Jake and Cassandra sat on her back porch watching the sunset after they had said their good-byes and well wishes to Felina and Chance before they left for their honeymoon. Because of the wedding Chance and Jake hadn't opened up the garage not that anyone would of dropped their cars off anyway most of MegaKat City had gone to the wedding so Jake had the rest of the day off and decided to spend the night at Cassandra's place giving Chance a glare when he told Jake to keep it in his pants before he left. "You know I really love this village. I don't think it'd ever want to leave." Cassandra said sipping on some water. Jake slowly turned his head towards her his heart sinking a bit, he had been hoping to ask her to move into the junk yard with him and Chance next year but now he knew he wouldn't be able to convince her. There was one thing he had learned about her that would never change and that was that as soon as she set her mind on something there wasn't much you could do to change it.

Then Jake looked out over the vast expanse of land that Cassandra had finally gotten from her grandmother when an image started to form in his mind. In one corner of the yard he saw a swing set ready and waiting for any young kats to go and swing on it. He turned his head to keep looking and he swore he could see two young kats one male and one female running around the yard laughing and giggling as they played. There were toys strewn across the yard and for a second Jake wondered if maybe he had somehow gotten a glimpse into the past until he noticed that the male looked like him with a bit of Cassandra thrown in and the female looked like Cassandra but her fur was slightly different. "What the?" he muttered and whipped his head around when he felt a hand on his arm.

"Are you okay?" Cassandra asked leaning over in her chair and giving him a concerned look.

"Yeah I'm fine just tired is all. I might turn in early." Jake said standing up and stretching.

"Yeah I think I'm going to turn in to. I wasn't going to say anything but I've been tired ever since we were got back from the reception." Cassandra said standing up and stretching as well. They both headed to their respective rooms and both of them slowly drifted off to sleep, Cassandra was woken in the middle of the night by a giggle though and she slowly got out of her room to go see what was going on when she heard the sound of two little kats giggling again followed by the sound of feet padding down the hall.

"Ronan wait. That's daddy's room. We already got to see daddy." a little girl's voice came.

"Daddy? What the heck is going on?" Cassandra whispered to herself. She reached for the door knob when she heard a set of footsteps walk back over.

"Mommy's in here. I want to see mommy!" the little girl said. Cassandra blinked in confusion and let out a gasp when she saw the door knob start to turn.

"What is going on? What's happening?" she whispered to herself fear clear in her voice.

"Hold on Isabelle I'll get it." came a young male kat's voice. The door knob stopped turning for a second before it turned quickly and the door came open, there were gasps from three throats.

"Mommy!" came a cry and before Cassandra could say anything she felt a pair of little arms wrap around her legs. She looked down and saw a little kat that had black and brown hair her fur was black with brown around her mouth and on her hands, feet and tail. The male kat in the doorway looked like Jake but Cassandra could see small little hints of her in him.

"What?" she whispered blinking in confusion. Before she could say anything else the feeling of the arms had disappeared and she looked back down to see the little kat was gone along with who she assumed was her brother. Cassandra shook her head and she turned back to her bed. "I need to get more sleep and lay off of the wine." she muttered to herself but something in the back of her mind kept her awake for a bit longer. She remembered that her grandmother had once told her that she had seen visions of each one of her kittens before they were born and even Cassandra and Callie had appeared to her before they were born along with all of their cousins. "Is that what I just saw? But….that little one….Isabelle called Jake daddy I'm sure of it….are me and Jake going to…I don't understand. I wish my grandmother was still here to answer this for me." Cassandra muttered to herself before drifting off to sleep. As she slept four orbs floated into the room and transformed into Isabelle and Callista and the two young kats that Cassandra and Jake had seen.

"Are they really going to be our mom and dad?" the young male kat asked.

"Yes." Isabelle said.

"But they're not in the same room." the younger Isabelle said looking up and Callista smiled.

"They're not married yet. You still have a few years left before they have the two of you. It's not appropriate for them to be in bed with each other just yet." Callista said bending down.

"But Adler's mommy and daddy did!" Isabelle said and the male kat laughed.

"Yeah and he's going to be born two years two soon. We're suppose to be around the same age." the male kat said and the younger Isabelle stuck her tongue out.

"If he had been able to see them he could of warned them Ronan. And besides they were together longer then mommy and daddy were." Isabelle said. Ronan rolled his eyes before walking over to Callista.

"Let's go before we wake mom up. No reason to give her another scare." he said taking Callista's hand.

"I wish I had gotten to talk to her more though." the younger Isabelle said walking over to the older one.

"You'll get to when you're born." the older Isabelle told her taking her hand. After a few seconds they all disappeared not knowing that Cassandra had still be awake and had heard what they said. She smiled to herself before she fell asleep, when Jake woke her up in the morning he asked her what she was smiling about as they headed downstairs to make breakfast.

"Oh nothing really just had a really nice dream." she said wrapping her arms around one of his arms. Jake was a bit surprised by this since she had never been that affectionate but let it go and gave her a smile before heading into the kitchen to get what he needed to make the two of them some french toast.