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Chapter 1

Scratch, scratch.

The sound of twenty or so pencils scratching on paper filled the classroom, accompanied by the quiet ticking of the wall clock. Morty Smith of Earth, Dimension C-137, was sitting in Mr. Goldenfold's math class, bound to his chair by the government's law of forcing every child to remain in his or her seat until the bell gave them permission to be dismissed.

However, Morty was hardly paying attention to the questions on the test. To be honest, he didn't care one bit about the exam. It didn't matter how well he performed- the Galactic Federation would administer a certain career to him anyways after he finished high school. They would also never allow him to get off-planet, because he was the grandson of Rick Sanchez.

Morty stared down at the paper.

2 x 23 (6+34) = ?

He sighed, closing his eyes. Morty was the grandson of Rick Sanchez, famed intergalactic terrorist. Truthfully, Morty had no awareness of Rick's backstory and why he was considered a galactic criminal. He knew it had something to do with the Federation- Morty guessed that during his younger days, his grandfather had fought against the bureaucrats- but that was the extent of his knowledge of Rick's backstory, and even that guess seemed to be a bit of a stretch. Rick didn't come across to Morty as the type of person who would willingly fight in a group against an oppressive leadership; Rick was too selfish, too much of a lone wolf.

In reality, Morty was pissed. He was so angry at Rick for leaving them how he did, and for lying to Morty.

"I was gonna hope over to the Gloppydrop System, get some ice cream."

"You…you want me to come with? I mean, don't you need my brain waves for camouflage or something?"

"I'll be okay. Bye, Morty."

And with that, Rick had gone. Morty's fist tightened around his pencil. He opened his eyes, blinking back a few tears.

It had only been a few weeks since the Federation had found the Smith family all alone on that small planet, but already Earth no longer felt like home to anyone anymore. The Federation had completely taken over; at first, the many different governments of Earth had objected, tried to fight back- but the Federation was quick to silence them. Now, the governments were "representatives" of the Galactic Federation. They didn't rule the countries anymore; instead, the Federation ran the planet, with the Earth governments just maintaining order over the seven billion inhabitants of the globe.


Everyone in the class jumped, startled by the loud bell. Almost immediately, the level of volume in the room rose as people handed in their tests and walked out with their friends, discussing their exams. Morty stood, stretching, his test in hand. He glanced down at it. Morty hadn't answered a single question out of the forty.

He handed it in to Mr. Goldenfold, quickly making his way out with the rest of the class. Thankfully, math was his last period of the day- Morty was impatient to get home and be alone. He had found himself sitting in the garage more often than not, comforted by the inventions strewn all over the garage, left in place from the last time Rick had been in there.

As Morty made his way outside, he discerned his sister waiting for him by the exit. There was Summer, leaning up against the archway, her eyes glued to her phone as she thumbed through her Facebook newsfeed.

"Hey," Morty said when he reached her.

Summer put her phone in her pocket, looking at him. She adjusted her backpack, giving him a small smile. "Hey. Ready?"

The siblings made their way out of the school and onto the sidewalk, where they began their thirty minute walk home. Morty missed the days that Rick would come barging into his classroom, taking him out of school for a day or so to go on some wacky, zany adventure.

"Hel-lo, doofus, did you hear a word I just said?" Summer waved her hand in front of her brother, breaking him out of his short entrancement.

"H-huh?" Morty blinked and looked over at Summer. Her green eyes seemed jaded as she looked back at him, one eyebrow cocked. "Oh, s-sorry Summer. What'd you ask?"

"I asked you how your math exam went. Because, like, you know the Federation will assign us a certain job based on that." She rolled her eyes. "My exam was pretty lame, but I think I got a good enough score to be able to get off-world next year. Of course, you won't have my exam until you're a senior, so-"

Morty interrupted her. "Summer, y-you know they won't let you off-world, right? They won't let us. Either of us."

Summer stared at her brother in incredulity. "What-"

"Because Rick's our grandpa!" Morty said hotly. He clenched his fist. "They would n-n-never let Rick's grandkids leave Earth. They might think we know too much."

Summer's jaw tightened. "Which we do." She said in a lowered voice. The realization hit her- she would never leave Earth ever again. The times she had spent in the cosmos with her brother and grandfather had been her last. The beauty of seeing the universe all around her, stars lighting up the cosmos like little fireflies, the gracefulness of the planets as they orbited around one another-

It was all over.

She would never again see any other planets. Never again would she have Rick pointing out constellations and other star systems to her or her brother.

"Shit," she said quietly.

Morty looked at Summer. "Yeah." He looked away. "I had the same feeling. We'll never see the universe again. Now we're just stuck here, for the rest of our lives."

Summer felt her cheeks grow hot. "I can't believe he did that to us. I can't believe he left us!" Summer cried out, anger filling her up. "Why did he leave us to live out our lives in such a shitty way?!"

Her brother shrugged, trying to not think about it. Isn't that what Rick always said?

Morty glanced upward before stopping in his tracks. His eyes grew wide as he realized what he was looking at, his heart clenching tight in his chest. There, up on an electric news billboard, was the haggard face of his grandfather.


"I just can't believe that dick left us like that! That selfish bastard-"

"Summer!" Morty tugged his sister's arm, pulling her back to him.

She spun around, seeing Morty stopped. Her face was contorted in anger. "Ugh, what, Morty?"

Morty didn't say anything. Instead, he pointed up to the news billboard. Summer followed his gaze. Her eyes met the worn, fatigued eyes of Rick. Summer felt her heart sink.

On the billboard was Rick's mugshot, staring at the camera, holding a card that read "RICK SANCHEZ, 00-8923-137". Next to his face was a small blurb, reprinted in multiple alien languages:

"The Galactic Federation is pleased to announce the capture and incarceration of the known galactic terrorist Rick Sanchez. Citizens, you may now rest assured knowing that this infamous criminal is imprisoned, where he can no longer threaten the safety of you or your family. The Federation hopes that you have a fantastic day here on Earth!"

Morty and Summer both gaped.

"He…he was captured?" Morty said in disbelief. "N-no, there's no way…Rick's too smart! H-he wouldn't go get himself caught on accident!" he turned to his sister. "W-would he?"

Summer pulled out her phone and snapped a picture of the billboard. She wanted it for future reference, and to show her mother. Summer thought it might help ease the pain a little bit. She slipped her phone back into her pocket. "Well, without his portal gun or ship he could have been…" she thought for a moment, lips pursed. "No, but even then, Rick wouldn't let himself get captured." She exhaled through her nose, eyebrows kneaded together in concentration. She looked down the street, watching the aliens and humans who meandered. She looked back at her brother, a serious tone in her voice. "Unless he gave himself up."

Morty looked at her, bewildered. "What?!" He almost barked out a laugh. "Are you kidding me? T-t-t-there's no way Rick would have given himself up to the Federation! He hates them!"

"Morty, use your brain! How do you think the Federation police found us on that small planet?" Everything was beginning to make sense to Summer now. The gears turned quickly in her mind as she realized how huge of a sacrifice Rick had made for them. "Grandpa Rick…he…he must have told them where he was in exchange for our safety."

Morty stared at his sister in disbelief. "Rick's a selfish asshole, there's no way he-"

"You idiot! Think! Grandpa Rick's an asshole, but he saw that there was no other option, if we ever wanted to get back home to Earth." Summer sighed and looked back up at the billboard, her eyes tracing her grandfather. "He sacrificed himself for us."

Morty knew his sister was right. He knew it, he knew it, he knew it. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. That's how the Federation was able to find them. That's why the Federation didn't question them on Rick's location, even though they knew of Rick's relation to them. Yet, he could hardly believe it.


"C'mon Morty, let's go home." She gently touched his wrist and strode forward. Morty obediently followed behind.

The rest of the twenty minute walk home from their school was spent in silence. Morty was thankful when they finally reached their home. He was keen to go up in his room and be alone.

However, they were greeted by a large, alien van in front of their house, the garage opened, and their mother on the front yard screaming obscenities at two Gromflomites who were holding large boxes and inventions.

Rick's inventions, Morty noted in alarm.

"You can't do this, you can't do this! This isn't your stuff! That's my dad's! You can't do this!" Beth pleaded, screaming. She had clearly just gotten home from work- she stood there in her green scrubs, her hair pulled back into a loose ponytail.

One of the Gromflomites raised a laser gun at her, his other hand holding the interdimensional cable box. "Hey, lady- watch it- you better calm down right now!"

Summer darter to their mother. "Mom!" She grabbed her hand, pulling Beth towards her. Summer embraced her crying mother, glaring at the Gromflomite over Beth's shoulder. She didn't say anything. Morty stood beside them, internally panicking. Where were they taking Rick's inventions?

"Yeah, that's what I thought." The Gromflomite lowered his gun and shifted the interdimensional cable box in his arm. "This stuff ain't the terrorist's any longer, and it was never yours to begin with. It's now property of the Federation." He tossed the box into the Federation van, a distinct shattering of glass reverberating out.

Morty stood in horror as the Federation took the last of his grandfather away from him. He watched them load up the van, filling it with all of Rick's inventions that he had made with Morty over the past two years. He couldn't believe it. His sister and mother stood beside him, all three of them quietly crying.

The other Gromflomite tossed the Meeseeks box into the van. "Whelp, I think that's the last of it," he said, wiping his insect-like hands together. The Gromflomites loaded themselves into the Federation vehicle and drove off without saying another word to the teary-eyed family.

Morty took a step towards the garage, surveying it with a sunken heart. Everything was gone. The garage was as empty as one of Rick's beer bottles. Morty shuttered, a sob caught in his throat. Everything that him and his grandfather had worked on together was gone. Every invention, every project, every misconstrued development-

It was all gone.

Morty collapsed onto his knees in the grass, more tears forming in his eyes. He felt like his world was crashing down all around him; everything that documented the adventures that he and Rick had had over the past two years had just been ripped away from him.

It was all over.

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