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Chapter 41: Wandering Child, So Lost, So Helpless

Sasuke looked quite delectable in that lab coat and those glasses, Itachi thought, but now was not the time to appreciate them. Neither Byakko nor Genbu were here, and there were no ninja at all.

Itachi was also simply delicious in that police uniform, Sasuke thought simultaneously, but unfortunately, while all those textbooks were fascinating and just begged to be studied in more detail, they did not have time to waste. They moved on.

Why the hell am I stripping? Sasuke thought, as he gyrated his hips enticingly, utterly disgusted with his alternate. Infinite possibilities, he reminded himself.

Why am I a pimp? I thought I had more respect than this – is that Sasuke on stage? Itachi thought, alarmed, as he mechanically counted his money. I can't believe I'm whoring out my little brother like this!

Their eyes met, and they vanished without a second thought.

Sasuke incinerated the dinosaur chasing after them with a truly vicious fireball.

Itachi glanced down at the fur loincloths they were wearing, the spear in his hand, and shook his head in disgust.

I feel like I'm in a bad Disney movie, Sasuke thought, staring angrily down at his bright green fishtail.

Itachi was speechless as he looked at the not-quite mermaid entangled in his fishing net. He sighed. "Perhaps we're doing something wrong?"

"I pick the next dimension." Sasuke suggested.

"As you wish…"

A few minutes later, a thoroughly traumatized Sasuke had managed to knock out an enthusiastic Uzumaki Naruto through vicious application of Seiryuu's powers to overcome Kyuubi-enhanced stamina. He left his alternate to explain what had happened, freeing himself from his host body and flickering to Itachi's location, finding a similarly distressed Itachi waiting for him while his host body was appreciating Kisame.

"Wonderful choice, Sasuke," Itachi remarked dryly.

"Do you have a better idea, niisan?" Sasuke shot back.

Itachi massaged his temples tiredly. "Let's go home and take a break."

Sasuke sighed. That sounded like a very appealing idea. They could always search for Genbu and Byakko later. He nodded, and they gathered their chakra for one last jump.

"…Why am I tied up?" Sasuke asked, Mangekyo Sharingan and Rinnegan flaring to life in his eyes. He reached out and pulled, absorbing the Mokuton into himself. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Itachi doing the same.

"Satsuki, is that you?" He heard his very pregnant mother ask.

"Of course it's me," Sasuke said, frowning. "Who else would it be?"

"You're back!" Hashirama said, springing up and giving him a hug. Sasuke tolerated the hug, watching as Mikoto hugged Itachi.

"How long were we gone for?" He asked curiously.

"Four weeks," Fugaku replied, puzzled. "Why?"

Sasuke and Itachi exchanged glances. Four weeks? But that couldn't be right…

"Father," Itachi spoke, frowning. "On our side, it was four years…"

There was a long, awkward silence.

Mikoto swooned, and Fugaku quickly moved to catch her. Itachi and Sasuke also sprang into action. She was still their mother, after all. Mangekyo Sharingan and Rinnegan flared to life in both their eyes. She and the babies were still healthy, as far as Sasuke could tell. Obstetrics and gynecology was not his specialty, but he was a medic-nin. Itachi, as Suzaku, had healing powers beyond what mere mortals could comprehend, and he gently touched her stomach.

"They'll be fine," He said softly. Fugaku nodded, and together, they put Mikoto to bed. It was only afterwards, that another thought popped into his mind.

"Did you have sex?" Fugaku blurted out, remembering all too well being a seventeen year old, and hoping that Itachi had managed to keep Satsuki out of trouble, before remembering that Itachi would have been twenty-one himself…

"Yes," Sasuke replied, calmly.

Fugaku took a few deep breaths. "Please tell me you used protection," He begged.

"…We didn't need it," Itachi replied. "After all, there is no way to get pregnant if both partners are male."

"You watched each other?" Fugaku felt like he was missing a very important piece of the puzzle here, but he couldn't for the life of himself figure out what it was.

"Almost every single time," Sasuke confirmed.

"So that means… you were a male in that alternate dimension?" Fugaku asked Sasuke.

Sasuke nodded.

That made a little more sense… clearly, it meant that Satsuki was still a woman on the inside, no matter what kind of body she was in, and attracted to men. That was good. He still had hope for grandchildren. Itachi, on the other hand… that troubled him.

Fortunately, Mikoto began to stir, and Fugaku shooed the other two out to tend to his wife.

Mikoto gave birth to two healthy children two weeks later, Uchiha Keiko and Uchiha Keiji. There were no complications. Fugaku doted on them immediately, and why wouldn't he? The village – the world – was at peace, although there was still much rebuilding to be done. Sasuke and Itachi could care less. They were simply pleased that the arrival of these two children would take their parents' attention off the two of them. It was quite convenient.

"Satsuki-chan, are you jealous?" Naruto asked.

"Jealous," Sasuke asked, as he turned his head. Susanoo was helping some of Naruto's shadow clones clear rubble away from one part of Konoha. "What would I be jealous about?"

"Well, you know…" Naruto scratched the back of his head. "It seems like everyone is starting to become more than friends, if you know what I mean. Me and Sakura, Sai and Ino, Shino and Fuu, Neji and Hinata, Lee and Tenten, Shikamaru and Temari, and the list goes on… and you must have had sex if you were four years older… did you leave someone behind when you came back?"

Sasuke hesitated. On one hand, he had nothing to hide about his relationship with Itachi. On the other hand, this was Naruto, who couldn't keep a secret to save his life. "I guess you can say that…"

"Aww," Naruto slung an arm companionably over her shoulders. "Don't worry, Satsuki-chan! Kiba-kun and Masaru-kun and Katsuo-kun are still single too!"

Sasuke gave him a smile, and they went back to work.

Itachi had decided that he loathed children.

Sasuke had been different. Sasuke was special. From the moment he had cradled baby Satsuki in his arms, he had vowed to protect her and she had shown him life could be different from war, death, and pain. But he felt no such feelings for Keiko and Keiji. As his father was at work and his mother was asleep, and Sasuke was out on a mission, Itachi was the one bottle-feeding both of the little brats. He felt nothing for them. Hatred would have shown passion. Instead, he was completely apathetic. He and his shadow clone finished their feedings, changed their diapers, and put them to sleep in their shared crib, with mechanical precision and not a drop of love.

When the twins were a full month old, the family took them to the Nakano Shrine to have them blessed by the Clan priest, Sanji-sama, and his assistants, in the same of Suzaku. Normally, this would have been a perfectly ordinary ceremony. Unfortunately, Sanji-sama was a devout priest. He was also an Uchiha. And then there was the fact that Itachi was Suzaku. So, once the ceremony had been performed, Itachi found himself being cornered by the priest.

"Itachi-san," He started to say, before glancing over at Satsuki, who was right behind her brother and doing a double-take. "And Satsuki-san, as well… Why have you not informed your parents of this?"

"I beg your pardon," Itachi asked, confused and slightly worried.

"You two are the high priest and priestess of Suzaku-seikun and Seiryuu-seikun, respectively, are you not?" He asked. "You have been touched with the power of the gods…"

…High Priest and Priestess, Sasuke thought. At least the man had not outright discovered they were the deities themselves. They could work with this.

"We were," Itachi corrected the man. "We were unaware that we still carried the power within us."

Sasuke nodded, accepting Itachi taking the lead.

"You still are," Sanji chuckled. "Once you become a High Priest or Priestess, the responsibility is for life. I doubt it will interfere with your duties as ninja." He studied them closely. "You do realize that Suzaku and Seiryuu are… lovers?"

The flat stares he received in response were answer enough.

"Ah," He coughed awkwardly. "Perhaps I should speak with your parents and inform them of your unique situation, so that there will be no awkwardness."

Sasuke and Itachi exchanged glances, as Sanji hurried off. For once, events were actually working in their favor.

To say Fugaku and Mikoto were stunned would be an understatement. Sanji had to sit them down and explain it several times. Fugaku felt as though he desperately needed a drink – perhaps several drinks. His two beautiful children were not only prodigies, they were also apparently carrying the divine powers of two of the four gods, who happened to be lovers, which meant they had been engaged in sexual relations with each other for most, if not all, of the past four years… well, he thought, somewhat hysterically, he had given Itachi permission to marry Satsuki, and the bloodline couldn't get any purer than this!

"Sanji-sama," Mikoto asked quietly. "Is there any possibility you might have been mistaken?"

Sanji frowned. "There is a slim possibility I could have been mistaken about Satsuki," He admitted. "After all, I do not worship Seiryuu, but I have no doubt about Itachi. He is clearly touched by Suzaku's power."

"It's just…" Mikoto frowned. "Satsuki is only thirteen! Surely, there must be a different woman – or man – out there for Itachi…"

Fugaku looked up then, hope in his eyes. "Yes, yes," He rambled. "There must be someone else out there for Itachi – an older woman. We must find her!"

"The main temple to Seiryuu would be in the Land of Water," Sanji said thoughtfully. "It would not be an easy trip to make, but…"
"It does not matter!" Fugaku declared. "For the future of the Clan, we must make that journey!"

Elsewhere, Sasuke and Itachi exchanged glances and sighed inwardly. Very well, father, they thought. They would just have to make him face reality the hard way…

The trip to the Land of Water was quite peaceful, for four trained ninja. Mikoto and the twins stayed home, and with Itachi's ability to cross the sea with a flash of fire, that saved them the trouble of renting a boat. When they reached the main temple, Sanji explained the dilemma, and they were led to the high Priestess.

The instant they saw her, both Sasuke and Itachi stiffened imperceptibly. She was wearing form-fitting dragon scaled armor that showed off her ample curves, Sasuke thought disapprovingly, and semitransparent light blue robes. Her hair was also sky blue, flowing loosely over her shoulders. Her eyes were a darker shade of blue, shimmering like the ocean's depths.

His father and Sanji were awestruck. Sasuke and Itachi were not.

"I am Mizuno Kagome, the High Priestess of Seiryuu," She introduced herself. Fugaku fell to his knees.

"Please, Kagome-sama," He begged. "Will you marry my son?"

Sanji stared at Fugaku in shock. This was not what they had come to ask! He cleared his throat to speak, but Kagome smiled, her eyes fixed on Itachi.

"Of course I will," She said.

Sasuke stepped in front of Itachi. Mangekyo Sharingan and Rinnegan blazed in his eyes.

"I refuse to allow this."

"Foolish girl, do you know the consequences of refusing a request in the presence of Seiryuu?" She demanded haughtily.

"Indeed I do," Sasuke purred, knowing just who he was, and what she was, but preferring to keep his secret for the moment.

"Then we will duel, outside." Kagome said.

Sasuke inclined his head, and Itachi smiled; a long, slow smile that did not touch his eyes.

Seiryuu, Seiryuu… Sanji was trying to remember everything he knew about Seiryuu as he followed Satsuki and Kagome outside. He finally pulled one of the lesser priests aside. "What is the penalty?"

The priest gave him an incredulous look. "That girl is about to lose her head. Kagome-sama has never lost a match, and refusing a request of Seiryuu's High Priest or Priestess demands death."

Sanji started to hyperventilate. He knew Satsuki was a prodigy, and had the Mangekyo Sharingan and the Rinnegan, but this was a woman who had grown up in Kirigakure, who had survived through Yagura's reign of the Bloody Mist… and with Seiryuu's divine power behind her… Satsuki was going to die!

Kagome moved first, wood lurching from the ground to entangle her. Sasuke lashed out with lightning, but the wood was unaffected. Kagome laughed. "Do you think to use Seiryuu's powers against me?"

Seiryuu controlled wood and lightning, Sasuke thought, and he was trying not to blow his cover, so… Preta Path. Both the wood and lightning were absorbed. The black flames of Amaterasu would have incinerated her, but a sudden shower of rain drenched him, effortlessly dousing the flames. Then Kagome was upon him, with taijutsu, and Sasuke was very, very glad indeed of the Asura Path's extra arms helping him to parry and block her strikes. She was very good; he had to admit, but not quite good enough to kill him with mere taijutsu alone. He began to hum, just as she began to sing. A subtle shift in the air and he pulled her towards him using the Deva Path just as she tried to telekinetically hurl him away.

Kagome was close to gnashing her teeth in frustration. What was with this girl? Fine, she snarled. Those fancy eyes of hers were countering all of her techniques. So, the logical reason was to deprive her of them. With a thought, she transformed into a blue dragon and shot at her. Sasuke's eyes widened as Susanoo shimmered into being around him. Kagome screeched, letting loose a truly horrifying burst of sound and light, attempting to disable him. Fugaku, who had been watching the fight via his Sharingan, was forced to turn it off before he went blind, along with Sanji. Itachi looked remarkably unperturbed.

"I'll kill you!" Kagome roared, ripping the head and most of the chest off of his Susanoo. Sasuke winced. Well, that was a very bad sign. He flickered out of the way, dismissing Susanoo. Kagome was becoming less and less like a dragon and more like a mishmash of different creatures as she shot out various bolts of elemental energy, which Sasuke dodged. Déjà vu, he thought dryly, before activating the Preta Path to recharge himself. Actually, he didn't want his father to see the rest of his fight. So he took Kagome to Kaguya's main dimension. His Susanoo might not have the Yata Mirror, or the Sword of Totsuka, but what did that matter.

Metal glittered in his fingertips, harder than diamond. Sasuke let fly, and Kagome laughed harshly. It was an illusion. That Uchiha girl had impaled her, yes, but she had gone for the illusion! She had fooled her, and… suddenly, she screamed in agonizing pain. What… how… how had she reversed it, and turned her illusion into reality?

Red and purple eyes bright with blue-white lightning met hers, and suddenly, she knew.

"No…" She croaked.

Sasuke bared his teeth in a dragon's smile. "Goodbye, false priestess…" He smirked, and then, she knew no more.

Sasuke reappeared in the real world with Kagome's corpse, blue light shining around him. Immediately, every Priest of Seiryuu in the vicinity fell on their knees.

Sasuke suddenly realized that he might have overdone it, just a little.

Fugaku glanced around wildly, as Sanji bowed his head, wondering how he could have second-guessed himself. Itachi simply admired his brother, properly his brother again, dressed in dragon scaled armor and flowing robes, the thin horns sprouting from his hair.

"Seiryuu-seikun…" The next highest-ranked priest babbled. "What is your command?"

Sasuke dropped Kagome's body on the ground. "Have this filth disposed of," He commanded. "And stop groveling. Also, I am returning to Konohagakure with my brother in the morning. See to it that we are not disturbed."

"Y-Yes, as you command!" The man rushed off, barking orders to the other priests.

Sasuke stalked over to Itachi and pulled him close, claiming his lips in a hungry kiss. Itachi chuckled, letting his wings and tail sweep out behind him as he kissed back with equal passion. The Land of Water could certainly use healing, and since they happened to be here… well, why not bless the land tonight?

End Chapter

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Even in the first universe, Sasuke was male under a female henge and Itachi was male due to his henge being made real thanks to that injection Sasuke gave him, remember?