot breathe tickled him in a sexual way. "No clones babe.." She said biting his earlobe lightly then releasing it. "It's your birthday." She said then sucked his earlobe into her mouth, he moaned. He felt Hinata bend down, slowing her cock ride, and suck on his other ear. "Tonight, we are going to fuck you for all you are worth, which is a lot." She finished then slid her hand between their bodies to run her finger across his nipple, then twisted it.

Oh. Sweet. Kami.

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