Okay guys time to continue the rest of the series. I realized after I finished Cassandra that I hadn't really given much effort in working on her friendship with Chance and Felina and her relationship with Jake needs worked on a bit too so this story's hopefully going to strengthen those.

Cassandra sat at her desk writing down another patients name and what their ailment had been, her grandmother had done it when she was alive and Cassandra thought that it was a good idea to keep doing it just incase they started to show symptoms again. She picked her head up when she heard someone knock on her door, she put her pen down and walked towards the door. She looked through the peep hole to see who it was, she hadn't been attacked since moving into the village but she wasn't taking any chances. She saw a kat looking around a big box and he held up a machine that she recognized as an electronic signature machine. She opened the door a bit embarrassed, everyone down in the village knew why she was so jumpy but she was sure that an outsider wouldn't.

"Sorry about that. Guess I'm just a bit paranoid." she said taking the machine and signing.

"Hey no problem. I'd be nervous if I was all by myself. If you had a boyfriend you should have him move in." he said taking it back.

"I would but where he works doesn't allow it." she said kind of sad. She had thought about throwing the idea out to Jake but she knew that he would refuse, and besides if he still wanted to fight evil as Razor he had to stay in Megakat City. The kat helped her carry the package in before tipping his hat and getting back in his truck and driving away, Cassandra put it away in a room that she had picked out as the supply room and looked around with a smile. The last of the decorations for Chance and Felina's wedding had finally arrived and she couldn't wait to start opening the boxes up and putting the decorations up. At the thought of decorations Cassandra snapped her fingers and walked outside, Jake and Chance had made her a garden not to long after she had moved in and she had planted flowers to use as decorations.

She grabbed her watering can and started to water her flowers, she was still amazed at how light blue she had gotten the flowers especially since she had never really tried to grow anything except her hair. While she was admiring her work she felt someone wrap their arms around her and kiss her cheek, she flung her arms up out of surprise and heard a surprised yell. She turned around to see Jake who was dripping wet "I'm sorry Jake. I didn't know it was you. You should of said something before grabbing me." she said putting her hand on her mouth trying to not laugh. Jake shook his arms and head trying to get some water off, he looked down at his clothes and sighed.

"Guess I should of brought a change of clothes too. I didn't mean to scare you, I thought you heard me." he said.

"No. I was totally zoned out. You can use my dryer if you want. Just don't walk past any windows. Don't want anyone to walk past and see you in your underwear or in your birthday suit." she said with a wink. Jake laughed and rolled his eyes before walking into the house. Cassandra followed him and showed him where the dryer was at, while he walked into the room she checked on some meatballs she had put on earlier that day. After awhile she heard the dryer kick on and a few seconds later Jake walked in, she turned to ask if he was hungry and had to turn back around to keep from laughing at his boxers.

"What?" he asked before looking down "It's a birthday gift from Chance." he said nudging her.

"Chance gave you underwear for your birthday?" she laughed.

"Well not the underwear. A gift card, I bought the underwear with a gift card he gave me." Jake said sticking his tongue out.

"Anyway do you want some meatballs? I didn't know if you got to eat at all today." she said grabbing a spoon to serve them with.

"Cass you're a mind reader." he said grabbing some plates and the meatball hoagies. Cassandra served the meatballs and sat down with Jake and talked about the up coming wedding until the dryer buzzed letting them know that Jake's clothes were done. Jake got up and went into the room, he came back dressed in his uniform and washed the dishes for her. While he was doing that Cassandra sat in the living room and watched tv, suddenly the movie she was watching got cut off.

"We interrupt your programming to bring you this breaking news." Ann Gora said holding up her papers.

"Hey Jake. That Ann Gora you told me about is on. She said there's breaking news." Cassandra said turning towards the kitchen. Jake walked out wiping his hands and looked at the screen.

"We've just got news that the villainess Turmoil has broken out of Alkatraz early this morning. The warden is still unsure as to how she escaped but it is rumored that it was an inside job." she said. Cassandra saw the look on Jake's face and she started to get worried.

"Turmoil? Who's Turmoil?" she asked confused.

"Cassandra I need to use your phone." he said not taking his eyes off of the screen.