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Volume Two, Season Four

Episode Nine

Blood In The Water (originally titled "Do The Roar")

Another literary smasheroo produced by Cole Bezotte, Sofie Spangenberg, Forrest Eaton, Needle Kirby, and Alexandra Ten Broeke. Always remember that this will be ignored by those of little faith. So don't say we didn't warn you about missing out on all the fun.

Tatzeya stood in a very heavy disbelief, the fact dancing in her head that Ratchet had completely transformed into a giant beast, and Donna had left the scene right when she was needed the most. The very thought erected a sense of rage within her, knowing that now she was without any aid in this oncoming battle.
"What timing!" Tatzeya thought as she evacuated Ratchet's path. "She just HAD to do it! Why?! I need her for this next part! It's when I take the new villain league head-on, making Ratchet think that I'm on his side. It's sad to think that somewhere trapped in that clouded brain lies the mind of the most heroic Lombax ever known."

And thinking that same thing was the vicious Needles. In the main control room of the Black Cube, he opened the hatch that held five vehicles, parked momentarily before they were to be driven out into the trembling city. "These Twisted Metal vehicles are just the thing we need to topple that freak!" he thought as he pulled a large lever. "With enough firepower, we can overthrow the very race that I fear and hate! I have never succeeded in killing a single Lombax… but today will be the day. I'll keep him dead for all eternity, as well as the rest of the accursed species!"
He planned the assault upon Ratchet to be as follows, with each pair of villains controlling each vehicle:
-Vehicle: Sweet Tooth; Driver: Needles; Gunner: Dr. Cortex

-Vehicle: Junkyard Dog; Driver: Captain Slag; Gunner: Rusty Pete

-Vehicle: Warthog; Driver: N. Gin; Gunner: Tiny Tiger

-Vehicle: Outlaw; Driver: Frank McCutcheon (No-Face); Gunner: Agent Stone

-Vehicle: Shadow; Driver: Dr. Nefarious; Gunner: Lawrence

But most of it became true to his plan; Needles only became very upset to one mishap, and that is all the others taking off without him. He watched in shock and frustration as the vehicles emerged from the Black Cube's hangar area, leaving him out of the action that was soon to come.
"What are you doing!?" Needles exclaimed in anger. "You can't have all the fun without me!"
"Beat it, useless!" Dr. Neo Cortex retorted in reply as he drove away in the ice cream truck. "We won't take any orders from you! Amazing as your killing ways may be, we don't need a brutal boss to push us around! I used to run this operation…and it's time I did again!"
Needles felt like screaming out the F word with full rage, watching Cortex take off with his destructive ice cream truck. "Can I ever trust a mad scientist for once?!" he thought. "Dr. Eggman is frustrating enough, but THIS guy is double the trouble! I hate super-geniuses!"

Ratchet was not yet aware that anyone was coming at him; his mind was currently set on causing destruction upon the empty city. The monster that he had become was no longer brilliant as the real Ratchet was; all he could do was scream, destroy, and hate even more against the one who had hounded him for so long now. And at a safe distance away from him, Needles held his machete ever so tightly, eager to end the beast's pitiful life here and now.
"This is what I always wanted, Ratchet!" Needles shouted at him. "A chance for you to lie down and die forever! This time, I will gain the victory! This time, your accursed race of aliens will be no more! This time, YOU WILL DIE!"
Frustrating as it was that the League of Villains were doing all the dirty work, torturing the beast with the weapons built in to the heavy-armored vehicles, it at least created a diversion enough for the clown to walk forwards and lay the final move upon the one he had hated the most.
But what about the other evil-doers? Cortex, controlling the Sweet Tooth ice cream truck, eagerly launched its special weapon, the "Laughing Death", hurling the devilishly-grinning clown head off the top of the truck. It flew towards its target, landing itself right at Ratchet's stomach, causing him to turn and face the ones who began their full-frontal assault upon him. He roared at his new enemies and eager lifted a leg to stomp upon them.
Though Ratchet was about to land his giant foot upon the enemy, another threat came at him. Captain Slag commanded his gunner Rusty Pete to launch the Wrecking Ball from their vehicle; with pinpoint accuracy, it stuck to Ratchet's foot, causing him to scream in pain. Struggling to remove the spiky weapon from underneath his bleeding foot, he suddenly felt something pelt upon him. Former agent Stone, traitor to the U.S. Government and the army, began firing the SUV turret upon the top of his vehicle, shooting countless bullets and "Blood Missiles" at the one he hunted when the poor alien stepped foot upon the Earth for the first time.
Ratchet's eyes adjusted to the sight of his first earthly nemesis; a dim flicker of his intelligence sparked inside his clouded brain, causing him to know whom to attack next. He whacked his giant tail at the car, backing it away as a warning. But Frank saw it coming, so he immediately backed away and turned to an alternative route.
"Honestly…" Stone spoke to him as he climbed down into the passenger seat of the vehicle. "How can you see where you're driving without your eyes?"
Through a thought-reader, Frank merely had to think of what he wanted to say, then the miniature contraption would project it into audio, causing it to "speak" what was on his mind. Without a tongue, he needed a voice projector. "It's just a lucky part of me, I guess," Frank replied to Stone. "Though I can no longer see, it feels like all my other senses have gotten stronger. I can hear where I'm driving, and can even hear the fast heartbeat of that freak. He's all excited, and craves the action he needs to get us off his back."
"If we failed to defeat Ratchet in the past, what makes that little scientist think that we'll succeed THIS time?" Stone continued.
"Well, he's a mad genius, so it's so easy for him to plan things. I've got to hand it to him for making that monster serum. I wonder if he'll make a potion that makes me receive a new pair of eyes and a new tongue…"
"Less wondering, more fighting, man!"

At that same time, in the chamber of the Black Cube, Alex Gemini struggled to stop the transformation that she herself was facing. However, given a mere droplet of the potion, only a minor change occurred. Her fangs grew out to reveal what was once beautiful, now a horrid sight. Her claws sharpened into those of a wild black bear, but that was not all; her size increased only by two to three inches. This was the time of day that she hated the most; when night fell, her appearance changed from a beautiful figure to the monster she hated to become.
"Am I a fool to trust Cortex?" she thought as she sobbed heavily. "But I have no choice! I must do as I am told—if I want to be my normal self again. And yet, my beloved people—my race—they want to stand side-by-side with the human race. They work hard to unite us and prove that we are not harmful monsters, like one that I had become now. The humans… They've traded Ratchet with respect—like an equal. And this is how I've repaid them—with the basest treachery. Is beauty so dear—that I'd pay such a price for it?"
The answer was given merely seconds after Alex had gone over all those thoughts. After Needles finally reached the top of a tall skyscraper via its elevator, the attack became more gruesome than ever. Tatzeya had followed his trail there to stop him in his act of putting Ratchet to the end of his life once and for all; and just as she hoped, she managed to reach him just in time.
"You better get out of my face right now!" Needles shouted violently at her, shaking his machete in bitter rage. "I'm sick of your race getting in my way! Just die, you stupid b!# ^! JUST DIE!"
"You're madder than ever, I see!" Tatzeya replied, rolling out of the way of the deadly blade. "But you keep forgetting that evil is never triumphant!"
"Shut the f* & up and bleed, you motherf-UUAAAGGHHH!" Needles was given so strung of a blow from Tatzeya's robotic left arm, harder than anything else he had ever felt.
"You can't possibly let your hatred let you overcome us!" Tatzeya continued to speak her mind. "Though an outcast I may seem to you, there is still the trait of courage with me…"
"Words!" Needles shouted in reply. "Words! Who cares for words?! My brutal strength and craftiness will win in the end! You may be cooler than ever as a cyborg, but it won't help you against me!"

"It's over…" thought the weary Alex, clutching the levers of the Black Cube's console. "I managed to revert it back to its original state, as the Time Cube. All it took was jamming that photo of that clown freak into the boot device to restart it. I've got to thank Donna for giving me that picture, so I would know who I'm REALLY going up against. And that Cortex…he is such a fool!"
As she thought of her success, she began to feel a sudden change to her. The sun was beginning to rise, marking a new morning, bringing an end to her burden of ugliness and her monstrous form. "I guess resetting this machine also reset the time of day…" Alex thought as she looked down at herself. "I'm my old self again! But there is still the antidote to be found; and thanks to my master thief ways, I'll snatch it away myself. Now that my brain is no longer partially clouded like it is whenever I change, I can concentrate and focus fully on the task at hand instead of feeling sorry for myself."
Right then, a sudden noise was heard from the next room. Alex turned to see what looked like a floating tiki mask, with a mouth that really spoke. "That's strange…" it spoke up. "I swear it had a different interface when we got here. And where's Dr. Cortex?"

Tatzeya was relieved to see the morning come, but was right then stressed to see Ratchet shrinking back to his normal self. The high-powered Twisted Metal vehicles were still firing their brutal weapons at him as he changed to the intelligent, passionate Lombax that he once was. But suddenly, everything halted.
"Look!" N. Gin spoke as he pointed towards the transforming Ratchet. "What's happening to him? Is he changing back to normal…so soon?"
The smoke cleared, revealing the yellow creature lying motionlessly on the crunched street. Worried and filled with fear, Tatzeya escaped the building's rooftop and came down to the surface below, to see if Ratchet had survived the full impact of the deadly Twisted Metal weapons. "Please don't be dead!" she thought as she sprinted to the spot. "I beg you, please don't be dead!"

Donna took Alex's place at the console of the revived Time Cube, tempted to give in to its awesome power and transport herself to a new destination. But she needed time to think things over first.
"I know it was foolish of me to abandon the battle when Tatzeya needed me most…" she began to think aloud. "But I needed to know what secrets this thing holds. And now that the battle is over, I am free to see what this thing can do. Alex managed to steal the antidote to the monster serum, also thanks to the help of those three wonderful bandicoots and Aku Aku. Ratchet should still be alive; those weapons hurled at him should shake off during the change. And as for me, I have but one choice to travel to a certain time in my life and give myself the chance to relive it. But where do I go? Do I dare go to the past and wreck the timeline? Or do I dare visit the future and see what is soon to come?"
Donna's fingers twiddled around the levers and buttons of the Time Cube's console, clueless as to what she was to do next. Where would she go?

Epilogue: Washing Away The Pain

Pupuru walked downstairs to the living room of the mansion, surprised to see Ratchet sitting on the couch, wrapped in a thick, warm blanket. Though he was wrapped in many bandages due to the wounds he received during the recent battle, he was still alive and well. He only needed time to recover before moving on to the oncoming battle.
"You're alright!" Pupuru exclaimed as she embraced the Lombax. "I thought I'd never see you again!"
"Better yet…" Ratchet replied, "…I've also been cured of this monstrous potion, but I'll get to that story some other time. Did Sly stay true to his promise?"
"I couldn't help but keep asking him where you were. He kept replying with the same answer, that he didn't know exactly where you were taken."
"I know that my people needed me…and that there are many other Lombaxes out there in the universe that have managed to escape the dimension that they sought during Tachyon's attack on Fastoon. I guess I fascinated them with the Time Cube under construction, because some other Lombaxes somehow left that void. Can it be that they are scattered around the Earth? If that is so, I am more than eager to go out there and find every last one of them and repopulate Fastoon as it used to be."
"And I hope to do this with you, Ratchet. I would be more than willing to help you find your race, after how you, Donna, and Angela have treated me. Your people have been very kind to me and the human race, so I don't see any problem in bringing us together in unity."
"That sounds like a very passionate girl who wants peace desperately…"

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