Deadpool adventures 2

A gang of antiheroes


Shawn Wing-Kovarik

Chapter 1: A Kidnap

I looked at president snow, or what is left of him and his peacekeeping army. Anyways, I'm trying something new. I'm going to break the fifth wall and kidnap a girl. I'll force her to be my new girlfriend, then I'll break the fifth wall and with her in tow, I will enter two universes, get Allies and ruin each Universe. I closed my eyes and everything went dark.

Deadpool opened his eyes and looked around. He quickly found his target, a pretty brown haired seventeen year old girl. He quickly fell in love with her. ( I know what you are thinking, Deadpool is like in his thirties, the girl is too young for him. Let me tell you, in this version, Deadpool is seventeen years old. Now that's settled.)

Deadpool watched her hang out with her friends. Slowly they went home. That was when he acted. He jumped up and grabbed her. He could see the fear in her eyes." Don't be afraid, but you are coming with me to another universe. When we leave this one, everyone will forget you. Know what's your name?"

"My name is Olivia Sandler."

"Close you eyes and hold my hand Olivia. Next Universe, Harry Potter universe!" He closed his eyes and everything went dark.

Chapter 2: Allies or Enemies?

Deadpool and Olivia opened their eyes. Olivia turned to Deadpool and asked " why do I feel like we arent in America?"

" Because we are in London England. The Leaky Cauldron is across the street " he said, pointing across the street. " I guess we are in book one We must wait for Hagrid and Harry, mean while let's have a drink." They entered the leaky cauldron. They sat down at the back of the bar. As soon as they sat down, a cloaked wizard came up to him.

"Mr. Deadpool? Your an assassin aren't you?" The guy asked.

"Mercenary, a hired killer. You got the money, I shall finish your enemies for you. What are you offering and who do you want me to kill?" Deadpool replied.

"I have the money. I'm putting fifty galleons on the table. The target is old Tom, the bartender. I owe him a thousand galleons and Im not paying him back. There are a guideline. First don't do anything illegal, in other words no magic. Use those swords. Those are the guidelines. Deal OE no deal?"

" He's as good as dead." Deadpool told Olivia to wait. He got up and ordered three firewhiskies. He gave one to the cloaked wizard and another to Olivia then he brought his to the counter. He gulped his drink, looked around, and saw them. Harry and Hagrid. Hagrid said a quick hi to Tom, then they entered the courtyard. Deadpool turned back to the counter.

"How much do I owe you" he asked. The reply was thirty Knut's. Deadpool started to laugh. "I don't have the money."

"You could owe me."

"You don't get it. I will never pay you because you are fucking dead!" With that said, he blasted tom in the chest. Tom was dead before he hit the ground. No one heared the shot because of a silencer. He went to the cloaked man. The cloaked man paid him, then Deadpool and Olivia entered the courtyard and from there into Daigon Alley.

Find what happens in " The Terror of Hogwarts.