"And in other news, the members of the White Fang that served under the faction's previous leader, Adam Taurus, have been released from custody as of this morning." Lisa Lavender stared at the camera, while in the background Faunus and humans alike cheered at the release, many Faunus running to others in orange jumpsuits, obviously families or loved ones.

The tv that projected the scene was hooked up in a small bar on the outskirts of Vale, run by a burly looking man with a thick black beard. His only patrons were two adult males, both sharing a drink they called celebration.

"I got to say kid, when I said I'd look you up for a drink, I didn't think you'd come the moment I got outta the joint." An orange haired Faunus with fox ears commented as he drank a pint of strong alcohol.

"Hey. An Arc never goes back on his word." The blonde beside him chuckled. Jaune Arc lightly scratched his chin, where a fair bit of blonde stubble had been growing recently.

"Honestly, ten years in prison. It's about time that I got out. I thought your old man killed Taurus when he killed that fiery bitch." Ronald Torchwick complained, in good faith.

"So did I. Turns out he's a tough bastard. When they were being carted off, he broke out and ran back to wherever the rest of the White Fang were." Jaune shrugged, downing his drink and lightly tapping the glass, indicating the barman he would like another.

"But then that other team tracked him down and rained hell." Ronald smirk, the action infectious to both bartender and partner.

"Yeah. Apparently he used to be an old lover of one of them." Jaune explained, gauging the shocked look on the gingers face. "And that didn't sit well with her current one. So, that's how Adam Taurus found himself on the wrathful end of one 'Weiss Schnee'."

"Wait, wait wait!" Ronald started. "Back up a few miles there." Jaune smiled, noticing the realisation kicking in. "You said that the one was a previous lover of Taurus?" Jaune nodded. "But Taurus would never touch a human." He nodded again. "So that means…"

"That Weiss Schnee, head of the Schnee Dust Company, is currently married to a Faunus. Yes." Jaune smirked as Ronald's jaw hit the table. "Honestly I'm a little surprised myself. I would've sworn she'd have ended up with Sun."

"Speaking of marriages." The bartender commented, setting down Jaune's drink, and causing both patrons to look at him. "How's Neo?"

Jaune grew a soft, but bright smile. "She's doing great Junior. Thanks. And thanks again for walking her down the aisle. It meant a lot to her." The tall bear of a man grew a small blush.

"Well, she was practically my daughter already. Like hell I'm gonna have her walk it alone." Junior beamed with pride. "And to think, when I first met her she was a psychopathic little girl with a blade in her umbrella."

Junior chuckled, as did Jaune, somewhat awkwardly. "Well, she is a pro hunter now. And, uh, there's a reason Ozpin sends her on the more, ugly, missions." All three men fell into silence, fearing that somehow, someway, Neo would know about them talking.

"Show him the pictures." Junior grunted, trying to not think of Neo's first impression. Jaune's face lit up like the Sun, as he dived into his pocket and produced his wallet. A cascade of folded pictures fell from the wallet, landing on the ground of the bar.

"Sweet Mother of Oum." Ronald breathed as he stared downwards. "How many kids do you have?"

"Four." Jaune answered shortly, searching through the many pictures, trying to find the best ones to show off how amazing his children were.

"You have four kids?" Ronald breathed. "And four feet of pictures." Jaune nodded, finally finding his favourite picture.

He slipped it carefully from its designated slot, and handed it to Ronald. The picture showed six people, five of them blonde. Neo and Jaune stood proudly, Neo having gained a small bit of height over the years, but still looking as short when compared to Jaune.

In front of the couple were two children, one of them a girl with blonde pigtails and a missing tooth shown in her wide smile. To the left of the girl was a slightly shorter one, her hair tied back in a pigtail. The two girl's state of dress couldn't be any more different.

The taller girl was wearing denim dungarees, and a bright yellow shirt under them. "That's Joan." Jaune commented. "She's a tomboy if I've ever seen one, even more so than Lapis." Ronald didn't know who Lapis was, but he took his word for her personality.

The other girl wore a pale white sundress, and held a small white flower in one hand. "Vanilla. Neo named her. Very polite. And mannerly. And cute. And…" Jaune went on, describing both daughters in great detail.

Ronald turned his eyes back to the picture, noticing small bundles of blonde being held in both parents' arms. While he couldn't make out very many facial details, he did notice one thing about the two, as well as the others.

All children had one, deep blue eye, and the others had eyes of brown, pink or white. "The Arc genes be strong." Ronald whispered, the comment not going unnoticed.

Jaune laughed loudly in agreement. "Yeah. We Arcs have somewhat of a, strong heritage." He pointed two fingers to the bundles. "Jack, and Gelato." Jaune's face turned to one of melancholy. "I named him after my late teacher." His hand came to rest on the hilt of a sword, one that one not Crocea Mors.

"Was he important to you?" Ronald asked, handing the picture back to Jaune. Jaune nodded, taking the picture and placing it back in its slot.

"Yeah. If it weren't for him, his teachings, his armour, I doubt myself and Neo would actually be together." Jaune shook his head, staring at the glass in hand. He raised it high and toasted. "To Jack. May you have finally found peace."

Junior and Ronald copied the toast, and drank to Jack's legacy. "If you don't mind me asking, how did he…" Ronald trailed off, and Jaune took another swig of his drink.

"He went out like a hero, protecting those he cared about and fighting evil." Jaune's fingers picked lightly at the scabbard of Jack's sword. "It happened when all of us, that is, JNPPR, RWBY, CRDL, CFVY, SSSN, hell every team in Remnant, when we went to fight against the Queen of Grimm."

"There was a Queen of Grimm?" Junior and Ronald asked simultaneously. Jaune looked sheepish for only a moment.

"Oh yeah, forgot that was supposed to be a secret. Shh." He winked at the two. The others rolled their eyes and drank some more. "But, basically, Jack took a hit for us. A really, bad hit." Jaune's eyes misted over slightly, recalling the scene.

"He managed to stay standing long enough for me to run over to him. When I got there, there was already a lot of blood gone. He looked up to me and told me 'This power is now yours. Use it wisely.'."

Jaune gripped the hilt of his katana. "He gave me this, and I slaughtered the Queen with it." There was silence for a moment, before Ronald spoke.

"That's rather, anti-climactic." He said honestly, Junior having to nod in agreement.

Jaune actually managed to laugh. "Yeah. It's weird, actually." He took a gulp of his drink. "For some reason, almost all of my important fights end quickly. Usually thanks to some weird 'Deus Ex Machina' or something. Weird."

An awkward cough echoed through the bar, the origin of the sound unknown, possibly coming from a different Knight.

The trio said nothing, instead content to simply sit there, drinking their beverages. While they were sitting in comfortable silence, Jaune's scroll buzzed. He glanced down at it, and his expression turned into a happy smile.

"Well, I gotta go. Duty calls." He said, standing up off the stool.

"More like 'booty calls'." Ronald whispered to Junior, who snorted into his drink. Ronald smirked and cleared his throat. "Well, I'll have to thank you again Jaune. You stood by your word, and for that, I am grateful."

Jaune rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Actually, you're kind of helping me too right now." He laughed awkwardly, noticing the raised eyebrows. "You're helping me build up my tolerance to people with orange hair and green eyes."

Jaune's eyes became distant and looked away. "Yeah. Meeting Ruby's girlfriend for the first time was not fun." He shook his head and came back to the current situation. "Anyway, it was great to see you again. Tell the twins I said hi!" He called to Junior as the blonde exited the bar.

There were a few moments of silence, before Junior spoke. "You realise that you said that about my unofficial daughter, right?" His knuckles cracked on the table. Ronald gulped and reached into his pocket, pulling out Lien that he had on him before being arrested.

"Uh, three shots of vodka? I feel like I'm going to want to forget what happens next."

Jaune Arc walked through the door to his house, lightly dusting off his shoes. "I'm home." He called out. Instantly, there was a scraping of chairs, and the sound of feet running. Three people sprinted out from a doorway, all of them female, and all of them very important in Jaune's life.

"Daddy!" Joan and Vanilla shouted, while the much taller female skipped past them, using her longer legs to get ahead. Neopolitan Arc jumped into her husband's arms, the motion causing them both to spin and hug each other tightly. After spinning for a short moment, Jaune put his wife down to the ground, and kissed her passionately.

"Yuck!" Joan spat, disgusted at the scene before her.

"How womantic." Vanilla swooned, a slight lisp in her voice.

Jaune chuckled and stopped kissing Neo, before kneeling down and throwing his arms out wide, prompting his daughters to run into them. The two girls hugged their father tightly, grinning from ear to ear.

"What took you so long?" Joan pouted, stamping her foot lightly. "You said you'd be home when the big hand was at two!" She pointed angrily to a large grandfather clock, the time reading '2:01'.

"I'm sorry sweetie." Jaune said, ruffling Joan's hair, causing her blue and pink eyes to shine happily. "I was meeting with Junior, and a friend." He stood back up and placed an arm around Neo's waist, who looked up to him uncertainly. He mouthed the word 'Ronald', to her, and she nodded in acceptance.

"Well, now that you're home, you can play with us right?" Vanilla said, hopping up and down rapidly. Jaune sighed with a smile, turning to Neo.

"I'm going to check on Jack and Gelly first, alright?" He told them softly. The two pouted, but nodded. The girls scuttled into the room that housed their toys, Neo and Jaune ascending the stairs to check on their youngest of children.

They shared a quick kiss, and quietly opened the door to the twin's room. The room was painted a relaxing purple, and the twins were asleep in the same cot, lightly breathing. The parents sighed in relief, before gently closing the door.

"Thank Oum." Jaune whispered, Neo nodding in agreement. Now that the silence was hanging, Jaune turned to Neo, looking down at her with a smile. Neo noticed this, and after blinking a moment, she shot Jaune a quizzical look.

"Nothing." He smiled, before wrapping his arms around her waist and picking her up. "I'm just so glad I'm with you." His smile was one of the brightest things Neo had ever seen, and she could not help but to smile back. They shared a small kiss, which turned into a deeper, more passionate one.

They broke, and Neo felt Jaune's hand trail down her back, and come to a rest on her rear. She smirked deviously. There was only one reason Jaune would ever put his hands there, and that's if they were about to have a good time.

"You know." He whispered into her ear, causing her to shiver. "Now that I think about, I never got my 'revenge', did I?" He asked rhetorically. When Neo shook her head, Jaune took it as a sign to go ahead with his plan.

Spinning her slightly, so that she was now held bridal style, Jaune carried Neo to their bedroom, and closed the door behind them. "Now. I believe my exact words were…" Jaune trailed off as he placed Neo on the bed, and leaned over her, lightly kissing her neck.

"Revenge will be sweet." He whispered, than began trailing kisses down Neo's body. Neo was wearing a light pink dress, key word 'was'. Jaune lifted the dress from off of her body, looking down at her curves. After four children, Neo had a few stretch marks, not that Jaune cared in the slightest. To him, it just showed how strong she truly was.

"Well, where should I start?" Jaune asked, leaning down to meet Neo's lips. Just as the lips touched, a cry sounded out from downstairs.

"DAAAAAAAD! VANILLA HID MY DOLL!" Joan shouted from downstairs. Jaune sighed and met Neo's eyes.

"I blame you, you know." He smirked. Neo rolled her eyes with a smile and lightly whacked his head. In response to the accusation, Neo held up three fingers. "Ok, yeah I know you wanted three, but how were we supposed to know it'd be twins." Jaune smiled, before hearing his daughters crying out again.

He sighed and stood up, throwing a regretful look Neo's way. Neo responded with a small smirk and her finger pointing to the door. Jaune lowered his head slightly and left the room, turning the corner and descending the stairs so that he could fix whatever argument his daughters were having.

Neo sighed as well, laying down on her queen sized bed. She got all excited for nothing. She rolled onto her side and noticed her scroll laying on the night stand. She grew a devious smirk as she grabbed it and began typing rapidly.

After a short while, Jaune had found Joan's misplaced doll, a plastic figure of Vav from X-Ray and Vav. Jaune totally didn't intend to get that for himself, and then panic and give it to his daughter when Neo started asking questions. Totally not.

Jaune's shoulders were slouched when he re-entered his bedroom, looking up and finding Neo not as he left her, but instead dressed up in a sleek, pink dress that hugged her curves and stopped just above her knees.

Jaune realised his mouth was hanging open and closed it before he could catch flies. "Um, Neo?" He questioned. Neo, who was checking herself in a mirror up until that point, turned and smiled seductively at him.

Jaune gulped ever so slightly. "What, uh, what you dressed up for?" He quickly ran through a list of important dates and anniversaries in his head. When his search came up dry, he figured he wasn't in any danger. Neo stepped closer to him and began speaking softly.

"It's not fair that we always get interrupted during our 'special time'." She rested a hand upon Jaune's chin. Her voice and throat had healed immensely from her days as a villain, but she was so used to staying quiet, she tended to only use them for special occasions.

Special occasions such as saying 'I do'.

Jaune smiled and gripped the hand on his cheek gently. "I'll admit, I'm a bit upset with that too. So, what did you have in mind?" On cue, the doorbell rang. Jaune turned to the hallway where the noise echoed, and then back to Neo, who smirked lightly.

The two descended the stairs, noticing their children leaning out from behind a doorframe to stare at the entrance to their home. Jaune strode forward and opened the door, his face breaking into a wide smile.

"AUNTY NORA!" The two girls shouted, rushing forward and hugging the woman's knees. Nora Valkyrie-Ren smiled and bent down to pick up the two.

"Well! How's my favourite nieces!" She smiled, bringing the two in for a crushing hug. Nora set them down, the two of them wobbling slightly before shaking it off and staring up with bright smiles.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice Nora." Neo whispered to the red head. Nora waved it off and stormed into the house, chasing after the children, and revealing Lie Ren standing behind her, holding the hand of a small child.

Jaune shot Ren a small look, before bending down to meet the eyes of the child. "Hello. What's your name?" He asked softly. The boy stepped back behind Ren and hugged his leg. Jaune would have thought the child to be Nora and Ren's, were it not for the black ears sticking out the top of his head.

"This is Fenrir." Ren introduced. "Fenrir, this is Jaune and Neo. Your aunt and uncle." Jaune stepped back, standing next to Neo and throwing an arm around her, smiling down at the boy.

"H-Hello." He stammered out. Ren and Fenrir crossed the threshold, Ren lightly patting the boy on the back and sending him after Nora. Fenrir quickly scurried to where the sounds of fun, and possibly chaos, was located.

Jaune turned to Ren, a raised eyebrow the only prompt needed for the question. A small scowl formed on Ren's normally neutral face, before nodding, and gesturing to the door. Jaune nodded in return, stepping outside for a moment with Ren.

"Neo, can you make sure to tell Nora what's easily replaced and what's not?" Jaune requested. Neo nodded, understanding that the conversation was not one she was to be a part of. Once she had gone, Jaune closed the door behind him and turned to Ren.

"He is legally our child." Ren stated, the words indicating to Jaune that there was more behind it. Ren sighed for a moment and stared to the stars. "We found out a while ago that, Nora, cannot have children."

Jaune's face showed a look of shock and despair. "I shall admit." Ren continued. "That for a while, the both of us were in a rather dark place."

"Why didn't you tell us?" Jaune asked instantly, wanting to know the reason behind the secrecy.

Ren smiled lightly. "Nora didn't want to upset anyone." The two of them sighed and then smiled. Very much like Nora. "And, by the time I'd convinced her to tell someone, she had a brilliant idea."

" We could adopt Renny.' She said." Ren recounted Nora's words. "'It's great! That way we can have a kid, and they wouldn't have to go through what we went through!'." If Jaune noticed any trace of liquid around Ren's eyes, he quickly forgot about it and joined him in staring at the stars.

"Seems like everyone's got a family nowadays." Jaune commented. Ren nodded in agreement. "Fox and Pyrrha, Weiss and Blake, Ruby and Penny, Sun and Yang."

"That last one always surprised me." Ren chuckled. Jaune did too, his money always having been on 'Eclipse'.

"Thanks again Ren." Jaune stated, causing Ren to nod in thanks. "Just sorry that you'll have to be taking care of five children tonight." Ren lightly elbowed Jaune in the ribs, but showed a good natured smile.

"Well, Nora saw it as somewhat of an emergency, as according to her, her 'Ice Cream Companion' had been 'Beaver Damned'. Whatever that is code for." Jaune had a hunch, but would rather stay silent.

A short while later, the door opened and Neo exited. Neo looked up to Ren and nodded her head back. Ren nodded back, and entered the Arc household. For a detached house close to the woods in Domremy, the Valkyrie and the Ninja had gotten there surprisingly quickly.

"I've explained everything to them. They were upset, but I promised them a treat when we got back." Neo said softly, leaning against Jaune and joining him in staring at the stars.

Jaune chuckled lightly. "And you say I spoil them." He wrapped an arm around Neo's shoulder and hugged her closer. "So tell me, oh great Ice Cream Queen." Neo blushed lightly at the nickname. "What did you have planned for us on this fine night?"

Neo smirked and looked up to Jaune. "What do you think?" Jaune smirked back and began walking, Neo matching his pace as they made their way into Domremy's main town.

"I love you." Jaune commented idly, smiling at the way Neo blushed, the red tinge noticeable even in the dark.

"I love you too." Neo replied stopping for a moment and gripping Jaune's sleeve. Jaune stopped per the physical request, and turned to look down at his wife. He smiled as he recognised the longing in her eyes.

Jaune bent down and their lips met. Simple, natural, but no less meaning behind it. They broke the kiss and stared at each other's eyes, cerulean meeting pure white. With a loving smile, they continued on their way.

"Maybe five wou- OW! Ok, four it is." Jaune shrugged off the whack, before gently gripping Neo's hand in his. Neo looked up to him and smiled. No matter how dorky he was, no matter how clumsy he was, no matter how old he grew, he would always be her Knight.

Her White, Pink, and Brown Knight.

This, is the end. The true end. Some people may not like it, some people may love it. Some people may hate it simply because it means that this story is truly over. Perhaps I left some stuff out. Perhaps I did that on purpose. In the end, a story is what you make of it. It's up to you to fill in the blanks. Do Pyrrha and Fox have any children? Does everyone know about Penny? And what became of Mercury? These answers are all up to you. Maybe you know them already. Maybe you don't care. Either way, I want to thank all of you, every individual who read this story. Whether the summary interested you, you were just randomly selecting, or you thought that this was a crack ship and were wondering where I would go with it. I want to thank all of you.

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