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PlayStation All-Stars Volume Two, Season Four Episode Five Of Traitors and Thieves

Produced by one of the greatest fanfiction teams of all time:
Cole Bezotte, rapid writer Sofie Spangenberg, peerless plotter Forrest Eaton, chaotic consultant (I let these guys put their names in the credits occasionally. It's better than leaving them in the dust.)

A short introduction Boy, did we outdo ourselves this time.
Let's face it: Sly Cooper comes from a long line of thieves, and it's no wonder that he is never caught by the authorities. He's just…well…perfect! But the question is: is it all worth it?
As we have studied the very rough relationship between him and Carmelita Fox, we are beginning to grow not only anxious, but also a bit irritated (and some of it may have to do with Carmelita's uniform). We are also irritated about what we're doing to Sly in this series: making him a public hero and not stealing valuable items like he usually does. Where is the real mind of this iconic raccoon? It's a good thing we're not getting complaints about it anyway.
So… What will happen when Sly Cooper goes back to his old ways? You'll have to find out yourself, you lucky reader. And not only that, you'll find an interesting return of Carmelita Fox, and not like her brief cameo in "Return of the Reaper". Oh, and speaking of which, when will Mr. Grimm return? That will never be answered until further notice. And as for Sweet Tooth bloody Sweet Tooth, he'll obviously be here. Anyway, enjoy!

Of Traitors and Thieves The city of Los Angeles took a beating from the dark atmosphere above. Constant rain poured from the thick black clouds that hung over, followed by almost never-ending thunder. It was not a typical day to go out looking for trouble; today, the League of Heroes decided to take life easy that day—but not for Ratchet. He felt that something was tugging at him, waking him up to a certain situation that happened recently. No matter where it was, he was willing to find it and identify it.
That night, as the thunderstorm continued, Ratchet could not sleep. Everyone else easily drifted away, but this Lombax could not stop thinking that someone or something was coming his way. And his hunch was correct, as he heard footsteps coming down the stairs into the living room. He turned to see who it was, but without drawing his Omniwrench for combat. If anyone would be coming down the stairs into this area, then he guessed it would be one of his allies. And there he saw her, Sasha Phyronix, quiet but anxious.
"Why have you come down here?" Ratchet spoke first. "Is there something bothering you?"
"I feel as if something can't get away from me…" Sasha replied softly. "I just can't get you off my mind."
"Sasha, it's probably Needles that can't escape your thoughts. You must forget about him—focus on something that brightens your spirit…like I am trying to do. Why is it that Needles and I have so much connected with each other? I know that we've been through a lot as bitter rivals, but why is it that we just can't separate each other? The Lombax and the clown…is that doomed to stay?"
"Ratchet…" Sasha continued, "…I just want you to know something. About you and Talwyn…well…I think you both can get along so well. You can have her all you want; as for me…I can't let anything fall…"
"What is it?" Ratchet snapped. "Are you hiding something?"
"Oh…I lost the words… I can't think straight…!"
"That's strange…" Ratchet thought as he studied Sasha and her appearance. "Why is she clutching her robe so tightly? She always dresses in some fancy pajamas… Ah, now I see something about her legs; why are they shining so? They look like…"
"Ratchet…what's wrong?" Sasha whispered.
"Don't fool me, you faker!" Ratchet barked in reply. "If you really are one of Eggman's robot goons, then you've no chance for making it out alive!"
(Again there is an Adema "easter egg" placed within this sentence. Can you find out what it is?)
"Ratchet!" Sasha shrieked. "Please don't!"
Ratchet lunged his arm forward to tear the robe right off, revealing a metallic body. He was right: he was dealing with a robot, and not the real girl he once knew. He even tore off the face mask that hid the head of the machine. Right then, a flash of lightning lit the room temporarily, revealing the full form of the one who stood before the startled Lombax.
"You better tell me where the real Sasha is!" Ratchet exclaimed as he held his wrench tightly. "What have you done to her?!"
"Ratchet, you don't understand!" the robot replied desperately. "It's ME! Something terrible had happened!"
"What are you saying? Is that…really you…Sasha?"
"Yes, Ratchet…"
"How did this happen? Wait… I bet Eggman used his Roboticizer—that horrible machine Sonic warned me about."
"That did bring me here, yes… But it was for a good reason that I accepted."
"What do you mean?"
Sasha told of the sad tale that happened the day before. She had returned from a mission with Marcus Kane, the man who had created the monster Needles with his confused mind. They had saved Sasha's father from a terrorist attack started by Apocalypse 9, a new gangster group. After they had fulfilled the quest and had driven the thugs back to the hideout they came from, they drove back home in a stolen prototype of Needles' ice cream truck. Marcus drove them the way back to the mansion, but things started to change once they had reached halfway there. Needles had noticed the prototype truck they had stolen and desired it back from them.
And so, with his unbeatable power, the evil one casted an illusion upon the driver, making him think that he was too tired to keep on driving. Marcus fell asleep, locked in a dream that captivated him until hours later. Sasha and her father attempted to shake him awake, but it was no use. They were unable to warn Marcus about the danger that was coming their way. Dreaming that he was driving elsewhere, Marcus continued to hold his foot upon the pedal, little knowing of what was really in front of him. Before long, it ended, resulting in a destroyed truck. It snapped Marcus awake to see what sat next to him in the passenger seat: Sasha Phyronix the corpse.
The first thought that came to mind was to visit the laboratory of Dr. Eggman; they had read the recent news that a juvenile by the name of Kyata Kuzundhai was roboticized but was able to keep his memory and personality.
(It happened in a Super Sonic Squad episode. That series will get new episodes soon, so don't worry.)
Dr. Eggman at first gave no guarantees because Sasha was once a captive at the Egg Tooth Asylum during the time that he teamed up with Needles.
(Again another recall back to an old story, PlayStation All-Stars X Super Sonic Squad.)
The only thing to convince the mad genius to do it was to promise that the League of Heroes would no longer consider him a target. It satisfied Eggman to roboticize Sasha; it was the only thing to do to keep her alive. If she was to transform back to her normal self, then she would die from the crash.
"So that's the dark truth…" Ratchet said after hearing everything. "It's very ironic how your father survived but not you, his only daughter. I'm very sorry…"
"You don't have to be," Sasha replied. "I actually like being this way… Who says robots aren't cool? Besides, we can really use a female computer counterpart…"
"Perhaps you're right. Just keep yourself from malfunctioning, Sasha."
"Oh, and I also received a few messages in my databanks, from the Galactic Rangers…"
"Wait…they're back? I haven't seen them in FOREVER! If they're asking to join the League of Heroes, then they'll get a DEFINITE yes from me!"
Suddenly, a beeping noise was heard from the back of Sasha's head. It seemed to have rung its sound slowly at first, until the noise beeped faster as Sasha turned to look out the window.
"What's going on?" Ratchet asked.
"It's my radar," Sasha answered in reply. "It's picking up a runaway life-form from outside…! Oh no!"
"What is it? It better not be Needles again!"
"It's not… This may shock you…!"
Ratchet saw who was sprinting out in the front yard of the mansion; it was no trick or illusion that displayed itself right before Ratchet's eyes. It was none other than Sly Cooper himself, hurrying towards his van.
"What is he doing?!" Ratchet exclaimed. "Did he just…?!"
Dashing outside, the Lombax found Sly climbing into his van as he held a shiny object in his left hand. Ratchet recognized it at first sight: it was the all-powerful Time Cube, and Sly was stealing it right before his eyes.
"What are you doing?!" Ratchet shouted.
"Something I should have done a long time ago…" Sly replied. "Ever since you introduced this to the League of Heroes, I have been putting my eyes on this thing out of jealousy! I couldn't stand the fact that you and Pupuru had the power to travel through time and space with this thing…and that I did NOT! Recovering my history of my family is important to me!"
"I thought you already had that time-traveling power with your van."
"We USED to! Needles made short work of it after a recent encounter with him. But THIS piece of beauty is worth a steal! I'll make my family proud once again by taking this, a valuable source of power!"
"Give me that Time Cube!" Ratchet barked as he grabbed Sly's arm and yanked him out of the van. "I only use that for the best of times!"
"Take your hand off me!" Sly replied, wrenching Ratchet's arm away with his cane. "If you hadn't just used this thing to kill that freak in the first place, we wouldn't be a team! You've wasted so much of my time!"
"It takes more than a Time Cube to defeat Needles! It will take complete unity to put him down completely!"
"Unity?! Ha! If it takes a thief to easily steal a treasure, then why do you not have stealth in your blood? You're just not thinking straight!"
As Ratchet and Sly bickered among each other, their physical battle raged on, perhaps with no end until one of them is satisfied. Though Sly was completely angry with the Lombax, he did not feel like resting until he was completely helpless. And it seemed as if the furious raccoon was going to get his wish, for Ratchet grew very tired after being hit by Sly's cane for the umpteenth time.
"You better stay where you are, you has-been!" Sly said after rendering Ratchet helpless on the soaked ground. "You've pushed yourself so hard to do all this for a girl. Pupuru is such a wimp, I don't know why I even joined this hero group in the first place."
"You wanted this, remember?" Ratchet weakly replied. "You weren't satisfied until I said Carmelita would no longer hunt you down. And it looks like she will because of how much you've changed!"
"I'll worry about her later…" Sly continued, pointing the tip of his cane to Ratchet's chest. "Right now, I've got myself a bigger reward to catch."
The raccoon lifted the cane high before bringing it back down upon the poor Lombax. But right when he did, he suddenly saw a spurt of blood emerge from Ratchet's chest, on the very spot the cane's tip touched. Sly could not believe his eyes; he was very shaken at what he had just seen.
"What have I done…?" he thought, dropping his cane to the ground. "My arrogance and pride caused me to kill the poor guy! I didn't mean to…!"
Sly's question was just about to be answered when he saw something stuck on the left side of Ratchet's ribcage. He used the hook of his cane to fish out what he thought it was. Covered in blood was the solution to the problem: "A silver bullet! Who could have done this?!"

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