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This is a story about Petunia having a secret for quite sometime. You see, even though the books say that she hates magic, underneath all the hatred though, she's hiding something. And it's something known to be foriben while in the Dursley home.

In this story, Petunia is actually secretly married to someone, who she'd known ever since she was little. Petunia is actually a Muggle-born just like her sister, Lily, she had also went to Hogwarts too with her sister. In her fifth year, Severus Snape had asked her out, she did say yes. During their seventh year together, he asked her to marry him, once again she said yes to that. But things changed during the first Wizarding War, they both had to drift apart from each other.

While Severus was talking to the Headmaster one day, the Headmaster had oblivated him into thinking that she was just a friend to him when he was younger, he lost his memories of Petunia, who is now married to Vernon Dursley. Petunia however, didn't lose hope, she thought that Severus would return to her.

But he never did return to her... Little dose Vernon and Dudly know, she's changed.

Also, this will take place after the war.

Hope you all enjoy!



Petunia's Secret

Some people think that having a secret is like protecting someone they love, while others believe that having it means that they will be bad things to the unknown.

Well, according to Mrs. Petunia Dursley, it was like she was dying on the inside, it didn't seem to make a difference now that she had been married not once, but twice already. She hated having to live like a Muggle, she hated how Vernon seem to think that she was a Muggle, someone who hated any magic or wizards or witches.

All throughout her twenty years she had to live with Vernon Dursley, she didn't think that she could handle it, but now twenty years later, she could handle it, she didn't know what to think, while Vernon was at work, she had stayed home, but not as Petunia Dursley, the Muggle who hated anything to do with magic. No, but as Muggle-born witch Petunia Snape, wife of Severus Snape, proud and happy to have gone to the most prominent school of all of the Wizarding World, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Over the years living as a Muggle, she secretly gotten letters from her sister, Lily Evans Potter, they both still communicate over the years, Lily had gotten married to James Potter. But things changed when she had Dudly, she didn't like that fact that he had to be a Muggle, just like his father, who at that time, was happy to have a son who wasn't a wizard, or in his own words a 'freak'. She often said that he looked just like his father, but in truth, it made her heart fall even more down to her stomach, she really missed Severus, they both had only been together as a married couple for a year, and then everything changed when she had to leave him for protection from You-Know-Who.

When her nephew had arrived to their home, she was so sad and happy, knowing that she had lost a sister, and had to take in her sister's child. While he lived in their home, she noticed that Vernon absolutlely hated him from the start, on the inside, all she could do was shout and scream, but on the outside, she had to agree with her husband's words, she hated having to be mean to him, and yet, she had to protect him.

Just like what Dumbledore had said.

It had been ten long dreadful years since he was placed on the doorstep of the Dursley's home. All he could do was follow their directions, it didn't seem to help that they all hated him and what he was born with. But over the years, he seemed to find that his aunt had been hiding something all along, while he was sometimes stuck at home alone with her, he noticed that she seemed to have knowledge of something. Sometimes, he wonder what she was hiding from all of them.

As he walked into the kitchen, he only saw his aunt, she was pacing, he wondered what it was, but then he had to not ask questions about anything, he saw that she had been crying, he was about to say something to her, when she turned to face him, her eyes widened, all she said was, "I'm sorry..."

He was about to ask her why, but before he had the chance, Uncle Vernon had came in, sat down at the table, and said, "Dear, have you seen our little Dudly? He was suposed to have meet me in the hall."

Petunia's only response was, "I'm sure he knows."

As Dudly came in, he shoved Harry aside, Petunia gave Harry a look, before she took a deep breath, turned back to Dudly and Vernon, and said, "Happy birthday, Dudly."

Dudly said, "Mum..."

Just then the phone rang, Petunia went to go answer it, when she answered it, she said, "Mrs. Dursley..."

Miss Figg, the elderly woman who took care of Harry, said, "Hello, Mrs. Dursley, it's Miss. Figg. I'm sorry, but I can't watch the boy today. Tripped over one of my cats."

Petunia's heart fell, she said after a moment, "Thank you, Miss. Figg, I'll let my husband know."

Before she up the phone down, Miss. Figg said, "He's still alive, don't worry, Mrs. Snape..."

Petunia froze, she tried not to break down in tears, she missed her husband dearly, every time she was either home alone or with the boy, she often thought about her one true love, she didn't hear Vernon calling her name, all she said was, "Severus..."

Miss. Figg said, "He's a professor at Hogwarts-"

Petunia cut in, and said, "How is he? How's my Sev?"

Before Miss. Figg could reply, Vernon shouted, "Petunia!"

Petunia whispered, "Dose he know? Tell me, Miss. Figg, dose he even know?"

Miss. Figg said, "Petunia, there's something you should know about him. I found out about it a year after you two had to split up."

Vernon said, "Dear, who are you-"

Petunia said, "Please, Miss. Figg, tell me what happen."

Miss. Figg's only response was, "Dumblore had done it."

Petunia's heart fell even farther, all she said was, "No... No... Please tell me that he didn't do it?"

Miss. Figg only whispered, "I'm sorry, Petunia..."

Petunia's eyes prickled with tears, she tried not to cry, as she slowly put the phone down, her heart already fearing the worse for her one true love, all she could do was sit down, once she was seated, the rest of the family all watched in confusion and bewilderment as she broke down in silent tears, it pained her to think that Dumblore would ever do this to her Severus, she couldn't stand the thought of her Severus not remembering his own beloved wife.

Petunia didn't even bother to answer his husband's voice, she rushed up to her and Vernon's room, silently in tears. Once in the room, she went over to their closet, opened it, and looked for the box that she kept in the back of their closet. After finding it, she went back into the room, sat down on the bed, and slowly opened it with shaking hands.

Inside the plain white box was a few things that she had kept while living with the Muggles, there were only ten items in the box, the first item she had pulled out was a small little box, inside the small box was a ring, the ring had two intersecting hearts connected at the bottom, it was sivler, she only slid it onto her ring finger, and she was surprised to feel that it still, even after nearly thirty years apart, that the ring still fit her ring finger.

The next thing that she had pulled out was her wand, she knew that Vernon would absolutely hate her if he knew that she was a witch, let alone a married woman, she also knew that she would have to explain everything to everyone in the family.

As she pulled out the seven items, each item she pulled, she didn't hold back the tears any longer, she shouted, screamed, through a huge fits, threw things around, and cried for hours at a time.

She sank down on the floor, praying to whichever God was listening to her pleading prayer for forgiveness and hope that she would soon be reunited with her beloved first husband.

It was a few hours later, she had calmed down, Vernon was worried for his wife, he had never ever seen her have a extremely horrid break down before, this confused not only him, but als his son and nephew. He was at least proud to say that he was glad to say that his good for nothing nephew was at that least quiet as usual, he hated the boy, ever since the boy had first showed up at their home.

He was about to call her, when he heard his wife say, "I can't... It hurts too much to even say it... I must do it, they all have a right to know, especially my beloved."

He was confused, who was she talking about? Who was she talking too? And what is she talking about? He just called, "Petunia?"

Just then the doorbell rang, he snarled, "BOY GET THE DOOR!"

The boy said, "Yes, Uncle Vernon."

When he came back in the living room, he had a letter in his hands, Dudly snatched the letter, and said, "Dad, Harry had a letter!"

The boy shouted, "THAT'S MINE!"

He took the letter, and snarled, "Who would be writing to you, boy!"

He opened the letter, after reading the first line, his blood boiled, he said, "P-P-Petunia..."

Petunia took the letter from him, after reading the first line, she gasped, turned to face her nephew, the boy was looking as confused as their son, she whispered, "We shell be reunited once more."

Harry said, "What-"

She said, "There's a reason why I had said that, and when you return from that place, you must, no... You have to tell me everything, and when I say everything, I mean Everything. Including all the teachers at that place. Got it?"

Harry's only response was, "Yes, Aunt Petunia-"

She cut in, and said sharply, "Don't you dare start anything with him..." Then she whispered in a low voice, "I don't want to lose him. Not again. Not a second time."

He said, "Yes, Aunt Petunia."

Unnoticeable to everyone else in the family, Petunia's thumb rubbed where the now faded scar used to be on her forearm, no one, not even Vernon, knew about her scar, the same scar that she had gotten when her and Severus had had one of their fights after an event with You-Know-Who.

It all didn't matter now that she had to lie to everyone, including her own nephew, as she went back upstairs, she couldn't help but chuckle lightly to herself. Of course, it all didn't matter, she told herself, it all didn't matter now because she was going to be reunited with her husband once again.

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