PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Four

Special Feature: A Tale of Two Sweet Teeth

Written and edited by Cole Bezotte

Requested by Forrest Eaton (not my older brother Forrest Bezotte)

I know what you're thinking: "Why are you reviving an episode from the cancelled series?" Well, I'll tell you right now. Forrest Eaton wanted me to bring back this episode because he is a fan of Twisted Metal like I am, but I'll have a strict method to writing this. I will make this cleaner and more appealing than the original version, which was titled "Truth Revealed", written November 2013. The story is all just a dream Pupuru had, remember? Only this time, it will be shown as a flashback instead.


Ratchet lied motionlessly on his bed. It was the middle of the afternoon, yet he felt the need to rest and try to remember many things about the past he had forgotten about. This time, Clank was right next to his bedside to help scan for other forgotten memories. "My scanner is ready, Ratchet," he spoke after searching through Ratchet's virtual journal.

"Go ahead and read the fourth chapter of the dream," Ratchet replied. "It should appear after the Dark Knight's first appearance."

"Are you sure you want to be reminded of that horrible dream? This is the first time you asked me to read a portion of it."

"I said go ahead and read it. There is something I must know about…about Sasha…"

"I hope you don't regret this…" Clank muttered as he placed the end a thin metal tube onto Ratchet's head. Just like that, the memory from Clank's database began to enter the Lombax's mind and cause him to remember the event in the dream he wanted to think about.

"Marcus doesn't live here anymore…!" spoke a voice from inside his head. "SHUT UP AND BLEED, YOU MOTHERF- %*$!"

That's when the dream came in fully, as Ratchet suddenly found himself in his room again. However, it was not a pretty scene that he stumbled upon; the room was very dark, with no lights on except from the alarm clock. Ratchet looked out the window to see the sky completely covered by rainclouds. Drops of water hit the window furiously as the storm raged on; it almost did not look safe to be outside.

Outside this state of mind, Ratchet lied completely still, unable to control what was going on inside his head. What went on inside was simply a flashback as to what happened long ago in Pupuru's big dream. Thanks to the power of Marcus Kane—when he took the form of the Dark Knight—Ratchet and Pupuru shared the same memory about the dream.

Back inside his mind, Ratchet noticed his Omniwrench at the corner of the room. He slowly grabbed it, then immediately turned himself around to expect any sudden danger. "This feeling of uneasiness really takes me over," he thought to himself as he opened the door to the hallway. "After fighting off those Tyhrranoids, someone is BOUND to have revenge on us! Sweet Tooth, Calypso, Yoshimitsu, Mr. Grimm… It could be either one of those men! And I must say, Sasha has never been so mighty big of a target until now."

(Note: All that Ratchet mentions here are from the chapter that previously came before "Truth Revealed". It was considered by my older brother as a "novelette".)

At that same time, Sasha Phyronix began to think similar thoughts about the past invasion. Alone in the living room she sat, in the dark, pondering over the same theory. "I was glad to reunite with Ratchet…" she thought, sitting in the silence of the room. "I was glad that we survived this Tyhrranoid invasion. But there is one thing that still remains in this mystery I cannot open: will Ratchet stay with me? I don't want to separate from him like that moment years ago; as mayor of Metropolis, I couldn't make any such calls. I didn't hear from him since until the Tyhrranoid invasion started."

"And you WON'T leave him again…" spoke a sudden voice from the corner of the room.

Sasha's heart jumped to hear the sudden low voice speaking to her in the darkness. As her eyes fixed themselves, she began to see the light of a small fire floating in the air. She drew closer to see what was underneath; she doubted that the fire was floating on its own. She soon saw a creepy clown mask glowing by the light of the fire above. Sweet Tooth was standing right in front of her; Needles was there.

"What are you doing here?" Sasha gasped. "All that Ratchet told about you is true! You're bad news!"

"You'll soon regret what you just said if you just pay attention to me!" Needles barked in reply. "You have this desire to keep Ratchet close to you forever…so I will help grant your wish."

"You…help me get what I want? Why?"

"Would you rather hear glass shatter, marking the death of your wish? Or would you rather take a bite of the sweet fruit of success? Look here… You see this apple? It looks so good, doesn't it? But I don't want it; I am a villain for crying out loud. I am giving you the chance to take your bite and get what you want. You take what I don't want… Does that make sense to you?"

Sasha grabbed the dark red apple and stared deep into it, hoping to find the answer to her question from what Needles said. "You don't want Ratchet to be near you because he's your nemesis…" she said. "So if I eat this, he'll be near ME instead!"

"Let me warn you…" Needles continued. "Side effects will be groggy. But this is the only way to win your desire."

"Should I trust him…?" Sasha thought as her right hand shook. She was heavily tempted to take her first bite and get it over with. She did it slowly, eagerly, to taste the fruit's sweetness. But right behind her, she heard the shatter of a glass cup, crushed by the large left hand of Needles. Sasha screamed; it felt as if her mind was shattering to pieces.

"What the heck?!" Ratchet thought after hearing that scream. "It sounds like Sasha is ALREADY in danger!" He hurried down the stairs to approach a rather nasty sight; Needles was squeezing Sasha's left arm as he held the blade of his machete to her neck.

"Now for your SECOND question…" Needles teased. "Would you rather live in a fancy mansion, or in an asylum populated by headless patients like you?"

"You better let her go right now!" Ratchet screamed. "I have a weapon I'm eager to use against you!"

"But so do I, you fool!" Needles retorted in reply. "It seems like you're man enough to fight me to win your girl."

"Run, Sasha!" Ratchet exclaimed as he swung his Omniwrench down against Needles' machete. "I'll hold him off!"

Sasha ran very quickly, as fast as her legs could carry her. She broke away from Needles' grasp and headed directly to the nearest closet to hide. She settled herself in there, safe and sound from any possible danger, as she heard the clashing of the two weapons of combat.

"That fool deceived me!" Sasha thought as her throat twitched. "I shouldn't have listened to him! He is not to tell me how Ratchet can stay with me!"

But she only THOUGHT she was safe as long as she was in there. She suddenly heard the heavy breathing of a man right behind him. Sasha took desperate measures to break out of that closet and run towards Ratchet, who was still locked in this battle.

The Lombax looked to his left to see ANOTHER Sweet Tooth walk right out of that closet. It left him in a state of confusion, along with Needles, who became frustrated with the fact that someone was mimicking him for the first time.

"Well, get a load of you, cupcake!" Needles said as he pointed his deadly weapon at the other clown. "You picked the wrong clown to mess with, you fool! There can only be ONE Sweet Tooth!"

"Needles Kane?" the new one replied. "Then…you must be my father! I am Charlie Kane!"

"Charlie?! I remember now… I gave you the same name as my father! Now I see you're following in my footsteps! Together, we can slay these pathetic creatures here and now!"

"Sounds good to me… I was hunting after Ratchet anyway, which is why I ended up in that closet anyway."

"This does not look good!" Ratchet thought as he held his wrench, ready for more action. "We're facing double-trouble now! But I must do all I can to keep Sasha safe!"

Sasha swallowed hard; she needed time enough to head straight back to the guest room of the house and retrieve her laser pistol for combat. Ratchet watched her eyes point upstairs, which gave him the signal to unleash an attack upon the two bloody clowns in distraction.

"Let's feed the urge…!" Needles hissed as he raised his sharp weapon.

Ratchet quickly used his trusty wrench to knock the machete out of Needles' hand, which allowed Sasha to run upstairs to get her weapon. The brave Lombax kept pushing himself to bring down this bloodthirsty villain and his dangerous son. Charlie had a kitchen knife in hand, which he thought would help him in hand-to-hand combat. However, it was very difficult for him to even land the tip of the sharp blade upon the flesh of this cunning warrior.

About fifteen seconds later, Sasha returned with her pistol to fire upon these intruding villains. She managed to scorch Charlie's left arm with the incredibly-hot plasma beam, causing it to take the color of a burnt red. Needles became upset at the sight of his son kneeling on the floor in pain.

"Your heads will be my prize, you pitiful aliens!" Needles exclaimed. "You'll never get away with what you're doing to my boy!"

"Strange…" Ratchet teased in reply. "I feel the same way with you clowns! I'll keep you from laying a finger on Sasha!"

Needles' anger rose to great heights as his actions were interrupted by a small explosion outside. He ran out the door to see what was in the driveway: an ice cream truck ablaze with fire. And right next to the ruins stood a tall man, holding a small ax in his right hand.

"You!" Needles exclaimed. "You destroyed my truck!"

"And YOU destroyed my LIFE!" replied the man as he ran towards the villain.

"Get away from me, Marcus! What is there you can do to defeat me?!"

This split-personality of the fiendish killer, who bore the same name Marcus Kane, knocked Needles back with the ax's handle. He constantly whacked his head with the side of the blade, causing him to stumble to the ground, helpless and unable to defend himself. Needles did not have the chance to run and snatch his machete off the ground. He was pinned to a nearby tree, where he feared he would meet his end.

"Your reign of terror ends here and now!" Marcus exclaimed. Right next to him, a portal opened, floating in midair, waiting for someone to walk right through and enter the mysterious Reverse Dimension.

(Originally, this realm was known as the Opposite Dimension. I changed its name here so it can sound cooler.)

"You can never get rid of me!" Needles screamed. "I'll find you and kill you once I escape from that horrible place!"

"Wanna bet?" Marcus replied, grabbing Needles by the right arm. With one big push, he shoved the fiend through the portal. And right away, the hole in the air closed itself up, sealing the killer in that place where he would be too far away to bother Ratchet and his friends.

Just like that, Ratchet woke up from his flashback. He turned his head to his left, expecting to see Clank at his bedside. But instead of his robot friend, he saw the girl Pupuru standing right there in front of him.

"I hope you're not upset with what I just did…" Ratchet spoke, rubbing his eyes.

"Ratchet…" Pupuru softly replied. "Are you sure you want to keep dwelling on the dark past? We've both suffered many terrible things, and we're supposed to forget all about them."

"I had to do it for a reason… I wanted to know something certain about Sasha… Is she…?" Ratchet could not find any more words to say. Perhaps he did not find what he was looking for in this vision. He was left intrigued, struggling to find the answers in his head that left him wondering. "Is she to be a true love?"

I got lots more ideas coming soon. If only the Ratchet & Clank movie would show SOONER! But let's all be patient. You know the old saying: "Necessity is the mother of invention". I can't write the next story until I have the ideas.