The drive from the airport had been almost entirely silent and Kurt and John seemed to agree about keeping it that way. Years of habit with his dad's distaste for it had kept Kurt from re-inserting his earbuds from the flight as soon as he greeted his grandfather and climbed into the passenger seat, but that also cut down on his entertainment options to pass the time. The radio had been kept to a low background hum on NPR and he barely had the attention span or energy to keep up. Where it was tucked away in his jacket pocket, Kurt's phone was idle and although the ringtones and alerts were silenced, the screen lit up semi frequently as calls and messages came in from his friends left in Lima demanding answers.

Kurt didn't have the patience to spare, or the sensitivity at that, to address them without causing even more damage so he ignored it. He idly watched the scenery as it flashed by and as they crossed into the town proper, gave Chance Harbor his first proper look over in about seven years. He recognized some landmarks vaguely but none of the faces, until they pulled into the driveway of his grandfather's house. Before he had even properly extracted himself from the car, Melissa was bounding down the stairs and latched onto him with only one foot planted on the ground.

She squeezed him tight and Kurt accepted it, letting his head rest over hers for several quiet moments. When he looked up, both were misty-eyed but John kept any comments to himself as he pulled down the bags and started to ferry them inside. Kurt and Melissa each grabbed a box and started to follow, while she babbled non-stop about what she had planned to reintroduce him to the town and made apologies for the others' absences. Andrew was still out of town with Charles and Tate; Faye would be over as soon as she finished her hair appointment; Adam was working a shift at the Boathouse; and, counting the two of them, that made five.

There was one name deliberately overlooked but given what Faye had warned him about when she called after the news broke, Kurt overlooked it. After all he was bound to run into Nick soon enough, living right next door.