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Feeling the cold air against her arms she pulled her coat tighter, she shivered the clouds gray. She walked into the coffee shop and walked up to the register. It was't a busy day, the man behind the counters making sure the machines we clean and in tip top shape. She cleared her throat. The man turned around. She saw that he had the brightest blue eyes, messy dark hair and kind but masculine look to his face.

He smiled at her. She pointed at the chalkboard menu next to the register. The special: Mint white chocolate. It was a hot drink and it felt cold. She loved trying out new drinks.

"You're our first customer today." he spoke in a kind voice. She looked at him. She had been by the coffee shop often. Seeing it usually full to the brim. She never stopped, always in a rush to get to work. It was a Friday and it was nearly two in the afternoon the place opened at seven in the morning. It was odd. "I've seen people look in, but no one ever comes in."

She heard the man as he made her drink. She learned that the store had only been around for about two months and a week and that the customers flow had slowly decreased around the six week point until maybe one or two people came in a day.

"Here's your drink. That will be $3.19." She took out her wallet and handed him the small silver card. He swiped the card and handed it back to her. She took her drink and started moving towards a table. Perhaps her sitting down at a table would help him attract customers. As she walked towards a table. The man ask her. "How far along are you?" A bit surprised that anyone would even notice her her pregnant belly under the coat. She held up four fingers. He followed her to the table.

She thought maybe he was bored and lonely. She wasn't very fond of small talk but she would listen to him speak. After all, she couldn't imagine what it would be like to have to be at work for six hours and have no one come in. At the clinic, where she worked, she it she hoped that pe

"So I can tell you really don't talk much." She nodded her head at him. "My name is Jason. As you can probably tell." He said pointing at his name tag. I live with a few friends in in the east part of town. My favorite color is red. And I'm 22. I have this black and white stray cat that follows me to my house and work everyday. Give him tuna one day and he'll follow you every day."

"Cute." She took a sip of her chocolate.

In mocked shock, " So she does speak!" he plainly stated. "So four months, do you know what you are having?"

"A girl." She smiled as she looked at her belly.

"Aw that's cool. I have 3 brothers. One older the other two younger. I wish my parents had had a girl. Do you have any siblings?"

"I don't have a sibling but I do have a friend that's kind of like a sister." She looked into her cup. It was halfway gone.

"So is the father excited?" He knew by the look on her face that it was probably an intrusive question.

"No." she frowned. She wanted to leave she stood up and took her items.

He looked up at her. "Please don't go. I'm sorry, I asked." She looked at him. Turned back around looked him and started back for the door. On her way out she notice the reason for his lack of customers but decided to continue on her way.

He stood a bit ashamed for annoying her. He walked back to his counter and heard the bell ring.

He turned around surprised to see her there. " I wasn't going to tell you this. But your sign is facing the wrong way." She flipped the sign behind the door. Making the red and white "OPEN" side face the outside. "I think that may explain the lack of customers." She almost giggled as she saw him hit his head against the register. Soon after she walked back into the cold.

There's a bit of a reference to another tv show.