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He was on a coffee run. His store had finally had grown a bit; he made sure that his open sign was facing outward when he was in. He was delivering coffee during the lunch break. It was an idea that came to him between the hours of 11 and one he would leave the store to one of his roommates. He had posted the announcement this morning, and he was getting customers already. As he drove there, he thought about the girl that come in two weeks before. She was pretty. She had beautiful dark blue eyes that almost looked purple. Long dark hair that reached midway to her back.

He couldn't stop thinking of her. He instantly liked her when she didn't smile right away. Heck, she didn't even speak. She intrigued him more. He had planned on asking her out being used to picking up girls on the spot. But when she turned he saw that her abdomen jutted out a bit. He assumed she was taken. He had noticed that she wasn't that big which explained her look of surprise, but he was very observant.

But when she confirmed she was four months along. He assumed that his guess was confirmed. He remembers how his female roommate and her boyfriend teased him for hitting on a pregnant woman and a bit more for sticking his foot in his mouth when he asked about the father.

His light changed to green, and he was able to turn into the parking lot. He was at a clinic. A woman's clinic no less. He chuckled to himself, what were the chances of finding that girl here.

He stood at the doors which were locked. It was one of those places that closed during lunch hour. A nurse walked stood beside him. She had two bags of what looked like food.

"Oh, those look like that coffee's Rachel ordered. They smell great. Let me open the doors for you. So you can help me carry those inside and Rachel can pay you. I hope you brought raspberry tea because she can't have coffee.

He smiled. "Yup. eight regulars, five decafs, two fraps, and raspberry tea."

He followed the nurse in with the coffees in his hands. He looked at the posters on the wall. It had pictures of women in all stages of pregnancy. She knocked on the door to the lounge, and the girl from the coffee shop opened the door, and the nurse walked in. He almost dropped the drinks.

"Be careful, Jason. I'm paying a lot for those drinks." She had a little smirk on her face.

He smirked back and walked beside her to the table. "So Rachel, huh?"

"Yes," Rachel told him were to set the drinks and decide to walk him out. Most people got lost in the maze of hallways and offices at least that were her excuse. She just wanted to have a few minutes to herself.

"So how come you ordered coffee?" Jason asked. He wanted to start a conversation and not walk in silence.

"Because I can." She said questionably.

"No, I mean doesn't the smell of coffee bother you. I remember when one of my friends was pregnant she couldn't stand to be around coffee and said it was very common among pregnant women."

"Not really. Not even in the first trimester. Just pizza. Every woman has a different thing. Mine is pizza."

He stopped. She stopped. " Really pizza?" He seemed a bit shocked.

"Can't even stand the sight of it." They continued walking. "I used to eat the thing all the time before."

"I'm sorry, I asked about the father. It wasn't my place to ask."

"No." she agreed with him. "It wasn't, but I shouldn't have reacted that way either."

"Naw. I shouldn't have put my foot in my mouth. My father always told me I was guilty of that."

"Maybe you should listen to him."

"Hey!" she smirked as she opened the door for him. "So what's your number?"

"I don't give out numbers on the second meet. Good bye, Jason." She let the door close after him.

He notices some rustling behind the small pine trees besides the building.

He saw another woman come from behind. " Look. Grr. I don't understand why Rachel let's such a great opportunity pass her by." He saw her scribble furiously. "Here. This is Raven's number, tell her Jennifer gave you that number. She's also free on Mondays."

Quirking an eyebrow he watches the girl stomp into the building. He wondered if that's the friend that Rachel spoke about the first time they met. Because besides the fact that the looked similar enough to be sisters, he doubts any regular co-worker would give him her number.

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