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PlayStation All-Stars Volume Two, Season Four Episode Seven The Fabric of Eternity

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Written by Cole Bezotte, the toast of the town Plotted by Sofie Spangeberg, the people's choice Observed by Forrest Eaton, the man of the hour Hated by Needles Kane, world's biggest loser And once again reuniting with the titanic talent of Needle Kirby

After Sly Cooper had recovered from the ordeal that had recently been put to an end, he had finally received the call that he had hoped for. Carmelita Fox had come to the scene at the mansion's driveway, finding a bleeding raccoon sitting next to an unconscious Lombax. However, she was not satisfied with the result that she found, thinking that Sly had done the dirty work himself.
"Don't move, Cooper!" Carmelita started as she pointed her pistol at him. "I have you dead to rights now!"
"I swear I have no gun on me!" Sly replied, standing up straight to show no weapons. "And I wouldn't call you for my own arrest."
"Well said… Let me see the shell that you found." After Sly handed the silver bullet to her, she inspected it very closely and thoroughly, also feeling along its edges. After twenty seconds had gone by, she declared: "This is not a bullet."
"What do you mean?" Sly replied, confused.
"No shell ever has a long needle at its tip. I can disassemble this easily, so we'll see what's underneath." With that, she unscrewed the bottom of the "bullet", and slid out a micro test tube which was stained with Ratchet's blood and another fluid along with. But to the surprise of the two animals, this liquid was a light purple.
"So Ratchet's not dead…" Sly said as he observed Ratchet's wound once more. "He was injected with something…but WHAT? So Needles was just too lazy to kill Ratchet like he always wanted to? There's something fishy going on here, and it must be a part of something BIGGER."
"I'll take this for further study," Carmelita continued as she put the tube in her right pocket. "You make sure he wakes up fine."
"No, wait!" exclaimed a voice from behind. Sly and Carmelita turned to see Donna the Lombax at the end of the driveway, halting them from any further motions. "I'll take care of him. He is needed for something."
"But how can we trust you?" Sly replied in question. "We haven't even met!"
"I've been secretly throwing myself into your team's missions, not because I want credit but because I feel like it. Anyway, I'll take Ratchet with me; there's something important I need him for. And don't worry, I'll treat his wound. You go look for Pupuru…"
"She's not dead? Tell me, where can I find him?"
As she waited for Ratchet to recover from the recent attack, Donna told a tale of yesterday, the same time that Sasha had suffered from the car crash. She had been invited to a slumber party that Pupuru was hosting that night, and she seemed eager to attend. Little knowing of any danger that would come by, she traveled from the planet Kerwan to Earth, using her trusty that she had added new improvements to. But those modifications did not last long, not after the ship was secretly sabotaged by the awesome power of Needles' ice cream truck. The villain did not destroy the ship until the coast was completely clear, but that was after the incident. The real caper happened only about a half-hour after Donna arrived at the mansion: Needles broke in to make the moment not so happy anymore.

At that same time that Donna told the story, Needles himself was recalling that fateful day. "That filthy Lombax didn't make it easy…" he thought as his mind drifted off to that dark time. "Pupuru was the real target I was after. I toyed with her, and I teased her. Boys and girls…she was delightful. She was just as fearful as all those other times we met. But that Lombax came and ruined everything! She hurt me, just like when we first fought each other. She escaped, but overlooked one thing: I took Pupuru as a captive, following along with the awesome plan I had in mind. Once she was missing from the others, I readied phase two, which was to inject Ratchet with that special serum…"
"Drifting off, as usual?" a voice spoke, interrupting Needles' train of thought.
"Shut up, will you?" Needles retorted in reply. "I have interruptions! And I don't need a computer to judge my ways!"
This was Needles' new computer companion that he had created last week: My Evil-Loving Villainous Intelligence Network. For short, the name was MELVIN, whose memory and data banks were extracted from a clown midget who died in a battle against Dr. Eggman. Though Needles himself was a murderous one, he figured he would need someone to back him up or feed him information. So MELVIN keeps himself activated at all times on Needles' control pad, which was an iPad that he modified himself.
"If that serum doesn't work…" Needles continued, clenching his fists tightly, "…I'll have that doctor's head on display!"

Back at the mansion, Sly searched for one of his teammates, hoping to get some help out of him. Donna had already brought Ratchet to the destination that was desired, and Carmelita drove back to her office to study the chemicals that were driven into the Lombax. It was already 2:30 pm, but everyone else was awake after hearing the commotion that went on outside.
"I really wish I could help…" Jak said after hearing the whole story, "…but our ships are sabotaged and useless now. Needles even destroyed the portals, so we can't even use instant transportation to the Time Cube."
"I have an idea!" Nathan Drake exclaimed, overhearing the conversation. "If there's one other method of getting to that powerful box, then we'll have to do it in an alternate way: through a hyper-atomic DEEP FREEZE!"
"What does that even mean?"
"It's a process that makes space travel to outer galaxies feasible. It was the first method the Lombax race used before they knew about hyperspace. But for this case, someone can travel to the other end of the universe…and when he gets back, he'll be no older than when he left."
"How do you know so much about Lombax history?"
"Ever since I met Ratchet, I've been studying his kind with my pal Sullivan. This gibberish is starting to make more sense to me."
"As much as I hate to admit it…" Sly replied, thinking over it, "…I'll be willing to do it. It's all we can do for now, so we should just go with it."
After requesting a new spaceship from the U.S. Government, Bentley prepared its inside so Sly can travel to the Time Cube and back safely without any casualties. "Why don't you take us with you, Sly," he urged. "You'll be needing us for sure."
"You worry too much, Bentley," Sly replied, hurrying his friend out of the ship. "I better take on this mission alone. It's my fault that Ratchet almost died; I started this whole incident. But now I owe him for what I caused. I'll snatch Pupuru out of there a THIEF'S way."
The procedure for returning was explained in its fullness, then Sly Cooper climbed into the deep freeze chamber. And as he lied down, he began to hear nothing but a dull, unbroken hum. Then a vapor oozed out through unseen metallic pores, a soft, dark, velvet vapor. Slowly, Sly felt consciousness—awareness, being drained from him. His muscles softened, weakened, as he went down, and back into a warm, deep sleep. A sleep that lasted until he reached the hangar of the Time Cube. His last thought was that he hoped to see Pupuru alive when he arrived at his destination.
Then, gradually, he felt an ache—a slight pain, as life began to well within him. From the bottomless depths consciousness and awareness issued forth, as he woke up from his long trip. "I'm here already?" he thought as he stretched his arms. "It feels like I've gone through a good sleep, one that I haven't had in a long time."
Down below on Earth, Bentley and Jak watched the process carry on through their radar screens. They were connected to the miniature cameras that were hooked up on the inside of the ship, and one clipped to Sly's belt. "I really wish I could hack into that Time Cube…" Bentley spoke slowly as he looked down at his keyboard, "…but I've already given it everything I have. I can't control it, because Needles had already installed a special security software in its main control console."
"Something SHOULD happen somehow," Sly replied through his miniature com-link. "I can't simply convince Needles to open the door to the time vortex for me. I figure that's where she's being held. I better get her out of there fast. And while I'm here, I might as well steal some of Needles' valuables and see how HE likes it!"
"Be careful, Sly…"
Needles was already aware that the courageous raccoon had landed the ship inside the Time Cube's hangar area. But he was ready to fight him once again, now that he had the power of the Time Cube under his control. "Little does he know that I've installed MELVIN into the main console," the villainous clown thought, drawing his machete. "This place is mine now, and he can't control any of it anymore! How good it was to rename this the BLACK CUBE! He should have seen what the outside shell looks like now. But enough of that! That fool raccoon should realize that I am more than a match for him!"
"You better show yourself, you crapface!" Sly called out as he entered the master chamber.
"I wasn't waiting for you…" Needles replied, pointing his deadly weapon at the raccoon. "But if you insist on a fight over the girl, then I'd be glad to participate! Boys and girls, we are about to see this filthy animal's downfall!"
"Quit your gloating! I came here to steal back something that belongs to me!"
"All you do is talk to keep your nerve up! You know you haven't a chance against me, especially with the Black Cube at my command!"
"Come and get me…" Sly taunted, tilting his blue hat.
"Here in this battle…" Needles continued, ready to swing down with his blade, "…there are rules that only I can make. And number one clearly states that the villain lands the first blow!"
True to his words, the freak made his move, but his machete landed upon Sly's cane, trusty for defense. "Quit bragging!" Sly said as he pushed Needles back with his weapon. "I'm here for a treasure, and you're in my way!"
"Cut the sarcasm!" Needles barked in reply. "I strongly dislike your ways of speech!"
As the battle continued on, insult after insult spilled out, causing both fighters to grow furious at each other. Though each combatant felt stronger as they went on, one of them began to realize that this could actually be a waste of time. The real mission was still not complete. "We're getting nowhere with this!" Sly thought as he pushed Needles back once more. "Pupuru still needs my help, and I still don't know how I'm supposed to get into the time vortex! Perhaps the only thing I need to do is bribe this fatty, just like what happened to Sasha… I hope it works…"
"Okay, pal!" Sly finally spoke after the final blow was delivered. "We'll be at this all day it seems, but I'll make a deal with you."
"You offer me something?" Needles replied. "What a joke!"
"I'm not kidding. You hand Pupuru back to me, and I promise we will no longer consider you our enemy. Me…and the League of Heroes…we won't fight you anymore. You'll be free from us forever!"
"So that Lombax won't harm me anymore, as he had done all this long time we were bitter rivals… Alright, pal, you can take her. But if you and your buddies ever come and fight me again, I'll have display your heads in a special trophy case. I'll never break this deal…"
"Now I see we are both satisfied. Give her to me!"
Without any hesitation, Needles placed his thumb upon the button that opened the door to the time vortex. As he watched Sly enter to bring Pupuru out, the villain thought silently to himself: "I don't know why I'm bothering to do this without killing them both. Perhaps I'm just too sentimental for my own good, but this is one promise that dude proposed without haste. But little do they all know that I'll still give Ratchet a taste of his own medicine and finish him for good! This was such a good plan from the start: I'd kidnap Pupuru and keep Ratchet busy with something else, so that I'd kill the girl later on to keep her out of the way…then I'd destroy Ratchet with a different method. Even though Pupuru is being freed right now, I can still take care of the Lombax even though I'd be breaking this promise. Then when the rest of his friends find out about his death, they'll be FORCED to hold back, for they offered to no longer fight me!"
"Finally!" he heard Sly exclaim as he watched him step back into the master chamber. "The prize returns to me. And I don't know whether or not I should thank you for your cooperation."
"I shouldn't thank you either," Needles replied. "Let's just stick to the deal and move things along. Get her out of my sight…"
Sly Cooper carried the unconscious Pupuru in his arms, returning to the ship that brought him here. And once he left, the clown was ready to continue on with his plan. "Now Ratchet is all I need to focus on," he thought out loud. "That potion should not fail."
"My experiments should NEVER fail!" spoke a voice from right next to him. "You have the word of Dr. Neo Cortex!"
"Don't be so overconfident… But we'll shove that aside right now. I should be sure that the League of Villains are prepared for our next move!"

Don't go thinking that Donna is stealing Ratchet for something sexual. IT WON'T HAPPEN LIKE IN THE CANCELLED SERIES! You will have your questions answered in the next issue, along with a few other surprises! We will see you next time!