PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Four

Episode One

The Unfriendly Competition

By Cole Bezotte

Yeah, I know it's been a very long time since I wrote this series. It's just that I've been interested in many other projects, such as a behind-the-scenes video of this PlayStation All-Stars series, which will explain the making of both the cancelled AND the modern stories. Other than that, there may possibly be a fan-made Twisted Metal game soon to be in development. I don't know for SURE, though. Anyway, this new season will feature the most amazing elements you have never expected before! This first issue of season four will contain a beloved musical guest star Hatsune Miku (from Vocaloid)! The next issue, sadly, will not be written until much later. I have to watch the Ratchet & Clank movie first, in order to see if my guess on something certain is correct.

Anyway, enjoy!

Yes, the opening to this story takes place at the mansion of the League of Heroes. Do not get frustrated every time you read that phrase.

Captain Qwark did not exactly act like himself that day. As he walked through the front door, he bore a smile that no one noticed on him in a long time. Perhaps this was his smirk of mischievousness, where he has a prank or cruel joke in mind.

"I just came back from the greatest Limp Bizkit concert!" he exclaimed as he showed everyone the new hat he bought with the band's logo on it. "Boy, I've never heard so many words in one song, not in my life!"

"I don't know about this…" Ratchet nervously replied. "Did you hear any explicit lyrics while you were there?"

"Oh, there was only about one or two! It was fine."

"I hope you're telling the truth…"

"Alright, never mind! There were about a million cuss words I heard."

"Aha! Okay, Qwark, I'll let you play your little game while you can, but I've got some news of my own: Adema is back on tour, and I'm looking forward to seeing their new show in Bakersfield."

"As if Pupuru would like to go with you, squirt," Qwark replied.

"Speaking of which…" Ratchet continued, "…where is she? I haven't seen her at all today."

Up in her room, the girl known as Pupuru reclined on her bed, her eyes staring at the bunk above her. Nothing else seemed to occur other than the radio playing music from a nearby station. Pupuru recognized the female singer's voice right away; she had been interested in the works of Hatsune Miku, a musician who held most of her music shows in Tokyo, Japan. Recently, the news came that Miku was coming to Los Angeles to put up a show no one else in America would have seen, and Pupuru was hoping to be one of the first to see it.

Suddenly, before the song ended, a knock was heard at the door. Pupuru allowed Ratchet to step into the room and tell whatever was on his mind.

"So that's where you've been this whole time, eh?" Ratchet spoke as he held out a folded slip of paper. "I hope you're interested in coming to Adema's new show on April 2. By the way, who's this singer you're listening to?" Ratchet's right ear twitched as it tuned in to what was playing on the radio.

"I'm surprised you don't recognize Hatsune Miku," Pupuru replied with a smile. "I'm so excited for her show in LA, and it won't be long until it happens!"

"And when is that, may I ask?"

"It's on St. Patrick's Day. I look forward to getting my ticket!"

"Oh, alright. At least that's almost a month from when Adema is performing. Well, if it's a ticket you want, come downstairs with me and I'll reserve you a good spot."

"Thanks, Ratchet!"

Before you ever get confused about what happened next, I will give a brief explanation about an event that happened about a day or two beforehand. All the way at the foreign realm of Mobius, Dr. Eggman's island fortress stood completely still, unlike the man who owned the place. The brain of Eggman had recently hatched a scheme that would change the course of villainy, and tonight, he wanted to put it into action.

"Now that Needles has finished killing off Sonic…" Eggman explained to his two robot servants Orbot and Cubot, "…I can bring that clown here and do exactly as we discussed previously. I'll give him death like he's never tasted it before!"

(Note: To see further details about what Dr. Eggman is talking about, go to Super Sonic Squad season 7, episodes 3 and 4.)

With a few switches and levers pulled, the mad genius activated his new Egg-Transporter. He configured a special dial of his own design to select a certain subject and snatch him from wherever he was located. Then that subject would be teleported to Eggman's lab in the blink of an eye. So, for this first test, Dr. Eggman chose Needles and brought him to his laboratory to foil the scheme he currently worked on.

The contraption worked, and Needles was brought into Eggman's presence. But the fiendish clown did not control a mortal body at the time. He was still a ghost, searching for a body to use and fight with.

"What's this?!" Needles exclaimed as he looked around himself. "You would dare save me?!"

"I'm not here to help you!" Eggman replied stubbornly. "I brought you here for reasons that you shouldn't know about."

"I'm guessing you didn't want to save me from Pupuru; I thought her magic was the source that made me disappear. I thought she defeated me for good!"

"So that girl was in on the action, eh? She must have been mad after finding out you killed Sonic."

"I was not able to kill Sonic, apparently…"


"That accursed Power Ring protected him from me finishing him! He still lives!"

"Well, I guess that means no billion dollars for you. HA! I didn't want to give it to you anyway! I'll get to that part anyway; but for now, let me just say that even a great killer like YOU can never defeat Sonic! You keep running ahead of yourself and assume that you'll be the first to attack. I have something that you don't: a brain that thinks of what I'll need to do in order to GET THINGS DONE THE RIGHT WAY!"

"Do not assume you are better than me, punk! I can kill you nice and easy right here and now!"

"Oh, my apologies. That's exactly what I'm planning to do to you! You see, right before your dolls were disposed of, I stole Luigi's special ghost vacuum. Now is my chance to use it on you before you think of any more ideas to destroy me!"

Desperately, Needles flew away in time to avoid being sucked into said contraption. He had already planned to gain himself a new flesh body and strike at Ratchet again. "I'll put Sonic on hold for now…" he thought as he left the island. "Time for me to go back to continuing the glory days of making Ratchet so miserable!"

"Well, sir…" Orbot sadly said as he looked out a nearby window, "…he got away from us. That means you won't be able to fulfill your wish."

"Hmmm…" Dr. Eggman replied. "It's funny how he should mention Pupuru. That gives me an idea! I'll teleport her here to the prison facility of my fortress, along with whoever she is associated with. And after I successfully fulfill an execution, I'll show that overly-dramatic clown who the REAL villain is!" With a laugh, he began to configure the dial on his Egg-Transporter; he first used this machine on Mobius, so he needed to stretch its radar all the way to Earth. Only then will he be able to steal away Pupuru and fulfill his wish.

Now we come to days later, on St. Patrick's Day, where Pupuru and her shifter friend Kat were brought to the stage where Miku would soon perform later that day. Though Miku was not yet there for rehearsal, the two girls were able to reserve a couple of seats for themselves.

Unfortunately, right after Ratchet left after dropping the girls off, Needles found this as the chance to put an assassination in place. After killing a bystander and claiming his body, he stole a sniper rifle from a nearby gun shop and positioned himself on the rooftop of a building, right next to the stage where Miku was to perform.

"So she made it here…" Needles thought as he aimed his gun down at Pupuru below. "I knew the papers would not tell lies, so I figured Miku's show would bring Pupuru here. And she's brought Kat with her; what a bonus for me! Now to prove to that overweight mad genius who the REAL villain!"

Suddenly, an incredible feat took place that startled the power-hungry clown. Right when he pulled the trigger and launched his first bullet, Pupuru instantly vanished from sight. Needles did not see her or Kat anywhere at all; it was as if they were erased from the face of the earth.

"How did they do that?!" he thought angrily, feeling that his victory was stolen from him. "I've never seen them disappear before! Did they activate a cloaking device? No! What am I thinking! It's that cheapskate Julian who transported them to his fortress!"

Knowing that Eggman was the genius behind this, Needles grabbed hold of his gun and began to make his way down the stairs of the building in a hurry. But someone did hear the loud crack of his shooting; the ever-sharp ears of Ratchet heard what happened and went ahead to investigate. "If he killed Pupuru…" he thought with a vengeance, "…I swear I'll end his evil life!"

Ratchet ran right into the building that Needles was attempting to escape from; this was the time for battle again with his worst nemesis.

The battle will be explained in due time. But for now, let us turn our attention back to Pupuru and Kat, who had just appeared at Dr. Eggman's prison facility. They each were put into special cells, containing a raging force field in the front to keep prisoners from simply walking out. The walls were transparent, but one touch would mean an electric zap upon any prisoner who would dare to lean up against them.

"How did we get here?" Pupuru thought aloud. "One moment, we're in town, and now THIS? I think I know someone who has the power to teleport us…"

"Don't even try breaking out of there!" spoke a familiar voice. Eggman approached the three prison cells that held his new captives. "That force field can burn you if you dare lay a finger on it. I was the one who brought you three here, and I'll personally execute you to prove that I am better than that clown!"

"Three?" Pupuru replied, confused. "Who else did you-?" She turned to her left and saw who else Eggman was talking to: it was none other than Hatsune Miku. "Miku!" Pupuru exclaimed. "He took you here too! I'll make sure he doesn't get away with this!"

"You can only PLAN, but not do!" Eggman replied with a sneer. "I've stripped you of your powers and your weapons while you were asleep."

"It looks like you've ALREADY won this game… I managed to wipe Needles away from existence, and you weren't there to see it."

"Oh, you only THINK you did, but I teleported him here to my lab right before your magic even touched him. Now it's MY turn to be the winner! You girls wait right here…"

After Eggman turned to leave, Pupuru felt the urge to ask Kat a favor. "Can you use your powers here?" she asked her. "Maybe you can use them to disable the shields."

"I'm afraid I can't…" Kat sadly replied. "Only Dusty can grant me my powers, but that critter is too far away from me now."

"Then all we'll have to do is wait…" spoke Miku from behind. "I probably won't mind going through one concert without rehearsing it all."

"But I still promise we'll get out of here as quickly as we can," Pupuru replied. "When we're released from these cells, we'll fight Eggman with every ounce of bare strength we have."

It was not until about five minutes later that Orbot and Cubot were sent to shut down the power from the prison cells. Pupuru looked at them as if they were here to help.

"We know what you're thinking…" Orbot spoke to her. "But we're not here to help you. We must obey Dr. Eggman blindly."

"We really hate to do this…" Cubot added, "…but what has to be has to be…"

The two robots led the three girls to Eggman's computer room, where the scientist waited for them. With a snap of his fingers, he commanded Orbot to place his robotic fingers onto Pupuru's head, in which he would collect her memory and import it into one of the nearby computers. "Why are you doing this?" Pupuru demanded as Orbot configured the computer to read the memory.

"Didn't you hear me before?" Eggman replied. "I'm doing this to prove to Needles that I am a worthy villain! I should be better than all those other outcasts! It's a good thing I came prepared and enhanced Orbot's special abilities… Now your memory shall be shared with the whole world, and they will see you as a coward, a freak, an outcast…and a psychopath!"

"When I read about you back at Tokyo…" Miku said softly to Pupuru, "…I never thought of you this way. I guess there was so much more I haven't learned until now…"

"You will see…" Pupuru sadly replied. "And I'm sorry that you will know everything about me, here and now…"

"That is far enough, Julian!" boomed a voice from behind. "I'm ready to kill this dude and claim my place as top villain!" Needles had arrived with the limp body of Ratchet, throwing him onto the floor and keeping his machete in hand. Only by using a portal gun did the fiend make it to Mobius.

"This is gonna suck!" Dr. Eggman exclaimed. "If you kill Ratchet, and I spread this evidence about Pupuru, then we BOTH will be feared! But it's all supposed to revolve around ME!"

"This shall be over quick!" Needles continued, holding the blade near Ratchet's head. "NOTHING shall hold me back from my victory! Not even YOU, Julian!"

Eggman stood there watching, thinking deeply about how far he had gone to exposing Pupuru's dark secrets to the whole world. "We're both about to have our ways!" he thought to himself. "And yet, if we both succeed in defeating our foes, we'll be the most feared people on earth! I can't let Needles take half the credit! Something must be done…even if I HATE to do it…"

Surprisingly, the mad genius snatched a nearby laser pistol from the left desk and shot at Needles, scorching his left arm. "It looks like you win, Ratchet!" Eggman said to the wounded Lombax. "Take the girls and get out of here!"

"I'm surprised at you, Eggman!" Ratchet replied as he stood up. "I thought you were a tyrant!"

"I'm not trying to help you. I just don't want Needles here to take all the credit for himself. And since I'm all out of ammunition in this gun, I don't have anything else to attack you. You can go now. Just don't think that I'm done being an enemy of yours."

"I'll remember that…" After hearing those words, Ratchet took the girls and set the coordinates of the Egg-Transporter to take them back to LA. It worked perfectly, without Needles following directly behind them.

"You idiot!" Needles exclaimed. "I'll have your head for this!"

"If you can't murder an oversized ogre…" Eggman replied as he made his escape from the madman, "…then you definitely can't kill ME!"

Someday, the two villains would meet again and battle to the death. They were still in a very unfriendly competition.

Back at Los Angeles, Miku was satisfied to be brought back to the stage where she soon put up the biggest show ever to hit the city. Though she had very little time for rehearsal, she managed to pull off the performance perfectly. She still remembered the correct notes to play on her guitar, as well as the lyrics she wrote for the songs. Nobody else could compare that show to anything else they've seen, not even Captain Qwark. And the best part was that Pupuru and Kat were in the front row, watching the whole thing play right before their eyes.