Chapter 4

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Emmett wiped his sweaty forehead with his bare arm. His other held his fifth beer of the night. He was on a roll; a talkative, loud presence, and I watched him in annoyance with narrowed eyes, as if my evil glare could somehow persuade him to just leave already.

My friend Rosalie was standing next to Emmett, feigning nonchalance but really just twirling her hair with a perfectly manicured finger, and batting her eyelashes at him, and laughing at his lame jokes. Fine. Let them hook up; I didn't care. As long as that meant the two of them would get out of my house. But Emmett was too wrapped up in his own entertainment value to notice Rose's advances, so no progress was made.

Angela and Ben were chatting quietly in a corner. Jasper seemed to be trying to do some line dance thing, showing off his mediocre skills for Alice, Jessica and Lauren. Quite the entourage.

It felt like people were everywhere. The apartment I now shared with Edward wasn't all that huge, and definitely not big enough for the fifteen people that were currently talking and drinking and making so. much. noise.

I was being unfair and childish, really. I knew that. All these fifteen people had been angels today. While Edward and Emmett did most of the heavy lifting, a whole bunch of our friends had come over to help us unpack. More friends showed up than strictly necessary-I didn't have that much stuff-but they brought beer and stuck around. The unpacking took an hour of two and then the binge drinking started. I wasn't sure where all the alcohol came from but I hoped it would be gone soon …. Because I really, really needed to be alone with my boyfriend right now, on our first night of officially living together. There were surfaces to be christened, and why wouldn't any of these fuckers leave already.

Edward was talking to his cousin Tyler on the other side of the room when he caught my eye. He must've sensed the waves of angry horniness rolling off me, because he smirked and winked. He said something to Tyler, gave him a friendly tap on the upper arm and walked my way.

"Hey, babe," he said just a little too loud, as if purposely trying to make everyone listen in on this conversation. "Did you remember to bring that … thing … from your storage? Or is it still there?"

It took me a beat too long to understand what the hell my normally smooth boyfriend was trying to pull. "Thing?"

"Yeah, you know," he said and nudged my shoulder. "I'm sure you really need that thing."

Blank face.

"So we should go and pick it up real quick," he continued.




If I were a cartoon character this would be the moment an actual light bulb appeared over my head.

"Yes, yes indeed!" I nodded fervently. "We really should go get ... that thing. It'll be hard to sleep without it."

Both of us stuck in cartoon character mode, I was still nodding as he linked my arm with his. "Bye, friends!" he announced. "We'll be back in a bit. Feel free to keep drinking beer, but don't mess anything up, please!" And with that we were out the door, ignoring the chuckles of our friends.

He had me pulled flush against him, back forcefully pressed into the wall, in no time, and his lips met mine in a passionate kiss.

Minutes later, we pulled apart, both of us breathless. "Where are we gonna go?"

"Don't care," I panted as his teeth traced a path down my neck. "Anywhere, fast."

We all but raced to his car and were out the street like a bat out of hell. "Lincoln Park?" he suggested.

I shook my head. "Too crowded."

"Public bathroom?" he asked with a wink and I snorted.

"How creative of you. Surely we haven't run out of weird places to have sex yet?"

Edward chuckled and kept driving. We tossed some suggestions at each other but despite our immense horniness we were less than inspired, apparently. Really, we just wanted to have sex in our apartment, in our bed, but that wasn't going to happen right now.

"How about that spot near the lake?"

I groaned. "That's like another half hour drive. I can't wait that-oh! Right there! Turn left!" I'd spotted a familiar street that led to a small park. We'd walked around there a few times and had never encountered anyone, so surely we'd be able to find a good spot there.

Edward drove us to the park entrance, which was exactly the way I remembered it: quiet, secluded, empty. I was out the door the moment he hit the brakes and Edward followed quickly, both of us eager to find a spot in the park, so we speed walked over to the park entrance.

Except there were voices. People were apparently playing some game in the park-far enough that we couldn't see them, but close enough that it'd be extraordinarily awkward to walk around searching for a fuckspot in the presence of others.

But we really, really needed that release. I was getting frustrated. One glance at Edward's face told me he was right there with me. He looked at the car, parked in a secluded corner near the trees, and back at me. I bit my lip, considering it. It could work. The park entrance was a bit further away, and you could barely see the liquor store on the other side of the road. If we stuck to the side of the car, in theory no one should be able to see us.

Good enough for me.

Hand in hand we sprinted back to the car. Edward roughly pushed me up against the passenger side and grabbed my arms, holding them up against the car. In his passion, he forgot my arm cast, and it crashed into the car body with a loud clank and a lot of pain. Seeing that he was about to get side-tracked and apologize, I linked my ankle around his leg and quickly yanked to get him closer to me. I couldn't actually physically move him much, but he got the hint and crashed his mouth to mine. His fingers dug into my arms and his teeth nipped at my lips, my jaw, my neck, down to my collarbone.

I let out an embarrassingly loud moan and hoped no one was close enough to hear it.

One hand released my injured arm and his fingers instantly trailed my stomach, trailing upward underneath my shirt. With one arm pinned and one in a cast, I could do nothing but enjoy his touch as his hand found my breast and pinched my nipple through the cotton of my bra.

He pressed into me, making sure to hit the right place with his cock even with the layers of clothing separating us, and he silenced my sounds with his lips. He sucked my bottom lip in between his and bit softly, soothing the small sting immediately by running his tongue over the bite spots. I opened my mouth and he plunged his tongue into me. We kissed slowly, sensually for a few minutes, until he released my mouth, peppering my lips with small kisses. He moved his lips to the side of my mouth, to my cheek, then slid his tongue to my ear and began to lightly nibble. I felt his breath hitting the wetness he left on my ear as he moved down to my neck where his teeth lightly scraped at my skin. Goosebumps erupted as he panted and sucked harder.

Edward's hand released my trapped arm and he placed both hands on my ass, lifting me up. Trapped between his body and the car, my legs quickly wrapped around his waist, pushing my pelvis into him as he thrusted against me. If we kept up this friction like this we'd both come in our pants and that was just not what I had planned for tonight, so I broke the kiss, intent on telling him to pull down his pants.

Instead, I was met by a harsh bright light that instantly blinded both of us. We froze and I blinked to try and see beyond the light …

… and found a sweaty, overweight police officer shining a flashlight in our faces.



I'd sat in the back of my father's police car enough times, but never as someone who had just been arrested. My nerves were not happy. My fingernails disappeared more and more between my teeth, and to top it off my vagina was practically screaming at me for not finishing what had promised to be a very hot encounter with Edward's cock.

I wished I could say the sudden change of scenery from hot dry humping to awkward arrestees diminished my libido, but sadly, this was not the case, so I sat angry and sexually frustrated in the spot reserved for criminals. At least we weren't handcuffed.

Edward wasn't much better off. He'd tried to talk his way out of it, all politeness and good upbringing and nervous stutters, but the cop wasn't having it. He was the kind of cop who muttered angrily about "today's youth", and I was guessing nothing would deter him from "teaching those damn kids a lesson".

"Public lewdness, fornication and indecent exposure," he grumbled angrily at us as he closed the door.

"Hey," I protested. "That's not even true. I'm no lawyer but there was no fornication and no indecent body parts were exposed."

The cop narrowed his eyes and bent down to glare at me through the window. "But it would've happened if I hadn't stopped you."

Perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut, but that was just plain wrong. "If I'm about to murder someone but you stop me right before I do, you wouldn't be able to charge me with murder either, so that's insane!"

Yeah, I really should've shut up, but I was on a roll. "And there's no such thing as "intended indecent exposure", now is there? Just how crooked ar-"

Edward shut me up with a hand on my mouth. I rolled my eyes and mumbled, "Fine," into the palm of his hand. The cop stood up straight again, stretching out his back and basically pushing his sweaty pot belly into the window next to my face.

"Babe, maybe don't try to annoy the police officer right now?" Edward whispered in my ear.

"But he's being so unfair!" I whisper-whined back like the adult that I was, and I pouted a little for good measure.

Edward smirked at me and leaned over, catching my pouty lip between his teeth. He sucked in my bottom lip, gently teasing with his tongue.

Seemed to me I wasn't the only one who could turn off their libido at will. My hand snaked up to his neck, fingers threading through his hair, and I tugged gently.

"Damn youngsters!" the cop suddenly yelled and we broke apart, embarrassed and ready to listen to some serious scolding, but as I looked out the window at the fat cop I realized this particular exclamation hadn't been meant for us. He was yelling in the other direction, alternated by some indistinguishable words shouted into his radio thing. Craning my neck to see beyond the car, I watched as our police offer hurriedly wobbled down the road, hands holding up his pants. He repeated the same profanities he'd offered us earlier-damn kids, stupid youngsters, this is what's wrong with America-as he attempted to get something that was hidden from my view by his large posture.

Edward put his head on my shoulder so both of us could put our faces to the window, eager to see what the hell was going on.

Suddenly, fat cop's body wasn't enough to hide what was happening anymore. Four pale skinny white guys, naked save for the poop brown pantyhose covering their heads, drunkenly ran out of the liquor store and into the street. Judging from the lack of defined muscles I guessed they were teenagers having a little too much fun. They seemed to be singing something and I wanted so badly to hear what they were singing so my hand reached out to roll down the window … except of course you can't do that in a cop car.

Fat cop may have ran away, futilely chasing after a foursome of young, healthy guys, but we were still locked inside the car.

The naked guys were surprisingly fast for people so obviously drunk off their asses, and the cop chased enthusiastically, if not quite at the same speed as the boys.

I idly wondered why he didn't just take the car-surely that would have been much faster-but chalked it up to adrenaline.

The naked guys and and the yelling cop disappeared around the corner. Edward and I waited in silence. Was the obese police officer (heh, that rhymed nicely) really going to chase after those guys on foot?

A minute passed and the sounds of drunk teenagers could no longer be heard. We were officially abandoned in a locked cop car.


I bit my lip, my mind suddenly filled with possibilities. I slowly turned my head to look at Edward, but he was one step ahead of me and pulled me into his lap. It took some serious acrobatic movements, in a confined space with an arm cast, but I made it to my destination and was immediately wrapped up in his arms.

Our hands trailed each other's bodies, as far as was possible in the narrow confines of our surroundings. Lips attacked lips, cheeks, necks, earlobes. The car was soon filled with pants and moans. Edward had a little evil smirk on his face, clearly thinking the same thing I was: it would probably take a while before our cop came back, and we would surely be alerted to his presence by the way his feet stomped on the road.

Thankful that I wasn't wearing the skinniest of jeans, I pulled myself up from Edward's lap. Maneuvering myself into an odd position, bending over but stretching my legs, my head touched the car's roof and my crotch was in Edward's face. He took immediate advantage-instead of opening my zipper, he put his hands on my ass and pulled me closer. His warm mouth found my inner thighs and he bit gently through the fabric, creating a path of small bites up to my clit. I wove my fingers through his hair to keep steady.

"Too much fabric," he grumbled, his nose and mouth still buried in my jean-clad pussy.

"Very true," I replied. But how were we going to take my pants off? There wasn't exactly a whole lot of room.

Edward, always the planner, seemed to assess the situation for a second before he figured it out. He opened my zipper and gently pushed my knee up, placing my legs closer together. His hands grabbed the waistband of my jeans and he pushed them down, linking his fingers with my panties to let them slide down my ass at the same time. He got as far as my knees-the denim was tight and scrunched too much to easily pull off, and besides, I was still wearing my shoes. I yanked my one leg upward, basically folding my jeans over my lower legs like a toddler trying to get undressed. My panties stretched as far as they could, digging into the skin of my calves.

Edward placed his hand on my thigh, coaxing me to turn around. I hopped a bit to turn around, the jeans and the small space severely limiting my options for movement. By the time my back faced him, I glanced at him over my shoulder. He had already opened his own zipper and was slowly stroking his cock, his eyes focused on my bare ass. Edward let his free hand follow his gaze, kneading my ass, before sliding one finger down my slit.

"Fuck, my vixen, you're wet," he groaned.

I rested my arm and my forehead against the metal of the cage partition, letting the feeling of his finger exploring my pussy wash over me. I could hear him move but couldn't see his movements, so the teeth that suddenly found my ass cheek made my breath hitch in surprise. He released me from my bite and immediately let his hand come down on the same spot. A loud slapping sound filled the confines of the car, followed by another yelp from me. Again, his fingers trailed a path to my slit, feeling the slickness there.

"You like getting spanked, don't you," he groaned. I didn't reply. It wasn't as if he didn't already know how much I liked that.

But we both knew now was not the time and place for elaborate spanking games. His arm wrapped around my waist and he slowly pulled me down onto his lap, inching down onto his waiting cock.

We groaned as he filled me, agonizingly slowly, and I leaned back. My head found his shoulder and his lips attacked my neck. I was trapped in his strong arms, a willing prisoner, not even bothered by the awkward position we were in. He started to move inside me as one of his hands found its way to my clit. His mouth never left my neck and sucked hard. The triple sensation made me curse some colorful profanities.

Edward released my neck but kept thrusting and rubbing my clit. "Fuck babe, this is going to be fast."

I could only nod and groan my consent.

He picked up the pace. Two fingers pinched my clit as he pushed into me hard. I had to use my good hand to hold onto the cage so I wouldn't lose my balance, his pounding into me making my legs shake. The arm that wasn't bringing pleasure to my pussy held me grounded, wrapped tightly around my waist. Over and over his thrusts pushed me forward. Nonsensical syllables and groans filled the car. The windows were fogging up and I felt a little like Leo and Kate in Titanic, but I didn't have time to think that over much as Edward hit just the right spot and suddenly my orgasm was very close.

"I'm … I'm close," Edward groaned and his lips found my neck again.

I nodded again, not able to form any words.

His movements got more and more intense. His arm held me tighter, his fingers rubbed my clit faster. Edward's lips were exchanged for teeth. His thrusts hit me harder, deeper, the bent over doggystyle position allowing deep penetration, and I lost it.

"Ahhh!" I yelled, my walls clenching down.

"Fuck, Bella, yes!" he yelled, his orgasm directly following mine and we collapsed in a heap of awkwardly tangled limbs and clothing. The car felt suffocating, humid and warm due to our physical exercise, and we were both sweaty.

Edward managed to lift his arm to clear a window. "Shit," he cursed as he looked outside. I turned my tired body so I could see what he was looking at.

In the distance, across the road, was our now red-faced, sweaty fat cop, followed by a new police officer we hadn't seen before and four young, naked, pasty white boys, no longer happy drunks. Their heads hung down, no longer covered in pantyhose, and they were cuffed in front of their bodies so they could attempt to censor their private parts.

Edward and I realized it wouldn't take too long before they reached our car, so we attempted to disentangle. Forgetting for the moment that my jeans were all rolled down and would limit my movements, I tried to hop back to my spot and instantly tripped, banging my forehead against the cage. Edward helped me up and back to my side of the car and pulled up my pants before I started leaking certain bodily fluids all over the police force leather.

Lady parts modestly covered again, I let my body fall down in my seat, and Edward quickly buttoned my pants for me-it would've taken me and my one working arm ages to do so. Edward finished buttoning his own button-fly jeans just as the group of six reached the car and fat cop opened our door.

"All right, you perverts," our cop muttered. "We got more important shit to handle." He pointed at the four skinny naked dudes. "Get the fuck out of here before I change my mind and make y'all sit on the laps of these naked fellows."

I was still panting from our sex but I flew out of there like a fart in the wind, followed by Edward, and we didn't stop running until we were safely back in his own car.

We took deep breaths in between panting that turned into hysterical laughter. It took a good few minutes to calm down, the crazy fading away.

Edward shook his head in amusement. "So," he said. "Shall we go back to our party?"

I snorted like the charming lady that I was. "Yes, sir. Let's."

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