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Volume Two, Season Four

Episode Eight

The Lombax Renegade

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Also, we are introducing some new original characters by HaloLuna and Dantiscus

Ratchet woke up to the sound of a crackling fire, though he did not remember at first what had happened just recently. Once he fully came to, his head dazed and heavy from the heavy ordeal, he looked ahead of himself and saw something that he had never expected to see: another one of his species, standing in front of a large metal can with fire in it.
"Please tell me I'm dreaming…" he whispered to himself. "This is impossible! The Lombax race is dead!"
"I know what you're thinking," spoke the female Lombax after she heaved a sigh. Removing her black hat revealed a gloomy expression upon her face; something was within her that bothered her, and it did not seem to go away. "But this is why we brought you here…"
"You mean…there are more?" Ratchet replied. "How many survived after the Cragmite invasion on Fastoon?"
"We don't know for sure. The name is Alex Gemini by the way… I brought you here and cleansed that wound for you."
Ratchet could not think straight at first. But then his mind began to think back to how he was brought here in the first place. "I remember now…" he thought aloud. "I had that battle with Sly Cooper not too long ago. And right when it seemed like he was going to finish me, I was knocked out so suddenly. But what caused it?"
"I sure hope night doesn't get here too quickly…" Alex muttered quietly. But Ratchet heard what she just said, attentively listening with his sensitive ears. "I just get that groggy feeling every time."
"Can you please explain how I got here?" Ratchet asked her impatiently. "I was in the middle of a battle until I blacked out. And…I still feel a pain from what struck me…"
"It was not a real bullet," Alex answered in reply. "Some wet-behind-the-ears mad scientist has recently created a new potion that…causes an unpleasant result. And it was what you were hit with, in a fake shell."
"So that explains this bleeding… But what is this serum about?"
"I cannot tell… Its results are pretty ugly…you'll have to see for yourself."
"Well, I better see it soon. Hey, who else is in this operation?"
"No one important, really… And I certainly hope I didn't speak too soon…"
Ratchet still was not getting what was being said; still confusion sank deep into his mind, pushing the pressure upon him. "I need answers now!" he thought, eager to attack the one who stood before him. "This particular gal looks pretty suspicious to me…!"
But before another word was said, Alex suddenly went out of her way to escape the scene, as if someone else was coming that way. And indeed someone was: the figure of Donna appeared to check up on the one whom she brought here. "You're awake!" she spoke. "But don't stand up too quickly, or you'll lose a little more blood."
"Who was that other girl that just left?" Ratchet responded to her, confused. "The one who patched this wound here."
"What are you talking about? There's no one here but us, and I was the one who treated that wound for you."
"Then she must be a spy working for someone, or going solo. I just don't get everything right now, so can you please start from the beginning?"
"I guess that's what I'll HAVE to do… My name is Donna…I'm a friend of Pupuru's and will soon be accepted into the League of Heroes, and I foiled the last caper as you were knocked out cold. Remember when all of Pupuru's memory was being broadcasted?"
"That's right!" Ratchet replied. "I attempted to halt Dr. Eggman in his scheme, but was knocked out. Was that you that finished it for me?"
"That's right," Donna continued. "You were just never around to see me…until now. And speaking of which, Pupuru should be back safe by now. Sly Cooper did the favor of getting her out of the time vortex, where she had been kept by that freaking clown."
"Then she's safe… I knew Sly still had some good in him. I guess he just had to learn from his mistake… But who shot me then?"
"Needles did that… I decided to come and bring you here after hearing the news of his sick attacks. And I must say he's worse than anything that happened in 9/11. But anyway, to cut to the chase, I brought you here for a reason, and we need your help."
"Who's we? I bet you have one more Lombax among us…"
"I actually do…"

Meanwhile, in the main chamber of the recently-christened Black Cube, Needles commanded his computer MELVIN to open the sliding door and let in a coming intruder. The main door opened, revealing the mad scientist known as Dr. Neo Cortex, evil mastermind whose life's goal was world domination, and the defeat of his worst enemy Crash Bandicoot.
"Apparently, you've been very busy since the last time we saw each other," the doctor spoke to the hideous clown.
"Don't bother me right now!" Needles retorted in reply. "I'm still waiting for night to settle in. I still won't be satisfied until I see real results about your serum."
"It's quite a beauty, I must say! Little will they ever suspect of its true power until too late! They'll already be monsters when they least expect it!"
"Remember, Cortex, that Ratchet was given a full amount. The the pale Lombax, on the other hand, was only given a droplet."
"Still, the effects are quite satisfying… It reminds me of that headset I created that transformed innocents into mutants. But this is far more powerful than I had ever done before! And I can't wait to inject it into Crash himself once our mission here is complete. Oh, by the way, where is that other subject?"
"That's what I'm also waiting for…"
And they spoke at the right moment when the Lombax known as Alex arrived just as she was requested a while ago. She looked paler than ever, knowing that each second that ticked away brought her closer to what she feared. She dreaded what was coming for her.
"You came just as I wanted you to," Needles spoke to her. "You better remember our deal, like we talked about from the start. I'll be willing to cure you if you help me destroy Ratchet once and for all."
"Can't we make our move tonight, while we still have time?" Alex asked in reply. "PLEASE don't make me have to face this again!"
"At least you don't face the entire effect like Ratchet will. You've only been given a drop of the potion as a test subject. Remember how much I'll owe you for Ratchet's death; I HIRED you for this!"
"But is it worth it?" Alex silently thought as she walked away into the shadows. "I'm a master thief, not a killer. And yet, I can't resist doing this job to get myself cured. I just don't know if I'm doing the right thing or not."
Dr. Cortex followed Needles into the next room of the Black Cube, where they found just the thing they expected: eight other villains eager to put the next phase of their diabolical scheme into action. Captain Slag, Rusty Pete, N. Gin, Tiny Tiger, Frank McCutcheon (No-Face), Agent Stone, Dr. Nefarious, and his butler Lawrence all sat at a round table, patiently waiting for Needles and Dr. Cortex to appear and give the sentence.
"All of us must wait until the time is right that we attack," the demented clown spoke to them all. "We will wait until Cortex's potion takes its full effect upon our victim. Only by then can we attack Ratchet as he is in his monstrous form, then we'll be seen as the new saviors of Earth! We'll let the public think of it that way…until we show them our REAL business."
"I should be promised the death of Captain Qwark as well," Dr. Nefarious replied with eagerness. "We'll be striking a victory for us all!"
"It may be just well…" Captain Slag added. "We'll plunder the land for its riches once we've mopped up the floor with those scalawags!"
"Patience, you all…" Needles responded to them all. "All should be in readiness. All shall go exactly as planned." But in his vision, he saw what would really happen to his new League of Villains once their mission was fulfilled. "How they despise goodness…" he thought silently. "How filled with treachery and deceit are all their hearts. And that is exactly as I wish it. United by a bond of mutual hatred—of stark, gnawing distrust—they follow me blindly—and will continue to do so—until the day when I shall dispose of them all!"

At the dark hideout where Ratchet and Donna had kept themselves, a dark sky began to loom over their heads as night took place. Donna was still waiting for the other helpful Lombax mentioned earlier by Alex, but this one was not like any other. Finally, she saw the appearance of a blue-furred female Lombax take place; she felt like rushing her friend over after seeing what was going on with Ratchet. Some rather nasty thing was about to take place.
"Sorry I took so long," spoke the blue one. "I just had a big hit-and-run with a robot pirate. So this is the fella you were talking about?"
"Ratchet, I want you to meet Tatzeya," Donna said, introducing the long-time hero with the new one. "She helped me with the idea to defend this part of the city from Needles' next attack."
"It's very nice to meet you, but… what happened to the half of you?" Ratchet asked the blue one. "You're a cyborg!"
"It's a long story…" Tatzeya replied. "But I'll tell you about some other time."
"As much as I like to know that my race still lives…I'm just not feeling so well. It isn't possible to be fully dosed with this potion and not have SOMETHING happen. I—I'm beginning to feel strange. My head is throbbing…"
"You're not going to like the next part," Tatzeya continued, reading a meter on her cybernetic arm. "The readings here are off the chart!"
"Your arm!" Ratchet replied. "It has a built-in geiger counter to measure radiation! Listen to it! It—it's going wild!"
As Ratchet exclaimed those words, something terrible began to happen to him. Donna and Tatzeya watched in horror as Ratchet increased in size, his clothes tearing off as his fur lengthened. His claws sharpened, his fangs grew out, his tongue dripped with a black venous ooze. His eyes no longer viewed the other two Lombaxes as friends but victims.
"It's getting louder and louder!" he continued to scream. "Faster and faster! What's happening? What is happening? ARRGGGGHHHHH!"
And in his place stood the new hideous monster that he was, wishing nothing but destruction and death upon the world. Tatzeya was about to give Donna the signal for the next move, but when she turned, she was gone. Donna had vanished from the scene!

How surprising is this? Ratchet is now a giant monster, and Donna had suddenly left! Have we seen the last of her? How will Ratchet return to his normal good self again? And by what means will the League of Villains destroy him? You will have to see for yourself, matey! We will see you next time!