Like majority of the fandom I'm still reeling from 3x07 so I decided I might as well try to make myself feel better with contributing to the genius creation of Elyza Lex!

So this fic will be a LexArk and I will try to collaborate characters and events from both series again TRY.

IDK how long this fiction will be and I apologize now for all the mistakes!


Chapter 1: Beginning of the End

With comb in hand I take to the task of combing my unruly wet hair, dragging the brush through the brunette waves. I can hear my mother yelling through the door for me to hurry up but I take my time anyway. You know because I'm a teenager and I do what I want or some other bullshit.

My own green eyes catch my gaze in the mirror, I can't help this weird imagination running in my head of my eyes surrounded by black war paint, similar to that of this TV show I've been watching recently. My stare continues down, damn if I saw this face in a crowd I would totes make out with myself….ew..did I just say totes?!

I open my towel a bit, admiring my upper body, thankful that mom's workout routine has kept me in shape. Ok not gonna lie but i would totally tap this.. It was at this moment that my mother decided to open the door I had long forgotten that I didn't lock.

"You've got 5 minutes." She says giving me a stern look as I quickly re-wrap the towel around me.

"Did I say come in?! Jesus, Mom!".

Slamming the door I take a moment to collect myself and cool down my now flushed skin. Mom yells once more saying something about being late because of me and I roll my eyes at her comment. OK true maybe I should've woken up earlier but i couldn't help it, not after the nightmare I had last night.

I can't remember exactly what happened in the dream, everything was so blurry. It was just me looking up at a ceiling gasping for air, my lungs had hurt with every breath I took, and four haunting words that still ring in my ears now. May we meet again.

I had woken from the dream covered in sweat and yanking at my lavender floral duvet. It took me almost 2 hours of just laying in my cami and underwear to calm down enough that I was able to leave bed and splash some much needed cold water on my face. Even now it bothers me how much a barely remembered dream had affected me, not only physically but mentally. Everything around me seemed different, seemed wrong.

May we meet again.

The ringing of the phone in the kitchen startles me from the raspy voice in my head. My body tenses like it always does when I hear the phone ring this early, or late at night.

Exitng the bathroom, I head to the phone, making sure to wrap my towel tightly around me. Travis is the one to answer the call as Mom and I stand to the side, I can see the signs of stress along her face and my heart wrenches at the sight. Flames of anger boil in my stomach at the person whom has caused my mother so much pain. Damn it, Nick.

My hope of this just being one of my mom or Travis' coworkers calling is crushed when Travis looks to us. Again. Damn it, Nick.

15 minutes later

Mom and Travis rush to follow the doctor, whose name I have long forgotten, towards the room where they are keeping Nick. The doctor is a beautiful woman with her light brunette hair pulled back. She looks so familiar and yet I can't quite put my finger on where I've seen her before. The doctor has caught on to my stares and she frowns, studying me. Mom snaps at her and just like that the doctors mask is back on.

Still I take my time, this isn't the first time we have had to drop everything to rush to my brothers aid and I almost yell this at Travis when he gestures for me to keep up. We stop in front of the room, well I stop. Mom rushes in followed by Travis. Im about to follow suite but the hand on my arm stops me and just like before the doctor studies me.

"Have we met before, Miss Clark?" I shake my head hesitantly.

"No I don't believe we have Doctor-?"

"Abby. Abigail Lex. Im sorry you just look so familiar," her beeper goes off, "excuse me. I have am emergent downstairs." She leaves before i can say a word, leaving me more confused than ever. With a deep sigh I take my first step into my brothers hospital room.

Now I'm not cold, I mean I may dislike my brother but I wouldn't wish harm on him...well too much harm. So the sight of my brother in the hospital bed throws me off a bit and so does the sight of the cops surrounding him. One of the cops gestures to mom earning him a harsh glare from both my mother and Travis. I make sure not to move from my spot in front the doorway when the cops leave resulting in them having to walk around me.

I try to block out mom and Nick arguing but voice my opinion at a certain comment from Nick.

"Now, there's an idea." I reply to Nicks pleading for our mother to finally let him go.

"Alicia, not helpful."

"I'm not trying to help, Travis." I snark because honestly what right does this man have in my family affairs.

"It's none of his business anyway!" Mom didn't like my tone but like I could give a shit.

Being in this room is too much for me so I take this moment to leave parking myself on the wall right outside the door. Travis follows soon after me retrieve his ringing phone from his pocket. I let him pass with one last comment.

"Glad you moved in?" Her gives me a look and continues on down the hall. I glance back at my phone, scrolling down my tumblr reblogging things along the way.

I wait another ten minutes for mom and Travis to decide who stays with Nick and who takes me to school and thankfully it's Travis that draws the short end of the string. With one final glance at my now sleeping brother mom and I make our way to the car.

As soon as the car pulls in the school parking lot I'm out the door. Of course mom wouldn't let us just drive in silence until I reassured her that again the best thing she could do for Nick is to let him go. The bell rings but I continue pass my second period class and straight out the doors to the open courtyard.

Taking a few minutes to take in the students around me I look for my best friend hoping to feel that rush of happiness and I find him but instead of that feeling of love I feel something else, or better yet nothing at all.

May we meet again.

Again with that voice. I shake it off and head towards Matt. Matt stands with his back towards me, his hands covered in the paint from his art on the wall in front of him.

"Senior project. Isn't that supposed to be fun?" Taking a seat on the bleachers behind Matt as he hops down from his ladder.

"What will be fun is coming back later to tag it," I take his out stretched hand and allow him to pull me close to him, "aren't you supposed to be in Spanish?"

"Am I?" He leans over trying to kiss me but I pull back. Ever since that dream last night I've been feeling strange, as if I'm seeing this world for the first time clearly. Feelings of disgust overwhelms me and my skin begins to itch where his hands lay. We are always close...why does this-why does he feel wrong?

"Matt, I'm gonna take off. I'm not really feeling it today." Giving him a peck on the cheek I unwrap his arms from around my waist.

"Well if it isn't the great Heda, taking off to cause trou-"

"What did you say?"

"I said, ' well if it isn't the great Alicia Clark, taking off to go make trouble'," He gives me an odd look before continuing, " babe, are you sure you're ok?".

His concern should have warmed me because how lucky was I to have this amazing boyfriend who was also my best friend and genuinely cared for me? But still nothing.

Maybe I really just need some time alone. I need to get this damn nightmare off my mind.

"First off yes it is I the great Alicia Clark, so trouble following me is a given. Secondly I'm fine, really Matt. I think I'm just gonna head out and clear my head, I didn't have a good night last night so I'm probably just gonna go take a nap somewhere."

"Ok. Just call me yeah if you need help or wanna talk about whatever happened last night," He gives me a kiss which I force myself to accept, " sweet dreams, princess."

"Peace out and don't call me that again, asshole!"

With a promise to text him late, I take my leave. Heading somewhere, anywhere at all to try and pull myself together but still that voice whispers in the back of my mind.

May we meet again.

The next day we're back at the hospital I sit to the side watching as not only mom but surprisingly Travis begin smothering Nick with attention. I had noticed that Travis has been acting weird ever since coming back from his baby sitting duties last night. Mom has noticed too so with a quick 'I love you' to Nick she's out the door dragging along Travis, leaving me alone in the room.

I take in the tired look on my brothers face, his unkempt hair and dark bags under his eyes and I feel the need to be at my brothers side.

"So you and the step seem to be getting along pretty well considering yesterday?" Hopping up on the bed, I occupy my hands with the food the nurse had brought in a few minutes ago.

"Ha! Yea well he seems to be the only one who believes all the crap I've seen...Stop eating my pudding."

I pull my hand away before he can slap it from said pudding cup on the tray beside him. He's lucky mom were able to convince the nurses to untie him from the bed for his breakfast.

"I don't think you're crazy," He gives me a 'the' look, "ok so I do think you're crazy..but still I-I just don't wanna lose you big brother.."

"You won't Lexa, I promise this is the last-"

"Who is Lexa?" My head spins.

"What are you talking about, Alicia?"

"You! You just called me Lexa, why?"

The confused look on his face made my head spins even more. Something was seriously wrong with me.

Lexa, please come back to me.

The voice it's back. The world around me starts to slow and I try as hard as I can to not give in, to not allow this seductive voice to take my focus away.

Lexa, please! Your spirit needs to stay where it is! I don't want another Commander!

Nick reaches out for me as I fall backwards off of his hospital bed, he's just in time to catch me but I hardly register the words he's speaking because the voice is back and this time I let it consume me.

I want you, Lexa. I need you, please.

Mom and Travis appear in my view, they're screaming and yelling but again no sounds but the voice play in my mind. I let it comfort me as I drift off.

May we meet again.